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Rpril iNOERSOLb 



w/ 65(117(167* 
%!&*&- Cortlmdi St 

I63mdl65 WasMn^foi 






H li H h i b, ill b. 1 



PHE above illustration represents our two new buildings facing Washington Street, and having direct 
* connection with our Corti.asdt Street Establishment. I "O.OOO square 

feet of floor spare is replete with a superior stork of now goods of every description which is second to none. 
To ourl, 000,000 Mends an.! Patrons who ' with us in the past we dial invita- 

tion to visit us in on: new home and s ee for themselves our splendid ti.-ilities for executing their bu 
quickly and accurately. Our system for the handling of enormous quantities of mail is now so perfect as to 
us in a position to fill your orders within a few hours of its receipt. This fact coupled with our 
[incomparably low prices on every article catalogued has gained for us the distinction of being tho 
have never taken advantage of the special inducements for cheap dealing offered in this catalogue we 
can only say that one trial order is sufficient to add you to our list of permanent customers 





X S$ 





How to Order. 

Remember It it 
easy to make mis- 
takes, and guard against them by systematically 
following these rules: 

Address Letter Carefully. 
State what you want by Name and Num- 
ber in Catalogue. Don't make clippings. 
State How Much you Enclose. 
Don't Forget to Add Postage. 
Sign Your Full Name and Address, Town, 
County and State. 
If you want to make a complaint, or ask a ques- 
tion, write on a separate sheet as it goes in a sep- 
arate department from your order. 

How to RemH. l T Q bi9 an ma of X d ,o^ 

lowing ways :— 

! 1. CASH, in bills or silver ; Silver should be 
well wrapped to prevent cuUii.„- through envel- 
m mounts need not be TREGISTERED 
which cost Sc. 

new very cheap and are SAFEST. 

3. Drafts on N. Y. can bo bought at any bank; 
Private Checks will be accepted, but your order 
must be kept until they are paid. So don't send 
them tm!e3S oertified. 

4. Postage Stamps will be taken for sums 

r. 1.00, but we don't like them; in warm 
weather lay paper between to prevent sticking. 

Mutilated Coin ^"^^mtx. 

Which is little over one-half. DON'T SEND if 
—but if you do, SEND ENOUGH. We will not 
take it at face value. 

Private Checks* 

As stated else- 
where we do not 
receive private checks as cash; we have so many 
returned marked " N.G." that we are obliged to 
inake this rule invariable. If you Send an Un- 
certified Check we must Hold your Order 
until St has been Cashed. To save this delay 
make your remittance in other form. 

Prepaid Express. I^ 6 ^! 

panies forward packages if prepaid at a special 
rate of ISc. for any package weighing 15 oz. or 
under and 1 cent for each extra oz. to all points 
East of the Mississippi. They aTso carry 
BOOKS and other 3rd-class postal matter under 
same conditions at 10c. for first \% lbs. or less 
and lc. for each added 2 ounces. While this is 
hi cheaper than mail rates we recommend it, as 
it is much safer. 

ia/_ »__..__ the safe delivery of mail pack- 
WW3 Insure ages at the rate of 10c. for 

foods valued under &5.00 and ISc. for $5 00 to 
10.00. To those who do not wish to run any risk 
this is a satisfactory method. 

Errors and Omissions. 

Mistakes will happen. We employ skilled people 
in order to minimize them, but still they occur ; 
if you do not get goods promptly or get unsatis- 
factory goods, write db; don't "kick " any more 
than you must but any way write and when you 
write, be sure and state the facts, viz : When y ou 
ordered ; how much you sent and in what form, 
cash, stamps, etc.; what you ordered. Your com- 
plaint will then have prompt attention. 

' ' P (1 n " Th ere are advantages and dis- 
Ui Ui 111 advantages in sending goods C. 
O. D.— You do not have to pay for them till you 
get them (and see them if you wish), but you have 
to pay charges for returning the money to us.— We 
guarantee all goods to be as REPRESENTED 
and as you get to know us you will avoid this 
useless expense, 


spelled thus C-A-S-H — we pay cash to get low 
prices and must GET cash to PAY— were we to do 
a credit business as most merchants do, we would 
be compelled to add 10 to 25 per cent to our prices. 
See? _ _ ..- _ n - 



Tanmc Our Terms are simply CASH 
B&r0¥I3». WITH ORDER "F.O.IS.N.Y " 
We deliver goods to your order here in the city 
either to Post Office, Express or Freight Company, 
aud there our responsibility ceases. We give no 
credit, pay no postage, nor freight, except in a few 
cases where mentioned in catalogue. We do not 
send goods COD. unless one fourth the amount 
Is sent to guarantee charges. 

we will accept 
them for small 

Postage Stamps. 

amounts (under $1.00) and where Money Orders 
are not Obtainable. But they must reach us 
in perfect condition ; 1 and 2 cent denominations 
preferred. If you can get Money Orders either 
P.O. or Express, please do it as it is safer for you 
and suits us much better. Many small lots of 
stamps make a large lot, and $5,000 worth (which 
Tve frequently accumulate,) are not easy to " work 
off " even at a discount. 


V e do not deliver Goods Free. Our prices are 
•'free on board" here. Please bear this in mind 
when ordering. We constantrjr-jreceive small 
orders which we know our customers do not 
expect tf* receive by express though they give no 
shipping directions nor enclose postage. Where 
■we consider it practicable or economical to mail 
goods we give the amount of postage required on 
each piece under each article and tBIs" amount 
must be included with your remittance, otherwise 
ve are compelled to write for it, thus delaying 
your shipment. Where goods are not to be 
mailed it is well to order them shipped "by 
cheapest way" which our clerks can readily de- 

send out for the goods when we get an order and 
perhaps get something else "just as good" — but 
different; before listing an article we have a good 
stock of it on our shelves so that we not only 
know we can fill your order with the exact thing 
we advertise, but we can do it at once ; many 
think from the magnitude of our list that we can't 
have everything in stock; a walk of a half mile 
through our ten immense floors would show every 
item in this book in generous quantities. 


We are the Agents. That is, we are the only 
link between you and the manufacturer. We never 
buy of Jobbers but always of the maker. We 
don't refuse " agents' " orders and call their atten- 
tion to the wholesale prices we quote, which are 
as low as those of regular jobbers ; but our aim is 
to supply consumers at prices agents, storekeepers 
and " the trade " in general pay. 


are a great convenience but are 
too expensive on many goods. 
We do not wish to have you save 25 per cent on 
a purchase aud lose a large part of it in costly 
transportation— and therefore advise you to avoid 
tho mails as much as possible by ordering a quant- 
ity of goods by freight or express. Wo do not 
guarantee the safe delivery of goods sent by mail, 
We pack properly and deliver to post office; there 
cur responsibility ceases. In case of loss we do 
all in our power to recover the package. There is 
probably not a loss of ono per cent on mail 
package*. ^Valuable packages may be registered 
for 8 cents. 


In a few cases where it so mentioned in connec- 
tion with article. Where goods may be mailed 
economically and safely we give the amount of 
postage required which must be always added to 
price. . 

tistRti 14 Alaiutm Sometimes more 

catalogues may fall into your hands. If so, you 
will do us a great favor to hand the extra one to 
a friend with such remark as you see fit to make. 
It should not be wasted— it's too good. 

«fe Guarantee Si 1 £*££&" 2 

represented herein. Your money back if they 
prove otherwise. 

are never sold to 
Quack Doctor:-, Pat" 
ent Medieine Men, Fakirs or Schemers, as other 
Mall Order Houses do. Mothers can feel a^ured their children will not be in receipt oi ob- 
noxious and dangerous reading matter now flooding 
the mails, as their addresses are never sold by us. 

of letters are received dailv bv 
king numerous qi 
about our goods, but never enclosinsj a two-cent 
iy. Theamoimt expended each year 
in answering these letters is very great, and here- 
after to insure a reply, customers must always en- 
close a 2-cent stamp 

Our Addresses 




In addition to the bed-rock prices quoted In 
«« OCR SAXESMAN," we offer further extraor- 
dinary inducements for QUANTITY OBDEBS. 

There is absolutely no profit in small mail orders, 
and to pointedly call our patrons' attention to this 
fact and secure an increased proportion of profit- 
able orders, we make the following very liberal 
premium offers : 

GOLD PLATED RING, the u«ual retail |Cf» 
value of which is lUw 

PREMIUM W0.2.o^iS°2ne!e 8 ga2 
Never sold at less than 25c. and frequently v I ■ U U 

PREMIUM Nn 4 For ss.oo to ss.oo 
rnCrfllUin HUiOiokdsbs. An exquis- 
TED STICK PINS of new and novel de- A ftp 
sign; worth at least ». I rUw 

REM9UM NOi 4..s5 r oo and over. 



design and perfect workmanship. $| fifi 

Lowest retail value vl.UU 

These premiums are NOT given where CASH 
DISCOUNTS are taken. 

In ordering state the number of Premium 
olaimed. These Premiums are made very attract- 
ive and will be found fully equal to representa- 
tions, and are well worth expanding your order to 

liMOn UloUUUllloi large purchases our 
expense of handling an order is less. We will give 
you the benefit, allowing you a discount accord- 
ing to the amount of your purchase, as follows: 

85 to SIO 3 Per Cent. 

lO ta 20 4 Per Cenc. 

20 to 50 5 Per Cent. 

50 aud Higher 6 Per Cent. 

This is a large discount on goods sold as closely as 
ours, and is only allowed when cash comes with 
order. You will find it profitable to "club" with 
your neighbors in ordering, thus obtaining a 
larger discount and cheaper transportation. 

Note — This dicount is not allowed in addition 
to any premium or combination offer. 

Read Our Prices ! ^ l S k «f h y 

Salesman just like its predecessors— a sort of old 
story, and throw it aside. BUT DON'T I There 
are changes. Many new goods are offered ; many 
many new prices are quoted. When we look at 
some of our old prices we are almost ashamed as 
they are 8, 4 and sometimes 10 times higher than 
now, but its all right. Simply mercantile evolu. 
tion — and the game is still on— AND YOU 
WANT TO WATCH IT I Read our prices. 

&nt&f*ini fflfitc*- While prices are being 

apGGiai note. advanced all aIong ^J 

line of imported goods, we call our customers* 
attention to the fact that in no case hare we 
raised a price and in scores of cases, lowered them 
— and for the present will not do so, 

"Special" Prices fif-H^KS. 

When we get a way inside price from a manufac- 
turer ; when we have something we are particul- 
arly anxious to push along: when we have a 
heavier stock than our trade will absorb promptly, 
then we put the word " Special " before our 
dozen price and after that word we put figure* 
worthy your attention. They are manufacturer*' 
Jobbing figures. 

t&t*ft*KV*mt*£*&m If 5" ou uavP access to 
rsewenence^. Dun , g or Bradstreet ., 

Mercantile Reports you will find us well rated 
therein. Any wholesale house or bank in this olty 
will speak well of us. We could fill volumes with 
flattering testimonials from nearly every city and 
town, but after all is said, the proof of the pudding 
Is only in the eating. Send us a trial order and 
let our goods testify for us. We occupy 10 Im- 
mense floors at this address where we sell all the 
goods advertised. At Linden. N.J., we have one 
of the finest factories in the country where 200 to 
300 hands are employed making our peerless, 
les. At Waterbury. Conn., our watch fac- 
tory employs over 500 people, producing our 
cheapest American Watches. In fact, everythlnB 
is complete to enable us to carry out our plan of 
producing the best goods at lowest cost and 
placing them directly in the hands of the con. 
Burner without the Intervention of profit absorb 
ing middle-men. 

We Buarantee Every Representation Made in This t>oK or Refund Money. 





IF SO, a few minutes spent in reading this page w ill save you a Dollar :< 
minute. Years ago we said that a good substantial High-Grade Bicycle 
would some day be sold to the rider for $'2.%. 00 and that when it could be done 
— We Would i)o it. THE $25.00 BICYCLE IS HERE! And it 

model with out-of-date features ; nothing about it is in any way inferior or old style. 


is not a Fake job-lot, or dry-goods store product. Not a last years' 


We want you to know just what we offer. Don't take our word for anything but read and compare and judge for yourself whether this is 
not the Greatest Bicycle value ever ottered. Below we tell you exactly how it is made and what it is made of ; accuracy of these specifications is 
Guaranteed Strictly. If vou can am- where obtain awheel with such points as the INCERSOLL has at the same price we will present yon 
one Prepaid. REMEMBER our name plate is on every wheel and we stand behind our TRI PLE GUARANTEE ! 



FRAME. The finest up-to-date Model. The model 
of this frame is the very latest. ]«!«> features are 
included: The INGERSOLL FLUSH JOINTS make the 
strongest frame known and the neatest in finish. 
The Tubing is best seamless steel, sizes 1", Head, 
lit Bars: Rear Forks style, % and \ tapered; 
fitted with Arch Braces: DROP 3-INCH, Height of 
Frames '-!'2 and 21 inch, with 5 and 7 

inch heads. Arch crown of lightest and strongest 

CRANK HANGER. Popular two-piece style, fastened 
in center of Axle with Sleeve, a positive and reliable 
connection. Fitted with StarSprocket,g4or26 tooth. 

CHAIN. Humber B Block Pattern, harOened center. 
Size. 3-16 inch. . . PEDALS. Medium Rat Trap. 
One-piece plate: best material and finish, hardened 
and ground bearings. . . HUBS. Turned from 
Steel; ball retainer; fitted with brass sleeve to con- 
nect cups and retain oil ; cups and cones of best steel, 
hardened and ground. . . RIMS. LobdelTa best 
hardwood. Guaranteed the besl ; natural finish. . 
SPOKES. Excelsior Neei stSwaged; 

ily nickeled. . . TIRE. Our Famous Pi 
gieTube: Corrugated Tread. . . SADDLE. Ii 
soil Special Combination Brown Model. . . HAN- 
DLE BAR. Down or up-turned or Rams-hom 
Pump and Complete Repair Kit. 



TOOLS, ETC. Good leal' 

containing Steel Wrench, Screw Driver, Oil Can, Hand 

COLORS and FINISH. 3 coats of enamel; Black only. Finish equal to the highest grade wheel 



Between the Ingersoll and the usual low-priced wheel. The Inger- 

soil is red-hot from an up-to-date factory. It embodies every late 

^M"*— idea in Bicycle construction. Its Flush Joints, Low Drop 

Two-Piece Crank Hanger and other important features make it practically an 1899 wheel: the other kind have as 

a rule been made up for a year or two, or if recently built it is from old style material, of inferior quality at that. 

Why Ing ersoll Wheels Beat the World ! 

We have hundreds of times been asked by those who know our extra- 
ordinary facilities for producing things cheaply and marketing them direct 
to the consumer in immense quantities, why we have not before this 
commenced the Manufacture of Bicycles. To this we have replied that 
the time was not vet ripe for making wheels at Popular Prices and until 
we could do this we would Stay out. NOW the Time IS Ripe and we 
have GONE IN body and soul, and we are showing what may be done 
under favorable circumstances. We have for years done the largest 
jobbing busi house in the world in Bicycle Parts and Fittings. 

We have also been manufacturing many of the most important parts. We 
have made alliances with all the largest producers which gives us the 
Inside Track— inside even of the largest wheel makers of the world. 
Makers of Steel Tubing. Cranks, Sprockets, Chains. Pedals. Etc., whose 
whole product in manv ease- we have bought for cash during several years, 
naturally give us lowest possible prices and choicest goods. 

AnnthP!< Dnlnl Bicycle Manufacture has undergone a 
HIIUIIBC! ■ Ullift. revolution in the past few years and largely 
within a short time. Two or three years ago wheels were' made cheapest 
in the largest factories where every part was made and nothing bought 
outside, the largest factories even producing their own tubing and tires. 
Being thus strongly intrenched, these large monopolies charged excessive 
prices and ' ' held prices up ' ' (and held the public, up. ) But in this great 
country such conditions are not long possible. Thousands of bright, active 
men and concerns saw the game and almost simultaneously they started 
to beat it. Men with a few thousand dollars knew they could make wheels 
if they could get " parts" and progressive manufacturers knew they 
could make parts if an outlet could be found for them. We knew all these 
people and helped bring them together and the result is that to-day there are 
a thousand makers of a few wheels per week instead of a few making 
a thousand wheels per week and the big monopolies are ' ' suing for 
peace ' ' and trying to find out how THEY can Compete with the SMALL 
Wheel Builders. Many of them have failed, others have closed down, 
some are buying parts and competing and some are going on and losing 
some of the millions they have made. 

We occupy a position which is out of 
reach of competition of either ' ' horn 
of the dilemma. ' ' The large makers can' t touch us for reasons stated 
above. The small ones can' t because we are the people who sell them the 
parts at a profit which they have to add to the price of the wheels. We 
make or buy the parts at very near the original cost to produce in immense 
lots by factories which do nothing else and can therefore make them at 
the lowest possible price. Our Brazing, Enameling, Plating and Assembling 
rooms are the largest and best equipped in the country. They contain every 
modern appliance for building the finest wheels at the lowest price. 

No Fancy Price. 

As to Ourselves. 

Our Assembling Perfect. 

In our wheels we have not only given closest attention to the selection 
of the best and most approved style of parts but also to their relation to each ' 
other and the assembling of them to produce wheels of the lighest running I 
type. The running gear of a wheel is its vital feature and it involves not 
only perfect parts but the assembling of them in perfect relation to each 
other. In this our wheels are equal to the best. 

When you buy one of the ' ' Stand- 
on! " make of wheels you pav at least 
ii of your money for advertising, "name" and expensive paraphernalia of 
large concerns. When you buy an Ingersoil Wheel you pay only for what 
you get. You pay the original manufacturers cost of the parts," bought in 
i mm ense quantities, you pay for building and finishing the wheel a price 
not exceeding $3. 00 or M. oo, which includes our profit. In fact you almost 
get the wheel for the bare price of the material in it. 

Our Triple Guarantee. 

Besides the Guarantee adopted by the Association of Cycle Manufactur- 
ers, the same as is given with all the best and leading wheels, we personally 
guarantee each and every wheel of our manufacture to be free from defects 
in material and workmanship. We further guarantee entire satisfaction 
and will promptly refund your money If you do not find our wheels the 
greatest value you have ever known. 

It is the practice with ' ' old line ' ' 
makers and dealers to offer Ladies' 
wheels at same price as Mens' . This is because their profits are large enough 
to cover extra cost of Ladies. The xustruction of frame, addition of chain 
and mud guards and brake make the cost to manufacture several dollars 
greater and this extra cost the buyer must pay when wheels are Bold on cur 
plan of one email profit. Many lady riders are dispensing with brake; 
also chain guard. Our price for either model with chain and mud guard is 
$2. 50 extra ; with brake $2. 00 extra ; with mud guard only $1 00 extra. 

Special Proposition. }&£r *f SS'i&V^ 

Buying and we are perfectly willing to offer every chance to you for the 
closest inspection before you pay your money. So if you will CCVf) 
IIC 01 flA 3S a guarantee of good faith, we will ship our gERU 
HO WliUU wheel securely crated complete and accompanied with 
our unparalelled signed Guarantee. If on receipt of wheel you find it what 
you expect you pav'the balance of price (after deducting the $1. 00 paid) and 
keep it. If for any reason you do cot want the wheel the Express agent 
will return it at our expense. 

Ladies' Models. 



OUR LINE comprises about everything. • 
Wheelman ever needs or could think oi ; no 

sundry stock in the country is as complete 

ours. " A still more important advantage to vou 
is that we art- pioneer manufacturers and job- 
bers of these goods and distribute more of tie m 
annually than any other concern and have the 
very lowest known prices. That we oner you 
full advantage of them wc think a glance at 
Our prices will convt C- 


Simply perfection. 
An indispensable com- 
panion to your cyclo- 
meter. What more com- 
panionable article can 
be imagined on a bicvele 
than a good watch. This 
is a guaranteed time- 
keeper. Its 
f>rice is the 
ov/est ev- 
) er known. 
Thijs cut 
exactly re- 
presen ts 
1% size) 
and our 
patent hol- 
der for attaching to 
handlo bar. Ko cvclist 
should be without it. 
Postage 8c. Price com- 
plete, Wo ti-li and Holder, guaranteed for 
one year, SI. 3d Each. 

Champion Bicycle Watch. 

A silent pace-maker 
right before your eyes 
Save your $100 watch, 
not only for -wheeling 
but for other outing' i 
| occasions as this is q 
splendid pocket time- 
piece as well as a guar- 
anteed Bicycle Watch, 
it being regu- 
lar stem wind 
and our fam- 
ous 18 size 
This holder i j 
kadapted to 
fasten on thq 
handle bar oi 
fiame as de- 
' Sired and has the samo 
secure clamp as shown 
with the Yankee, which 
is the only one made 
which holds the watch 
firmly and permits instant removal from elanm 
when leaving wheel. Former price $1. 65. Price 
81.50 Each. 


This is a large bag 
?made to fit into the 
'diamond" shape 
space of the bicycle 
frame and is designed 
to be used as a general 
"carry-all." Made of 
best linen canvas stiff- 
ened with trunk board. 
Has 5 straps to secure 
it to frame and 8 mora 
to secure the lid. No 
bicycle tourist could 
get along without this 
carrier. Size, 3 inches 
thick, 15 inches long and 18 inches deep. Weight 
ST oz. Deah-rs' price $3.00, Sent by Express only. 
Price 89c. Each. 

No I Same as A, but with leather binding 
and extra finish. Price SI. 50 Each. 

No 4X Black water-proof carriage leather 
full boundin harness leather; handsome in ap- 
pearance and as durable as can be' made. Price 
»3.1» Each. 


Having made for onrselra 
/ a reputation encircling th< 
/ globe as manufacturers o: 
the cheapest guar 
anteed watches, 
I which have reach- 
led a sale of over 
I a million, we sub- 
'mit our Dollar Cy- 
clometer with the 
greatest confi- 
dence in its winning quali- 
ties, viz. : originality, sim- 
plicity, practicability, an<j 
cheapness. Noscrewdriv- 
wrenches, nor swearing. I 
goes on the fork. Requites no tool 
to put on. ORIGINAL FEA. 
TURKS: 1— Pork Bracket; 2- 
Hand Adjustment; 3-rositive 
Striker. Aslight as any; nearly 
small; positively accurate. The meter is simple in construction, mak- 
ing it at once the cheapest 10,000-mile instrument and the least liable 
to disarrangement. It is of medium size; not too small to he se en with 
the naked eye, and be read plainly from saddle. Its constantly moving hand Is favor- 
ably regarded by all who use it. Hand adjustment is an important feature in 
this meter, as it makes putting it in place an easy task which anvone can do quickly 
and without even one tool— the thumb and finger doing it all. Pork Bracket.— You 
need n it dismantle your wheel to put it on, disturbing bearings and wasting time; 
you simply adjust it to the fork, as shown in cut. When your wheel is removed from 
fork the meter remains in place, and requires no re-adjusting when wheel is replaced. 
Axle bracket may be had, however, if desired. Lever Grip Striker.— We claim this to be the only 
positiyely secure and scientific striker. It holds on the spoke by the leverage applied with thumb-screw. 
8c Cut Price 50c. Each; S5.10 Dozen. 

Price Just Reduced to 


It has a total reg- 
ister of 10.000 miles, 
also an independent 
trip recorder of 100 
miles, from tenths 
up. By simply turn- 
ing end of ease, tho 
trip can hojart to 
"O" at will, without 
interfering with the 
total. The total re- 
peats, and can be 
set. The "trip" 
shows daily records 
ABOVE READS. "FULL SIZE, or distances from 

TOTAL 1473 miles. P'* ce to . ? lace ; m 

TO IP AG 5/ ,,„„ miles and fractions, 

I Hit* OO/fo MILES, and the "total" keeps 

a perfect record of the season's mileage. Weight 

Vi °?-i length 1 1-16 inch. Postage 4s, . _ 

lieiiuccU Price si.ioEach. 

I,. A. W. Button No. 1— Gilt 

enameled irrthree colors. Regular 
L A. W. design. Every rider 
should belong to the L. A. W. aud 
show its oolors. Postage 1c. 
Price 9c. Each; 94c. Doz. 

No. a— Boiled Gold Plate and 
hard enamel. 

Price SSe. Each; 83.10 Doz. 



The only practical 
device for carrying a 
camera. Does not mar 
the appearance of tho 
, c r interfere with 
lamp, handle, brake or 
bell. Will carry any size> 
package, protected with 
land guard. When not 
in use it is scarcely 
noticeable. Made of good 
quality of leather, russet 
or black; weight 8 oz. 
Composed of leather 
body to strap on forks, and straps properly 
attached for securely holding package. Postage 
5c. Reduced Price lie, X acll i 84, 25 Dozen. 

" PI IIQQIMfi " l3 a Ter 7 £° oa thins: see 
ULUDDIIlU your neighbors and send us 
an order for your combined wants, to come by 
freight or express, saving 204 on postage and from 
20 to 50 more on our low prices. 


This is the cele- 
Veeder Cyclo- 
knowu as the 
i mallest ever made, 
which is perfect in 
its operation, and 
simple in mechan- 
ism. It weighs but 
one ounce, is dust 
and water proof, 
positive and accurate. The en- 
tire barrel, although but U inch 
long and ?i inch in diameter, reg- 
isters lO.uOO miles and repeats, 
andean be easily read whi 
e<l ou saddle. The ; 
in cyclometers, ami offered this 
Season at a special low price. 
Postage 3c, Price 81,10 Each, 



Made by the celebrated 
Waterbury Watch Co. aud in ( 
their finest style; among its 
leading features are: instant- 
aneous change of indicators, 
non-rusting or corroding metal 
parts; it cannot be tgmpered u „-__, 
with, nor record altered; it « ou>x. 
it registers backward or for- 
ward with equal precision; it is strength 
and compactness itself and cannot be 
broken by ordinary use. It registers 
10,000 miles and repeats, "it has a very 
striker. Regular price $1.50. We sold it for $1.30 
ison. Our Special Price S .75 Each. 


is what every- 
one says when 
they sco our 
Shure Shot Cam- 
era and eon- 
plete Outfit at 
One Dollar; wal- 
nut case ; snap 
shot ; fine lens ; 
2J$x2J< pictures. 
Complete with 
outfit as In cut. 
Postage 15c. 

" Our Salesman " Travels Cheaply, Goes Far, Never Rests and Sells Goods Low 

iSr «pr « 9 W W <9r W 

GuP Bicycle BdlS are a famous line. It is made up of favorites 
from the four largest makers and covers the field of desirable bells. Our sales 
of bells in the past, two years have been so enormous that we are largely credit- 
ed with having brought about the present popular prices on these goods. 




This is ourgrear 
leader for 88 
because or the / 
price we are able [I 
to place on it; by [| 
a very large con- 
tract we are able ^ 
to offer It as be- 
low on a very 
close margiu, be- 
ing sure our trade 
will appreciate 
the opportunity 
and give It an 
immense sale. It 
has a continuous-ringing, ratchet movement; 
best bell-metal gong, and is fully guaranteed 
first-class in every respect. The cheapest electric 
stroke bell ever offered. NOTE THE PRICEI 
Postage 6c. Price 25c. Each; 83. SO Doz. 

ana novel de> 
and one o: 
the prettiest wi 
sell. Made espec- 
liallv for mcmben 
\of the League o: 
^American Wheel- 
men, and hi 
regulation emblerr 
with L. A. \v. em- 
:d on top. 
This bell is one ol 
the celebn 

make, for which a su- 
perior metal is used in 
manufacturing, giving a 
beautiful tone unequall- 
ed by the highest in 
price. A light pressure 
on the button In 
turns the rotary mechani-m inside and produces 
an excellent continuous ring. All parts superbly 
finished in nickel. Postage 5c. Prio'j 05c. Each ; 
8G.50 Dozen. 


Thisisibe leading 
novelty in bells for 
this season, com- 
prising a double 
gong (3-inch) of two 
t ones, imitating 
chimes. The gongs 
are of finest metal 
and shaped for great 
resonance, and per- 
fectly tuned. It has 
a double stroke ac- 
tion, one stroke on 
each gong. The ef- 
fect is pleasant and 
never fails to attract 
attention. The stvoKe may also be varied to either 
single or electric, giving a further variety quite at- 
tractive. Strictly first class quality and fully guar- 
anteed. Postage 5c. Price, 75c. Ea; $7.50 Doz. 


Our new 
patented Pyr- 
amid Gong: 
finds mucht'a- 
vor .vaerever 
seen. The su- 
perior finish in 
fall our bells 
shows to good 
advantage in 
ibisnew shape 
which de- 
tracts nothing from iij 
sounding quality, bu 
gives a firmer base t<j 
center post. The Pyx, 
amid has the well know* 
Ingersoll Rotary move, 
mentwith electric stroke. 
It is made of purest bell metal with finest nickel fin, 
ish New this season and offered at a rock bottom 
price. Postage 5c. Price 38c. Each; $3-84 Doz. 


One of the 
finest. S'4 in. 
gong of pure 
bell metal, 
1 givingabeau- 
Jtiful silver 
" r i n g which 
can De heard 
several hun- 
dred feet, 
ouble stroke; 
Easy action; 
weight 5 oz. Tlio 
best double stroke 
bell. Sold every- 
where a* 75c 
$1.00. Postage 6c. 

Our Price 30c. Each; S3.40 Doz. 


One of the very 
best electric ring- 
tngbells made; i.;.9 
rotary movement 
and bell - meta 

gong;l&i ncD v fl '! d 
has an especially 
fine tone; weight 
Z% oz. Postage 5c. 
Dealers' price 75o. 
Oar Price SOo. 


No. 360. 

One of tb 
ers this season. 2- 
inch bell - metal 
beaded gong; elec- 

4% oz. 
A fa- 
cause of 
its medi- 
um size and full 
Postage 6c. 

Price 45c. Each; H-l.oG 

Here is a combination of 
novelty and common sense. 
25-sin.; electric stroke; double chime gong (2 tones), 
very loud ring; sure to make people look around, 
even a block away. A great favorite. Weight 
10K oz. Postage K'c. 
Price 75c. Each; S7 40 Doz. 

20th Century Rotary Bell. 



for or« dozen. 

As indicated 
in the cu|; the 
gong is attached 
to the left-hand 
fork, so that 
the trolley 
wheel is about 
one quarter of 
an inch abov 
the tire. Whei 
it is desired to 
ring the belt 
simply pressing 
the lever at the 
handle will 
bring the trol- 
ley wheel .in 
contact with 
the tire, giving 

a continuous ring as lone as the lever is pressed. 

The gong is cast of the best quality of bell metal. 

All parts are .heavily nickel jilated on a plating of 
We sell X dozen lots Of copper. Postage 8c. Last years price $1.35. 
goods at the price iiven one Latest Price 55c. Each ; 65.40 Dozen. 

This cut shows 
the rotary mecha- 
nism used in all 
our most popular 
electric stroke 

Ingersoll No. 10. one 

of the most popular bells ; 

a favorite for over 3 seasons 

inch stamped goug, 

with good loud ring; 

spring lever hammer ; 

. .;, 4 oz. ; single 

stroke. Each packed 

in box. Postage 5c. 

Reduced from 25c. 

Price 14c. Each ; 
81.45 Doz. 

II Same bell, but with pure bell metal cast 
Postage 5c, Price 17c. Each ; 81.75 Dozen. 


Has a steel base 
and bell - metal 
] K in. con- 
tinuous ring, with, 
rotary movement, 
which not _ only 
gives a perfectly 
tuous ring, 
but alsoagreatei 
volume of Found 
than anv other oi 
the same size, 
One of the most 
popular sellers. 
Postage 5c. 
Keduced Price, 
29c. Eacli ; 
83.95 Do«en. 



1888 improvements: 
New Fluted Flange 
Hinged Door : New Rigid 
Bracket; Improved Oil 
:Tank, large size. New 
Positive Tank and Wick 
Lock. The latest and 
best popular - priced 
American production. 
Has hail a lar- 
ger sale than 
ny other 
A per- 
ty in 
6el polished through- 
out; &% in. high; 
weighs 11 oz. ; burns 
15 hours. Made en- 
tirely of brass ; riveted 
tachable lens, tank 
and top — all with best 
locking device, "insuring against rattle and falling 
apart III use. Best spring bracket, lights from side 
aperture: powerful bull's-eye lens; cut projecting 
Bide lights; red and green ; has the safest tank- 
locking device found on any lamp. Made to burn 
kerosene, Will not blow or jar out. Good $2.50 
value. Postage 18c. 

l'rice, with Spring Bracket (see cut) 81.50 Ea. 
" New Rigid Bracket, - 1.75 " 

Globe Vapor, 





It is abso- 
lutely clean _ 
— free from;, 
grease, dirt, 
smoke or 
odor. Gives 
a brilliant 

White light. Will stand the 
hardest knocks, and laughs 
at the wind and weather. 
It is light, beautiful in 
shape, and extremely sim- 
ple. Made entirely of brass, 
nickel plated and highly polished. Has a hand- 
ground, hinged lens and jewel side-lights. Burns 
benzine or kerosene. It is the original "vapor 
lamp," and Includes patented features which in- 
fringers have been quick to appreciate. 8 styles of 
attachments— for head, fork, and lamp-bracket, 
sold the world over at Note o^r special cut 
price. Postage 19c Price $1.35 Each'. 


The greatest bargain ever of- 
fered in a cheap lamp, 4J( in. 
high ; 10 oz. ; japanned ; ground 
convex lens, 2^( in., set In 
nickel rim ; hinged front ; 
removable oil tank and re- 
flector; colored side lights; 
rubber-lined bracket grip; 
well made spring fixtures; 
no solder. Postage 14c. 
Latest Price 48c. Each : ( 
84.84 Dozen. 

Great tight gives a "Great 
Light." Large convex ground 
open lens, 2J& in., with nickel 
rim, sliding colored side lights 
and detachable oil tank. 
Thumb screw safety grip. 
Finished in Japan and Nickel. 
Weight, 11 oz. Postage 15c. 
Price 75c. Each; 
S7.SO Doz. 

Wonder. — Ground convex 
open lens, 2% In. with a! 
plated rim. Sliding colored 
Side lights and detachable oil 
tank. Fitted with horse-hide 
washers on spring fittings. 
Finished in Japan and nickel. 
Weight, 10 oz. Postage 15c. 
Price 8,1c. Each; 
88.50 Doz. 


This lamp is rightly 
named. Last year we 
sold a similar lamp to 
this for $5.00 and this 
vear dealers are charg- 
ing from $3.50 to $4.00 
for such a lamp. We 
have deter- 
mined that 
we will give 
you bar- 
gains on 
lamps. The 
and lightest 
nickel plat- 
ed lamp in 
the market. 
Good glass 
oil tank; 

colored side lights; special nickel finish; weight. 
9 oz Postage 12c. Our Price 75c. Each. 


MILLER'S '98. 

The highest grade 
lamp in the market 
this year. With 2% 
inch double convey 
lens. Height, 6 in. 
Weight, 17 ounces. 
Full nic- 
kle finish 

be blown 
or jarred 


Made oi 




Parts are 
riveted together. Nil 
leak or sweat. Burns kerosene oil. Polished lens, 
fastened into hinged door. Both reflector at the 
back, and the funnel containing the lens are pro- 
tected from smoke bv a combination of detachable 
allowing all parts to be easily cleaned. 
Bide lights, red and green jewels, set in slides foi 
lights Reversible fount can be put into lamp 
With the button in front or back, so as to bring 
the shaft button on either side of lamp. Regular 
price $5. 00. Postage 28c. Cut Price 83.70 Each. 

M. &. W. '38. 

Better than ever. Fitted with the 
latest improvements. Made of brass, 
all riveted; handsomely nickeled; 
burns kerosene ;has 
special easy light- 
ing feature, wick- 

foek, powerful 
ground lens and 
reflector ; will not 
blow or jar out, 
detachable lens hol- 
der and reflector; Rigid Bracket 
attachable to head or fork ; no 
wrenches or other tools required to 
attach ; easy to take apart and clean. 
Throws light over 2(M) feet. Postage 
25c. Our New Price S3. 10 Ea. 

This ingenious device consists of a light, revolv- 
ing wheel made of transparent material in differ- 
ent colors. When attached to the front of the bi- 
cycle lamp it prevents light from blowing out, and 
revolves rapidly with the air current caused by the 
forward movement of the wheel, or by the breeze, 
|f the wheel is still. The light from the lamp 
brings out the colors brilliantly, and, as the signal 
revolves, the effect is startling and beautiful. It 
may be instantly attached or removed; so con- 
structed as not to interfere with the use of the light 
as a path finder, and once attached to lamp re- 
quires no further attention. The latest novelty out 
and thousands were sold the first week of its intro- 
duction. Postage 7c. 

Price 35c. Each; 83.40 Dozen. 



A useful attachment for 
Bicycle Lamp. Completely 
>rs the lamp, pre- 
vents dust, rain, etc., 
from reaching it 
and keeps the 
lamp free Trom 
all danger of cor- 
rosion through 
dampness. Made 
of finest Gossa- 
mer in assorted 
shades, and will 
fit every make of 
lamp. Postage' 
lc. Price 15c. 
Ea.; 81.55 Dz. 



Here is a wonderful little 
instrument made entirely of 
nutal. and having a very 
highly polished surface, which 
is designed to enable a eye li>t, 
or a driver of a vehicle, to 
see behind without turning 
around. The Rctro-Opticoii 
is to be attached to the hand- 
le-bar of the bicycle ; gives an 
unobstructed back view lor 
an enormous distance; can be 
pet in any position, as at- 
tachments are ball-jointd : a 
complete picture in miniature 
of everything behind the rid- 
er is shown. The newest in 
bicycle sundries and a lead- 
ing novelty. Postage 5c. 

Price 45c. Each; 
84. 50 Dozen. 

The cheapest and simplest bracket for holding 
a lamp in the market. Struck and formed from 
sheet steel, nicely nickel plcted. Quickly adjust- 
ed to the hub of wheel. Postage 8c 
Price Sc. Each; 75c. Dox. 

Ingersoll Lamp Bracket. 

Faultless construction, neat appearance 
and small size combined with the extrem- 
ely low price has created an extraordinary 
demand for this bracket. An entirely new 
(feature is the adjustable holder, which 
permits the lamp to be secured at 
any desired angle, 
iug the light, 
either up. down, or 
straight ahead. 
Lined with chamois, 
laud carefully nicl- 
Peled and polished. 
postage ,">e. Price 
33c. Ea.; 83.35 Dz. 

Do Not Forget Postage. 

Look Well Through This Book. Enlarge Your Order: Have It Shipped by Express or Freight. 7 


The 1893 Tngersoll Saddle has the shape, style, finish 
and merit of saddles selling at very fancy prices. It is an 
exact " Brown' ' model, and is recognized by every one 
as being scientifically designed and made. It is suited to 
the needs of the average road-rider, has no extremes of 
shape, hardness, etc. , but is a splendid all-round saddle. 
It is made on a steel base correctly formed to a graceful 
and ease-giving sha]>e. The cover is of best selected 
tan or maroon colored leather of superior finish, joined 
to the lining by strong stitching. The filling is of extra quality felt 
selected for resi and long life, and producing one of the most com- 

fortable saddl The aperture in center is correctly d<_ 

to ventilate, remove injurious pressure and produce grea The fittings 

are the strongest to be had. and all heavily nickeled. It is a handsome, up-; 
durable saddle at a world beating price. Postage 22c. Price *1. 50 Each. 

I.ADIES "INOERSOII." Made of same material as the men's, 
broader and shorter, and the Crucia louble spiral, affording a 

very comfortable seat. Postage 22c. Price 81.75 Each. 




In this saddle fcaSTQ we have to offer one 
one of the best W^ saddles in the mark- 

et for strength g and qualitv, iaving 

all the principal «*> features of a high- 

pade saddle at a very low price. Steel cantle, 
length 9 inches, weight 14 oz. Reduced from $1.85. 
Postage 18c. Price 85 Each; 88.10 Dozen. 

Tins is practically a half dozen handle bars In 
one. It so adjusts itself that without the least 
trouble you can raise and lower it as much aa de- 
siredor- turned it over (see cat) so as to 

give you a very high bar, suitable for "straight" 
riding. The advantages i;t using this bar at 
apparent, thousands are in use, and are proving 
entirely satisfactory. Sold at the price of the 
common kind. Made from cold drawn s< 
tubing carefully bent and heavily nickel plated. 
Adjusts itself on an annular thread, binding with 
bolt which makes bar absolutely rigid. By i 
Price, style like cut, 81.80 Ea, 

" Up-Turn, " 

— Half Ram's Horn, 3X in. drop, 1.95 " 
« Full Ram' s Horn, 6>$ in. drop, 2.55 " 




No. 79— 

Men's Road 
o r Racing 
Model, v-im 
medium long 
nose felt pad- 
ded and cov- 
ered with 
extra fine 
qualitv, -well 
fimsh'd leath- 
er. A strictly 
rade hygienic sad- 
lexcelled in design, 
style, quality, durability or com- 
fort. All metal fittings of the best 
steel, full polished and nickeled. 
No. 73— Ladies' Model —Same as above, but 
specially made for ladies' use. Postage 81c. 
Price, either style, $1.80 Each. 

YANKEE '98. 

Our latest. A 
She pair of 
in a d e oi 
best materia 
al . hand- 
some a p- 
p e a r a nee, 
and design, 
and excellsmany 
Bold at a much 
h igher price. 
Light in weigh t (7 oz. ) Steel Crank. ■<; inch in diam- 
eter. 20 or 2 i thread. All parts nickeled and pol- 
ished. Cheapest nigh grade pedals on the mark- 
et. Postage 180, Our Price, either rat trap 
or combination. 81. 25 Pair. 

Combination Brakes, Eta* 

These combinations represent the latest and besi 
goods of their class. Besides being constructed on 
most practicable mechanical lines they are light, 
strong and elegantly finished in full nickel plats. 
Made of steeL 

This is a very neat and catchy grip, and used by 
many in preference to cork as they do not become 
dirty and old looking. Made in perfect imitation 
of fancy horn. They are turned from solid wood, 
and baked after enameling, insuring them against 
breakage ami checking. Fit 7 ; in. handle bar 
only. Postage 3c. Price 19c. Pair ; 81.85 Doz. 


The most satisfactory grip in the market Dur- 
able, cannot break; is not affected by heat or 
water; strong, won't crack or break; no glue or 
cement in its make up. lightest of any; its strong- 
est point, however, is its absorbent qualities, being 
porous it takes up every particle of moisture; it 
is sliu'btly flexible, and therefore most agreeable to 
the hand, relieving jar. Reduced from 40o. Post- 
Price -!e. a Pair; S3.25 Doz. 


Take the 
► baby "out fur 
a spin." The 
simplest seat 
couce ivable. 
Very light; 
quickly adjust- 
ed; most reas- 
onable in price 
All riders who 
have children 
cannot fail to appreciate this seat. Reduced from 
«5c. Not mailable. Price 50c. Each; S5.10 

A new special hygienic saddle, with ventilated 
Beat and rawhide lacing, anchored to hardwood 
frame by special means, making any loosening 
impossible. Best tan leather cover, over extra 
heavy felt padding. "Its nose is so r t" tool Ordi- 
nary men's width. Also Ho. CO, wide for 
ladies. Postage ■22c. 

Reduced Price, 81.45 Each. 

Roller Spring 
Seat Post* 

One of the latest import- 
ant inventions to conduce 
comfort and health, giving 
a relief from jar and vibra- 
tion not to be otherwise 
obtained. The roller bpring 
gives perfect play without 
vibration, friction or noise; 
the roller is placed where 
the strain is greatest, to produce this 
result- the post is of best seamless tubiug, 
plunger of steel, roller of hardened steel, 
and spring of best cast steel. The first 
ooDular-m-iced spring .post. Postage 33c. 
Our Special Price, 81.54 Each. 


Here is a neat and 
stylish looking ac-> 
q u i s i t i o n for a 
wheel, and prevents 
handle bar from 
denting the frame. 
Made of extra qual- 
ity rubber in black 
or maroon; has a. 
steel SDring imbed- 
ded in it which 
clamps the pro- 
tector tightly to the 
frame. Basil; attached or removed. Postage 2c. 
Price 15c. Each -, SI. 58 Dozen. 

NO. 1. Foot Brake, Folding Coaster and 
Equalizer. Brake correctly shaped to brake wheel 
and not tear the tire. Coasters fold up out of tho 
way when not in use. Readily attaches to any 
Wheel. Postage lie, Price SI 30 Each. 

NO. 2. Folding Coaster and Equalizer. This 
equalizer, or balance, beats out all its predecessors 
for the purpose of keeping front wheel in shape 
while riding, coasting and pushing the wheel, or 
standing it against anything. It keeps the wheel 
straight in center, and is never dispensed with 
When once used. Postage 5c. Price 70c. Ench. 

NO. VA. Foot Brake only, as shown in cut. 
Postage 6c. Price 70c. Each. 

NO. 4. Equalizer, or Balance, only, as shown 
and described above. Postage 4c. Price 20o. 
Each; 82.10 Doz. 

NO . 3. Folding Coaster only, as shown. Can 
be thrown in or out of position with the foot while 
riding, and does not come in contact with rider 
when ihr.-wu up. Postage 3e. Price 30c, Each; 
S3- 10 Doz. 


A good, reliable brake for a small amoont of 
trOaster nOm Zm Cramps on fork at any money; well finished in nickel; adjustable to all- 
point. Nickel plated. Complete with bolts anil ferent widths of forks. Postage 7o. 
nut3. Postage 2c. Price 14c. Pair; 81.45 Doi. Price 68c. Each; S6.34 Doz. 


A great difficulty these days is, not to get things cheap but good. To get a good 
foot-pump we had to have it made. Others were cheap, but not good. This is a 
good one. We guarantee it. The valve won't slip; it won't leak; when the plunger 
goes down, the wind goes into the tire; full size 30 in.; 18M in. tube; enamel baud le. We have marketed 
more of these pumps in the past 2 years than the combined sale of any 2 others, and we claim for it 
many points of excellence over all others and a price which CANNOT BE MET. The tnbe is of specially 
drawn brass, round, and smooth inside; 1 J4 inch deep milled cap, easily removable; foot^piece is 
brazed — not riveted or screwed— on, so it will not loosen; plunger of best Bessemer steel; valve washer 
of specially treated calf-skin, accurately cupped; connecting tube 12 in. long and fitted with K nipple; 
Jts finish is the highest of the nickel-plater's art. But look at the pricel PostageSoc. 

Price 50c. Each; So. 60 Doz. 


B. & S. '98 WRENGH. 

This is 
the cheap- 
est known 
— - - - ^ "^ — ^— - device for 
Inflating tires, and is universally used by wheelmen 
every where. Made of brass, heavily nickel 
plated and polished. Entire length is but 8 inches; 
the rubber connection is fitted with ' ■ K " nipple 
and unscrews itself from pump, allowing it to be 
carried in tool bag. Postage 4c. Price 15c 
Eacb ; SI. 55 Dozen. 


M a d e bj 
B i Dings & 
Spencer, who stand at 
the head as tool makers. 1898 Model. Best tool 
steel, drop forged; milled jaws and rack; t'erfectly 
square jaws, open 1% inches, with free working ad- 
justment; jaws hardened; full nickel finish. The 
strongest wrench of its size; weight 5^ oz.; all round 
corners; splendid for the pocket. Postage 6c. 
fries 39c. Each; $392 Doz. 


The best for holding 
a wheel not in use or 
while cleaning; it is free) 
from the floor; can be put as high, 
up as desired, and keeps the bicycle 
safely away from dirt, damp, and 
other injury; made of heavy steel wire, nickel- 
plated; hooks covered with rubber tubing to pre- 
vent injury to frame; folds together and against 

A strong and solid wrench perfect- 
ly made and finished at a very low 
price. Made of solid steel as shown 
in cut making it almost impossible to break it. 
Polished and heavily plated. Just the thing fur 
bipv".lea and a 1 ! small machinery. ru.-'-"a6c. 
f-ec1ncei7Prico"57c;Caclij 8lZ?3 Dozen. 

Wall, out of the way. Postage 8o. 
Price 25c. Eacb; 82. 40 Doz. 


Best quality woven lacing on very strong core, 
-omr,r+ a *z fir~~"t r* 1 * cleared coler; i*'t tip In 
Toefcn-'"* of VS x-"vH PiV^-tJ 8c. Reduced 
l'rice 17c. Package; Special SI. 55 Dozen. 


A good, medium high 
grade wrench of case hardened, cold rolled steel; 
full nickel plate; 5 l A in. long; opens 1% in. Weight, 
4 oz Thin and convenient for close work. Post- 
age 60. Price 80c. Each; 82.05 Dozen. 

r Pin Ejector. 

Best steel forging and well 
finished. It will remove any 
crank pin promptly and 
without in.iurv to the wheel 
Or temper. Postage 9c. 
New Price 78c. Each. 

Eclipse Repair Outfit No. 5. 

This is the most complete outfit for repairing 

ever offend; with it vou can repair the most 

dilhoult punctures within a very few minutes, and 

at almost no expense. Our illustration gives you a 

fair idea of what it contains; all of which are nec- 

y for easy and quick work. Takes up very 

little room in tool bag; the lithographed tin box 

wring but 4 x 2 inches. Worth nOc. Postage 

6e. Our Price 35c. Each ; S3. as Dozen. 

Eclipse No. I. For inner tube tires; con- 
tains, cement, tape, patching rubber, emery paper 
needle and twine. All in decorated tin box with 
sliding cover. Postage 3c. Price 13c. Each • 
SI. SO Dozen. 

Another of our great 1898 leaders. Tp-to-date methods in 
manufacturing, coupled with our great desire to always supply the 
best at a popular price enables m to offer a guaranteed Foot Pum p at the marvellously low price of 35c. 
It is a pump built on unique lines, the tube being made of heavy sheet metal, rolled with specially 
formed jomt, making the inside a continuous and perfect circle, the whole tube is heavily galvanized 
to prevent rust, and outside has an extra heavy nickel plate and full polish. The outlet is directly 
from bottom of tube, giving a direct action found in no other pump. Size inside, \y, inch, giving a 
greater capacity than any other. Do not confound this with a cheap tin affair which has been marketed 
—none of which will pump. We guarantee every one when it leaves us. Though the lowest priced 
pump ever made, it is thoroughly practical and reliable. Postage 17c. *""UB" •"« lowest pnueu 

Our Price 35c. Each ; S3.55 Dozen. 

Valve and 

Complete Schrader 
valve, with best pure 
rubber stem, with 
wide perfectly- 
moulded flange, in- 
suring a perfect 
Joint. Postage 2c. 

Price 20c. Each, 
Complete; 82.03 



Stem oniy, as 
in cut. Postage 
lo. Price 8c. 
Each; 95c. Doz. 


J. K. 

Our line represents 
all the best Nipples in 
use the world over 
They are made of the 
swivel K. I, niversal. finest steel, accurately 
threaded and nickeled. All are ready for instant. 
connection to any tire made with the exception of 
No. J. , which only tits G. and J. Tires. Glance at 
<our low prices. Postage 1 c, 

Price No. J. and k.,5c. Each; 50c. Dozen. 
"^ "Bui versal," „ „ _ 

- Swivel K." 8c . - 82c - 


No. I. Drop forged, case hardened, just like 
tt small vice. Length, 3 inches. Designed for tool 
bag. Postage 8c. Price 68c. Ea.; 85.75 Doz. 

No. 2. larger, _for shopuse^ 3Jf_ Inch long. 


Price 65c. Each ; S6.40 Dozen. 


have never dealt w-ith us to have perfect ontidonco 
In us ; WE know who and what we are but YOU 
may not— the Commercial Agencies and many 
Bankers. Postmasters and Express Agents through- 
out the Country and especially in our City know us 
to whom we refer you. Send us an order about the 
tu.p "f your confidence in us and we shall take care 
that you will " Come again. " 

We Thrive Only by Your Confidence and Strive Only to Keep It. 

L. A. W. 


Regular 4 tum- 
bler combination; 
aluminum hinged 
shackles, with core 
of steel, giving 
light ii ess and 
strength; combina- 
tions are all differ- 
ent. Well adver- 
tised and in popular 
demand. Postage 
8c. Price 70c. 
Each; S7. 35 Doz. 


A new 
wrinkle ! 
A c 1 i p 

rust, which, is saying 
a lot, considering the 
rough usage and wet- 
ting it has to stand. 
Made of special com- 
position metal, similar 
to brass, but specially 1 
composed and temper* d 
to have the strength 
and stiffness of any steel clip. Extra heavy plate 
finest polish. Sold at a price that makes it a leader. 
Postage 5c. Price, 16c. Pair; $1.63 Dozen. 


worth its price. 

A special fa- 
vorite for all 
racing; ti. 

- a sure 
hold; finest eteej 
and finish ; * 
high-toned clip, 
ige 5c. 

Price 48c. Pair; $1.95 I>oz. 

Scorcher. -A- v ery popular model, similar to 
.he famous Sager, though not as well finished 1 ; in 
)ther respects is equally as good. New this year 
and a great seller. Postage 4c. Price j5~c. Pair ; 
83.75" Down. 


This is to lock up a bicycle 
without the use of a chain by 
sprocke t 
1 w h e e 1 and 
[chain to- 
Ijgether. The 
make. la 
spring binge 
shackle: 2 keys to »ach lock: Japan finish. Postaee 

•3c. >"ew Price 18c. Each; SI. 84 Dozen. 


Smallest and 
neatest sprocket 
lock made; has 
ivory black Bteel 
case and brass 
shackle; all differ- 
ent in dozen. Post* 
Price 12c. Each; 
SI. 2 5 Doz. 


This lock is to fit through 
the sprocket wheel and 
chain locking the two to- 
gether, thus rendering it im- 
possible to run the pedals or 
<~X move the 
O \ wheel. Steel 
' O ; O) '""-'k' self-lock- 
™^ing spring 
shackle; flat 
steel key; lock 
ti n i s h e 1 1 in 
Ivory black. 
Cheapest ever 
kuown, worth 
30c. at least. '"Our Method" gives it to you for 
15c. Each; S1.50 Doz. Postage 3c. either kind. 
NO. eot'2. Same lock in brass, nickel 
Cialed. Price 33c. Each; S3. 50 Doz. 

OiLER NO. 20. , 

A very neat little oiler. Anew 
and very popular shape. Embos- 
sed fancy brass. Hand- 
somely finished in 
| plain nickel. a 
I Cap is well made, 
no oil escapes when 
oiler is not in use. Cheapest on 
the market and equals any for 
practical use. Postage lc. Price 7c Ea.; 78c. Dz. 

STAR. Thfe is a 

good substantial oiler 
p a tie rn 
with cork 
fitted cap 
joint, which 
positively prevents all leakage. Nicely nickel 
plated Nothing cheap about it bur the price. 
Postage lc. Price 8c. Each ; 82c. Dozen, 


A neatly designed 
steel band clip first- 
class quality and cheap 
price. Postage 5c. 

Price 12e. Pair; 
SI .25 Dozen. 


steel rods. In 
plated. Postage oe. Price 


For comfort, 
safety, speed 
and endurance. 
The only Clip 
having perfect 
side-guards; can 
be adjusted to 
fit any shoe. 
Absolutely im- 
possible to retain 
your foot in 
them in case of a 
fall. No. dis- 
agreeable pres- 
sure on the foot. 
Made of the best 
two sizes, fully nickel 
Oc. Pr.; SI. 95 Doz. 

BAG NO. 423X. 

A screw driver that will fit any square or hexa- 
PT'-n nut from H to % inch, made uf very heavy 
cast steel, hardened, ground, polished and nickel 
t'lated, very strong and durable and one of the 
handiest tools ever thought of. Postage tc. 

Price lOc. Each; S1.05 Doz. 


The strongest and most Indestructible driver. 
Made of one piece of best tool steel. Blade pol- 
ished and nickel plated and handle enameled i'A 
inches long. Strain?, handxom-" nnd cheap. 
2c. Price 10c. Each; SI. 03 Dozen. 

No. 8. Made from one continuous piece of 
tool steel. properly tempered and nickel plated. 
Posture, lc. Cut Price lc. Each; 40c. Dozen. 



One of the most popular oilers for cyclers and 
others ; 354 inches long; brass, nickel plated; p is- 
ltively non-leaking ; washer joint ; cap tube has 
needle which enters spout, keeping it free from 
dirt; end of tube hns cork packing preventing 
leaS. Postage lc. Price 7c. Each; 70c. Doz. 

This is built on new lines; spout when 
drawn out extends two inches beyond oil- 
well, thus easily reaching all oil-holes. When 
spout is drawn out, the oiler is open; 
when pushed in, oiler is closed. Compact, 
simple and cannot get out of order. Brass, 
heavily nickel plated. Postage 2c. Pri.e 
33c. Each; S3. 35 Doz, 

This tool bag is made of the best black leather 
and fitted with first-class straps and patent nickel 
lever buckles Hand stitched. Made to go on any 
bicycle. Every wheelman has to carry tools and 
this bag furnishes the means of carrying them rnj 
keeping them in good condition. Postaee 7c . . - 
Price 25c. Each; S2.52 Dozen. 


A combination of trouser 
guards and a safe and handy 
lock. One is a lock and the oth- 
er the key. On leaving the 
wheel the lock-guard is snapped 
over frame and spoke, and the 
key - guard 
i s takea 
along ; on 
r e t urning._ 
the keys 
quickly un-^ 
locks it; after which tbey can 
be used as trouser guards. 
Made of best clock-spring steel. 
Twelve different combinations in locks. The handi- 
est and simplest device made which acts for two 
purposes and is indispensable for one or the other at 
ail times. Postage 2c. Price 22c Pr.; $2.25 Doz., 


Thehalfof tha 
wheeling frater- 
nity who most 
enjoy and use 
the bicycle, ride 
largely with or- 
dinary trousers. 
Guards are necessary to keep trousers from being 
eoiled and torn by axle and sprocket. The Perfec- 
tion Guard is at once the best and cheapest. Made 
of strong spring steel, tempered and baked enam- 
eled. They hold trousers secure, but are so shaped 
not to restrict circulation. Postage 2c. -' 

Price 3 c. Pair; 35c. Doz. 


mailed ; otherwise we will be obliged to write you 
entailing much trouble and delay. 




This enamel Is for 

enameling any part of 
the bioycle when it has 
broken or worn off. By 
using this you can keep 
your wheel looking like 
new and also keep it 
protected from rain, sun 
or rust. Any color 
desired. Postage 7c. 

latest Price 16c. Ea.; 
SSI. 09 Dozen. 


A popular chain lubricant. Made of pure gra- 
phite m stick fori sed in wood case. Be- 
ing in dry t collect dust. Postage 
3c. Price Sc. Each; 80c. Dozen. 

CeylOfin Hard paste form, wrapped in tin- 
foil. The cheapest lubricant in the market, and 
guaranteed equal to any in quality. Postage Sc. 

Price 4c. Each; 47c. Doz. 

P. M. LuhflOanta Pasteform: in tubes 
with brush top; highest quality and most conven- 
ient and clean. 5-inch tubes— largest in market. 
So. Price 16c. Each; S1.60 Dozen. 


This is an absolute necessity for mending tires. 
It is a preparation of para rubber gum rolled in 
strips 3M inches wide and 3 feet long Reduced 
from 45c* Postage 2c. yard. Price 15c. Yard; 
81.50 Doz. 


Bristle. Made espec- 
ial! v for enameling. % in. wide, S% in. long. 
Postage lc. Price 8c. Each ; 84c. Dozen. 

C?mePs Hair. K inch, finest quality Cam- 
el's Hair; polished cedar handle. Postage lc, 
Price 14c. Each ; SI. 30 Dozen. 


Cleans the chain 
thoroughly in a"jiffy" 
and with little exertion. Do 
you kuow of another brush 
that will do this? Double head 
reaches both sides and every 
part at once; long stiff Russian bristles; an indis- 
pensable necessity to every wheelman. Postage 2c. 
Latest Price 13c. Each; SI. 35 Dozen. 


For cleaning tires and rims, as well as all other 
parts of a wheel and many other odd uses, if is the 
finest thing ever produced. Best Russian bristles 
wound in wire skeleton; grasps the tire and rim 
like a hand and reaches every crease, cleaning it 
thoroughly. ••Postage 3c. 
New Price 30c. Each ; $3.15 Dozen, 



Plugging Cement, a special mix- 
ture for plugging single tubes; giving a repair 
stronger than before puncture; ! oz. tube with 
nozzle. Squirt the puncture full, and this cement 
does the rest. Postage 2c. 

Special Price 8c. Each; 81c. Dozen. 


To bandage up a tire as a tem- 

E repair. So rider should 

e without this article for an 
emergency. 1 ounce rolls 
age 2c. Price 4c. Each; 40c 


asty, but look at , 

a time 
and money by d i ty f 

ten cost no mure ior transportation 

Perfectly moulded 
with smooth cement- 
ing surface, of best 
para rubber; very 
pliable; will go in auy . 
puncture without 
breaking; 6 at dozen 
price. Postage aver- 
ag 2c. doz. 


Price Dozen, 

S .09 



lii inch. 


Stem Diameter. 8-16, 7-82, it, 6-W, % inch. 
Price Dozen, S .06 .08 .11 .14 .19 


You can't taee'ril. Use our proj 


irk and 


FtOtlt III: 

Price 1-8 in. Stem, 1-3 in. Head, lKc. Dozen. 
- " _ 1-4 in. " 1 in. " 33c. " 


This is sometimes called a "Ki-Yi" because It is 
"the dogs worst foe. It is also the riders best pro- 
Witb it you can make a dog veryunhappy. 
It is a small rubber bulb filled with Spirtis of Am- 
monia. - When you are attacked you point the 
gun and squeeze and the dog— Well you should 
bear bim yell and see him "go. M Reduced from 
25c. Postage 3c. Price 18c. Each ; S 1 . 80 Doz. 

No cycler should try to get on without this 
brush ; has 12-inch hardwood handle, shellac fin- 
ish ; single row long stiff bristles, black ; its shape 
makes it easy to clean every portion of the wheel 
quickly and thoroughly. Postage 2c. 

Price 8c. Each; 83c. Dozen. 

»aS BELT. The very latest. Assorted lengths 
and colors— orange, russet, seal brown, olive green; 
fitted with new style buckle, heavily nickeled. Good 
quality imitation seal grain leather, double creased 
front and strongly riveted ends. Has patent leather 
flap, which prevents buckle from hurtingyou. Fin- 
est belt on the market at the price. Postage 4c. 
Price 24c. Each; $245 Dozen. 


A clever novelty ; 
well made pur*.' of 
good black calf with 
s c o r e d edges and 
ball and socket 
Clasp, with strati to 
attach to frame. Will 
he found a welcome 
companion on all 
it holds 
nge or 
all valuables 
within easy reach.. 
A practical article,! 
which supplies V- 
great want. Postage 1 c. 

Price 15c. Each; SI. 55 Dozen. 


Nothing is more an- 
noying or embarassing 
idy rider than to 
have her skirt subjected 
to the uncertain freaks 
of the wind. This art- 
icle obviates all this 
trouble and renders rid- 
ing more pleasant. Can 
be worn either over the 
instep or around the 
ankle. Postage 2c. 
Price reduced to 13c. 
Each; SI. 33 Doz. 



K. R. stands for Removes Kitrtt throughout t\i£ 
cycling world. A lightmj for all metal 

iiart<, which cuts <»tt" corrosion ami rust 

nd quicker than It takes to tell. Put up in 
All ownersof wheels should 
a tube of R. R. , it 
fable an n. Postage 

4c. Price 16c. Each ; S1.09 Dozen. 

fV, Schr ? d S, r J Va, , ve - Tnc standard valve of 
thewoia w 

Price 10c. Each; SI .08 D 





FIRST. The ' ■ ingersoll " Model A is the latest 
Model produced ; in fact it might be called an 
1889 Model, as we think we have, from our know- 
ledge of the most advanced ideas, anticipated thu 
1899 requirements almost exactly. While other 
makers, especially of low-priced wheels find it nec- 
essary to use old-style parts to a great extent, wo 
have no reason for" using anything but the very 
latest products. . . FRAME. Made of best Seam- 
less Drawn Steel Tubing. Ingersoll Flush Joints 
throughout. This important 1898 feature is only 
found in wheels of the highest grade; these joints 
are not only far the strongest because a perfect we! 1 
cannot be had with the old style outside joint, but 
also far handsomer ; when finished the frame shows 
no break at the joints as the lugs and tubing are 
exactly the same diameter ; neatness and strength are 
results of using these joints. 1. 3 8 in Head; 1!; in. 
Upper and Lower Bar and Seat Post Mast; Lower 
Rear Forks, j, D Style, Tapered to *£ in. ; Upper 
Rear Forks, ? 4 in. , Tapered to *. in. Fitted with 
Arch Braces. Height of Frames; 20>J in. with 
3% in. Head; 22 in. with 5 in. Head; 21 in. with 
7 in. Head. . . ARCH CROWN. Neatest, si i 
and lightest made. J>rop forged from carefully 
selected steel: accurately machined and with ends set in fork sides 11,' inch, the only crown now used in high grade wheels. . . . CRANK HANGER. 
The famous Faaber Juttern (One-piece), with diamond shape steel cranks both in one piece of steel, including the axle; die highest grade 
hanger in the market. No Cotter Fins; simplest and most durable. . . . SPROCKETS and GEARS. We famish any gear using 7, 8, 9 or 10 teeth on 
hubs, with 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 or 32 tooth sprocket on hanger. In this variety of sizes it is possible for us to suit the most varied ideas of riders. . . . 
CHAIN. Humber pattern with hardened parts throughout; each chain is tested before leaving factory and will not stretch. Finished with Blue Sides and 
Straw colored center, polished. . . . PEDALS. Are of neat design ; the Side Blades are made from Blade Steel ; Cups and Cones turned from tool steel, 
hardened and ground. Axles are carefully hardened, a very important item in pedals. . . HUBS. Special design and accuracy make them practically 
dust proof, they have no felt washers or other make-shifts designed to exclude dust, but they have the finest material and workmanship of any hub made. 
Large barrel pattern, turned from solid steel; cups and cones are turned with greatest accuracy, hardened and ground. . . . WHEELS. Finest 
Mahogany finished and gold striped rims. Excelsior Swaged Spokes, heavily nickeled. Built up perfectly tight and true. . . . TIRES. At the price 
we cannot give full option on tires owing to the fancy prices asked for some of the leading makes. Our tires are however, first class in every point, and 
the same guarantee is given with them as with M. & w., Vim. or Hartford, (which, if required, we supply for $2. Oo extra. ) The option we give is the 
'• Indiana, "made bv Indiana Rubber Co. , Indianapolis, or " Globe, " by Globe Rubber Co. , Trenton. . . . SADDLE. The Ingersoll Saddle is specially 
made for our wheel; Brown Model, combination, padded, high qualitv. . . . SEAT POST. Forward L. Shape bringing rider over pedals, the correct 
riding form. . . . HANDLE BARS. Best Steel, heaviest nickel plate; shapes either up or down turned Rams-horn or V shape with 6 or 8 in. drop. 
. . . FINISH and COLORS. Fork is nickeled complete. Frame has 3 coals of enamel, the finest enamel finish ever produced on a wheel ; Gold 
Striped ; Colors : Ingersoll Green— a dark Olive, or Black. The former is sent unless specified. Colors to order $1. 00 extra (and a delay of about a week. ) 
,. . . WEI6HT. 2I« lbs. all on. . . TOOLS. Complete to fine bag. . . . READ OUR TRIPLE GUARANTEE BELOW. 


Canvas Top, leather re- 
inforcements, leather bind- 
ing; and corrugated leather 
sole. A shoe made to sell 
for double our price and 
sure to outlast two of any 

gest bargain in Bicycle Shoes. Order a pair, they will 
please you. Postage 30c. Price 98c. Pair. 

Pacemaker Bicycle Shoe, is entirely of 

leather, handsomely shaped Balmoral style. A shoe 
unequaled at the price for durability and comfort. 
Furnished in Russet or Black Leather. Postage 30c. 
Price S1.4S Pair. ) 

' Black Dongola Bicycle Shoe. A very fine 

all leather shoe, having an extension Elk Skin Sole. 
Splendid shoe in e e thut will suit the 

most exacting, and at a price lower than ever before. 
Postage 30c. Price S1.9S Pair. 

Camel Bicycle Shoe. Made of genuine Camel's 
hide. The Gh ■ shoes is worth the price of an 

ordinary pair, for the pleasure experienced in passing 
over sandy and dusty roads, without a particle ot gravel 
or dirt finding its fl ay to the foot. Sole is so made that 
pedal invariably strikes the rightspot. giving ease and 
comfort to the foot. Each shoe bears the ' ' Camel 1 ' trade 
mark. Postage 35c. Price S2.9S Pair. 

• L. A. W. Special. Made by N. & It ; best qual- 
ity black or russet Kangaroo Calf Leather. Has the 
stylish London cap toe, is double stitched and in every 
way shows superiority over anv other bicycleshoe made. 
Postage 30s. Price's*. 75 Pair. 


Our Leader. k>.tote 
purchases enable us to OflW 



To the many de- 
siring an A 1 Cycle 
Camera, entirely ui>- 
to-date. Our Kor- 
ona appeals to str- 
ongly. Though of 
em all si so , 

(5!£x6)£x2x inches), it is fitted with the latest 
devices known to the art. and takes a wonderfully 
clear picture, 4x5 inches, to the very edge -of 
plate. The lens and shutter with which these 
cameras are equipped, are the celebrated Instan- 
taneous Symmetrical Lens and '98 Shutter, the 
• placed on a hand camera; in construction 
nothing but the thiol Mahogany is used ; outside 
covering is ,., inality Black Grain Lea- 

ther; woodwork highly polished and metal | 

hi-i is a splendid Camera for 
Bicyclists or Tourists requiring a reliable camera of 
small size and we believe it to be without a peer 
on the market. The entire outfit includes the 
Camera Lens and Shutter, with iris diaphragm and 
pneumatic release bulb tube, 1 double plate holder 
with rubber slides ; all put up in fine grain leather 
carrying case, provided with a strap for slinging 
over' the shoulder. A decided bargain. By Ex- 
press. Price £19.75 Each. 


Brand new eye shade of 
blue or green celluloid, 
with patent glove fasten- 
ers, allowing quick, sure 
adjustment to any style 
cap. The ideal article for 
tiists. sports) nen and 
exposed to the hot 
rv light and 
practical Postage 2c. 
Price 15c. Each; 
SI .45 Dozen. 

' s-p—— j. cap. id 
,^/\S\ bicyclist! 
CI J \ \ 1 others e: 


this all leather shoe, equaling in appearance those 
asually sold at $2. oo and $3. oo at the remarkably low 
price of S1.38 per pair. Postage 25c. 

L. A. W. , Special Oxfords. Made by Norman 
fe Bennett; best quality Black or Russet Kangaroo 
Calf Leather, London Cap Toe. We challenge the world 
frith this pair. Postage 25c. Price S3. SO Pair, 


A beautiful mineaturt- bicycle, com- 
plete In every part; 1 1-2 In. loop; 
Frame of sterling silver, and wheels 
of/gold pi a te, Wtalcto revolve like 
lightning as the wind blows 
against them; For caps or 
lapel; la'ly or gent; Ab a 
sample of oar 30oo bargains, 
we mall i t dob t-pat<t with cat- 
alogue for only 10 renin, 8 
for 25c 7 for 50c, Hie. cloz. 

This is a new form of hand Camera taking a pic- 
ture 4x5 inches. When closed, measures only 5x6x2, and weighs but 26 ounces. Although ex- 
tremely compact every part is so perfectly adjusted 
and works with, such exquisite smoothness that the 
manipulation is a pleasure. lis extreme portability 
and lightness make it especially desirable to Wheel- 
men and Tourists and others that need a thor- 
oughly practical outfit to occupy the smallest possi- 
ble space. The Pony Prerno is furnished y 
Victor Rapid Rectilinear Lens and Victor Shutter, 
especially made for this CameTa, and adapted forall 
general work. Glass Plates, Cut and Roll rY.rr.s, 
may all be used with this Camera, as the plate and 
film holders are interchangeable. Our Pony Premo 
is constructed in the best possible manner 01 the fin- 
est materials; the box is of mahogany, highly pol- 
ished inside and covered with fine black leather out- 
side. Brass trimmings are polished and lacquered. 
Each Camera is furnished with a neat sole leather 
case and strap for shoulder or bicycle use, and will 
conveniently hold the Camera, lens, shutter, plate 
holders or roll holder. One double plate holder 
with each Camera. Price, $130-75 Each. 


No i._This is our winner, black 
heavy ribbed cotton stocking, just the 
thin" for the man who wan" - ' ■ — 

serviceable stocking; regular deuiers 
seldom ask less than 75c. " 
Suitable for 
Football use. 


either Bicycle 
A great favorite with 
^eryone. Each pair sold sells dozens 
more. J'^'age 6c. Price 25c, Pair. 
No. 2— Similar to IVo. !, but heav- 
ier goods. Post. 10c. Price 35c. Pr. 
No. 3.— Plain black worsted stock- 
ntr, the best that can be had at any price. Postage 
SJc. Price 83c. Pair. 

Do Not Forget Postage. 


The Student Camera and Complete Outfit* 

Size of plate 3J<x2;<. This Camera has been placed upon the market at a price within the reach of 
every boy and girl, and is constructed with a view of giving good value and satisfactory results for the 
money invested. By following the instructions, inclosed with each outfit, a good picture can be ob- 
''----■ The Camera is finished in walnut stain and packed with outfit, in a neat box, thus securing 
Its delivery in good order and ready for use. Those having a taste for photography can now get a 
start at very small cost, as the outfit, which is included with Camera, contains everything necessary 
for developing, printing, finishing and mounting pictures. Any one can use the Camera and outfit and 
produce pictures, such as portraits, landscapes, etc., fop very little cost, 33 any part of the outfit can 
be replaced. Postage 20 Ul Price only 00c, Complete ; S5.40 Dor, ' 

Little Detective Magazine Camera, 

PItlCE 4 ^_ This is a Magazine Camera of astonishingly varied capacity, good 

quality and low price. It takes a picture 2J£x2K inches on glass plates 
and contains, as shown in cut, 3 double plate-holders of first-class qual- 
ity. This enables the user to take 6 pictures at one loading. The case 
is of finest quartered oak, perfectly built and finished. The 
shutter is perfect in action and made for time exposure or 
snan shot; shutter is set by a lever on outside. The inside 
work is all of the most approved type for proper action and 
excluding light; size of case 3Kx4^xGK inches. By means of 
ground glass plate furnished with each; view finding and fo- 
cusing is accurately done. Notwithstanding the wonderful 
development in all photographic devices, we offer this as one 
of the most remarkable outfits now in the market. For am- 
ateurs it is just what has been long desired— a Camera capa- 
ble of taking a number of pictures at a loading which can be 
bad at a nominal price. The lens is of splendid quality pro- 
ducing a clearness of detail rarely excelled by most expen- 
sive Cameras. Any cumber of extra double-plate holders 
may be had, multiplying to anv extent the number of pictures 
to be taken at a trip. Price of Holders 35c. Each: post- 
age 6c. Postage on Camera «c. 

Price of Camera and 3 Plate Holders $3.00 Each. 


Fully Guaranteed to take Perfect Pictures of every class "as quick as 

a Wink." This is substantially the same camera though in every way 

much improved that we were proud to sell two years ago at $3.00. We 

■""S worked steadily to lower the price and improve it. As a result of 

this labor we now offer "The Little Detective" which we guarantee 

to do as good work as many others now on the market sold from 

ten to twenty-five dollars. 

The plates being small make the expense for taking pictures 

very low, and still tney are large enough to make an interesting 

I collection of scenes and subjects that can be photographed during 

I your daily outings in city or country. The negatives are also of a 

(suitable size to make Lantern Slides or Bromide Enlargements 

I from. The Camera is of such a size that it can be carried in a 

I satchel or hand-bag and takes up very little 6pace, its dimensions 

j being 5 inches long, 3% inches wide, 4*4 inches high, and is handsome 

I in appearance being of selected quartered oak, elegantly finished 

j and polished, and has a handle on top for convenience of carrying 

J The shutter is so simple and perfect that it cannot get out of order 

and is certain to work at all times. The Lense is very rapid and 

will photograph moving objects such as horses, animals, boats, per 

sons walking and many other subjects too numerous to mention 

The platelholder is perfection in itself. Extra holders can be procured at any time. '■ It also has a 

» be perfect, as every o: 
with one dry plate h 

I _„ „ a Tlll «ni1 fllll diror.tinn 

cents, Our latest Cat Price $1.00 each ; $10.50 dozen. 

Little Detective Developing Outfits, 

We furnish complete Developing and Printing Outfits for the Little Detective Camera as follows; 
U doz. dry plates, 1 developing tray, 1 toning triy, 1 Ruby lamp (burns oil), 1 package developer, 1 box 
hyposulphite soda (X lb.), 1 printing frame, 1 package blue process paper tl doz. sheets), 9 doz. 
sheets self-toning paper, 1 doz. card mounts. Packed in neat box. Unmailable. Price $1.00 Com- 
plete. For the Lift I a Datecllra Magazine Camera the following outfit is furnished: 1 doz. 
dry plates, 1 each developing and toning tray, I improved Ruby lamp, 1 8-oz. bottle hydro-developer, 
1 lb. package hyDo, 1 improved printing frame, 2 doz. sheets blue process paper, 2 doz. sheets self-ton- 
ing paper, 2 doz.'embossed card mounts, and the up-to-date book on Photography entitled ' Amateur 
Photography." Unmailable. Price $1.75 Complete. N. B— This outfit may be used with the 
Little Detective bv those who desire a lareer and more complete outfit. 


Made by 

a ... . _ nr ^ the famous 

Eastman Ko- 
dak Comp'y. 
Measures 2Af 
a in.; 
takes a pic- 
ture 1*4*2 in- 
and weighs 
only 6 ozs. 
The lens is of 
the 6xed fo- 
cus type, and 
of sufficient length of focus (2*< inches) to avoid dis- 
tortion. The shutter is simplicity itself. It is per- 
fectly adapted to time or instantaneous exposures. 
Roll holder holds film for 12 exposures and can be 
.oaded in daylight. Glass plates can also be used, 
no extra attachment being required; the change from 
film to plates is but the work of a second. A view 
finder is provided which locates the image with ac- 
curacy. The Pocket Kodak equals the best camera 
on the market, both in excellence of work and con- 
struction. Covered with finest black grain leather* 
with handsome lacquered trimmings. Price, com- 
plete, with 1 Roll Film, $5.00, postpaid; Extra 
Rolls Film, 25c. Each, 



The Premo A is a well known Camera, used by the 
best Amateur and Professional Photographers at 
home and abroad. It is one of the finest Cameras 
ever made, and far in advance of a.l others in practi- 
cability and construction. This year we haveadded 
many new and valuable features iu addition to mate- 
rially reducing the size and weight. Premo A 
takes a picture 4x5 inches, measures, when closed, 
4' t ,x5 , 4 x6 7, 8 inches, and weighs only 2K pounds. Has 
a swing back,, adjustable front and rack, and pinion 
for focusing, the working parts of which are entirely 
within the Camera. View finder is attached to the 
bed, and is reversible for taking either horizontal or 
vertical views. Glass Plates, Cutand Roll Films, 
may all be used in the Premo A, and the change 
from one to the other is but the work of a moment 
and can be done in full daylight. The lens is the 
Victor Rapid Rectilinear, and victor Shutter, and is 
well adapted for all classes of work. Made through- 
out of seasoned mahogany, covered with fine black 
leather and fitted with polished and lacquered brass 
trimmings and rich red leather bellows. The Pre- 
mo A is guaranteed by us in every particular, and 
admirably fills the want for a light, compact Cam- 
era, taking a medium sized picture and selling at a 
low figure. Price, complete, with double plate 
holder, $23.75 Each. 

Premo B is a universal favorite among all de- 
siring a high grade Camera at moderate cost. Takes 
a picture 4x5 and is similar in general design to Style 
41 A," but does not contain the elaborate features 
possessed by the more expensive outfits. The same 
care is exercised In its construction throughout, and 
for a high grade Camera with modern improve- 
ments yet at a low price it stands second to none. 
Weighs a trifle over two pounds, and the size, when 
closed, is 4^xG 7 3 x5*» inches. One double plate 
holder sent with each Camera. Price, $19.75 Ea. 

Premo C f modeled after our Premo A, is very 
carefully made and exceedingly neat in appearance, 
being shellacked inside and covered with fine black 
leather outside. Takes a picture 4x5, weighs 2 
lounds, measures 4 ; 9 xr>? : -xG"* inches, including space 
or three plate holders or roll holder. Fitted with 
Rapid Rectilinear Lens, and rotating diaphragm. 
To those desiring a thoroughly practical Camera at 
small outlay and embracing the latest improvements, 
we recommend this one. Price, including double 
plate holder, $16.25 Bach. 

Premo H#— This Camera will prove very pop- 
ular, especially among many beginners who prefer 
to invest, at first, but a moderate amount. It is sim- 
ilar in appearance to Style C, but without the swing 
back, ana is fitted with a single Achromatic Lens. 
In other respectsit is exactly the same. It is without 
question the best folding Camera ever offered at so 
Iowa price. One plate holder with each, Prioe, 
$9-40 Each. 


Our Field is the Wide World— in Buying and Selling; Our Methods Are Just as Broad, 




A Complete Photographing 
Outfit of the latest and best 
type, thoroughly well made and 
complete in every detail. 
Guaranteed to take pictures 
equal to any, for the price of a mere toy. Bead 
carefully full description — every statement is made 
under our guarantee of accuracy — and order at once. The most profitable and interesting 
present for a boy or girl, and wonder of perfection and cheapness to an expert. 


The Shore Shot is made 
of black walnut, carefully 
selected and finely pol- 
ished; size 3x3x4 in.; cor- 
ners are tight, rounded 
and perfectly locked. The 
Instantaneous Shutter is 
one of the important fea- 
tures of the camera, and 
is of the most approved 
type, adjustable to time 
exposures if desired. It 
is operated by a lever and 
button on the front of 
camera, as in more expen- 
sive makes. Lens is made 
by one of the world's lar- 
gest manufacturers, finely 
ground and in all respects 
equal to the best in use. 
The device to hold the 
plate is special, and being 

E laced at the extreme 
ack of the camera en- 
ables the operator to ad- 
just the plate on the in- 
stant. Makes a perfect 
photograph 3M x VA in. 
Each camera is perfectly 
focussed and thoroughly 
tested by experienced 
workmen before leaving 
our factory. Camera, with 
complete outfit, is secure- 
ly packed in strong wood- 
en box, which insures safe 
carriage to any part of 
the world. 

Every part perfect — 
nothing crude or faulty. 

Not a toy, but a per* 
feet camera. rrg 00OTl j Aso~OVlSWB CASE. 



Cameras have ever beet 
labelled luxuries. Then 
costliness of construction 
because of need of abso 
lutely faultless mecha 
nism, has too long mad, 
a low priced yet perfeo 
camera an impossibility 
At last, by simplifying ev 
ery part of the mechanim 
without injuring its effect 
iveness, we are able t< 

Eroduce the first and onlj 
lollar Shap Shot earners 
worthy of consideration 
With each camera we in- 
clude the following ma. 
terials. enabling any one 
to do their own printing, 
developing, mounting, etc. 
Either blue print or arls- 
totype paper may be used 
with outfit. This Is what 
the outfit includes: 
Printing Frame, 
Pkg. Hyposulphite Soda, 
Pkg. Card Mounts, 
Pkg. Ruby Paper, 
Pkg. Dry Plates, 
Pkg. Dry Developer, 
Pkg. Blue Print Paper. 
Complete Instruction 

Postage 15c. 


Complete with Outfit. 


The finest Cain- 
era at a low price 
ou t h e market. 

of this camei 

tied a 
8,1 instrument, 
-ing all the 
ad van tages, in 
if manipula- 
and results, 
of cameras sell- 
ing for twice as 
much. Takes a 
clear picture, 
4x5 inches. Entire camera made of a light hard- 
wood case, covered with black grain leather; with 
leather handle. Has two view tinders for cither 
horizontal or vertical pictures. The lens is the fa- 
mous ''Daisy'* Rapid Achromatic, excellent for 
snapshots, portraiture and all around work. The 
Shutteris manipulated by a button, and cau be set 
for either time or instantaneous exposures. The 
best camera at a low price, equalling and embody- 
ing all the latest improvements found on the 
most expensive cameras. Postage 38c Out 
Special Price S3.9S Each. 


This is a unique 
camera ; shape and 
.about 2H times as 
large as cut. En- 
tirely original in 
design ; plates are 
mounted on a re- 
volving holder in- 
side of case. Take» 
five pictures on 
glass plates at 
one loading (no 
kinky films). 
Makes it easy to 
develop and finish pictures, which is half the 
pleasure of amateur photography, at minimum 
cost. Takes) any kind of picture, snapshot. Hash 
light or time exposure. Has long focus, and will 
not distort. Made of seamless metal, hand son ely 
finished. Simplest of all to operate, and gives bi St 
results. Every one tested and guaranteed. It is 
remarkably large value at the price considering 
what It will do and we fully recommend it to our 
patrons as being one of the most satis'. 
camera investments. There is no magazine cam- 
era at four times the price which will touch it for 
variety and high quality of work ; size of pictures 
2x2 inches; furnished with Ruby lamp, dry 
plates, 1 doz. sensitized papers, developing and 
fixing chemicals and hook «>f directions. Postage 
25o Our Price 82. Id Eucb. 


This little camera, 
when the lens is prop- 
erly focussed, reflects ' 
the person, house, 
landscape, or what- " 
ever the objeot is, up- 
on the ground glass; 
it can then be traced 
with pencil or painted 
actual colors, thus 
| preserving an abso- 
lutely correct view of . 
the object. Many are 
not gifted with the art 
of free-hand drawing; 

but by using this little Sketching Camera any one can faithfully produce 
a picture of any view required. One of the most interesting and instruc- 
tive things lately produced. Aside from its attractiveness to young 

people, it is a practical Instrument for artists and draughtsmen. Box is of handsomely-finished wood; 

has ninged cover. First-class achromatic lens and ground plate. Full instructions for use with each. 

We reduce our price in this issue, making it a great popular-priced seller, which every boy and girl 

should have. Postage 10c. Price 50c. Each; 89.20 Doz. 


For pictures 
Z% x Z% ; care- 
fully tested 

lens, set of 3 
stops, view fin- 
der, socketfor 
tripod, screw 
and safety 
shutter. Car- 
rying capacity 
of three double plate holders, covered with grain 
leather and handsomely finished. An up to-date 
camera, simple to operate and a marvel of cheap- 
ness. One plate holder with each. Extra double 
plate holders 75c. each. Postage 5c, Price 81,00 
Each Postpaid. 

FALCON No. 2. 

No. 2 

Eastman make. 
Takes 18 pictures, 
S% x 3}£, to one 
loading; size 4J£ x 
4^x6 inches; focus 
4'A inch. Uses eith- 
er roll film or glass 
plates; cartridge 
system; can be loaded In day light; has achromat- 
ic lens; 3 stops; square finder; socket for tripod 
screw; improved rotary shutter for snapshot or 
* lme - Fine grain leather covered case, beautifully 
finished throughout. Plate holder 60c. each post- 
age 5c. Price »lo.oo eaQbL , uw wu ' e<,tu ' po " 

Made by the Eastman Kodak Co. For square 
picture 3>ix3% in.; capacity 18 exposures without 
reloading; size of camera 4Kx4J£x52iin.; weight 
19 oz.; length of focus of lens 4K in. This camera 
Is built on the cartridge system, and can be loaded 
In daylight. The film is inserted in spools, and is 
always protected from light by black paper, rolled 
on with the film; turning the key feeds the film, 
and window iu rear enables you to see at all 
times how many sections have been used. Fitted 
with carefully-tested achromatic lens, set of 3 
stops, view-finder, socket for tripod-screw and 
safety shutter. Well made, covered with leather, 
and handsomely finished. Postage 20c. 

Price, not loaded, 85.00 Each. 
- Light- proof Film Cartridge, 13 Exposures. 
t'Axi'/i in., 60c. (Postage 4c.) 

ORefinfl about the number of letters we have 
ZU, UUU to write to careless people who fail to 
enclose postage when ordering.* Don't be care- 



One of the most famous modern Snap Shot 
Cameras, and of standard merit. Thousands 
are now in use and giving better satisfaction 
than many of the more expensive cameras 
which do not take a picture any larger. It is 
very small, less than 2 in. square, weighine 
but 5 oz. Beautifully made, all of metal and 
finished in silver oxidize. Takes pictures VA 
in. diameter, and of the highest quality. 
Comes loaded for 25 pictures. Extra rolls ol 
2o films 20c. Below we describe a complete 
developing and printing outfit for this Camera, 
with which, you can finish your pictures ata 
trifling cost, or you can have them done at 
any Fnotographersat2c. each. Every Kombi 
is furnished with an illustrated book of in- 
structions; with which anyone can quickly 
master the art of Photography. Besides be- 
ing an excellent Snap Snot Camera it is also 
a Graphoscope; as a glance through the lens 
will quickly prove. l*he Kombi has readily 
sold throughout the world at $5.00. We low- 
ered the price last season to |2.40; this year we 
bought three thousand at a very low price 
and now give you the benefit of our enorm- 
ous purchase. Postage 9c. 

Our Cut Price $1.75 Each. 
Kombi Printing and Developing" Outfit, contains: 
1 Improved Candle Lamp.. $0.35 J» Doz. Hydrochinon Devel- 
oping Powders $0-15 


4 Developing Trays 40 

1 GlassBeaker 12 

13^x3*4 Printing Frame 25 

1 3%x8>6 Glass for same 05 

1 Stirring Rod 05 

ping . 
% lb. Hyposulphite Soda. 
1 Doz. Sheets %%*Z% Solio 


1 Bottle Toning Solution... 

1 Package of Bromide of 

Potassium $ .15 

Bottle Glycerine...., 10 

Directions — 

Package Gum Stickers. .... — 





En this Kodak we 
have adopted the 
film cartridge eys- 
tem to an instru- 
ment that is ap- 
propriately called 
a photographic 

?o c k e t piece. 
hough but one 
and one-naif in- 
i bea in thickness 
and ho light as 
hardly to be not- 
ice'! when carried iu the pocket, it is in every way 
niera. Used for rectangular pictures 
2&x33£ in< I y is 12 exposures without 

reloading, has excellent achromatic lense, with 
fixed focus of i Inches. Shutter is simplicity itself 
and works equally well for snap shot ot time ex- 
posures. Two view finders for vertical or horizontal 
exposures. Made of aluminum, covered with 
finest black morrocco, measures, 1H x!!^x6\' 
inches; weighs but If ounces. Very strong, dainty 
and durable and is an instrument of the highest 
quality and finish. Postage 21c 
Price' $10.00 Kacli ; 1 Koll Film, 40c. Extra. 

Yale Camera and Outfit 

This little wonder was placed on the market to meet a sharp demand 
from young people and beginners for a low priced Camera 
that would be practical, and capable of producing good pic- 
tures. While we are offering the La Crosse, Jr. to meet 
this great demand, this Camera is nevertheless being oper- 
ated by many in preference to larger and higher priced 
instruments. In constructing the La Crosse, Jr. we have 
had in view the object of supplying the best for the 
money; making it simple and practical without any of the 
complicated appliances of many Cameras heretofore pre- 
sented to the public. Takes a clear picture 2%s2% inches^ 
weighs but VZ ounces, and its outside measurements are 
3^x4^*5 inches. The La Crosse, Jr. is 6tted with a first 
class Achromatic Lens, Patent Safety Shutter (adapted 
to both time and instantaneous exposures), and our reg- 
ular double Plate Holder with rubber sides. It is covered 
with a fine grain leather, has leather handle and brilliant 
view finder. The Camera will hold two double Plate 
Holders. We furnish one double plate holder with each 

Price of Complete Outfit, $2*15* 

The BabyWizardJr. is intended especially for bicyclists and tourists. 

It is the smallest and most compact Camera on the market. Will take 

pictures 4x5 inches, is under two pounds in weight, and measures 

S^jx6ji£x6^ inches. Made of seasoned mahogany and highly polished. 

All Fittings are lacquered brass, perfectly adjusted and working with 

exceptional smoothness. The Camera is covered with, highest grade 

black grain leather, and has a rich red leather bellows. Equipped with 

our Extra Rapid Rectilinear Lens, the best adapted for universal 

work, and mounted in an Iris Diaphragm Shutter. The finder isrever- 

sible for both horizontal and vertical pictures. The Baby Wizard Jr. 

works well with either Glass Plates or Film; the roll holder for Films 

is of the latest pattern, carries film for 48 exposures, and 

can readily be attached to the Camera in daylight. We 

furnish a rich leather carrying case with each Camera 

capable of holding 4 plate holders, and is fitted with strap 

for shoulder use or to attach to bicycle. Price* wittt 

double Plats Holder, $1380 Bach. 

This is the cheapest Snap Shot Camera and 
Outfit made ; it takes a perfect picture, measuring 
•2x2 inches, equally as distin ct as a $'20. (KJ in- 
strument The ' ' Yale ' ' has found favor with 
thousands of amateurs, for its low cost and prac- 
ticability, and the simple manner of operation has 
made it the great friend of girls and boys, who 
soon become experts in making pictures by the aid 
of our plain directions furnished with each camera. 
The outfit is complete with every requisite neces- 
sary to finish the picture and is as follows: 
X Dozen Dry Plates, 1 package Developer, 1 pack- 
age Hypo, 1 Printing Back, 1 Dozen Sensitive 
Paper, 1 package Ruby Paper, 2 Developing and 
Toning Trays and explicit directions for making 
and finishing pictures. ' Postage 8c. Price of 
Camera and Complete Outfit as above 60c. 
Each. ; 85.30 Dozen. 


The most 
prao t ical 
lamp for 
ers* use iu the 
market. Be- 
ing made for 
other uses in 
im m e n s e 
and by the 
largest mak- 
ers of lan- 
terns in this 
country, it la 
double the 
value usually 
obtained in 
photo sup- 
plies. It 
throws a concentrated light In one direction only. 
Size 6i2}4xV4 in.; weight 7 oz. Made of neatly 
decorated metal ; burns flat wick, half inch; 
heavy ruby glass front covered by door opening 
upward, held by brace in any position and being 
planished inside it throws the light according to ad- 
justment; reflector back; detachable oil tank. 
Will go in any coat pocket comfortably. Postage 90. 
Price 50c. £acb ; So. lO Dox. 

FALCON No, 2. 


M ade b\ 
Kodak Co. 
Takes pic- 
tures 4x5 in., 
12 at one 
loading. Size 
of camera A'A 
weight 2 lbs. 
2 oz.; length 
of focus 6% 
in. Lens and 
stops the same as in No. 2. Has vertical and hori- 
zontal view finders; two sockets for tripod screws, 
vertical and horizontal; rotary shutter for time 
and snap shot. Carefully adjusted foouslng scale; 
built on the cartridge system; can be loaded in 
daylight. Negatives are taken on film. Leather 
covered case and handsomely finished throughout. 
Price $12.00 Each, by .Express. 

Do Not Forget Postage. 

Made by the Eastman Kodak Co. For sqcare 
ploture ZHxV/4 in.; capacity 18 exposures without 
reloading; size of camera 4Jix4Kx5Ji in.; weight 

19 oz.; length of focus of lens 4J£ in. This camera 
is built on the cartridgo system, and can be loaded 
in daylight. The film is Inserted In spools, and Is 
always protected from light by black paper, rolled 
on with the film; turning the key feeds the film, 
and window in rear enables you to see at all 
times how many sections have been used. Pitted 
with carefully-tested achromatic lens, set of a 
stops, view-finder, socket for tripod-screw and 
safety shutter. Well made, covered with ieather, 
and handsomely finished. Postaee20o. 

Price, not loaded. 85.00 Each. 

I.lsht- proof Film Cartridge. 18 KxSttgna. 

a very good thing ; see 
. your neighbors and send us 
an order for your combined wants, to come by 
freight or express, saving 20* on postage and from 

20 to 00 more uu our low prices. 


Every Article in this Book is Carried in Stock. We are not a Purchasing Agency. 


tmppoved Pocket Ruby Lamp. 

This lamp possesses num- 
erous advantages over all 
others, which make it the 
most desirable one on the 
market. Very simple in 
construction; frame of best 
meta!, japanned, and wire 
handle; ruby glass is 4x6 
inches. Burns a candle, 
therefore no smoke or soot, 
and is the ideal lamp for 
photographers. When not 
in use, the top and bottom 
can easily be removed, 
sides folded together and 
placed in box, allowing it 
to be carried in the pocket* 
Postage 16c. 

Our Special Price- 
35c. Each. 


A simple,eteao 
and economi- 
cal Burnisher, 
which requires 
no oil, gas or 
gasoline, as it is 
heated by an 
iron, which, af- 
ter being heat- 
ed in stove, is 
placed in lower 
roller on bur- 
nisher. Will 
burnish twenty 
to twenty-five photos at one heating, giving a beau- 
tiful and very glossv appearance. The width be- 
tween standards is 8¥ inches, and easily finishes a 
picture 6'i inches in length. Very practical ma- 
chine, with finest metal parts, and sold at an unheard) 
of price. Price, by Express, $5.00 Each. 



either professional or amateur 
use; will weigh from i drachm to 
\% ounces. Accurately BC&led 
on: in drachms the figures of 
which are easily read in the 
dark room. When not in use 
can be quicklv folded into small 
All metal parts of 
polished brass; pan is of glass, 
and fits snugly in skeleton frame 
at the top. Packed in strong 
cardboard bos. I 
Price 75c, Set; $7.50 Do7.<-n. 



Rubber Finger lips— De- 
signed for use in developing pic- 
tures, but as uselul for a hundred 
purposes in protecting fingers. 
Set of 3 in bos. Postage lc. 
Price He. Set; i»4c. I>oz. 

This is our 

Stem- Win 

Lever movement. Ac- 
companied by and fully 
guaranteed by 
our usual 
printed else- 
where. Its 
equal can't be 
had for double 
the price, and 
a better every- 
day watchcan- 
not be had for 
love or money. 
Postpaid for 


Eastman's A B 
C Developing and 
Printing Outfit 
includes every 
requisite for de- 
and finishing 24 

pictures up to 4x5, or 96 Pocket Kodak pictures; 
can be used with any Camera. It contains 1 East- 
man candle lamp, 1 4x5 printing frame, 1 4x5gla=s 
for printing frame, 1 glass beaker, 1 stirring rod, 
i-iyixo'A developing trays, J< dozen developing 
powders, 'A pound hyposulphite soda, H ounce 
bromide potassium, 2 dozen 4x5 solio paper, 3 
ounces solio toning solution, 1 ounce glycerine, 
mask for making Pocket Kodak medallions, in- 
struction book. 

Price Complete, Neatly Packed, $1.50. 

Developing, Printing and Mounting 
at Reduced Prices. 

Pocket Kodak Films $ .40 Dos 

Folding Pocket Kodak Films 75 

Film or Drj ; 

4x5 Film or Dry Plate 1.25 


Kombi Films 0.5c. for 25 


The latest, neatest and best; very strong, being 
made of a new composition, more durable than rub- 
ber and easier to clean; has lip for pouring, andfour 
slightly raised ridges on bottom, which prevent the 
plate from adhering to the trav. Made in two sizes 
Size3',x4;i Pustage5c. Price 20c. Each. 
" 4x," " 7c. " 25c. " 



This Rack 13 
used for dry- 
ing plates; will 
hold negatives 
of any size 
firmly and 
without injury 
to the film. 
Has small and 
lar ge rack 
combined in 
one, and is es- 
pecially useful 
to those using 
large and small 
plates. Made 
of hard wood 
strongly joined 
and set. Post- 
age 18c- Price 50c. Each. 

No. 2— Regular rack, used by Amateurs and Pro- 
fessionals. Holds 24 negatives of anv size, from 
1x5 in. up to and including 8x10 in. Postage 16c. 
Price 35c. Each. 

Baby-— Small size negative rack; holds 12 nega- 
tives; all sizes between 2^x2^ and 4x5 in. Postage 
10c. Price 24c. Each. 


For pressing 
prints on cards 
A handy tool, 
simple but very 
effective in its 
'operation. Made 
with double 
rubber roller, 
firmly fastened 
to flat hardwood 
handle by strong metal frame. JJsed once always 
used. Postage 14c. Price. 75c. Each. 

No. 2.— Single roller, otherwise same as above. 
Postage 6c. Price, 50c. Each. 


Price. I'ost. 
Daylight Film- 
la Exposure for Pocket Kodak 2c. 

12 Exposure for Folding Pocket Kodak 40c. 3c. 

13 Exposure for No. 2 Bullseye 3c. 
18 Exposure for No. 2 Bullseye 4c, 

Flash Light Powder Actino 3c. 

Soao Puper. 3'rx3;i per doz. 15c. 2c. 

•' 4x5 "' 35c. 2c. 

" 4xfi r gross, 1.00 14c. 

" 4x5 per box— 100 sheets, 50c. 9c. 

" 5x7 per doz. 85c. 5c. 

* Cabinet size per gross, 75c. 14c. 

Solio Toning Solution 8 oz. bottle, 50c. Exp. 

Bromide Paper, 4x5 per doz, 25c. 4c, 

" 5x7 " 40c 4c 

Dry Plates, l^x2,for rocket Kodak " 20c'. 3i! 

Plate Holder for Pocket Kodak each, 20c. lc. 

Focussing Cloth, 1 yard wide, specially 

prepared 35c. per yard, postpaid 

Dry Plates, 2! x2'i per doz. 25c. 9c. 

" 2',Sx2^ per 'A doz. 15c. 5c. 

" 3Jix3# per doz. 33c. 18c. 

■■i<ii3'A " 37c. 20c. 

3Vv4J< " 40c. 18c. 

•« 4 x5 " 50c. Bv Ex 

5 x7 " 65c. '" 

" 5 x8 " 75c. " 

N. Y. Aristo Paper, 2%xZ*A " 15c. lc. 

" 3' 4 x3X ■' 20c. 2c. 

" 3' :. " 20c. 2c. 

3%xA 1 " 20c. 2c. 

" 4 x5 " 20c. 2c. j 
" 4 x5 seconds, per 

box, 100 sheets, 65c. 14c. 

" 5 x7 per doz. 30c. 3c. 

5 x3 " 35c. 3c. 

" CMS'; " 50c. 4c. 

8 "xlO " 70c. 5c. 

Self Toning Paper, 2 , .x2' ; . " 15c. lc. 

3',xi'. " 25c. 2c. 

8#x4»" " 80c. 2r. 

" 4 x5 " 85c 

5 x7 

Velox Paper, 3',x3^ " 15c. 8c. 

3^x4* " 20c. 2c. 

'• 4 x5 " 25c. 2c. 

" 5 x7 " 40c. 3c. 

M. Q. D veloper for Velox Paper, 1 tube 20c. 8c. 

5 tubes in box . . .- 75c. 18c. 

Blue Paper, 2Xx2« per pkge. 12 sheets, 10c. lc. 

S#x4fc " 21 " 15c. fc. 

4 x5 " 24 " 20c. 3;. 
Card Mounts, plain — 

for »iix2% picture per doz. Cc. 3'. 

" tiixSH " " 10c. : . 

" 8tfx4J< " " 12c. 7c. 

" 4 x5 " " 15c. 8c, 

" Kombi picture " 10c. 4c. 
Card Mounts, embossed— 

for 1^x2 picture per doz. 10c. 3~. 

" 2^x2'4 " " 10c. 3c. 

" 31, x3^" " " 18c. Oc. 

" 4 "x5 " " 25c. 10c. 

•• 5 x7 ' " 80c. 12c. 

" 5 x8 " " : «c. 12c. 

Printing Frames, 214x2 l A each, 20c. 3c. 
3',xJ'; " 25c. 
" 4 x5 

5 x7 " 60c. 20c. 
Single Plate Holders, 2Hx2X " 25c. 5c. 
Double Plate U lders.2' r .x2'i " 33c. 6c 
" 3'AxS'A " 75c. 6c 
" 3'4x4.Sf " !3c. 6c. 
" 4 x5 " 1.00 6c. 
Trays, Japanned, S xS " 10c. 2c. 
4 x4 " 15c. 4c. 
'i'AxVA 15c. 4c 
4&XS& " 80c. 5c 
5JKx7ii " 2ic. 7c. 
New Process Rubber Composition- 
s'^)* each, 20c. 5c. 
iXxSX " 25c. 6c. 
Graduate Glass, 2 oz • ' 20r. 6c. 
•' 4oz " 80c. 9c. 
" 8 oz " 40c. 10c. 
Developer— Hvdrochioon, 8 oz bottle, 30c. Exp. 

Metol, " 35c. " 

Toning Solution, 80c. " 
Mounting Paste, 4 oz jar, 20c. 

'• 8 oz " 8;lc. " 
Glycerine, 1 fluid oz, 20c. 

Magnesium, 1 oz, 45c. " 

Flash Cartridges, per box of six, 25c. " 

Chloride of Gold, 15 gr bottle, 35c. lc 

Hypo of Soda, per lb box, 8c. 18c. 

Comet Camera Film, roll for 4 pictures, 5c. lc. 

Kombi Camera Film, roll for 25 pictures, 20c. 2c, 
Print Trimmer, $2.50 26c 

Photo Scales, 75c. 5c. 
Squeegee Album for Pocket Kodak 
pictures, 3!4x3>* 
i x5 


flllD HIU is to enable yon to get your coi», 
UUn nlm through us at your home JIOKB 
cheaply in EVERY instance then you can i 
do in any other way— Our prices are low enough, to 
guarantee this. 



The latest and 
most startling 
novelty, scoring 
everywhere a re- 
cord breaking 
success, and caus- 
ing endless fun 
and roars of 
laughter where- 
ever introduced. 
Take a look at the 
illustrations and 
see why Cholly 
is so happy; it won't be necessary to tell 
you that he wears one of our Revolving 
Shirt Bosoms and not only has the laugh 
on the Chinaman, but on his many rivals 
who can't understand hcfw he can afford 
ft new shirt every day. It's si m pie 
and cheap when you know how, and here 

It is- Our Revolving Shirt Bosoms are the only ones on the market with a high finish and open fronts— therefore the only true imitation of the regular shirt 
The disc is very glossy and divided into quadrants, each having a different colored pattern of the latest design as follows: No. 1, striped pattern, stylish, mod- 
ftst. No. 2. Full dress shirt, plain or with motto (see cut). No. 3. Very attractive plaid, will draw attention everywhere— to be worn on race tracks, fairs, 
etc. No. 4. Red hot— too comical for anything, success on the stage assured-something for the "boys." The above patterns you can apply within a second 
and will instantly change your appearance from a clergyman to a gambler. As a novelty and rip-roaring 6ide splitter it has no equal; as a practical article and 
money saver it is the greatest. Postage 2c. Price 15c Each; Special $1. 40 Dozen- 


The latest in Tops and by far the best yet pro 
duced. Spins the longest, wears the longest, and is 
the most fascinating toy out. Made of highly orna- 
mented stamped steel, the only one that won t crush 
or dent. No string required- Has automatic spring 
winder of simple and durable construction, which 
cannot get out of order and allows any child to ma- 
nipulate it. Spins on either end in the spinner or on 
the end of finger Try it on a plate, they say it nev- 
er stops going. Finished in rich Klondike Gold and 
brilliant colors. Postage 4c. Price 10c Each; 
$1.00 Dozen. 

Novelties productive of more laughter to young 
or old are seldom seen. These faces are moulded 
In soft rubber composition colored in exact imita- 
tion of life with glass eyes which seem to change 
their expression with the face. Held between 
thumb and forefinger the face is compressed and 
bent one way and another producing tbe most 
startling changes in expression from serious to 
sad, grotesque, laughing or crying. Four differ- 
ent characters are made and from the set you can 
produce 400 variations. Postage 2c. Prio» 7*. 
Each ; Set of 4, 35c. 


A mechanical novelty of the 
greatest attractiveness. A large 
6pider made entirely 
of metal, nearly 4 in. 
long, colored and 
decorated in exact 
imitation of a real 
spider. Spring mec- 
hanism inside makes 
its legs move exactly 
as in life and also 
rapidly climb the 
thread and sieze the 
poor little fly held in 
a boys hand. Postage 
So. Price gr. Each; 


Every true American should possess one of our Souvenlf 
Spoons of the Warship Maine, which was blown up in Havana 
Harbor, causing the death of so many of our brave sailors. The 
entire spoon is of composite metal, heavily silver plated, and nicely decorated. The engraving is an 
exact reproduction of the Maine, with the words "Hattle Ship Maine" and "Captain Sigsbee" around 
it. You must order quickly if you want any, as they are selling very fast, and our supply is small 
Postage lc. Price, silver plated. 12c. Each: $1.20 Dozen Gold Dialed. 16c. Each: SI. 62 Dozen. 



Show your colors ; ^8^ no better way to do so 
than by wearing one of our American Flag Girdles. 
The best and latest thing out, and the most appro- 
priate to wear during these stirring war times.; 
Your soldier boy Mill gaze upon you with uncon-' 
cealed admiration when he notices the stars and 
ttripes entwined around you; and the lasting im- 
pression it leaves with him, will urge him on to 
greater deeds for the honor and glory of his country. 
The Girdle is strongly made of metal; plain oi 
oxydized silver plated, with embossed anchors and 
American Flags in correct colors alternating. 
It is without doubt the slickest thing out for Ladies' 
use, and is -M at a very low price. Postage 3c. 
Our Special Price, 48c. Each; S4.75 Doj»«, 


The most beautiful button made 
represents the United States and 
kCuban Flags, in regular colors of 
flhaid enamel. These two flags make 
(about the prettiest color combina- 
' tion possible. Finished in excellent 
stvle in either Roman gold oi silver 
plate. Postage lc. Price 15c. 
Each; $1.58 Dozen. 


e best way to Rtmcmber the Maine 

Buy a package of these papers and solve it your- 
self. This novelty has had a tremendous sale in New 
York; almost every family having been supplied. 
It consists of a piece of tissue paper, showing the 
battleship Maine as she lay off Havana Harbor, and 
a few officers of the Spanish army on land. Ignite 
the fuse found with each package and touch the 
burning end to the torch in the hand of the kneeling 
figure (seecut). Hold the sheet at arm's length and 
watch the result. A catchy war novelty and the 
most original yet introduced. Each package con- 
tains 10 explosions. Get a supply before your neigh- 
bor. Postage lc. Price 10c. Package; $1.00 

Grand Army Souvenir Canes. 

: to wear one of our scarf pins with the 
attleship in hard enameled colors. Best 
scarf pin out and shows a good picture 
of the great war vessel. Made of composition metal 
and Roman gold plated. Postage lc Price 10c. 
Each; $105 Dozen. 


Here is a great war souvenir and a 

frand seller. It represents one of the 
ullets with which our brave soldiers are 
going to free Cuba. You want some of these, and 
the sooner you send the better. Thousands have 
been sold and we can't make them any too fast. 
Postage lc. Price 6c. Each; 75c. Dozen. 

This Cane has been adopted by a number of 
G. A. R. 1'osts, and has received the endtxB:ment of 
thousands Of Veterans throughout the country as 
being an excellent souvenir and one that is servicea- 
ble :it the same time. The head is made of gun met- 
al, cannon shaped, and engraved on one side is the 
Grand Army badge and anchor, and, on the other, 
crossed swords and guns, aud the years 1861 and 1865, 
with the centre containing a wreath and the initials 
G. A. K. The stick is of high grade maple in black 
and red stain. If you want to please a Veteran pre- 
sent him with this cane; it will be a thousand times 
more appreciated than anything else you could give 
him. Postage tic. Price 25c. Each. 


This do be the age of won- 
ders. Heta's a pair of stylish 
I rigid link buttons, with dumb 
bell ends, nicely gold or 
silver plated at an "eye 
opening" price. Don't ask 
how we can do it, but order a pair and consider it 
one of our everyday bargains. Postage lc. 
Price 4c. Pair, 45c. Dozen. 

Our Plea for Your Patronage-" GOOD GOODS, LOW PRICES and PROMPT SERVICE." 17 


We offer something entirely new ir. Balloons. There is nothing quite so fascinating to old or 
young as watching the airv flight of a balloon.and a foreign inventor has just gotten a patent on a new 
Idea in paper balloons. Tbev'rise from a table in the house or ascend heavenward in the open air. 
They excite the greatest curiosity everywhere they are shown, and thousands are now sold daily m 
Europe. Our foreign representative saw them in London and sent a large invoice across the Atlantic, 
so we could be the first to advertise them in America. Our cut above shows them in their flight and 
as they burst and drop bright star-like orbs slowlv to the ground. Positively no danger of any kind 
connected with them. In packages of 10 balloons. Postage lc. on SO. Price 10c. package; gl.00 Doz. 


The Wonder Tube is a wonderful toy 
which affords and creates astonishment 
among voung and old. It shows the 
of" the nand. the lead in a pencil, 
the hole through a pipe stem, etc. etc. 
It is a baffler to all, and we defy any 
one to give any explanation of it with- 
out taking the instrument apart, and 
this will disclose something beyond the 
power of man to reproduce. In using 
the Wonder Tube place it to the eye as 
shown in cut and look toward a win- 
dow or other strong light, (daylight is 
better than artificial light); then hold 
the fingers in front of the instrument, 
spread them apart, moving them back- 
ward and forward until the proper 
focus is obtained, when yon will have 
the identical appearance shown by the 
Roentgen Bays. Postage lc. 
Price 10c, Each; Sl.OG Dozen. 




m® fM 


■El ^*r^' 



Fun for the Million and Rare Sport for the 
Practical Joker I— A pleasing novelty and the best 
practical joke, of the season. This beautiful button- 
•hole bouquet is made of artificial flowers and leav- 
es, which so closely resemble natural flowers and 
leaves that not one person in a thousand would 
detect the difference. After placing the bouquet 
in your buttonhole, you call the attention of your 
friend to its beauty fragrance. He will very natu- 
rally step forward and smell of it, when to its 
utter astonishment, a fine stream of water will be 
thrown into his face. Where the water comes 
from is a mystery, as you can have your hands at 
your sides, in your pockets, or behind you, and not 
touch the bouquet in any manner. You can give 
one dozen or more persons a shower bath without 
removing the bouquet from your buttonhole, and 
after the water is exhausted it can be immediately 
refilled without removing it from your coat. Cologne can lie used in place of water when 
desired. We have manv funny things in our stock, but nothing that equals this. Each bouquet 
In a beantlful box with'full printed instructions. Price, all complete, only SOcents;"' 


A handsome convex mirror in a case suitable for carrying in the pocket. For 
many years the funniest and most laughable attraction in nearly every museum 
has been the large convez mirrors in which a person appears drawn out as long 
and narrow as a bean pole, or flattened down like a gridiron with a face as 
broad as a cellar door. This mirror produces the same effect as the large and 
expensive mirrors In the museums. Bv holding the mirror in an upright position 
stout people look thin, and in a horizontal 
position thin people look stout; any one can 
recognize themselves at once, but their fea- 
tures areso distorted and their general ap- 
fiearance so changed that they cannot fail to 
lave a good laugh over it. If you have a 
friend (lady or gentleman) who think they 
are a little better looking than any one else, 
let them take a peep into the mirror and it 
will take them down a peg or two — either 
the ■' short and fat" view or the*'long and 
are stunners and will cure the blues everv time. 8end 
ill afford you lots of fun. Postage 2c Price 6c. Each ; R5e. Dozen, 

slim " view 
for one it w 


This is a most wonderful feat of 
prestidigitation, performed every day 
on the stage by men like Keller and 
Herrman. A hat is borrowed and 
after being shown to your 
audience to assure them 
that it is in perfect order, 
you (apparently) coolly jab 
your finger throHgh the 
crown. The owner of 
course protests, but all you 
have to do is to keep out of 
his reach a moment when' 
you can hand back the hat 
in perfecfaerder. The finger . 
consists of a piece of flesh 
colored rubber, moulded in perfect imitation of a 
fore-finger including nails, knuckles, lines and 
other characteristics ; in the end is a needle which 
by a quick movement you insert in the crown. 
Postage lc Price 6c. Each ; 65c. Dozen. 

See this ghastly 
grin 1 We have themi 
to sell. All you need 
to do to give yourself 
not only the greatest 
smile ever produced, 
but also the greatest 
horse-laugh, is to buy 
a Eoosevelt W T histle. 
It is a very ingenious invention from every stand- 
point. The mouth is so splendidly executed that 
it has the exact appearance of those one sees in 
life but once in years. It fits the face so perfectly 
that close inspection is necessary to sec that it is 
not your own. The coloring and formation of 
lips, gums and teeth is so perfect that the illusion 
is complete. Attached to the back is a noise-mak- 
ing device which does actually '"beat the band." 
It will give you a hillarious demoniac laugh, a 
roar like a sea-lion, a bark, whine or cry -anything 
you like, in fact. This novelty can't be beaten for 
a fun maker. Postaj <_ 

Price 9c. Each; 90c. Doz. 



This is an up-to date puz- 
zle, which is not only a test 
of Berves and skill, but es- 
pecially of ingenuity. It ia 
a perfect miniature of a bi- 
cycle wheel, hub, spokes, 
rim and pneumatic rubber 
tire. (As a house orna- 
ment and novelty it is 
worth more than its price.) 
On each spoke is a movable 
metal ball, and the object is 
to get the balls from their 
positions against the rim, as shown in cut, into 
their proper places around the hub. This requires 
no end of coaxing and patient labor, as while you 
are endeavoring to run the last delinquent in, three 
or four others escape. Then to get them back to 
the rim to the average man is just as difficult : but 
there is a way to do it easily. Can yon find it? 
Postage 3c. Price 9c. Each; 80c. Doz." - 

The highest honors ever reached by nsas have 
been attributed to carrying this wonderful mascot, 
and while we can't guarantee a similar result in 
the case of every one who will carry one persist- 
ently, we are told there is a whole lot of general 
frood luck in it, such as immunity from sickness, 
ll-fortune, success in love, business or any ether 
undertaking. This is an old-time mascot, and we 
have gotten it up in a neat and popular form, so 
it will have the widest possible effect on the for- 
tunes of the masses. Guaranteed a genuine rab- 
bit's foot, size of cut; has eye screw anchored in 
the bone for attaching to watch chain if desired; 
also neat, nickel cap piece. Postage lc. Price 
Sc. Each; Special 75c. Doz. 


An attractive ornament and useful 
Disinfectant Holder made entirely of 
metal, to represent a Dude Darkey 
smoking his cigarette. Disinfects your 
room as small sticks of disinfectant are 
used by the smoker, which he seems to 
enjoy as much as the genuine article. 
We call him the Warmest Coon in 
Town, and his appearance while, 
smoking certainly warrants the name. 
Each Darkey is packed in case with, 
10 sticks of disinfectant. Postage Sc. 
Price 9n. Each; 
05c. Dozen. 


The great, success of this 
ye%r in mechanical novelties. 
Untold millions have been sold 
andifwe did nut know how 
■ the country is, wo 
would think everyono had 
one. It is a mechanical tri- 
umph. To tho ordinary ob- 
server it. may look easy to 
iish, but to make this 
monkey climb the string, 
always moviug his four 
limbs exactly true to Hfo 
and then climb down again, 
simply by pulling or releas- 
ing the string, involves a. 
great deal of mechanism 
which the inventor spent 
months in perfecting. 
The monkey is of deco- 
rative metal and about 
8 in. long. He climbs as 
stated above: is strongly 
made and will not only 
give 'utense enjoyment, but last a lifetime. 
Postage 4c. Price 25c. Each ; S2.60 Doz. 




Our New and Wonderful Transformation Stamps enable you to make a thousand caricatures, 
all different and as varied as the above, which ar^ exact copies from originals. They are the most ex- 
traordinary fun-producers of the day. The new elaborations of grotesque faces and exaggerated ex- 
pression is without limit, An ingenious combination of 12 Rubber Stamps enables you to quickly pro- 
duce a face fashioned to suit your imagination. You may have it with arched eyebrows, down turned 
mouth and upturned nose and a sidelong glance, or with a broad laughing mouth, sad eyes and droop- 
ing nose. The prudish maiden can be compelled to wear the expansive smile or the ghastly grin of some 
of her neighbors, and so on with the hundreds of transpositions, each giving a new and astonishing ef- 
fect. Is! perfect stamps, mounted on turned wood bases, in compartment bos, with. self. inking pad. 
Price 10c. Each; SI, 10 Dozen— Postpaid. 

Latest Fad Lapel Buttons* 

These Motto Buttons have been carefully selected and 
are some of the most popular an i catchy sayings of the 
day. They have the patent pin back. Can be worn any- 
where, on coat lapel, on vest or under lapel, ready to 
" spring " on your unsuspecting friend at a second's 
notice. White enamel and I lack lettering. Postage lc. 
on 5 Price 6c ; 5 for 15c.f 10 for 25c; 25 for 
50c; Full Set 50, 90c 

WE ALSO HAVE the following In stock : I Don't 
Think ; Girl Wanted : If Ton Love Me, Grin ; Tou Make 
Me Tired ; Just Tell Them That Tou Saw Me : Don't Kick ; 
I Have Troubles of My Own. Don't Mention Tours ; Mur- 
der— Watch ; It's a Good Thing, Push it Along; Don't 
Shoot : Let's Get Married ; Where Do I Come In ; Just 
For a Kid ; Keep off the Grass ; Tou Need a Shave Badly. 


Of all wonders 
ful. A very ac- 
with perman- 
staff . With each 
steel forms as 
spinning and 

accompany each experiment. Material for the 
following popular experiments is furnished : "The 
Art of Fire Eating." or producing sparks and flame 
from the mouth. "Spectral Lkdit." causes Hie 
1 surroundings to assume a ghastly 
,'s Serpents," produw ■ 
tiny eggs. "1 ."produced by burning 

prepare. I u b Paper," with brilliant 

light. "Lightning Flashes." such as produced in 
theatres. "Magnesium Light," as brilliai 
dazzling as electric. "Lufcinous Paint," emitting 
E soft glow of light in darkness. Three V 
boxes and fiv ain the necessary in- 

gredients for the above experiments. Postage 4c 
Trice 00c. Each ; S3-20 Ooz. 


a New French 

Whistle. Ocarina 

made of 

small but pa ■; - 
ful and shrill in 

tone; in i 

in its line, the most wonder- 
curately made all metal top, 
ently magnetized steel centre 
top is furnished a number of 
shown in cut. The top is set 
one of the forms laid near it. 
The top at- 
tracts it and 
then the fun 
begins. The 
spindle revol- 
ving, sends 
the form in a 
beautiful set 
of gyrations 
correspon d- 
ing to the 
shape of the 
form; differ- 
ent forms take 
courses and 


A . „ _ -. -^. -w - courses and 
r\J\/\y\J\/\J all go through 
' ^-^ '^ surprising, m- 

, surprising, in- 
teresting and 
instructive evolutions. As long as the top moves 
the motion and magnetism combine to keep the 
form going first this way and then another, back- 
ward and forward, reversing quickly and doing all 
sorts of antics. Postage 2c. Price 14c. Each; 
$1.42 Dozen. 

gem : 

er, can bs hung on neck cord, belt or chain 
aong sportsmen. All the 

so .in this country. 
Postage lc. Price 9c. Each; 85c. Dot. 
flllD pi AM is to save you money on all your 
UuliTLMIi puschases by leaving out the mid- 
dleman or retailer : See? — •- 

"Ein Bier" Glass. 

The greatest joker out. Fool 

your friends by offering 

this glass of beer 

and if they drink it, 

re bound to "swear 

ofl' 1 at once. It is an 

imitation of a fresh 

ley Is- 
land law t with a liberal 
collar and nothing but a 
close examination will make 
- -- H-- you believe it is other than tlio 
teal article. Postage 2c. Price 9c. Ea.; 95c. Uc 

The "Screecher" lg made from heavy stamped 
metal It is the greatest oscillating noise-producer 
on earth. You can get more fun out of this Wild 
West Screecher than a lot of hungry monkeys. It 
sings, rips and roars like an African jungle It can 
never break or get out. of order It is a lifetime of 
mirth, music, and maddening uproar for 2 cents. 
You should sell it for .1 cent*. Postage lo. 
Price 2c, Each; 30c. Itoa. 


This Is one of the few things 
that lengthens the life of the prac- 
tical joker ; 
it is estimated 
that each pre- 
paration of this trick adds 6 
months to bis alloted 
time. It is a gold plated 
pin, the design being a 
man mostly 
head and legs. 
It is so curious 
in get up that 
no one can 
fall to notice 
and examine 
it closely as 
worn on your 
scarf. At this 
juncture you 
pinch a rub- 
ber ball con- 
cealed in your 
pocket, which 
" works the 
hose," and 
the little man squirts from his pursed up lips • 
fine stream of " aqua pura." Postage 2o. 
Price 22c Each ; 82.20 Doe. 



To be strictly up-to-date t/lffl you should 
wear a pair of these garters, yyr made of 15t in. 
Silk webbing with fancy fluted edges, orna- 

mented with lovely silk bows; have a silver plated 
buckle and clasp attachment so that they can be 
adjusted to any size. Clasps have various mottoes 
engraved upon them, and ''last but not least" have 
the old time mascot, a genuine Rabbit's Foot attach- 
ed, which is reported to be chuck full of general 
food luck for the wearer. Postage 8c. Price 46c, 
■air; $4.55 Dozen. 

Wonderful "WhaUSs.ltc™ 

This is the most comical surprise. ' 
and creates unbounded 
fun wherever Introduced. 
The "Wljat-ls-Jf is made 
of beautiful Ivory, and 
when e [ts full 

length measures from 8 
to 4 feet, and in appear- I 

a long si ■ it 

is enclosed in a neat woe': at 6 in. long, 

and if v t open 

this box and drop the " What-Is-It " into the hand/ 
of a friend. The < oed will be some-' 

thing remarkable, e your friend is of a 

nervoustemperaractit. or easily excited. Indeed, 
the "What-Isft ' v ml red 

flaming tonguo is somethin 

nerves. If you have a boasting : toe who 

is fond of - 

bravery, you can test him thoroughly by gently 
dropping the "What-Is-lt" Into his lap, and the 
look of horror that overspreads his fixtures will 
cause roars of laughter an no witness 

the joke. » Boys, girls and even "children of largo 
growth." will find this novelty a source of rare 
amusement' and the exceedingly low figure at 
which we offer it places It within the n-acluuf all, 
Postago lc. Price 5c Each; 50c Dor. 

Every Article in This BOOK Is Carried in Stock. We Are Net a Purchasing Agency! 



A most prolific source of satisfaction to a practical joker. Ton know tta no tronble to get any one 
to examine a new ring, especially if it be a novel desien as in this case and it is certainly no trouble 
for you to give a gentle pressure to the rubber ball which lies snuely in the palm of your hand with 
the result depicted in the illustration. The ball of course has previously been tilled with water. Or if 
you wish to play a complimentary joke on a lady fill the ball with cologne, this will be appreciated 
two wavs Bins i- of white Metal, silver plated : connected to white rubber ball M inches diameter. 
Postage 3c. Price ISc. Each ; 3 for 85c; 81.40 Doz. 


This wonderful Instrument dis- 
counts in many respects the intrica- 
i lie elaborate and scientific de- 
vices of Roentgen and Edison. It is 
one of the most wonderful of moden 
sensations. Objects, no matter bov. 
dense or thick, placed between its lenses, are at 
if made of thin air, as the eye penetrates then 
Wlthont the slightest effort. What can be more wonderful thau to place your hand, fineer, or a pieci 
of wood or heavy metal in this instrument, between the lenses, and then place it to the eye. and in 
stead of the vision being obstructed, as would be tho case with any except this Instrument, it travil; 
through and beyond the object, as if nothing were there. Of all optical inventions (and there have 
been a great many), this stands alone as the most wonderful and incomprehensiMe. The Camera con. 
tains two sets of compound lenses, mounted in a handsome telescope case. 3li inehes long. It is being 
sold by the million in the largest cities at 25 cents. Consistent with our usual custom, we cut the price 
almost in h ee the wonder within reach of all for a trifle. Postnae 2c. Immense Sale 

Enables Us to Keduce Price to 10c. Each; 3 for 35c; 90c. per Doiin. 


A Telegraph Instrument to Novel Form. Will 
do the same sounding as a regular machine. Quite 
an amusing thing as well, as you may operate it 
out of sisht and puzzle the bystander. A Morse 
Alphabet goes with each. 

Postage Sc. Price 10c. Each; 81.00 Dox. 


This Is "de real- stuff "— 
the Kid of tbe N. Y. World, 
who afterwards strayed 
away and was picked up 
by the Journal and 
on a tour around 
the world. He is 
made of metal, beau- 
tifully gilded and Las 
every characteristic 
ofthe orlginalconoeption 
the ears, facial expression 
hands, dress and big toe 
and an Inscription as 
shown by out, suitable 
for a paper weight or a 
unique house ornament. 
Postage 8c. Price 10c. 
Each ; 81.00 Doz. 


Ilere is a bottle 
labelled " Champagne 
Extra Dry, " It looks 
like the genuine arti- 
cle, and when you see an old 
toper you can invite bim to 
have a drink. Tell him it's 
* extra fine. " Ilewillgladly 
avail himself ofthe oppor- 
I tunity to take a free drink, 
I but once he gets the bottle 
open a frightful snake, with 
black eyes and fiery red 
tongue, leaps out. and makes 
him think he's "got'em bad." 
Hard drinkers often see 
snakes and here is a valuable 
temperanoe lecture, bottled 
np along with gallons of fun. 

Postage lc. Price ISc. Each. SA.20 Doz. 



NO, /.—The Electric Pin gives a strong light 
of unequaled brilliancy, and mav be worn as a 
scarf pin, buttonhole bouquet, and lady's hair] in, 
or as a corsase flower. They are the most sur- 
prising and ornamental novelties of the present 
day. and can be made to do useful service, as tho 
light is sufficiently brilliant to read by. By simply 
pressing a button, the light can be produced at 
pleasure, and with n, as the batter 

and push button are placed in the pockets and all 
wires are concealed under the clothing. The many 
charming effects that may be produced by the use 
of the above light can be readily appre 
The battery does not heat up or leak, and can 
readily be carried in vest pocket. Price in 
complete outfit with each lamp. This is thi 
outfit formerly gold .it $3.00. We have cur tbe 
price in the middle and improved the outfit, ami 
placed it within read mis of fun lovers. 

Postage Sc. Price 8 1 .50 Each. 

Eiectric Light Scarf Pin, Ho. 2. 

Finding a largo demand for a light of greater 
volume for practical uses of watchmen, policemen, 
etc.. we have gotten up an outfit of doable 
capacity. The lisrht is one full oandle-power.wiih 
strong double batteries to correspond. Whi 
our ourfits are wonderful value, this 01 
wholly practical lamp for personal use. t 
l?.r_-e. Strong rtery can le 

renewed with supplies from ;my drug store. V- st- 
age 15o. Price 82.85 Each. 


Here you see him with 
angry expression, 
ing his teeth and frown- 
Y.u press on the 
crown of his hat an 
have a new c< 
for he roils his eyes good 
naturcdly, runs out his 
tongue, 4 inches or less. 
throws up his arms and 
kicks out his legs. The 
mechanism which makes 
him do do all these 
is quite wonderful 
cheap a noveltv. H 
metal beautifully litho- 

frapbed in 5 colors. ITi« 
rother "Cholly the 
Dude " is equally comical 
and should always go 
along with him. Postage lc. 
Price Oc. Each; Set ol two loo 



This quartette of 
little Imps will furn- 
ish amusement by 
the hour. Laid flat 
on book cover or 
board they are life- 
less, but slightly raise 
one end of board and 
Immediately they commence to turn their comical 
summersaults to the bottom. An amusing game 
can be played by starting them together at the top 
of an incline. (All private bets should be made be- 
fore the start). Tbe Imp that reaches the bottom 
first is a winner. We furnish them in boxes, 4 gold 
or silver Imps to the box. Postage lc. Price 6c. 
Set; 65c. Doz. Seta. 

These cigarettes are made of the finest tobacco, 
regular size, and packed in nice box, legally 
stamped; when partly smoked down a beautiful 
red illumination takes place— to surprise of tie 
smoker and amusement of spectators. Perfectly 
harmless and a great Joke. Postage lo. 
Price lOc. Pack ol 10; Sl.OODoi. 





The musical sensation of the age, and a 
novelty Par Excellence ; affording hours of 
amusement in the parlor, concert hull orafuK 
evenings entertainment. A musical treat 
thoroughly appreciated by young and old 
alike, and at almost no expense. The Phono- 
graph Top is a combination of Top and Musical 
Instrument, with intonation similar to the 
great Edison Phonograph and producing the 
most charming music imaginable. Itsoperation 
is extremely simple, children can in a short 
time, master the most difficult pieces of music successfully. 
Wherever. introduced the Phonograph Top has been highly 
praised; in the largest department stores in New York 
exhibitions are given daily before immense audiences, who 
call for repeated encores. The sales in one month amounted 
to almost 5!>, 0(X>. The music is caused bv slight indentions 
on metal disc, which transmit the notes through the horn. 
All parts are handsomely decorated in gold, red or blue and 
well polished. Postage 8c. Price 84c. Ea.; S2.45 Dz. 


any one can 

A jointed figure of a skeleton 14 inches in height; 
will dance to music slow or fast, keeping exact 
time, and perform various gyrations and move- 
ments while the operator may be at any distance 
from it. The figure may be examined by the spec- 
tators, who cannot discover the motive power. 
When banded back to the operator it is simply 
placed upon a chair or table, when it will seemingly 
become endowed with life and begin to move. At 
the command of the operator (who may be in any 
part of the room), it will lie down, stand up, dance, 
etc. This is similar to the wonderful skeleton used 
by Professor Pepper in his lectures and exhibi- 
tions. For exhibition in the parlor, before social 
gatherings, or for public exhibition In the school or 
lecture room there is nothing more acceptable. It 
never fails to create a sensation, and is so substan- 
tial as to last for years. We send full and explicit 
directions with each Skeleton, by the aid of which 
readily make it perform, to the astonishment of their friends or the public. Postage lc. 
Price 7c. Each; Three for 20c; 75c. Doz. 


Made of Brass, highly polished and Nickel-plated, and throws a stream over 

thirty feet. Puts out a small fire equal to a hose cart. Give a healthy boy one of 
these Squirt (.'una and he'll break upaschool in no time.jaud make the com- 

munity think there's a circus in town— "And you'll never miss the water till the 
well runs dry.", Directions— Fill the Squirter with rain water or Cologne water, and push on tho 
pusher. Fill the'Gun with Bed-bug poison andheto your mother souse -the .biies. _Imais jnstout. 
and we pre lict a big sale. Postage lc. New Price 4c Each ; 45c. Dozen. 


It may seem Impossl- 

Oble that so cheap a tool 
i can do such fine work 
I but facts are stubborn 


things; many a boy has made a lot of dollars with 
this saw. It is made of a continuous piece of steel 
nickel plated. It can't break or get out of order; 
It holds the blado , firm and [at proper tension 
for good and quick work. It will saw wood of 
any thickness up to an inch; it will also saw metal 
as the blades are of best steel and hardened; with 
each' ^aw we send seven blades of assorted sizes 
(extra 'blades 8c. Doz.) Postage 3c. 
Price Complete 10c. Each. 9Se. Doz. 


You're Not so 

"*"""" you are. Why 
not carry a thermometer 
right on your person I It is 
a neat ornameut and always 
tells the truth about the 
weather and eaves a lot of 
guessing. This little 
lapel button thermometer tells 
' you and those you meet the exact 
temperature. Guaranteed accurate. A great 
novelty. Beautiful made ; hand cut scale on 
ceiuloid back ; mercury filling. Postage lo. 
Price 23c. Each ; 3 for 60c; B2.25 Doz. 

WF Q CI I goods at wholesale prices, In quaa- 
" t OtUL tilies to suit purchaser ; Our plan I* 
New, Economical and Safe ; Try It f 

The funniest you ever saw and no end to them. 
The above and 1,000 more just as funny and differ- 
ent mav be made with our new FUNNY FACE 
OUTFIT, consisting of a set of 12 Rubber Stamps 
to represent the various features which may be 
used in giving practically unlimited variety of 
expression and type of faces. These wonderful 
transformation stamps will produce the Frozen 
Face, the Ghastly Face, the Prudes Face, the 
Scared, Disconsolate or Laughing Face. You can 
take the smiling lady's mouth and give it to the 
glowering miser and make a thousand other ex- 
changes to suit your imagination. This outfit 
eelipseseverythingforvariety.novelty and amusing 
qualities. Every stamp perfectly made and 
mounted on turned wood base and set in neat 
compartment box with self-supplying ink pad. 
Cut shows them M size. Sent Postpaid for 
10c. Each ; $1.00 Doz. 


You are not keeping 
pace with the times f 
your " Joke 
Cabinet" don't 
contain a dozen 
of these ' ' boil- 
ed lobsters, ' ' as they 
are the latest fun pro- 
ducers and meeting 
with great success as practical jokers. Don ' t vent 
your feelings on your '' friends 1 ' or enemies by 
calling them "lobsters;" the risk of getting 
whipped is too great ; the best way is to slyly pin 

as he strolls majestically down the street, and 
tvatch results at a safe distance. The outcome 
will be surprising and will cause screams of 
laughter. The biggest novelty out. The many 
little ways it can be used are innumerable ; for 
house or tree decoration it is very satisfactory, 
being made of bright red chenille on piano wire. 
Postage lc. Doz. Price 4c. Each,- 40c. Dozen. 


S o metimes 
called the 
vanishiu g 
coin trick. A 
most bewild- 
ering optical 
illusion and 
trick com- 
prises a 
heavy enam- 
eled steel 
ring ; a neatly 
made block 
and box, all of which figure in the performance 
of the feat of causing a coin to vanish and reap' 
pear in box at will. Postage 3c. 

Price 5c. Each; 05c. Dozen. 

Arm your boys and girls. Here is just the kind 
wanted ; a diminutive gun, strongly made of metal, 
ornamented stork bright barrel, and for ammuni- 
tion uses a cork attached to string inserted in end 
of barrel. Makes a loud report without the least 
dancer and witli it the boys can shoot imaginary 
enemies to their hearts content. Postage lc. 
Price 7c. Each ; 75c. Doz. 


This is the latest in Trick Banks- 
seems very simple, but to operate is 
a puzzle to the wisest heads. Strcngly 

°k a r~ wood and handsomely fin- 
», n ^ C shown in several ways. 

Place a nickel in the slot and offer it 
to your friend if he willget it without 
breaking the Bank. This he will-find 
impossible; then take the Bank into 
your own hand, and much to his sur- 
prise the coin will immediately drop 
out. Hold the Bank in your hand and 
have him put several coins in the slot; 
each piece will drop through the 
Bank into your hand; no matter how 
closely he watches vou, the mysterious opening will 
not be discovered until vou show the secret. Direc- 
tions furnished with "each. Postage 2c, Price 
10c. Eachi SI. 15 Dozen. 

PflQTARC on all articles of jewelry rarely ex- 
rUOIHUL ceeds one cent each: on rings, 
charms, light chains, etc., several will go for one 
cent. " l>o not l'or«et n»tioge,'' though It is 
not mentioned with each item. 


Fig. 1 represents a box of 1 dozen Crazy Balls 
[assorted) three of which are standing on thr In- 
clined cover without rolling off, notwithstanding 
that they are perfectly round. Fig. 2repp 
a table showing the course a Ball is liable to take 
when rolled forward. It being impossible to roll 
tt in a straight line, it may roll u few feet forward 
and then return to the starting point or may do 
any other crazy or unaccountable feat When 
thrown in tho air the curves it describes surpass 
those of the most famous base ball pitchers. It Is 
ane of the most amusing novelties and never fails 
(o ajlract a crowd. Postage 4c. 

Price 9c. Each: 02r. Doz. 

We Aim to Save You MONEY on Every Purchase. H Wt Im't Do H, Dtn't Buy of U$. 21 

Our Up To Date Garters. 


The equal of a 
"Koh-in-oor" for 

Yes strictly up to date with choice selections on each 
buckle ; Here are some of them :— " Hunda off ;" " Touch not, 
handle not ;" " Good things come high :" " Private Ground ;" 

and there are others. Made of fine silk webbing heavy and \ Z A inch wide with fancy silk bows, 

assorted colors. Buckles of neat design, adjustable by lever to any size. Splendid value, not to 

mention their noyel feature. Every erne Sams to«etthem. Packed in neat fancy box. Postage 3c. 

Keduced Price 39c. Pair; $3.85 Dozen. 


This is the most interesting, 
magnetic and scientific puzzle 
of the age. It is having an 
enormous sale in all the prin- 
cipal cities of the world and 
is creating more comments 
than any puzzle since "Pigs 
in Clover. Magic Spots is 
so different from the usual 
order of puzzles thatgroups of , 
men, women and children are j 
_ • often found watching the sen- 
«.»• sational and magnetic move- 
rs ••ments of the spots. The puzzle comprises a neat round wooden box with 
cardboard base, a German horseshoe magnet and a number of small flat 
lead spots. The object is to get the Magic Spots directly over the red dots, with the aid of 
th^ magnet, from the outside of box. To move them is very easy as the horseshoe is strongly magnet- 
ized and attracts the spots instantly, but to place one on each spot requires great nerve and skill, and the 
length of time it takes to do it depends entirely on the quickness of your hand. It has often been done 
in a minute and then again has taken overan hour before all were placed; but the queer antics per- 
formed by the little spots so engrosses your attention that you hardly notice the passing of time. There 
is more enjoyment to be had from this puzzle than anv other ever invented; you will be mysti6ed 
at its wonderful magnetic influences and spend many hours in trying to solve It Postage lc. 

Price 9c. Each; 95c. Dozen. 

68 KARAT. 20 KARAT. 

Our new Klondike (Jems are designed for those 
who do not believe in doing things by halves. If 
you wear "diamonds" why Dot wear sizes which 
will make people look? With these Klondike gems 
you might not pass the experts unchallenged, but 
on the average citizen you produce the same ap- 
palling effectas withagenume$2,500stone. Many 
a sp< *rt has walked up Broadway with one of these 
* 'headlights" ou his shirt-front, the envy of the 
baifkers, brokers and millionaires he rubbed 
against They are perfectly cut by regular lapida- 
ries from special crystal recently discovered in the 
Klondike region. They are pure white iu color 
and have the irrideseiice of genuine diamonds and 
alwavs show to wonderful advantage. Mounted 
in special patent settings, which wonderfully 
magnify the natural brilliancy of the gems. 
Made in two sizes and three stvles. Postage lc. 
Vrice, 68k. Ring, Stud or Pin, 50c. Ea.; §5.00 Dz. 
. ** 20k. Ring or Stud, 35c. Ea.; 3.40 Dz. 


imp*s Enchanted Bottle. 

A surprising little trick, very simple to perform 
and very astonishing in its results. It consists of 
a beautiful enamelled bottle which will instantly 
return to an erect position when laid down by any 
member of the company ; but the performer may 
cause it to lie in any position desired. At this 
command it falls down as flat and as dead as a 
nail, but let an outsider tonch it and it is up like a 
flash, and he cannot make it lie down. As the 
bottle is turned out of a solid piece of wood it 
cannot be broken. Great fun can be had at an 
evening party or elsewhere, with this trick, which 
will bear repeating anv number of times. Postage 
lo. Price 5 c. Each ; 54c. Doz. 

Grandfather's Hat. 

An exac-t miniature of 
Texan Sombrero, of best 
brown uufadable Felt, and 
pink silk ribbon band neat- 
kly attached. A cute little 
^envelope is sewn to one side 
upon which is printed: 
"You are talking through 
your hat ' ' j inside contains 
a iciall blank card for your name. Send it to some 
one known to be a ' 'bluff and blower" and it will 
cure him instantly. A handsome article and use- 
ful as well as novel. Postage lc. 

Price 8c. Each ; 81c. Dozen. 


A new Novelty which is without 
doubt the prettiest and most attrac- 
tive toy ever invented, 
and as a mirth produc- 
ing jest ui"'U a (ouwn 
person it has no equal, 
You set the spring and 
place the Gorilla upon a 
table or desk, tell the 
person not to touch , but 
to watch him open his 
month, when aft»r a 
moments anxious expec- 
tation he will jump 18 
inches, causing screams 
of laughter from every- 
one witnessing the fun. Postage i!c. 
Price 10c, Each; Sl.OO Doz. 


One "Sooner Dog " with one box (12 pills), com- 
plete post-paid 15c. 
Extra Pill* oc. Box. 60c Doz. post-paid. 


A well made set of under chift 
whiskers of a brilliant auburn hue 
and a genuine Dublin cut. Just the 
thing to make up with, for private 
theatricals, masquerades, etc., and 
never fails to create roars of laugh- 
ter. Made of best imitation hair, 
strung on steel wire, securing itself 
over the ear, and can be removed 
instantly. With the help of Patsy's 

Beard you can pass yourself off among your friend. 

as the "True Irish Gentleman" without the least 

fear of detection. 50 cents is considered a low price. 

Postage 2e. Our Price 20c. Ea; $2.10 Doz. 


This is an Item expressly to delight the small 
boy or girl, combining an exquisitely made 
nickel watch with moving hands, stem winder, 
with a good sharp "tick" and a chain of neat 
pattern and a charm whistle. This whistle is of 
the " Develine" type, which makes its noise by a 
revolving wheel inside. Its sound raises and low- 
ers as yoo blow hard or light and makes a low 
purring or an unearthly screech. Considering the 
many attractive features of this ontfitit is a Won- 
derful bargain which we can only offer by im- 
porting immense lots. Postage lc. Our Price 
9c. Each Complete ; 91c. Doz. 

The latest X Ray Illusion and a modern wonder 
Chance for neat manipulation which will simply 
confound your andlence. A fancy lacquered 
metal box about 2 in. square gotten up to represent 
a camera. The pictures, of which there is a col- 
lection of eight furnished with each are slid Into) 
the front of camera. You look at the picture and 
eee a lady in full attire; you look again and lo. 
and behold, the lady as you saw her has vanished 
and in her place is only her ghost ; yet no change 
of pictures has been made and the picture can be 
shown as it originally was. With the change of 
pictures the novelty and Interest Is manifolded. 
The characters are comical and grotesque and 
furnish unending excitement. Postage 2c, Prlca 
lO. E.chi SI. 10 Doz. 



Laughing Camera N@, 2, 


Your friends grotesqnely photo- 
graphed; stout, people l"ok thin— thin 
people look stout. For years the funni- 
est attractions in every museum the 
world over have been the Convex Mir- 
rors. Everybody has found amusement 
in contemplating his own personality in 
a long-drawn-out or a sliort-and-fat as- 
pect. The Laughing Camera furnishes 
all this amusement 
and more. By get- 
ting a focus on a 
Sassing pedestrian, 
o r s e s , wagons, 
cars, etc., the most 
grotesque and ludi- 
crous pictm-es 
are witnessed. 
The passer by 
takes on the 
swing and 
stride of a 
Daddy Long 
Legs, Horses 
look like Gi- 

raffes, and altogether there is more genuine, hearty fun crowded into the 4 cubic inches of this little 
Instrument than theatres could show in centuries All crow fat from laughter. Postage 3c. 
Price 23 Cents Each; $2.25 a Dozen. 


bul Jni eves 1,,-kTi^ ^ hm 'i a t rer "endous sale and as a practical joker has few equals. Mefisto's 
all the latent £»i£i»S ?5 I £."V i i ,th l} 8tly vnn as ll0 rest9 on y° ur 'apel or necktie are sure b i bring out 
Their cniostS ?,'£ J' ' >I ou meet and tl. very .close scrutiny of its features. 

Wur^SBrv^ijSfc a ?e fied ^ henb ii pre ! 8,n F ,he ™ nher bal1 filled with water and concealed in 
r^e«itth y rowo 'l f Ctaflnostr ?^ n ? f water into your friends eve. Good either at long or short 
an™e^ai?n?niswtiiw m H V v' M .***. Mefisto is nicely worked out in oxidized silver and as a 
thehoselfie'in MonT "rTViX ,ts pr l ce - ^e hall holds a lot of water, being IK in. in diameter and 
to 'Price lio. E&h 8 for 3 26c '•"■Si "mDoL" 06 and obaraoter of «»«■** oi »«• klut1 ' Posta 8 e 

Utile Willie's Pants. 

This pair of Pants has 
created no end of fun where- 
ever shown, and is as useful 
and ornamental as it is novel. 
I Present it to some bloomer 
■ girl, new woman, or bossy 
I mistress known as the wearer 
[of pants about the house, and 
I you will have loads of fun. 
f Pants are all tailor cut and 
made of fancy cloth, with 
buttons, and silk shoulder 
braces. Hang it on the wall 
as a match safe and Little 
Willie's patches are always 
ready to give you a light in- 
stantly. Our stock is all one 
size (00 vears of age). Postage lc. Pries 10c. 
Bach; $1.25 Dozen. 

Windmill Whistle. 

This whistle is capable of 
making a very sharp or shrill 
noise, so delightful to the youngsters, and with 
whioh they can keep papa in excellent spirits while 
reading the paper, or help mother in putting tho 
baby to sleep. The little wheel is gayly painted in 
beautiful colors, and presents a gra rd appearance 
when revolving at lightning speed. Made of metal, 
with accurately adjusted wheel and embossed cas- 
ing. Postage ic. Price 8c Each; 82c Dozen. 

Did you ever pick tip a whis- 
tle without blowing it to see 
how loud it was? Did anyone? 
No I Whistles are to be blown 
and everyone knows it. So 
when they see one they 
blow, and blow hard. This 
whistle is just as inviting 
as any your guileless friend 
will be sure to blow if you 
. leave it in his way, and 
what docs he get? Instead of noise, flonr! aud he 
gets a lot of it: in his eyes, nose, hair; on his black 
suit and shirt front. He gets filled with it, and 
looks like a ghost or a grist-miller, when it is over 
and he emerges from the deluge. Postage lc. 
Price 9c. Each; 94c. Doz. 


This was all the go at the 
World's Fair in Chicago, The 
people almost fought to get them. 
The manufacturer could not 
make them half fast enough. It 
is a very comical pin and always 
attracts a great deal oi attention 
to the person wearing it, as it rolls 
itseye3aud keeps sticking outand 
in its redtoogue. When you first 
seeoneyou believe it's alive and 
is making faces at you. Well worth 
the money charged forit. Postage 
lc. Price 9c Ea.; 99c. Dozen. 



This is one of the 
most wonderful produc- 
tions oi the artisan's 
skill, and its effects are 
simply wonderful. It is 
a little instrument 
which is entirely con- 
cealed in the mouth 
when in use, it being 
impossible for the clos- 
est observer to di- 
that tho person using 
it lias anything unusual 
in bis mouth at all. His 
composed of a double semi-circular metallic ring, 
which encloses and supports the vibratory tissues 
or sound producer. Attached to the ring is also a 
diaphragm or retainer, the whole instrument being 
only about half an inch in length and less than an 
inch In diameter. All the parts aro made by costly 
machinery, designed expressly for the purpose, and 
every part, is finished in the most perfect and sub- 
stantial manner, will last a life-time. With it tiny 
person can imitate in the most perfect manner tho 
singing of every bird in the forest, the cackling of 
d lion, the squeal of a pig, the grunt of a 1; 
neighing of a horse, the whistling of a quail, tho 
buacktng ofadnokietc. For the use of the hunter, 
they are invaluable, as an animal or bird can bo so 
hem at once within range. All 
the van |ng bird, canary, and 

>ther choice singers can be given so natnrallv that 
rn listener cannot detect the differ- 
, im>- i on ran talk as well with it In your mouth 
as without it. This is the famous genuine double 
throat or ventriloquist's whistle. Please look In 
other catalogues and see What awful nrlees they 
charge. Postage lc Price 3c. Each; 32c. Doz. 


For the Unwary. 

in always catch vour unsuspecting friend 
(or enemy) with this sed'uetive device; no one can 
resist the inclination to stick his finger in the end: 
the manner in which it closes in on tbe finger sends 
the cold chills up Ms spine and makes him think he 
is in the grip of a boa constrictor. Pulling is of no 
avail, as it only emphasizes the fact that "he is 
caught.'* When you relent only can he escape. 
Postage lc. Reduoed Price 3c. Ea; 30c. Doz. 


This is tho most popular 
of Its class ever 
brought out. The first out 
shows "Uumpty Dumpty"i 
with a coon between hbl 
legs; taking the ball at L 
1 to elastic, crd you e 
draw and shoot; if you hit the coon ho lumps 
away aud another and blacker " coon " springs 
quickly onto Humpty's shoulders as shown In 
second cut; don't wait but get it now if itsfunrou 
want. Postage 4c. Prlee lie. Ea.; 91.10 Doi. 

We Are Pioneers in the Mail Trade and Have Many Imitators But No Competitors. 



A Startling and Pleasing Illusion :— " The ways of the 
world are devious," says Matthew Arnold , but the ways of the 
Lightning Triok Box, when properly handled, are admitted 
to he puzzling and uncertain. You take off the lid and show 
your friends that it is full of nice candy. Replace the lid, 
when you can solemnly assure your friends that you can 
instantly emptv the box in their presence without opening 
it. See cuts which show how this illusion appears, and 
taking off the lid again, sure enough the candy has disap- 
peared. Or you can change the candy into a piece of money 
by followine the directions sent with each box. This is the 
neatest and best cheap trick ever invented. Postage 80, 

Price 9c. Each; 98c. Duz. 

Pharaoh's Serpent's . Eggs* 

A wonderful and start- 
Ling novelty! Our illustra- 
tion gives "a very correct 
idea of this scientific won- 
der, which has become so 
famous since its introduc- 
tion in America. "Phara- 
oh's Serpents' 1 are pro- 
duced from a small egg, no 
larger than a pea. l'lace 

one of them on a plate, touch fire to it with a common match, and instantly 
a large serpent, a yard or more in length, slowly uncoils itself from the Darn- 
ing egg, Bach serpent assumes a different position, one will appear to be 
gliding ov<-r the ground, with head erect; another will coil itself up, while 
another will stretch out lazily. Each movement is natural as life. After 
the egg stops burning the serpent hardens and may be kept as a curiosity. 
Twelve eggs ia wood bos. Postage lc. 

Price 7 Cents a Box; 50 Cents a Dozen. 


Finely made; nicely plated Great- 
est novelty ever offered to the boys 
and girls of America, A COM- 
size and shape of a watch. Music 
box attachment concealed within, 
which phtys one of the following 
tunes: "Home, Sweet Home," "Yan- 
kee Doodle," "Blue Bells of Scot- 
land,""C'arnivalof Venioe,""Grand- 
father's - Clock." and a Waltz. The 
notes and tones are correct. It en- 
tertains both old and young Ton 
Will be delighted with it. Postage 3c. 

Price 25c. Each; S3.CO Ooz. 


Nobby High Kickers for the Boys! A 
Great Parisian Novelty t— These beautiful 
goods are perfect gems, and create a sensation 
| wherever they are shown. They are constructed 
npon a very novel principle. The figures as shown 
in the cuts represent ballet girls who go through 
I every movement known to the finished danseuse. 
The ballet girls are continually in motion and the 
sleeve buttons cannot be held so steady but what 
these lively dancers will be making some graceful 
or laughable movements, while the slightest motion 
of the hand will send them off on a lively galop, 
waltz or jig. With a very little practice the wearer 
can cause them to perform a great variety of amusing terpsichorean feats. They are the •' cutest " 
sleeve buttons ever invented. Everybody is get them at any price. Tou can have any 
amount t>f solid fun with these electric figures : their action.-, are life like, aud it is almost as good as 
going to a theatre to see them dance, The buttons an very handsome gold finished, and the figures 
are covered with glass. It you want the '•tallest" sleeve-button out. sent for the electrical ballet 
girls. Postage 2c. Price red'ueed to 30 cents per pair ; four pairs SI. 00 ; one dozen pairs $3.60. 

These buttons can readily be sold at 50 cents per pair. Agents have only to show them in order 
to effect a sale. 





(Copyright ISM.) With them you can keep up a 
conversation with your ladylove in the presence 
of others, and they will not know whptis goingon. 
They are the cutest thing out. With a pack of 
these in your pocket, you are bound to have agood 
time wherever you go. These! vsation 

Cards are an entirely new invention. With them 
you never need be at a loss to know bow to amuse 
your true love. Are you bashful? These will cure 
you. Are you at a lows to know how to pop the 
question? Theso will help yon out; yon can give 
your dear one the sweetest uomes, or tell her any- 
thing you wish, and there may he a hundred 
present and examine tb» cards, but no one can tell 
what is being said. Price by mail, 10c. 4 Sets 
by mail, 25c. One Dozen Sets by mail, 60c 


This invention has taken the country by storm; 
Wherever exhibited it has created great excitement 
and has at once jumped into popularity. The big- 
gest novelty of the year. When placed to the eye 
you will be surprised to 6nd that you can see what 
ts taking place in back and front of you at the same 
time. No need to wish for eyes in the back of your 
bead, as with this article you can observe all that oc- 
curs in that direction without even turning the head. 
[low often you are anxious to see faces back of you 
or to observe who is following, without attracting 
attention by turning around. The Sebackroscopo 
does this for you. The merchant at his desk may 
nee what is going on back of him without turning. 
Take one with you on the Picnic or Excursion and 
Observe the liberties your rival will take with your 
best girl, soon as your back is turned. You will 
findlots of fun in owning a Sebackroscope. Made 
of hard rubber, absolutely indestructible, and 6n- 
fshed in an excellent manner. Postage lc. Pric© 
22c. Eacli: $2-25 Dozen 


Printineis the most wonderful chemical invention 
of the age; entirely harmless; furnishing an endless 
source of pleasure to the young and very necessary 
for practical use in transferring by every one. By 
this process (Dry Transfer) you can duplicate news- 

fiaper pictures, fancy type, lithographs, typewritten 
etters, and also letters written in ink, as distinctly 
as original copy. Our illustration shows the boy re-, 
producing a newspaper caricature of two prominent 
members of Congress by the use of Printine. A 
number of copies can be made of the same picture, 
each as clear and perfect as the first. Transfers 
can also be made of Butterfly and Moth Wings for 
scrap books, thus forming an interesting and in- 
structive Entomological collection. Explicit direc- 
tions with each cake, by which a child of 6 can 
transfer equally as well as an older person. Postage 
lc. Price 10c. Each; $1.22 Cozen. 


OJ Kh « t , ur pi''51 ! , 

Smell m^ 


We bave just given an Im- 
mense order for this inge- 
nious musical novelty, and 
in this issue reduced the 
price from 85c. Made of 
sheet metal and contains a 
musical comb of 8 
tongues, n oomph to 
octave. The music 
box is a stem -wind- 
er, and when the 
crank on stem is 
turned and the 
Is held to the 
ear or rested on top 
of a wooden box as 
og board, a 
complete air is 
played. This will 
be found an amus- 
ing toy for children, 
as they can wear it 
as a watch, and at the same time play a tune on 
it. Each watch plavs a 6ingle air. Cut is 2-3 size. 
Postage 3c. Price 10c. Each; SI. 10 Doz. 

This is the best i 
all practical jokes 
because of its refine- 
ment." An ordinary trick 
can be played on " any old 
thing, 11 but the scent of a 
fnee hath charms only for 
a man of taste and d 
The fall thereof being 
, great, the joker is morel 

Cut shows the bud, fw! 

sifle, complete v,iih rubber 
it unscrews, the shank 
going through lapel but ton- 
hole. The bud is si exquisite- 
ly designed and made, that 
pecf until a 
fine stream of water issues 
from center onto the person 
of the smeller. This Is ac- 
complished by gently pressing 
bulb with thumb. The rose 
Is worth our price aside from 
the novelty, as it is a work of 
art. Packed in a beautiful 
box. Postage lc. 

Price 15c. Each; 

SI. 28 Doz. 

look careful through 
our book— Don"t be 
too hastv. but look at each article and ask yourself 
ifvoudonot want, it— you can save much in time 
and money by doing this as double the quantity of 
goods will often cost no more for transportation. 





This is an original novelty, aa 
exact imitation of the Electrio 
Push Bell, such as used in hotels, 
apartment houses and else- 
where. The base is made of 
maple, highly polished, and the 
•push button of black walnut, 
the whole being about IX inches 
in diameter, with a hook at the 
back so that it may be slipped 
over the edge of the vest pocket. 
Young America is always eager 
for something new, and to meet 
the demand we have just 
brought out our " little joker, " 
the greatest hit of the year. 

When you see a chestnut fiend 
approaching, orafriend whonaa 
ever heard of the old Chestnut Bell, you have simply to raise 
the edge of your coat so as to expose to view your New Electric 
Bell, when he will push on the button at once expecting to hear 
It ring; the result can be better imagined than described. As 
fcon as he toncnes it, you will see some of the liveliest dancing you ever witnessed. The Electrical 
Button Is heavily charged and will give a smart shock when the button is pushed. Never known to 
fall. More fun to the square inch with the Electric Button than anvthing ever before invented. 
Just the thing to use on old chestnut, stale-joke peddlers. One shock from the Electric Button and 
>e will never try to " rim off " any chestnuts on you again, but he will immediately send for a 
button for himself, and square his account with some other fellow. Fun pressure, one thousand 
Jounds to the square inch. There is more real fun in the Electrio Push Button than aoy other ioker 
fcexlstence. Everybody should have one. Postage lc. 
. Price 8c. Each: three for 30c; one dozen 60c. 


A New Sensation* 



*° J 1 ?. w °™ In either the Scarf or L->r>el 

Of Coat-Kicks like the «)ri K i«al Article? 

An Attractive Pin, 

There is a pneumatic arrange, 
ment within the figure which is 
connected by means of a con- 
cealed rubber tube with a small 
rubber ball carried in the pocket 
of the wearer. Like Loie Fuller, 
you have to reach into your 
pocket to see her dance. It is 
only necessary to apply a little pressure 
to the bulb in the pocket and the 
skirt dancer's pedal extremity describes 
arcs in the air with precision enough to 
destroy a tile at every kick. You press 
the bulb, she "does a turn." The 
chief advantage of the small silver 
Loie over the other kind lies in the fact 
that she is perfect Iv obedient to the 
stage manager's wishes, and all her 
kicking is confined to her own line 
of business. Postag 

Price 83c. Each ; 
$3.30 Doz. 


To say the above creates a sensation wherever shown and operated, puts it mildly. A perfect little 
CAMERA in appearance. No chemicals or dry plates required. Fi is vest pocket. Place your 6itter in 
a good light, pull out the slide, inquire whether he or she "prefers full face or profile," get the proper 
focus and press the little rubber ball on the inside of Camera, and we predict an Inmtantansoua 
result which will cause much surprise and amusement (the former wiU be experienced by your sit- 
ter and you and those initiated will enjoy the latter) when your subject receives the little stream of 
water which issues from the tube of the Camera. It never fails to produce roars of laughter. It is the 
greatest mirth maker at an evening entertainment and delights old and young alike. It can be refilled 
and used as often as desired. Postage 2c. Price 10c. Each. 



"This Is a BIRD!" not only 
In the worn vernacular, bnt 
In fact. It is, furthermore, a 
live bird! At least it has two 
of the most necessary attrib- 
utes of one, namely, it sings 
and flutters its tail. It is beau- 
tifully designed and perfectly 
made by one of the country's 
leading manufacturing jewel- 
ers; elegantly plated In 14-K. 
gold. Its detail is so fine that 
each particular feature is 
brought up by the perfectly 
engraved dies. This is impor- 
tant, for to get one's attention 
you must wear something 
odd, striking and pretty. Your 
friends will never fail to no- 
tice the bird. Then, while 
they are examining it, you 
Secretly press the rubber 
bulb concealed in your 
vest pocket and to the as- 
tonishment of all the 
bird, till then quiet and 
Inanimate, raises its tail, 
which is of beautiful real 
feathers, and begins to 
sing; and as your friend 

becomes moro Interested and wondering yon vary 
his singing to suit yourself, from the mild chirrup 
of a meadow lark to the Elirill plaint of a whip- 
poor-will. Imagine the consternation caused by 
seeing such a performance of an innocent and 
beautiful Scarf Pin. Last year we were obliged to 
sell this at 70c. Finding it so popular we contracted 
for a large lot, and have reduced the price to but 
little over one-third this amount. It is complete 
with all fixtures, as shown in cnt, including ball 
and about 2 feet of tube. If your fancy pleases. 
you may use water in place of air, and instead of 
filling the atmosphere with musio you fill it with 
water and spray. A great fun-maker. Get it. Post- 
age 2c. Reduced Price 30c, Each; S3. 10 Doz. 

A Clgar-HoWer that Wul produce a 
completely finished photograph (size of 
cut) equal to any taken with a $100 
Camera. The working part Is simplicity 
Itself. "You smobe the Cigar, we do the 
rest." Every smoker who loves 
fun should have one to enter- 
tain his friends. The Holder la 
of hardwood, made especially 
for this, purpose and hard en- 
ameled: a regular Cigar-Holder. 
We furnish with each Holder 
material all prepared for mak- 
ing six different photographs of 
Actresses, Actors, Skirt Danc- 
ers, etc.. In Stage Costume. Ex- 
tra Photographs 12c. doz.; 50o. per 100 post-paid* 
Postage lc. Price complete lOo.t S1<00 Doz. 


The inside revolves so 
that three different col 
ors can be obtained, 
white, red and blue. 
Every boy wants one. 
It is 5 inches high, made 
of heavy Tin, Japanned. 
The glass is very heavy, 
making it impossible to 
break with ordinary 
usage. It isalsooval in 
shape, making a power- 
ful light. It is complete 
with lamp and burner 
and will burn any oil. 
Postage 8c. 
Price 16c. Each; 
$1.65 Dozen. 


A beautiful nickel-plated boj 
containing a heavy wheel eeiiterec 
on a shaft, the top end of whict 
magnetized and projects througf 
p of box : the wheel is set in mo- 
ion by a lever at side of box, and 
on account of its weight i 
runs a long time. The m &g 
netized zhaft end o 
course attracts metal. 
land whea In m 
anything placed again- 
it will be kept in con- 
stant actiou, taking 
on the shape of the metal ap- 
plied. Cut shows' two figures set on a metal base 
of irregular shape, which moves the figures ex- 
actly as if thev were waltzing and reverses them at 
intervals. With each box comes an assortment of 
a dozen different figures in beautiful colors, also 
the same number of metal fixtures of almost every 
conceivable shape, making the variety ot peram- 
bulations this box will bring out almost endless. 
It is impossible to adequately describe it. You 
will be a hundred rimes satisfied if you send for 
one. Fosf&rc 5c Price .£Oo.Ea-i »«-O0 Doz- 


This Key can be 

flven to any one 
or examination, 
after which a ring 
is borrowed, and 
put on in a myster- 
ious manner. Then 
the Key with the 
ring upon it, (as 
the cut ihows) is 
given again to any 
one, with the re- 
quest to take the 
ring from the Key. This feat they find it impossi- 
ble to accomplish, and return it to the performer, 
who instantly and easily removes the ring to tho 
wonderment of all. Postage 2c. Reduced 
Price 30c. Each. 

Thlm #• Our 

Fad Lapel Lamp. 

Complete with oil tank, wick, 
colored lights, and strong metal 
frame. Compact and neat. 
Burns 4 or 5 hours. Novel and 
2 in. high; jjf, in. square. 
Postage 3o. 

Price 9c Each; 90c. Doz. 

Don't Overlook the Little Items— They Are Gems of Utility and Cheapness. 



Here is the grandest aggregation of wonders and wonder-makers ever 
offered to the mystery -solving public. No one has ever attempted to 
produce such an outfit for less than a dollar and none but ourselves 
could doit ;wq are pioneers in producing new and 
original tricks, puzzles and illusions at popular prices, 
placing in the reach of all, feats which were held as 
great secrets and Bold at hi^h prices. This outfit 
contains 12 pieces the same or equ:i 1 to those usually 
sold by regular dealers at 25 and 50c. each. Some 
are the best selections from our regular line where 
we sell them at 10c. or more ; so even at our cut 
prices you have a value here of from ©1.25 to si. 50 
aside from our new manual, which is a work alone 
worth, as such works usually sell, many times our 
price for the outfit. It contains fully illustrated 
and demonstrated conjurers tricks and illusions 
to the number of 100, ail original and up-to-date; 
exactly as they are practised by the greatest pres- 
tidigitateurs ofthedav. Such famous puzzles as 
the *« Missing* Link," "Razzle l_>azzle," ** Con- 
centric King," "Tangle," "Penny in the Slot" 
are included in the outfit, besides several of the 
most difficult wire puzzles ever devised. Besides 
the great box, we send with each item of this outfit 
an illustrated demonstration of it. Anyone not 
feeling that they have received large value in this 
outfit may return it rind have his money back. 
Postage 5c. Price 30c. Complete ; $3.10 Doz. 



A full pack of 5^ cards appearing precisely 
the same as an ordinary pack of playing cards, 
but by the aid of the instructions given, anyone 
ca» perform the most wonderful and apparent- 
ly impossible tricks. Many of the feats exhibit- 
ed are truly marvellous, and will delight, as- 
tonish and amuse a whole audience. Some 
people may. However, become 60 puzzled and bewil 
dered at the mysterious and inexplicable character of 






one has ever been able 
until it was explained 
can be used in all card 
the playing with tricks 
one. We also send with 
ted trick cards of Prof, 
conjurer and magician . 
tricks are now For the 
and are without.exeep- 
able card tricks extant 
are unequalled. They 
in them will never grow 
tainment or festal oc- 
tricks That can be per- 
shuffled in the pack, 
pack after having been 
divided hy one cut. 4 

many of the t ricks 
the agency of the 
mind that the 
legerdemain or 
slight- of - hand, 
cretisin the cards, 
be performed 

as to attribute them to 
'"Evil One." Bear in 
tricks are not done by 

bnt that the whole se- 
and the tricks cannot 
any other cards. No 
to discover the secret 
to them. These cards 
games. interspersing 
that will astonish every 
each pack the celebra- 
Viller, the renowned 
These remarkable 
first time made public, 
tion the most remark- 

As a means of amusement and entertainment these cards 
are always fresh, interesting and mysterious. The interest 
old, and the possessor will be a welcome gue«t to anyenter- 
casion. We give below a partial list of many wonderful 
formed with the Wizard's Pack: 1. a card may drawn 
and cut the first time. 2. To blow a card from the 
drawn, returned and shuffled. 3. The two colors of a pack 
.. The card discovered under a handkerchief 5. Six persons draw a c ard each- 
shuffle them, and immediately after the performer at once produces them, pullin" them rapidlv out of 
the pack one after the other. 6. The performer leaves the room; while he is absf-nt a persr n draws a 
card. He returns, takes the pack in his hand, and immediately pulls the card from the pack drawn in 
his absence. 7. To cut a pack and name the number of cards in each part. 8. A card drawn by the 
audience not seen by yourself, shuffled and placed with the pack upon the table, separates itself from 
trie others. 9. To call any number of cards and draw them from the pack as called- etc etc While 
performing these tricks, many others equally as good will naturally be suggested to the'mind of the 
performer. V, e mail a full pack of Wizard's Cards (52 cards>. Prof.Viller's trick cards, and a book with 
full and explicit instructions for performing all the tricks. Postage 3c. Sold hv others at il 00 
Our Price just reduced to 25c. per Pack; 3 Packs 70c; S2.G5 Uoz. 

KAZOO, the Musical Wonder. 

GREAT FUN FOR THE BOTS! With this wonderful instrument you can play any tune, imitate 
birds and animals, bag-pipes. Punch and Judy. etc.. etc. The Kazoo is the only musical instrument 
that any one can play at a moment's notice, without instruction. When used by minstrel and specialty 
artists, quartettes or choruses, it invariably receives repeated encores. Furnishes good dancing musio 
for excursions, picnics, etc. Superior to any thing else for clubs, street parades, etc. Used as a mouth- 
piece on brass or tin horns; a good band can be organized with little practice, as the keys require no 


"The popularity of the kazoo as a musical instrument is attested by the fact that kazoo quartettes 
and choruses are being generally introduced at entertainments. The kazoo quartette at the City Hall 
entertainment recently was recalled six times, and the kazoc chorus at the Genesee Normal School en- 
tertainment received 4 encores." — "Post Express," Roehest*,.-, N. Y. 

"A portion of the afternoon's pteasure and amusement was due in no small degree to a small musi- 
cal instrument called the 'kazoo,' with which the musically inclined gentlemen of the party performed 
in a creditable manner the popular songs of the day. It was this little instrument that furnished 
music for the march to the hotel, and if one might judge by the interest taken in it by the guests on the 
piazza, it fnlly sustains the reputation of novelty given it by its inventor."— "Boston Journal." Post- 
age lc. Price 9c. Each; 3 for 25c. 1 Uoz., by express, SOc. 

•While "Gold Bugs" and "Silver Cranks" are try- 
ing to settle their differences on the money ques- 
tion this gentleman says nothing and saws wood. 
The lllustrationshows "him in his first convulsion of 
surprise at the result of simply turning the crank. 
As he turns, the white paper goes in and a crisp 
new $5.00 note comes out, and when the last bit of 
paper disappears between the calendars of the 
machine the bill drops. A hatful of the same 
kind follows as you feed in more paper. Trans- 
mutation of metals is not in it with tne wonderful 
money maker, as you (apparently) make money 
with it out of paper costing but4c. a pound. How- 
ever it is NOT a counterfeiting machine but the 
sleekest fooler of the credulous ever devised by 
ingenious man. Guaranteed to do as claimed 
above. Substantially made with metal frame on 
*ancy wood base, provided with a supply of blank 
Daper and.lnstructions enabling anyone to work It 
to perfection. Post-paid with Catalogue Of 10OC 
now Novelties. Price 35c. 

"Monkey on 
A Bike." 

This is a clever invention. It is a solid metal 
wheel with a shaft on which the string is wound 
It is set swiftly in motion the same as a top and 
then placed on the floor and off go the Menkey 
and the Bike as naturally as life. They will go a 
Img way too and will only stop at some obstruc- 
tion. Several hundred feet is not too long a trip 
for them if the going is good. The monkey is a 
cute little fellow made of chenille ; he is so light 
' hat some force keeps him upright when rid- 
ing. Postage 2c. Price 6c. Each; 50c. Doz. 


A complete outfit consisting of 
not only a good saw frame but 
all the extras at a very small 
price. The frame is of hard 
wood and very well made. 

With this outfit any boy or girl 
can make money and enjoy 
hours of fascinating pleasure. Persons who work 
during the day, can make extra money by sawing 
a few nours each evening. Parents will find that 
this outfit will keep their boys and girls in the 
house when everything else fails. The outfit con- 
sists of the following :— 1 Saw Frame, extra Saw 
Blades, 1 Bradawl, Copying Paper for copying 
designs, Sandpaper, 1 dozen New Designs for 
making Easels, Match Safes, Wall Bracket*. Card 
Baskets, Paper Knives and others. Also, full di- 
rections for using all, packed in a neat box. 
Postage 6c. Pric. Complete 25e. £aoh> 


Laughing Camera No. 1. 

One of the most pleasing and amusing Optical Novelties we hare 
yet introduced; can be carried in the pocket and pre 
when your friends need something to matte them laugh. Will make 
__________^___ people forget their troubles i 

f p " |. jEjT 3s BSi — 111 anything we know of. The latest mirth 
jggj^^^^«=fi|^fe maker on the market: creates bushels of 
sport. You look through the leus and 
your stout friends will look like living 
skeletons, your thin friends like Dime 
Museum fat men, horses like giraffes, 
and in fact everything appears as 
though you were living in another 
world. Each camera contains two strong lenses in neativ finished leatherette case, 
Price 10 Cents Each; S1.00 a Dozen. 


Here's the littlest lantern ever put on the 
market — 2 inches high and Hi square. Is com- 
plete in every particular; sliding panels of col- 
ored glass and real oil burning lamp. Pin is so 
arranged that it may be fastened to Boat lapel, 
; :s, or anywhere. Will burn 4 or 5 
hours with ainight glare to be seen for blocks 
and won't blow out. Pin a half a dozen all 
over your clothes and what a sensation you 
woidd mako walking down the street! Won't 
leak or burn your clothes; won'l smell or 
smoke. Yt>u can have a cart load of fun with 
these little t winklers. If you're the first one 
n town to get 'em yon have the rake off on 
all your friends, and they'll want a cuuple 
right away. Postage 3c. 

Prioe 9c. Each; 90c. Doz. 

Postage 2c. 



There is nothing else that will so completely 
change one's appearance as a false beard. A boy 
can be instantly transformed into a middle-aged 
man, that even his parents would fail to recognize. 
We have two styles — "full beards" and "side 
whiskers with, mustaohe," as shown in illustrations. 
They are suitable for masquerading parties, private 
theatricals, tableaux, parlor entertainments, etc. 
They can be easily adjQ3ted to or removed from 
the face, and young men can have any amount of 
fun by putting them on at evening parties or else- 
where. The transformation is wonderful, and we 
guarantee that the wearer of one of our beards will 
not be recognized by his nearest friends or rela- 
tives. They are made from real hair, nicely crimped, 
Which gives them a wavy, natural appearance. We have a full assortment of colors, white, gray, 
red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. • In ordering send a sms it , or 

Btate ei '1' >r of beard desired. -Price of full beard, as shown in out, 50 cents ; price of side whiskers 
with mustache, as shown in cut, 50 cents. Sent toj aaS, post-uaid. 

Animated Sku?£ Sca*f Pirn. 

This is about tho 
novelty ever 
Invented. It is com- 
posed of a neatly 
made and heavily 
I gold-plated skull; Shake- 
speare tells the rest — 
And in those holes where 
: eyes did once inhabit 
there were crept as 'twere 
in scorn of eyes, reflecting 
etc." Ingeniously 
constructed levers ana 
springs inside the skull 
enable the wearer by 
means of a fine silk 
thread running behind the 
scarf, to make the jaw 
drop and the diamonds 
come out and fill the holes; 
the effect is truly awful ; 
enough to startle the most 
phlegmatic. Too well 
made to bo very cheap but 
will yield bushels of fun. 
Creates roars of hilarity and never 
i attractiveness or novelty ; entirely harm- 
less ; will injure none's feelings, but make every- 
one happy. If you want a noveltv to make you 
remembered, get a good one; this is it. Postage 
lc. Price 75c Each. 

RF H3RPF1M t0 ^N* 5 y onr orders plainly, 
Ul vrtlli.1 bU givmg name and price of each 

article— to sign your name and full address to v, un- 
order—to say how we are to ship— to enclose the 
proper amount— to address, seal and stamp your 
letter carefully; in short DON'T BE CARE- 


For cap or lapel. 
This is the 
novelty pin; 
ever offered/ 
to cyclists.! 
Exact size* 
of cut. Per- 
fect frame, 
seat, li 

bars, sprocket, pedals, chain, and 
all: in silver-plated stamped sheet 
metal; its novel feature is its 
wheels, which are of 
Roman gold, and in 
place of spokes it i3 
composed of wings 
like a windmill. They 
are perfectly bal- 
anced, and the slightc. 
breeze sets them whirling 
like lightning, giving a 
beautiful effect and pro- 
ducing a pleasant purring relieving the monotony 
of the ride. "Don't ride alone when you can have 
Company." Postage lc Price 10c. Each; Spe- 
cial 98c. Dozen. 


Lancrhable. Amus- 
ing, Interesting and 
^Esciting from be- 
ginning to end. 
In size, conven- 
ient to be car- 
, riedinthepock- 
iet, and brought 
I forth on each 
land every oc- 
Icasion. It will 
F please you and 
will put your 
friend in good 
humor. The 
puzzle consists 
eyes in their right 
place. Tho eyes, 
which are represented by two small shot, persist; 
In n •lling all over Jilurphy'sface and v.-hen, through 
i manipulation, one eye is put in place it 
trembles in quite a comical manner— but. when 
both eves have been luooi "d, Murphy's 

face fairly beams with good humor. Postage lo. . 
Price oc. Each; 50c. Dm. 



One of Prof. Hemnand's 
most wonderful little Tricks; 
with it you can mystify all 
your friends. Impossible 
to detect unless you know 
the secret. One way to show 
it is to pass the Jokeramong 
your friends for examina- 
tion, then open it yourself, 
unfolding the pocket inside, 
showing it to be empty, place 
a dime in it, fold it up, close 
the covers and open at once. 
"Presto change, the coin 
has vanished;close again and 
open once more. 'Behold' 
the coin has reappeared. 
The Little lokcr can be used 
in several ways, all of them being very mysterious 
to all except the operator. Postage lc. Price ye- 
Each; 70c. Dozen. 


is a 

and girls. The distance a card 
can be shot with it is beyond be- 
lief. It is simple in construc- 
tion, perfectly harmless and 
looks much like an ordinary pistol. It will shoot 
any kind of card; 100 are furnished with each for 
a starter. Postage 3c. Price 13c; 81.50 Do* 


" Aerial spirits by great Jove designed to bo on 
earth the guardians of mankind ; invisible to mor- 
tal eyes they go, and mark our actions, good or 
bad, below." Since the days of the Fox family 
nothing has appeared which has excited scientific 
inquiry into the possibilities of actual intercourse 
between the seen and unseen asdid, and still does, 
the magical, and to some minds the uncanny, 
Planchette. Under its guidance questions have 
d and talcs told so bordering upon 
actual revelations that one's intellect becomes 
confused, and for tho moment at least it seems 
possible to enter the secrets of tho spirit world. 
Scientific journals and societies admit that there is 
an indefinable "something" which controls the ac- 
tions of this instrument to such an extent that its 
an v.his are proved by -actual knowledge to have 
been true. Professor Tyndall frankly says, after 
the most careful examination, that " the phenom- 
ena are inexplainable by any known laws" The 
fireaent generation have only an indistinct refl- 
ection of the days of 18G7, when Planchette was 
read, studied and discussed about nearly every 
i. The instrument is illustrated above, and 
consists of a movable table bearing a wellsharp- 
d pencil In its index point. For an even- 
ing's entertainment Planchette proves a diversion 
both interesting and marvelous, especially as it re- 
fuses to act while under certain Individuals' 
touch, a adily becomes alive when an- 

other Investigator presses his fingertip" upon its 
rcsponsivomechantsm. Planchette Jr. istlicsame 
in principle as the larger ones, bat measures only 
SiB'A'k' -b"d hardwood table. Postage 

tic. Price 2Gc. Each; 82.45 Doz. 

We Can Save You Money, Especially if You Order Largely, by Freight or Express. 



Price 8c. 

This is a handsomely fin- 
ished Toy Locomotive.made 
of metal, mounted on strong 
wheels, baring gilt boiler, 
black smoke-stack and 
bright-colored cab with four 
windows. When wound 
np, it runs a long distance 
across the floor, and affords 
the greatest amusement to 
the children. It is by far 
the cheapest self-moving 
locomotive ever made, and 
a marvel of strength and 
beauty. Every parent 
should buy one for the 

Postage 2c. 

Price in a strong; box, 

only 8c; 

three for 20c. j 

75c. Doz. 



This is the greatest wonder of the printer's 
.art— the most ingenious, puzzling and musi- 
cally changing book to be bad. It contains 
50 pages of fancy and comic pictures in col- 
on, pases of music, of alphabets, etc You 

o this book, and, turning the 
i-h"V.- your audience that the I 

;ic pictures. "Presto, ohangel 

: lie book, end, turning over the 
iotures have changed to music. 
You then chance the music t<» birds andflow- 
:■ change and alphabets in vari- 
ous types appear. You again open the book, 
and, turning the pages, only blank white 
leaves rue sen. In making all of these 
changes you turn the leaves from beginning 
to end of the book. It excites the utmost wonder in the minds of all who see you turning the leaves 
The book is strongly bound in fancy cover, showing "Ben Ali," the famous Mag 1 
his picture tricks. This is a book to amuse aud instruct young and old. Postage le. Price 8c; TSc. dz. 

Something entirely new. Can be used by all. To 
know others secret thoughts is something people 
have been wishing for; with these cards you 
can almost instantly know what any one thinks of 
you For instance, if a young man is desirous of 
knowing what he is thought of by a certain lady 
or girl, if he is in possession of these cards he can, 
in less than fifteen minutes, know just exactly 
what she thinks of him, without her knowing any- 
thing about bis discovering her thoughts. Or, if 
the hna the carda «be cfln detect bis thonahtg. 

Postage 2c Price 14c. Set] 148 Dozen. 



This wonderful discovery, based on the mysteri- 
ous powers of human magnetism, answers all 
questions on any subject, in the most accurate and 
marvellous manner. How aud whv it does this we 
cannot explain ;yet when theBoard is set between 
two persons, and their fingers are placed on the 
little magnetic table, set upon the Board, the little 
table will soon commence to move, faster and 
faster, talking or answering questions rapidly by 
touching the printed words or letters on the Board'. 
It works wiih surprising speed, and will answer 
every Question on all topics— political, reli. 
social. It will tell your fortune, guide you in 
business matters, and inform vou as to your' future 
husband or wife ; tell whether you are to be rich, 
live long, etc. 

The GENU is a marvel, astonishing all who trv 
It. It is a handsomely polished Board, covered 
with words and letters, and with the magnetic 
table, is packed in a strong box. Postage ;Sc. 

Price GOc. Each; gd.OO Boz. 


After years of universal 
popularity, the Zoetrope is 
still as much a wonder as 
ever. It causes simple fig- 
ures printed on strips of 
paper to become animated 
i so that life movements are 
I imitated in the most natural 
}mauner. Although many 
thousands have been 
yet not a quarter of the children of to-day havo 
everseen one, and at the reduced price they are 
within the reach of all. The diameter of the 
drum is nearly five inches and a set of pictures 
containing a dozen designs is furnished with each 
.cetrope. Postage 8c. Price 86c. Each. 

OUR ASSORTED BEADS are a preat de- 
light to children and often of utility in fancy 
work; an immense numher of them put up in neat 
cheesecloth has; a (treat variety which would 
cost a let ofmoney bought In any other way. Post- 
age 3c Price Gc. Each ;, 00c. Dozen. 


An entirely new 
novelty for the little 
ones, made of heavy 
tin and painted to 
look just v Kke a real 
elephant. You can 
start him at the top of 
an incline and he will 
immediately walk to 
the bottom - 
assistance, or you can 
lead him by a string and he will walk on trie floor 
or anywhere you guide him like a pet animal. The 
mechanism is perfect and requires no winding and 
in construction so simple that it will run for years. 
The children will find nim very obedient and ready 
at all times for a romp with them, Postage 2c 
Price 13c. Eaclu &X-22 JJoz. 

This set is a perfect beauty and is one of our best 
offerings. It is not a toy set, but of good size and 
finest quality. Knife is'7 in. long; the design is par- 
ticularly handsome; extra heavy silver plate; packed 
in neat fancy lined box. Postage 4c. Our Re- 
duced Price 17c. Each: $1-75 Dozen. The 
same set in aluminum gold. Price 45c. Each; 
$4.50 Dozen. 


This is a regular made 
tea kettle of regular 
design and work- 
manship; Hade en- 
tirely of copper, 
highly burnished ; 
size, twice as large 
as cut ; holds a go» d 
tea cup full, 
and may be 
used for prac- 
tical purposes 
as well as a 
toy. Postage 
Price ] 5c. 
Each; 81.38 


The sight of this novel lit- 
tle outfit will almost make 
your Doll smile with de- 
light. The set is of German 
make and a perfect im- 
itation of a genuine nursing 
outfit. It consistsof a dainty 
little bottle of glass with 
rubber tube and nipple, 
complete in all parts and 
ready for use. also has rub- 
ber teething ring, and Doll 
rattle. A pretty toy forany 
little miss. Postage 3c. 
Prlce9c Set; 93c. Doa. 


MOTHER GOOSE PINS.-One of the most 
charming sets of novelty pins ever offered ; com- 
prises "Boo Peep," "Tom the Piper, "Hey Did- 
dle," and "Little Jack Horner. 1 ' all with regular 
size pins, heavily silver plated on white metal and 
exquisitely enameled in 5 or C bright colors. 
Reduced Price 3c. ea.; 4 for 10c; 35c. doz. 

is shou 

Any little Miss who de» 
to be up-to-date 

Id use a set of these 
cute little combs for the pet 
doll. The combs are all 
perfectly made of hard 
rubber and are very hand- 
some. Each set contains 5 
combs: toilet, dressing, 
fine, round and back; also 
1 pair bracelets, and 'Z liair 
pins. We have made the 
price low, so that every 
Miss can present her pet 
doll with a set of these 
little beauties. Postage 2c. 

Price 19c- Set. 

$1.95 Dozen. 




This new mechanical bank is 3H 
inches square, height in front 5J£ inches. 
It is made of sheet metal, an exact 
imitation of an old time "quarters 
befo'dewah." When a peuny or nickel 
is dropped in, the clockwork starts 
the machinery, the player will "pick 
deole banjo" the other darkey dances 
a genuine breakdown, keeping perfect 
time, and with a great variety of 
amusing steps. 600 distinct operations 
are required to make each bank, which 
contains over 60 separate pieces. With 
one of these banks you can do a "re- 
gular land office business," why? be- 
cause every one that comes along will 
want to see the performance, and the 
talent doeB not accommodate unless 
paid, consequently in goes the admis- 
sion price, every time. The bottom is 
a coin safe into which all the money 
drops and remains there until removed 
by the treasurer of the bank. The 
metal door with safety key, insuring 
this. It is wound up from the back. 
Artistically designed, stamped in relief, 
and hand painted, making it handsome 
enough for the parlor table, and sure to 
attract attention, and make money. 
Useful, funny and you cannot buy any- 
thing that will please the little folks 
better, and amuse the older. Postage 
17c Price 98c. Each : SI l.OO L»cz. 


Pocket Watch Purse. 

A perfect representation of a watch (stem wind- 
ing); silver-shell case and chain* but, as the cut 
shows, it is really a vest purse. It is quite a novelty, 
is well made and finished, and is having a verv large 
(ale. Postage 2c. Price 23c. Ea ; $230 Doz. 



This top has been for 
years a "sticker" for 
scientists and even the 
most learned cannot satis- 
factorily account for the 
wonderful feats it per- 
forms in apparently defi- 
ance of all laws of gravi- 
ation and motion. Our 
cut shows its capabilities 
belter thnn we can de- 
scribe them. It is com- 
posed of a neatly deco- 
rated wheel of heavy 
metal on a bright steel 
axle which is perfectly 
pivoted inside a bright 
steel outer ring. The 
wheel, owing to perfection 
of its bearings and its 
weight turns at nigh speed, and runs a great while. Without being able to state reasons, we 
guarantee that this top will spin in all the positions shown in cut, and in almost any other the 
operator can devise. Sold I he world ever at 25 cents. Notice our out. Full directions and pedestal 
With each. Postage 4o. Price 12c. -Each- SI. 20 Doz. 

The Telescope Vocaphone, 

Here is a funny 
thing; it is figura- 
tively and actually 
a yard of fun and 
is capable of being 

concentrated into very small compass. Suppressed by the Coney Island authorities, 
because it made so much noise and for this and other reasons now wanted by every one. 
When collapsed as shown in small cut, it occupies a box 4 in. square; when ex- 
tended, it is about 3 feet long with a 4-inch mouth; composed of 12 tapered sec- 
tions. Its construction gives the same astonishing effects in magnifying the power of the voice 
as the recently invented Microphone by which ordinary tone is increased to that of a giant and 
carried a mile and over with ease. With it you can speak to the mountain-tops, valleys and forests 
from vour doorsteps; call the folks to dinner from the back lot a mile away and in fact hold long 
distance conversation with your neighbors in general. Furthermore, each instrument is fitted with 
a Patent Vocaphone mouth-piece which gives a peculiar wierd and penetrating quality to the tone 
and enables you to exactly reproduce the bellowing of a bull, the roaring of a lion, squeal of a pig, 
crowing of a rooster— down to the cherrup of a dickey -bird. It will imitate perfectly any band 
instrument from piccolo to bass horn or opera singer from high soprano to basso profundo with all 
the usual "agony". All told we have not in years offered anything with more merit for amusement 
and utility than this Telescope Vocaphone. Made of special fibre tubing coated with silver and gold 
leaf ebomzed mouth-piece with delicate reed mechanism, not affected by dampness or use. Get one 
now and let the fun begin I Postage 9c. Price 50c. Each; $4.95 Doz. 


Tou hang him to your watch 

chain as a charm, and you have 

only an odd little ornament, 

but something of 

use and value as 

well. You blow 

his nose and he 

emits a shrill 

squeal. In fact he 

is an A. No. 1. 

whistler. Will stop any car 

except a Broadway cable. 

Postage lc. Price goEach; aoc. Do*. 

This is a small box about 3 in. long, and it is full 
of condensed and concentrated fun. The ends 
are of gauze, giving the appearance of a cage, and 
the noises that come from it will make the average 
mortal think there is something very much alive 
inside. As a matter of fact it oontains a good- 
Bized bellows, and when you release a secret 
spring the thing yells out in a loud voice like a 
baby's or a parrot's " Mama 1" or " Papa I" At an 
evening party or dinner table you can set the 
crowd crazy by operating it in your pocket. Post- 
age 3c. Latest Price 18c. Ea.; 81.98 Dozen. 


The cutest little mechani- 
cal toy and parlor orna? 
ment ever devised; can't be 
beat as a novelty, and again 
demonstrates Yankee inge, 
nuity in its entire construe-- 
tion- Is an exact Sewing 
Machine in miniature form; 
the little crank on the right 
quickly sets it in motion, as 
on practical machines, to 
the great delight of the 
young ones. All parts of 
metal and finished in Rom- 
an Gold. Worth a Dollar. 
Postage 4c Our Price 

CA\/C UntlC V by ordering a quantity of goods 
OAVl MUll LI by -Express or Freight € Get. 
your neighbors and friends to order with you. 
Look this book well over before sending an order 
and make up an express order. 

24c. Each; 


_ Upholstered Sofa, Rocker and Chair, perfectly 
similar in shape and appearance to real life size 
furniture. Upholstered in beautiful silk plush. 
The most popular fancy goods novelty brought 
out in years. Pleases young and old alike. Frames 
are 5 inches high. Made of Aluminum alloy. You 
may have any color plush upholstery vou like. 
Postage lie. Price 83c. a Set ; 83.25 Dozen. 


This Beautiful Parlor Suit is not the minute arti- 
cle generally sold, but is of good size and represent] 
an expensive upholstered, suit. The patterns are 
produced in unfadable colors on cloth, especially 
prepared. They are very simple, each article being 
complete in itself, any child large enough to sew a 
short seam, can cut them out. set up and upholste: 
this beautiful little suite. This furniture can be 
used as pin cushions and make handsome orna- 
ments for the dresser. Full instructions with each 
Buite. Postage 2c. Price 13c. Ea.; 81.23 Doz. 


A typical Barnyard 
Rooster made from 
heavy card board 
and lithographed in 
natural colors and 
very lifelike. Thi$ 
bird is not a fightei 
but quietly stand* 
eating his corn. The mechanism is so arranged tlmj 
you can help him do it. and enjoy seeing him select 
the best from the feed pan. No skill required in 
operating; any one can work it upon the first triaU 
Postage 2c. Price 6c. Each; 62c Dozen- 

This Bo ok May Look Like Others You Have Seen But IT ISN'T I BEAD IT. 29 

^ELF MOVING TROLLEY CAR. ™ parachute gun. 

This is our latest production in the mechanical 
toy line, and is far in advance both in novelty and 
excellence of workmanship of any ; similar contrivance 
made. Its simplicity in mechanical arrangement of 
driving gear is marvelous, making it possible for a 
child to set it in motion with the use of forefinger and 
thumb. All parts are strongly made ohnetal. beau- 
tifully painted and decorated and represents an un- 
derground trolley ear. The car is ready in an instant 
t.i make a round trip, and boys and girls and also 
'■grown ups'' have a glorious time playing motor 
man. The car will easily run the full length of a 
room. Our price enables every one to become 
president and General Manager of a one car trolley 
line. Postage 3c. 

Price 10c. Each ; 81.05 Dozen. 


The very latest is 
the toy Hue. enter- 
tains "the old ano 
the young 
folks. Operated OS 
the telephone prin. 
ciple, when arrang- 
ed on Btring as illus- 
trated in cut and 
allowed to swing 
any hare' 
object, produces 
loud vi bra ting 
sounds, similar to a 
ehime of bells, [sal] 
the rage at present, 
secure one yoursel) 
and listen to the 
sweet melody of the 
Cathedral Chimes. 
Nothing like it has ever been invented before: the 
greatest novelty out. Postage 3c. Price 10c. 
Each; 81.25 Doj. 

Mechanical Flying Bird, 

Since the wo 
ful climbing monkey 
was produced noth- 
ing so attractive in 
this line has been 
this is 
' even belter, as it has 
more action and is 
more attractive. As 
the string is pulled, 
as shown in cut. the bird 
flaps its wings with perfect 
naturalness and really ap- 
i pears (the string being small 
• and almost invisible) to 
mount up on the ait' alone to 
tier hand The bird 
is beautifully gotten up in 
lithographed metal in several 
colors showing its plumage 
as in life ; measures 1 inehe3 
from tail to beak ; its wings 
have a duplex action, each 
having a skeleton mechan- 
ism which works from ma- 
chinery inside the bird. A SO cent toy. Postage 
8c. Price 35c. Each ; 83.50 Doz. 


Here is the " Queen 
of the Air, " Miss 
Blondin, abeautiful 
young lady that really 
walks along a real rope 
suspended in the air, 
without any assistance 
from anyone. She al- 
ways creates great 
laughter and applause. 
The figure is perfectly 
formed and wears a 
Bloomer cost ume— blue 
skirt, and red and blue 
trimmed waist, with 
bare arms, and legs in 
tights. By an ingenious mech- 
anism she is made to stand on 
rope, and is ready to walk the 
moment vou place her on the 
rope. By adding extra rope she 
will walk from one room to 
another, or the whole length 
of the house without taking her 
down. This a wonderfully ingenious invention, 
and I-ady Blondin walks just like a real tight-rope 
walker, her legs and feet moving as if in life. An 
entirely new and sensational novelty just from 
Paris 'France. Full directions accompany the 
figure which is carefully packed In an ornamental 
box, showing her picture. Postage, 6c. 

New Prico 18c. Each ; 81.75 Dozen. 


and Lorgnette Chain. 

All the boys have their toy watches, why not the 
firls? We have hud the ''La Petite" made expressly 
lor them and we feel sure it will make a "hit ' The 
Watch is gold plated and is patterned after thelatest 
Swiss models; stem wind and set. With each we 
Vive a beautiful Lorgnette Chain. 30 inches long. 
Present this to the little ones and they will be de- 
ighted. Our price is extremely low. Postage 2c. 
Price 9c. Bach; 95c. Dozen. 

Bloomer Doll. 

A pretty faced, curly haired 
dressed in vari - 
bloomer suit with ruffled collarana 
cap. An appropriate 
ime bloomer friend and a 
eptable present for any 
It J] family, 
jointed legs and arms ana 
t in almost any posi- 
tion without I. lea! 

Price 7c. Each; 
75c. Doz. 

"Uncle Sam" Can Hammer. 

^Exploding cap" 


An up to date cap exploder wbich was especially 
designed to eliminate ail danger to the eyes and fin- 
gers, and is specially recommended to parents as 
being harmless and absolutely safe in the hands of a 
childof 5 years. Nothing to equal it in price or nov- 
elty. Never fails to explode the cap in 1 stroke; 
never gets out of order; hammer of metal with red 
wood handle, 9 inches in length. Postage 3c. Price 
9c. Each; 92c. Dozen.. 


The most wonderful Top 
in the market. Runs by 
simply blowing into it. it 
will run faster and longer 
than any top of its weight 
ever made. It is made of 
brass, nickel plated, is 
strong, indestructible, and 
when in motion an amaz- 
... ing assortment of colors 
appear upon the top disc, 
which seemingly move in all direc- 
tions. Some of its many advanta- 
tages: Children cannot get hurt 
with it; has no shaip points. Those 
of three years and younger that 
can spin no other top spin this eas- 
ily, and are wild with delight, 
watching its bright, changeable 
colors. Old people study it. Itis 
of great benefit, as it expands the lungs, broadens 
the chest, promotes circulation, and is a healthful 
exercise. It's the only "tornado" that benefits all 
who come in contact' with it. Postage 2c. Toy 
store price 25c. Our Price 10c. Each; 90c. Doz. 

The finest out-door toy for boys and girls. Sci- 
entific, amusing and instructive. The manipula- 
tion of this toy is so simple as to hardly need any 
explanation; it consists of a Parachute painted In 
gay colors, with a handsome little gun, to shoot it 
up in the air, which at a certain height unfolds 
itself and slowly descends in a graceful manner to 
the ground. Entirely harmless. The gun is 21 
inches long, the parachute arrow 17 mches; packed 
in a neat paper bos. Postage 10c. Price Soc. 
Set; 83.50 Doz. 


An album of movable pictures, lithographed in 
new and beautiful colors, and operated by a me- 
chanical arrangement, making each picture appear 
lifelike and in motion. The scenes depicted are cal- 
culated to amuse and instruct young and old, and 
include the following; "Shipwreck, 4, Kox-Hunt- 
ing," "Christmas in Germanv," "Seesaw," "Grand- 
father's Rocker," "Battle of Bunker Hill," "Express 
Train," etc. Postage lc. Price 8c. Ea.; 80c. Doz. 


STAMPS. No. 1. 

This is one of our great popular sellers, and Is It 
any wonder ? A set of rubber stamps, mounted on 
neat moulding with a self-inking stamp pad in 
neat box with lithographed label. These figures 
are most grotesque and laughable, and with the 
outfit they may be printed in all sorts of amusing 
attitudes and situations. The most attractive 
amusement children have found for year-. TU, 
popular set has been sold as high aB$l 00. Postage 
2o. Our Price, 9c. Each; 88c. lloz. 

so ROBT. H. INGERSOLL ft BRO., 67 COBTLANDT ST., ft 163-165 WASH1H6T0N ST., N. Y PITY. 
new tiddledy winks. New Peerless Package of Games* 


Our popular size. This is not a new game, but it 
aas spread like wildfire and is played everywhere. 
The game is to give the winks (or buttons) a flip and 
make them land in the pot. Consists ot 10 winks4tid- 
jledies and 1 gypsy kettle shape wink pot, all nicely 
solored and in wood box. An unheard of cut in 
feiccs. Postage 5c. Price 12c. Eau $1.23 Doz. 


I i n g e - 
ed ; es- 
ed for 
t r a v el- 
lera, but 
is ao 
I conve- 
tbat it is 
pre f or- 
red to 
cumbersome board. The player holds it in his 
hand, and after playing offers it, to his opponent. 
Each square covers a pocket nto which the men 
fit neatly. Made of parchment paper to stand 
wear Men of best pristal; board covered with 
Eussia leather. Size open 6x7 in. An extra set of 
men with each. Postage 4c. Price 81.00 Each. 


Made of compressed fibre which 
They are also noiseless, neat In 
. easier to handle, and owing to 
their lightness we can mail them to our trade at 
lower prices than the common kind. Postage 14o. 
100. Price 65c. 100; S5.50 1000. 

Entirely new. 
will not break. 
appearance and 

A nlnteenth century wonder comprising a per- 
lect checker board 3Mx7 inches, perfectly made 
in every detail, including cloth hinge back ana 
granite enamel paper edges, and a full set or 
checkers. Not only suitable for a child s set but 
Inst the thing for lovers of the game to carry with 
them Will go in any coat pocket and weighs hut 
Boz. and note t>e price. Postage 3c. Price 8c. 
Set ; Special 75c Doz. 



Every card a 
character sketch. 
Unique back de- 
signs, in two colors. 
Linen stock, highly 
enameled and fin- 
ished. Postage 4c. 
Price 41c. Pack; 
$4- 15 Dozen. 

ALADDIN.— An extra valuable pack; worth 
25c.i. Regular size aud weight. Patent process fin- 
ished almost equal to enamel. Extra stiff stock; 
elegant Dragon backs. Will suit the most fastidious. 
Postage 4c. Reduced Pricel5cPaok.SL 55. t)z. 


The grandest collection of Games and Amusements ever offered, no trash, but all of practical use 
furnishing the entire family with "A Cart Load of Fun" for the whole year. See what you Ret— Game 
of Backgammon, folding board 7x11 inches with full set of men; Games of Chess and Checkers, boards 
and men complete; Game of Nine Men Morris; Game of Fox and Geese, both With boards and n en . 
Game of Dominoes, full set of handv size; Game of Fortune; Game of Authors, 48 card in oack: Saint 
of Forfeit; The Great 13 Puzzle; The Peerless Triple Puzzle; The Royal Tablet of Fate, as used by the 
Ancient Astrologers; The Oracle of Love, Marriage and Destiny; Magic Age Tablet, with which you 
can also tell your girl's age; Prof. Pepper's Animated Dancing Skeleton, 14 inches high, will furnish fun 
for an entire evening; Pack of Comic Conversation Cards. Peerless Amusement Book in every Package 
contains: Morse Telegraphic Alphabet, The Beautiful Language of Flowers, Language of the Gems. 
200 Selected Album Mottoes, Riddles and Conundrums with answers by the hundred. Teaches youhow 
to become a Mind Reader and Clairvoyant. Full instructions for the arrangement of Pantomimes, 
Tableaux, Shadow Pantomimes and Shadow Buff. 1 dozen New Parlor Games, 1 dozen New Chemical 
Experiments, 15 New Tricks in Parlor Magic fully explained. A Model Love Letter, Lovers Telegraph, 
Flirtation Signals. The New Card Game, also Games of Magic Music, Adjectives, New Book, The 
Parson's Cat, Order of the Whistle, Black and Red, Game of Letters and the Puzzler. Package con- 
tains everything mentioned above. Postage 2c. Price 1 X-ot 10c; .SI. 00 Dozen. 


Consisting of a handsome, 
open - face, nickel - plated 
watch case, Willi rapidly 
revolving dial set in motion 
by a stem acting device. 
Showing five horses, with 
jockeys all beautifully and 
naturally colored, running 
on a green field. It makes 
a very interef ting diversion, 
and will afford more fun 
than anything ever sold at 
the price. A person of 
"Turfv" instincts will find 
this interesting ns well as 
profitable, s a ving him 
"book-makers commissions" aud much time and 
r-fare. You press the button and 'They re 
Postage 3c. Price lgc, Each. S .60 Doz, 


Heavy grain sole leather, well finished 
and perfectly shaped, strongly stitched 
with fancy waxed end. Bottom is in- 
serted. Postage 4c. Price, 8-ba. 16c. 
Each; SI. 75 Doz. 3^-in. 85c. Each; 
98.88 Doz. 

Authors Improved. 

—A great amuser and 
educator. A good, dur- 
able edition, finely print- 
ed on fine tough card 
and packed in a strong 
box with lithograph 
cover. Postage 4c. 
Price 18c. Each; 
81.85 Doz. 

Cricket on the 

New edition, just out. 
An improvement, on the 
popular game of tiddledy 
winks. Played with 10 
crickets, 1 large counter. 
The plan of the gal 
to snap the cou 

!i the hole, which 
100; on the shelf, 
which counts IS, or in the 
lower compartments, 
which count 30 or 10 as 
the ease may be. A fine 
game, which will tasoi- 

it only chil- 
dren but old* 
pie for hours 
age 4c. Price t 
Each; S1.1U 

.Dice.— Made of first quality white bone with 
corners rounded. Spots tilled with jet black en- 
amel. Good goods at wholesale prices. Postage 
2c. Doz. 

7-16 inch. Price 18c. Doz. 81.3!> 100 

'/ 2 " " 84c. " l.. r >0 " 

9-16 " " 30c. " 8.00 " 

No. 5. 
" 6. 


Made of the new Electrose 
composition, jet black with white 
y spots well hnished and polished; 
(\will not chip or crack. Very 
[large size, 9-16 inch, of good 
[weight, corners rounded, insur- 
Sing against sliding. The most 
' popular kind made and the fa- 
vorite with professional dice 
throwers. Postage 2c. pozen. 
Trice 81c. Dozen; S3. 15 Gross. 


A prime favorite. 
Extra g o oid stock, 

with new process alu- These novel little pins are made in eignt uu- 

miiraiii surface and ferent designs: Policeman, The Dude, Jolly Jack 

waterproof finish; set Tar, John Chinaman, Noble Red Man, Amateur 

pattern margin back. Fireman. The Jocular Irishman, and the Cele- 

A pack that will brated Brownie. Made in metal, heavily silver 

stand years of night plated and be din several bright 

work. Postage4c. colors. Equally suitable for ladiesMstick cine lor 

Price 18c. Pack; men's scarfs. Postage \o. per doz. Special 

$1.80 Dozen. Price lc. Each; 10c. 


WE Have Ko Stale Stock on Hand— IT MOVES TOO RAPIDLY TO GET OLD. 



The feature 
of this little 
beauty is the 
new revers- 
ing valve at- 
tachment, by 
means of 
which the en- 
gine may be 
run either 
backward or 
forward with 
equal speed. 
Valve is «o 
constr u c t e d 
that it will al- 
ways work 
properly and 
never get out gtes'gdi'al 
of order. Just f ace .xiio 
the thing for wa tch 

running a be ^^^ \ n 




TheMcGinty Watch. 
In the phrase of the 
day, this watch "takes 
the cake." It is a 
genuine surprise party 
and creates intense 
astonishment. The 
watch 'ansa handsome 
nickel-elated metal 
oase, with stem-wind 
knob, and pretty 
silver-plated charm 
attached to ring.Thei e 
is a regular dial plate, 
hour and 


This little novelty is almost a work of art, so cloie- 
ly does it resemble the Parlor Fireplace and Mantel 
with wood burning on the grate, fender in front and 
shovel and tongs in place on the hearth. Made en, 
tirely of metal, 4,S inches long by 3'A wide, nickeled 
the vest, and when asked the and polished. A handsome ornament whereyej 
■ placed, and no child's doll house is complete with- 
out it Postage 4c. Price 15c. Each; 3>1.45 DOZ. 

aniialvie your' friend bv opening the placed, and no child's doll house is complete 
a ° (le l Satctf 7orupTuSp?jSt?fromthe I bottomof out it. Postage^. Price 1 Be. Each; $1.45 
steam «,e sea. This is emphatically a "surprise" to 
everybody, and costs so little that everybody; can 

yaoht, and we can furnish the propeller attach- 
ments ready to ho used. (Listed elsewhere.) Boiler 
is of hlghlv polished brass, securely fastened to a 
double base and has a real water gauge attached. 
Whistle and safety valve are not soldered to boiler, 
but are locked on steam-tight. Has also a gov- 
ernor. Insuring steady running. If any part needs 
renewing at any time a duplicate can always be 
had. Price list and full directions for running are 
packed with each engine in a strong lock corner 
box. Thoroughly tested before leaving factory. 
As handsome a model as any in our line. Size $% 
Inches high : base C'A Inches. Postage 41c. Should 
BO by express. Price SI. 95 Each. 

Prasteron Attachment* 


This is a complete attachment for con- 
necting ■with engine, consisting of balanco 
wheel with crank bearing on steel shaft, with pro- 
peller Made on other end; mounted in porf ert he ;i r- 
Ings and frame. Designed especially for our Atlas 
Yacht Engine, but can he adapted to any of sim- 
ilar size and style. Postace 3<-. 

Price 60c. Each; SG.10 Doz. 

afford it. Each watch and chain in a beautiful box 
With illuminated cover. Postage lc. 
Price 8c. Each; 75c. Doz* 


Here is a scientific novelty of 
the most extraordinary character 
—real Automatic Acrobats or 
Clowns, that seem endowed with 
life, and rapidly turn somersaults, 
without any propelling power, 
except their own. The moment 
you place them on any inclined 
. such as a standing desk, 
ase, table or board, the 
■t incline is sufficient, when 
off the acrobats go heels over 
head, in the most amusing man- 
ner. Theroare no springs or me- 
chanical device, and no winding 
up* Is required. It will puzzle the 
wisest heads to find out the force 
that moves the acrobats, and it 
looks for all the world like per- 
il motion. Postage lo. 
Price of the double acrobats only Sic. each ; 90c. 





These are practically the 

same as our engine attach- An ideal water color outfit, containing 1 dozen 

menu; fitted to attach to cakes of assorted moist colors of best Quality, and a 

stove pipe, so that mechan- fine camel's hair brush; all put up in a handsomely 

isra is operated by the hot decorated metal case with sliding cover. Any am- 

air wheel over figure, as bitious boy or girl can learn the art of Painting; and 

snnwn in cut. Prices, post- w m fi„d this an excellent outfit to begin with, the 

age fi rid subjects the same as colors being very brilliant, full of body.and produce 

for engine attachments. excellent work. Postage3c. Price8c.Ea.; 84cDz. 



The idea is old but a 
perfect sling at this 
prico has not been 
made before. This has 
great force and 
strength. Hade of a 
of a solid piece of rub- 
ber. Requires no powder, no caps : is neatly 
finished, durable, and can be carried in the pocket, 
as it weighs only three ounces. Will shoot shot or 
bullets with accuracy and force, and with a little 
practice will kill birds on the wing or bring dowu 
a squirrel from the highest .tree. It. is the best 
thing out for taxidermists, as it will kill without 
spoiling game and makes no report. A boy can 
nave more genuine pleasure in a day with a Cata- 
pult than with anything else made. Postage 2c. 

Price lOe. Each- 3 for 25c.s UOe. I>ox. 



tible, entire- 
ly of tin. 
makes the 
biggest bub- 
bles ever 
seen and very tough ones. You can 
play ball with them ; good lung 
tester. Entirely new; one cake of 
special Balloon soap, (extra cake lc. 
each,) with each. Postage 3c. 
Price 10c. Each; 
98c. Doz. 

The largest water color outfit sold for less than 
50c; 28 different moist colors of first-class quality. 
We could offer a similar set for one-half our prico, 
but we think our customers appreciate quality 
rather than low-priced trash. Put np m slide 
cover, japanned box, with metal partitions; : also 
brush. Price just cut 50 per cent. Postage 6c. 
Price 15c. Each; SI, 50 Doz. 


A splendid model of 
a modern field piece. 
Everv part perfectly 
modeled and cast in 
the most perfect 
moulds, bringing out 
a bright, graceful and perfect little gun. It is pro- 
vided with a strong spring hammer which fires the 
cannon by means of a paper cap Inserted at breacx 
Perfectly harmless ana an everlasting joy to patri. 
Price 7c. Each ; 5c Dozeni 


We have recent- 
ly purchased n. 

large supply of 
American Flags 
(size 7*10 inches) 
made of the finest 
pure silk, and ara 
true copies of 
"Old Glory.." 
Make very hanu 
some and appro 
ate personal decorations for Gala Days; can be used 
as a Handkerchief or made into a Rosette and pinned 
to the clothing; can be fastened to Cane or Parasol, 
or a number of them can be hung in line, making 
splendid decorations for all festive occasigas, Post* 
age lc. Price 15c. Each: 2 tor 2£c 


These Albums' 
of German pro-) 
duction conlai i 
a grand collec*' 
tion of Decalco-, 
60 feet of the 
Transfer Pic- 
tures (over 200 
artistically printed in bright colors.representingchii- 
dren, in all kinds of odd costumes; Animals, Birds, 
Flowers, Fruits, and Landscape Scenes in great vari- 
ety.usefulin Household Decorations,and will furnish, 
hours of amusement to all in ornamenting various 
articles, making up "Scrap Books, etc. We pur- 
chased at a low price a large invoice of these Al- 
bums, and through our salesman offer you a great 
bargain. Postage lc. Price 9c. Ka.; 95c. Doz. 


The comical Japanese Chickens will amuse you 
for hours at a time by their queer antics and life- 
like movements. Jolly company at any time. 
Mcks are to fight to music fast or slow. lie 
down, stand up or make a bow all at the word of 
Command from the operator. The secret of their 

can only be discovered upon the 
examination. Full dire, lions to manipulate with 
each pair. Postage2c. Price 10c. Pr.; si. 15Dz, 



r This Engine is a perfect beauty, which our cut 
exactly represents, everything about it shines — 
Boiler is nickel ; Frame enamelled ; Balance-wheel 
turned bright and true. It is a new design and 
made on the best plan for durability and power. 
It is put up complete with lamp and instructions 
for running. . Postage 8c 

latest Price 48c. Each ; ® 1.85 Dozen. 



a Is in all re- 

spects a scien- 
tific model of 
the ordinary 
Horizontal En- 
gine in use all 
over the coun- 
try. The boiler 
is mounted in 
the usual brick 
setting, and 
there is a work- 
ing furnace 
.door for 
the manage- 
ment of fires. The top of the boiler is provided 
With safety valve, lever and weight, whistle and 
whistle valve, steam dome and steam pipe. The 
Engine has a stationary cylinder with the usual 
piston, cross head, connecting rod and crank shaft, 
with fly wheel attached. An eccentric on the 
crank shaft controls the valve rod and rocking 
valve, by means of which the outlet and inlet of 
steam to the cylinder is controlled. All the parts 
are accurately made and carefully fitted by ex- 
perienced workmen. It is a perfect running En- 
gine. P : ^ished fn bronze, scarlet ani black. 
Thoroughly Jested and packed in_woou box. 
Foil directions with each, -vlth price of paiJB. 
Postage 30c. Kedtwed Price 61.45 Each ; 
S 14.00 Dozen. 


The most prac- 
tical and perfect 
[working min- 
liature engine 
ever made. It 
is safe and easy 
to operate. 11 as 
power. It will 
develop ingenu- 
ity in your chil- 
dren and give 
them an insight 
into the wonder^ 
that are being 
achieved in the 
line of steam 
power and ma- 
chinery. Each 
engine comprises 
41 separate parts 
made by 400 sep- 
arate operations 
and is fully tes- 
ted before leav- 
ing factory. 
Packed in strong 
box. • 

Postage S4c. 
Prico 850. 

Triumph Upright Engine. 

Brand new model and splendid 
value. A large and attractive 
engine, (11 In. high), well made 
in every particular. It has a 
finely fitted water guage, made 
perfectly tight bv means of ad- 
justable nuts which can be 
easily tightened or loosened 
■with a little wrench, pack- 
ed jo box with each engine. 
It has a large balance wheel 
and all the parts nec- 
.cssarv to make it a 
(Complete and Beauti- 
ful Model Engine 
I The boiler is polished 
brass and the base 
and running parts are 
finished in colors. The 
Lamp and Draught 
airangement in this 
Engine is especially 
adapted for the use of 
petroleum or kerosene 
oil as a fuel (with 
perfect safety)- Thor- 
oughly tested ana 
fully warranted. AH 
i parts interchangeable 
P'and duplicate parts 
may be had. Packed 
in wooden box with 
full directions. Post- 



age 34c. Our Price 81.00 Each. 


A regular Trolley or Electric light power 
station I Built on the lines of the very large 
Corliss Engines used in large factories. ^ Won- 
derfully complete and accurate in all its propor- 
tions. Wade up of two comolete En- 
gines; the Boilers, Boiler Frame, Engine 
Frame, and Base are made of heavy 
Bheet iron, finished in bronze, scarlet 
and blacki and are all substaMially put 
together. , 

The Engine is so set that oe piston 
rods and cranks work in opposite direc- 
tions and furnish an interesting and en- 
of the working power of the Duplex Steam Engine Parts are interchange- 

tertaining illustration of the working power "'•"° -^^ ( ^7^ a 7tiyir; ow Ti n 'cut). For realism 


This cut shows the Dollar Electric Engine operating two mechanical figures. These 
attachments very largely ;idd to the attract- 
iveness of the small electric and steam en- 
gines now so popular. They can be quickly 

This is our best example of the horizontal type 
and it is a model of strength, elegance and per- 
fection ; has a large, highly polished brass boiler. 
trimmed with steam dome whistle and safety valve 
and is connected to steam chest on cyUnder by a 
polished brass steam pipe. The frame is oast 
malleable iron, to which boiler and engine are 
firmly attached. The cylinder, steam chest and 
slide rest are cast In one piece and cannot get out 
of order. The slide valve, eccentric, and connect- 
ing rod are all cut from very heavy sheet brass 
and are fastened securely together. The whole 
engine is in every way strong and durable. .Made 
so carefully that it runs with great ease, rapidity 
and power. Uumnilable. Just reduced from $2. 75. 
Cut Price S3. 35 Each. 


Here is the new style of 
centre bearing engine, double 
fly wheel, double crank discs 
and ciroular IkjIIow guide, 
thus insuring ample bearing 
surface for the cross head. I 
The cylinder steam chest and 
valve rest are cast in one 
piece, and cannot get out 
of order. The slide valve, 
eccentric and connecting 
rod are cut from heavy 
sheet brass and are se- 
curely fasten- 
ed together. 
The whole en- 
gine is in every 
way strong 
and durable, 
and represents j 
the very latest 1 
type of engine 
ing. The 
space, is* 
of pol- 

brass, trimmed steam dome and smoke stack. 
Has 6afety valve, water gange, whistle and steam 
pipe connection with steam chest. Heightof boiler 
is 11K inches, mounted on strong malleable iron 
base, 7 x 11. Altogether a very beautiful large 
model, up-to-date in every appearance, and our 
very latest and best steam toy. The best of its 
kind that money can bnv. Tested and guaranteed. 
Unmailable. Price $3.75 Each, 

Propeller Attachment 
and Engine* 

This attachment, though de- 
signed particularly for our 
Atlas yacht engine, can be 
rigged to any steam boiler and 
made to run a miniature 
launch at a high rate of speed. 
It consists of propeller blade 
modeled after most approved 
shape, with shaft, balance 


wheel piston, and everything complete and ready 
to connect to boiler. Made entirely of neatly fin- 
ished brass, iron and steel, in the most substantial 
and scientific manner. Length of shaft 5K inches: 
Reduced Price «1.05 Kacb. ; (110.75 Dozen 

WE hava but ONE PRICE— Quoted Under Each ITEM in Plain Figures. 




Invalid's Home Healer. 


ELECTRICITY is the BEST KNOWN CURE for all these ailments and many others, it is ALWAYS 
BENEFICIAL and NEVER HARMFUL no matter what the trouble mav be. 

Ask any authority, "Is Electricity Beneficial for Muscular and Nervous Affections?" The answer will invariably be 
" Yes." 

There are Millions this Dynamo will cure. Many are squandering, not SINGLE DOLLARS, bnt tens, 
hundreds, and even thousands with Doctors in the vain search for relief. We know how they are buying quark medicines, 
wearing magnetic belts and - devices of avaricious so-caUed specialists ; how they are being scared, bled and 

fleeced by charlatans and advertising fakes. 

Dr. Cutten's Medical Dynamo is the latest and most marvelous invention of the celebrated 
Dr. E. 11. Cutten, one of America's foremost and most successful specialists iu modern sciences. Being a Medical (Doctor of 

xperience and an expert in Electro Chemistry, he has, 
after lone and continuous study of the various apparatus, now 
employed by the Medical World, been successful in evolving a 
machine at once unique and scientific, yet most adaptable and 
effacions as a means of distributing the electrical currents through 
the hnman system in the most beneficial manner. From the large 
medical coils, magnetic machines and other highly expensiveand 
complicated apparatus ordinarily used for electrical treatment 
Dr. Cutten has eliminated all the faults and magnified many times 
the virtues in the invention of this simple little Dynamo. 

This Home Health Giver is wonderful on account of 
its size and low cost, yet generating the effective DIRECT 
CURRENT so essential for the best curative results. The Dyn- 
amo requires neither doctors' perscriptions nor expert handler. 
Nochemicais necessary aiid is always ready for instant use. 

Thecurrent can be exactly guaged by means of the patent. 
switch, developing as it does a continuous volume, without' 
shock or irritation and suitable for the most delicate organism 
or strong enough to overpower a giant. 

The Dynamo c miprises permanent field magnet and armature 
connected with multiplying gear, giving great speed with slow 
turning, switch for controlling current andconductorcordsatt- 
nched toelectrodes which may be applied to any part of the body. 
Mounted on polished wood base. Dr. Cutten's Treatise, a work 
of great value, giving explicit Instructions for home electrical 
treatment free with each dvnamo. 

Price $1.00. By Mail, $1.20. 


*k&m ^ ___^_ «&2 



Since the Bell patents have expired the public have awakened 
to the fact that Telephones are wonderful savers of time and la- 
bor. Instead of going to see your man. you stay where you are 
and talk with him. It has always been our study to fix on the best 
things of this earth and if possible place them within the reach of all the 
best people, i. e., the masses— the workers. The difference between "luxu- 
ries" and "necessities" is usually represented by monopoly and high price. 
Many a device just as much a necessity as a pen or a broom is made a lux- 
ury by patents and consequent high price. So we have gotten out this pop- 
ular edition of the Telephone. Each set consists of two black enameled 
Receivers and Transmitters, perfect reproductions in shape, appearance 
and general construction of the Bell instruments. Their acoustic properties 
are very powerful, owing to their construction on a new model, giving a clear delivery of the slightest 
sound at great distance. They carry with distinctness a whisper 300 to 600 feet. For short connec- 
tions and indoor lines they are much better than glOO instruments. For use in place of speaking tubes. 


Lime trustier Motor Parts* 



for connecting your bouse with barn, factory, office or other point on a farm, or with your neighbor 
or postoffice station, this outfit will prove entirely satisfactory and result in sales of many more. We 
send the two combined instruments complete for both ends, with everything necessary for adjustment 
and connection, including very explicit instructions. This outfit is shown just as it is by the illustra- 
tion, containing several hundred feet of line, with all the necessary 
fixtures for putting up, turning corners, etc. Postage 13c. 
Price 50c. Each; 94.90 Dozen. 

auu c'iiiicuiiuu 


This is ottr great Elec- 
tric Headlight Mo .2 

— great fun with this out- 
fit. Lights and goes out 
with the press of the but- 
ton. You can walk along 
on a dark night and read 
a testament. Price 
83.00, complete with 
double battery, 1 candle- 
power light, wire and full 



Electric Bells 
and All About 

Ihem-A coin- 

Elete instruction 
ook in Electricity, 
especially Bells and 
Telephones, by a 
i famous scientist, S. 
I R. Bottone. Bound 
in cloth; 196 pages; 
100 illustrations. 
Price, Postpaid, 
65c. Each. 

This is a complete set of parts for the Littla 
Hustler Motor shown elsewhere. Every screw 
and pin necessary to carry it to completion will be 
found in this outfit as shown in cut and with the 
Taluable instructions sent with each any clever 
bov can make a motor equal to any. Postage 14c. 
Price Complete 81.00. 

This Cut shows about one- 
fourth size our little AMEB. 
ICDS LANTERN. A perfect 
little gem of completeness, utility 
and novelty— Though perfectly 
made with strong metal frame and 
three-colored lights. We sell it for 
a song and though it is one of the 
greatest of novelties it also has a 
practical side ; 4 in. high ; 1% In, 
square. Postage 8c. 

Price 12c. Each | 
96c. Doz. 

Cur expenses are small; purchases large; sales quick; profits small, and PRICES LOW. 


This la a fine 
line of themost 
popular priced 
telescopes in 
the market, foF 
which English 
have long been 
noted. While 
not having the 
high power for 
long distances 
9 of the fine) 
... ... French goods, 

they do wonders m shortening distance, and are entirely practical and satisfactory and a great delight 
to the youth, who can easily afford to buy them on account of the extremely low prices. The object 
lenses are of fine quality and high power, t inch across; sections are of highly-polished seamless brass 
tul mig. fitted at each joint with milled and threaded brass caps, so that all may be readily taken apart. 
The workmanship is of the most perfect throughout. Our prices are far below the market, as we Im- 
port direct in large lots. Postage 3c. 

Prices: Two Draw, 38c; Three Draw (see cut), 48c; Four Draw, 78c. Each. 



WO. I 

This useful and beautiful instrument has five lenses, of the best French manufacture. The object 
lenses are achromatic, that is, convex and concave. High power achromatic telescopes have hereto- 
fore sold at prices placing tbsm almost beyond the reach of persons of moderate means. The tele- 
scope we now offer is just what the people want, a real philosophical instrument at a low price. It 
is strongly made and cannot get out of order, but will last a lifetime. The slides and mountings are 
made of brass, highly polished, the telescope tubes fitting closely into each other. Safety caps of 
polished brass cover the exposed ends of the instrument, keeping out dampness, and dust when not 
in use. The main tube or body of the telescope is covered with handsome French morocco, making 
it altogether a most excellent instrument. The length of the telescope when extended is 16& inches; 
When closed, 6 inches ; diameter, VA, inches. Each telescope is furnished with a strong case. 

Postage 13c. Price $3.00 Each. 


For those desiring a still larger and more powerful telescope we have one which measures, when 
extended, 25^ inches: when closed, 9J4 inches; diameter, 1$i inches. This is a magnificent glass and 
is specially adapted for the study of the heavens; thousands of stars invisible to the naked eye being 
clearly brought to view by the aid of its powerful achromatic lenses. We have placed another large 
import order which enables us to reduce the price to $2.60 SacU. Sent by Express. 


It is specially imported from France, and readily sells for one dollar at 
retail. The cylindrical case is manufactured from highly polished brass, while 
there are two separate lenses — one at each end of the microscope. The larger 
glass is a convex magnifier, adapted for examining insects of various kinds, 
the surface of the skin, the hair, fur or any small articles. It will magnify the 
hairs on the hands or arms till they resemble large ropes, and it is a most in- 
teresting companion. The other lens is exceedingly powerful, and will clearly 
delineate every small object entirely invisible to the naked eye, such as the 
animalcules in a drop of water, fishes, feathers and the minutest insects. 
Thousands of living animalcules can be seen in a single drop of stagnant 
water. An insects eye is a very beautiful object when seen through this, 
mioroscope. It is invaluable in detecting adulterations in food, such as flour, 
tea, coffee, smrar, spicps, milk and the fatal tri^ma. spiralis or pork worm. 
Postage 8o. Special Price 38c. Each; S2.75 Doz.' 


This is a remarkably ©neap glass of 
very good quality. It is equally 
adaptable for Field, Marine or Inside 
use, being of medium size. At our 
price it represents at least double 
value. It is one of the articles on 
which we have focused our energies 
to supply at alow price. When ex- 
tended the instrument is about 4J4 
inches. The cases are covered with 
finemaroon and black grained rnoroo- 
co; mountings of Hard Kubber and 
Enameled Metal ; Tubes are beauti- 
fully finished in gold and nickel. Tha 
lenses are of high quality and the) 
general character of these glasses is 
first-elass. _The length of extension 
admits a wide range of use — from ob- 
jects in the same room to objects 
Postage 10c. Price SI. 50 Each. 


Tnis is one of the finest offerings, value 
beauty and all considered. It is a medi- 
um size glass, 3% inch extended, of 
strictly hi^'h grade and most elegant 
finish; perfect in every part and an exact 
duplicate in appearance of a $-5.00 glass. 
Barrels are of 22 sections, perfectly joint- 
ed pearl of finest, light, variegated qual- 
ity; frame, caps, screws, etc.. are most 
perfectly finished, and plated in 14-karat 
gold and silver-nickel. There is not a 
point open to criticism about the whole 
glass. Made by a Parisian manufacturer 
of world-wide fame. The lenses are of 
fine quality and high power, making this 
glass as good as it looks. It is just the 
kind you pay $5.00 or $0.00 for in a store. 
Each is furnished in a perfectly-made 
genuine morocco case. A present worthy 
of any lady, of whatever station. Post- 
age 10c. Our Price 82.85 Each. 


We would think they were stolen if we did net 
know just where they came from, so elegantly 
are they made. Medium size; durable gilt and 
nickel frame; barrels satin finished, gilt plated on 
silverine base; hand "engraved in artistic design.. 
First-class lenses. Would ordinarily be taken So? 
a glass costing $10 to $15. To make this one of 
our greatest attractions, we inclose it in a 
splendid plush bag with silk gathering cord. 
Postage 10c. Price 81.45 Each. 



This cut represent*! 
a Field ana Marine 
Glass of very high 
quality, fine appear-! 
ance, and great 
value at the price 
we place on it. It 
is designed and 
made especially for 
our trade by the 
celebrated Lamier 
of Paris. It is of 
large proportions, 
and as good as it Is 
large. When closed 
it is 6 inches high by 
1 5J£ wide ; when ex- 
' tended fully, (as 
shown In cut) it is, 
i with sun shades 834 
9 inches long. Tha 
I object lenses, which 
I are of fine achro- 
I matic quality, are 8 
Pinches in diameter, 
or 24 lignes, - ' ths 
bodies are covered with rich tan colored alligator 
leather in the highest style; the trimmings ara 
nickel plated, of extra quality. A blacK leather 
case is furnished with each, also a finest shoulder 
sling strap. We recommend this as one of the 
best glasses for land and marine service, and fully 
guarantee it as represented. Worth $5.00 every* 
where. Postage 25c. Oar Price S3.60 Each. 


No. 11. 

We are the largest importers 

in the country of this line of 

goods, and can guarantee not 

only the quality, but our price9. 

You will save 25 to 50 per cent. 

by ordering of us as dealers make 

No. 1. wide margins on them. 

No. 1. Brass finish, open face, heavy glass front. 

1A in. diameter. Price 17c. Each; $1.75 Doz. 

No. 4. Nickel finish, regular watch case style, 
metal dial, finest divisions, 1^6 in. diameter. 
Price 34c. Each. ; $3.45 Doz. 

No. 0. Same as No. 4, with 2 inch dial. Price 
50c. Each ; S5.10 Doz. 

No. 9. Hunting Case, all the best improvements, 
IK in. dial. Price 78c. Each ; $7.60 Doz. 

No. 11. Brass finish slip cover, jewel centre, 
device for locking magnet, extra fine divisions, 
Hi in- dial. The finest instrument made. Postage, 
any number, 3c. Price 11.10 Each; $11.20 Doz. 

Bi- flARFFill 4 ? rrlte your orders plainly, 
L UMIILI UL giving name and 
article— to sign your name ami full address to your 
order— to say how we are to ship— to enclose the 
proper amount— to address, seal and stamp your 
letter carefully; in short DON'T BE CAKE- 

"From Manufacturers to Consumer " at one small profit is Our Golden Text. 



The new Feather- 
weipht Transpar- 
ent Eye Shade, as 
shown in illustra- 
tion, has decided 
I advantage! over all 
[ other shades or vis- 
ors in the market. 
It is the only trans- 
parent eye shade 
which gives abso- 
lute pmtec tion 
asrainst the injuri- 
ous rays from all 
artificial lights 
when reading or 
writing, and while 
it protects your 
eyes from these re- 
flections, its perfect transparency enables yon to 
discern ail surrounding objects without removing 
the shade from the forehead. The Featherweight 
Bye Shade is neatly bound with best quality of 
braid and has spring bows to adjust itself to the 
head without any pressure. For bicycle riders our 
shade is indispensable. It can be attached to any 
cap, also to office or travelling caps, affording a 
transparent visor and all its advantages. The ma- 
terial of which the Featherweight Eye Shade is 
made is perfectly pliable and does not absorb 
dampness or perspiration, which in itself is a fea- 
ture making our invention the cleanest article in 
the market. Postage 2c Price 19c; 81.86 Doz. 


An extremely interesting instrument of 
the style used by scientists. Made of Srass 


As our space is limited we cannot illustrate them 
as we should like, but you cau get a slight idea of 
their appearance from the pictures -which we show 
here. The glass we offer is beautiful in finish, 
graceful in shape, and of high Quality. Black mo- 
rocco body, with sunshades; black japan drawl 
tubes, cross bars and tops, packed in a handsome $&^ 
morocco case with shoulder straps. Farmers, cS 
herdsmen, hunters, prospectors, travelers, tourists, *^ 
and in fact everybody, will find this instrument 
►invaluable. The tourist can bring distantmountains, 
valleys and cities almost to his feet ; while any one 
| with this powerful glass will soon become famtiiar 
with different objects, that, before (from their great 
I distance) he knew nothing of.' They are substan- 
tially made, cannot get out of order, and will last a 
lifetime. Many of our customers write us that they have never had so 
much pleasure and enjoyment from a small investment as this Field or Marine Glass has afforded 
them. We might charge you double the price that we ask for them, and we believe you would ba 
perfectly satisfied, but we believe in giving our customers the benefit of our ability to buy goods in 
large quantities at low prices. Postage 25c, Should go by express or freight with other goods. 
Price So. 00 Each. 

Stereo- Sraphoscope, or Camera Obscura. 


throughout and highly burnished. Stands 6 inches 
high. Can be focused by means of a draw to suit 
any sight Has reflecting mirror in the base for 
throwing the best light on the object; will magnify 
one thousand times. Each Microscope put up in 
a polished mahogany hinged bos provided with a 
pair of tweezers, one prepared object glass and 
two extra glasses for mounting specimens. Post- 
age 13e. Price reduced notwithstanding raise in 
duty. Price S1.65 Each. 

Adjustable Eye 

A most useful inven- 
tion, made of trans- 
parent celluloid, cup 
shape, and neatly 
bound with cloth. 
Easily adjusted to the 
eyes by an elastic silk 
cord, and affords abso- 
lute protection against 
dusU rain, hail, or sun. 
Just what wheelmen, 
railroad men, team- 
sters and others have 
been looking for. Post- 
age lc. Price 18c. 
Pair. $175 Doz. 

German Horse Shoe Magnets. — 
| Good quality steel, permanently magne- 
tized; polished forks; red loop. 

VA inch. Postage 2o. Price 4c. Each ; 
39c. Doz. 

4 inch. Postage 5c. Price 9c. Each; 
88c. Doz. 

A combination 
of rare cheap- 
ness and utility 

with many new figB features. First as a stere- . 
oscope it is of W the highest class; the len- 
ses are achro- W matic and of the highest 

power The frame is of polished cherry, perfectly made- br-ss fi ins^- view holder 

attached to adjustable slide, giving more strength and accuracy than w^hen h"dermiv«on si dS 
The great feature of this instrument is its adaptability for use also asa firn-cHs? graphoscope in which 

§onWe 3 ^™ P ^S^ ° f C?^ ) ^ e S^ 0n , may be magnifiedTwhereas m a^stereSscopI onTy 1-e 
aouoie views may be used. For this use the lenses are riven a half turn mitwird hv me-n* of small 
knobs shown in cut. This changes focus and produces theVestod resuk AnMb%^ 

etn lotion card S^J^Th. fiSn 8 ,...^ "^V?^ 111 - 11 ^ and this P atent hood does this perfectly. In- 
tnu is one ni f h™.fiJH„ e if„ S for h o'd"iB pictures are also adjustable to any size. Altogether 
„wi?™£ f S e ^!L™ n .derful ctjom offerings, especially considering the low price. Sold every- 

Each; So.OO Doz, 

Where for $1.00. Postage 12c. Our Price 50c. 


These are spy glasses of extraordinary high power and quality. In goods of this class the value is 
largely in the size and quality of the lenses, and in these glasses they are of the highest grade. The 
sections are of solid brass tube, polished ; each joint is made with solid screw cap. The focusing is 
done in the first draw which contains four double convex achromatic lenses of best quality and per- 
fectly adjusted for highest results. The object section has two high power achromatic lense n solid 
brass fittings, with brass dust cap. Each Telescope has four sections and six lenses — covered with 
best black grain morocco. Postage, No. 1, 18c.; No. 2, 27c. 

No. Length Extended. Closed. Diameter. Lignes. t> ■• „ 

1. 23 in. 8 in. \% 16 $2.98 

3. 30 in. Wi in. 1% 19 4.35 



A genuine fine quality in- 
strument; made of finest 

solid walnut. Has OTa^^ wood hood, 
hinged handle, sliding bar and all other requisites 
„ of a good article. One of the finest and most re- 
These views comprise alarge variety of int€r J'^le made on the market The price is for a cheap 

more pleasure and instruction than one of these 

comic view* are most laughable showm^nD p£ i "''" 11 T ms ° ar£ 5"?- There is no article giving 
culiar people of all conditions almon speaking pore pleasure and inst ruction than one of these 
volnmea ot m.^™ "„, m.1 1.1'ji ™"„ a Pi a f.5i? instruments and a nice collection of views snch aa 

■MAG NETS, GRADE A.— Best quality 
steel; highly magnetized by process insuring per- 
manenev : heavily red enameled loop and full 
polished and plated fork and cap; steel is H, 
3- Hi and % inch respectively. 

2>i in. Postage 2c. Price 8c. Each; IS .75 Doz. 
4 " " 6c. " 12c. " 1.20 " 

6 " " 8c. " 20c. " 1.90 " 

Acme Goggle*. 

liust goggle3 or eye pro- 
tectors ; old favorites ; ex- 
tra quality colored glass, 
with wire gauze frame and 
elastic. Each in tin box; 25c. not an unusual price 
tor them; note ours. Postage 2c. 

Price 6c. Pair; 60c. Doz. 

a quality 

volumes of merriment. The landscapes comprise™ rie^crih/ heW u. ^ T °, f "? 

the most notable scenes of America and Europe ^j!l c "„„Li • W '„ I L 3 - le ^ eS are . of .u a °' lallt y 

such as Yellowstone Park, Niagara Falls Brook! ? qnal V? anf.^ed rasuch instruments: they trans- 

lyn Bridge, Geysers, Yosemite VaUev Camtol at f " rm a i' 0T(imar J photographs into a living scene 

Washington. They are all ■nice subjects and weH^- landscape, making every person or blade of 

made and finished photos f 

copies. 'No two alike in 100 

W %SSe^Elc^t d %Z e ^ki^ ta ^A o£ '3 finished throughoufin the finest style" andls an 

ornament to any parlor. One of our greatest value 

SPECIAL STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS tSo%^ n V^£ ml0a - i " Mtat * uo 

These are the finest Views made, taken from or. Price 30c. Each: 83.00 Dor. 

Iginal negatives by special artists sent solely for .»y Cupid Microscope.— b 1 e c 1 8 

the purpose by the manufacturer and copyrighted, f — 
Perfect in detail and finish; mounted on extra 
heavy board. A special feature of these views is 
an elaborate description of each subject on back, j 
Several hundred noted landscape subjects: no two I 
alike Postage 5c. doz. Price 9c. Ea.; 90c. Doz. I 

can be placed upon the glass at the 
top of the spring (which will hold 
them in place), and then placed in 
the tube for examination. The re- 
sult will astonish you. Postage lo. 
Price lie. Each; 81.40 Doz. 


Our Best Friends are those who have Dealt with us Longest and know us Best. 


A practical and unbreakable San Guard, as well 
made as the colored sun glass usually retailed at 
$1.00. It is rimless, with contiguous nose pads and 
riveted springs. We can furnish them in following 
colors: White, amber, blue and red. Especially 
recommended to bicycle riders and adapted for all 
purposes of a sun class. Their great value consists 
in the entire absence of weight and pressure on the 
cose, and at the same time they are as effective aa 
glass ones. Postage lc. Price 8c. Pair; S3c. Doz, 

Duplex Pocket Microscope. 

—It has two 1^-inch double 
1 convex lenses of the best man- 
ufacture and of extraordinary 
I magnifying power. Mounted in 
heavy metal rims and hinged to 
case, which is of heavy metal. 
Metal parts finished in best style. Lenses may be 
nsed separately or together as power is desired. 
Postage 3c. Price 40c. Each; $4.10 Doz. 

Crystal Spectacles.— 
We offer these as special 
bargain Spectacles be- 
cause they are at a very low price remarkably 
good serviceable goods. The lenses are piano con- 
vex and ground accurately by special machinery; 
the frames are of best steel, very strongly made 
and heavily nickel plated. Each in neat, strong 
case. Postage 3c. Price 10c. Pair; $1.05 Doz. 

Daisy Microscope— Fitted with 2 
very strong lenses, set 
about V t inch apart.giv- 
gm-^ » — ^ , J ing an extraordinary 
yy ^^^ power. Lens frames are 

of solid brass, oxidized, and screw in- 
to the rim, giving considerable focusing adjust- 
ment; rim and handle of nickel. Postage 2c. 
Price 31c. Each; $2.15 Doz. 

Colored Eye Glasses Best 

hard rubber frame, blued steel 
spring, perfectly made. Either 
blue or smoked glass worth a 
quarter at 6tores. Postage 3c. 
Our Price 8c. Each; 80c. Doz. 


This line of reading glasses is the most popular known, 
and importing as we do, direct from the factories of France, 
we offer them to consumers at wholesale prices. All 
prices below have just been cut and the quality was never 
so good. The making of the lenses in these glasses has 
been for 25 years the special study of the makers, who 
supply practically the whole world's markets. Clearness, 
perfect shape, given by exclusive process, and consequent 
highest magnifying power; solid turned metal rim and 
shank, nickel plated, and stout ebonized handles. 





2 in. 






a " 






4 " 


An excellent article for protecting the eves from 
the glare of the sun, without affecting the vision 
The glasses are of assarted delicate tints, ground 
very fine, with clear centres, which concentrates 
the eyesight and euables one to see distant objects 
more plainly than with the naked eve. Parks 
Landscapes and Scenery resemble beautiful paint- 
ings In their natural colorings. Can be worn by 
anyone without injury, and are beneficial to 
children with weak eyes. Frames are made of 
best tempered steel, nickel plated. Postage 2o. 

Price 15c. Pair; 81.35 Doz. 

Witch Hazel Obnt- 

men t— A guaran teed 

cure for Sore Feet, 

\ Corns and Bunions. In- 

I grown Hails and Chil- 

1 blains; all Eruptions 

laud Soreness of the 

I Flesh; Barbers' Itch, 

' Sore Nipples, Flesh 

Worms, Black Beads, 

Felons, Mosquito Bites, 

Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands, Sore Lips. Cuts. 

Burns, Bruises, etc. The best remedy for Piles 

Price-Trial Size 6c. box; GOc. doz. Postage lc. 

large " 16c. « «W» M "8* 

Eye Frotector.^TnesB 

glasses are having an im- 
mense sale with bicyclists, 
travellers and others. 
They keep the dust and 
wind from the eyes but do 
not in any way affect the 
vision or eyes. The cry- 
stals are of plain white glass slightly oval and non- 
magnifying, of large size shielding completely the 
eye and surroundings. Niokel steel frame and 
bows with ball points fitting over ears. Each in 
strong case. Postage 8o. Keduced Price 14c 
Each ; 81.40 Doz. 

Patent Cork Grip Eye 

Glasses.— Plain white cry- 
stals ; the finest nose grip 
ever put on any glass. nam- 
ely, a straight cork grip 
attached at lower end by 
light steel spring and up- 
per end loose, playing in 
slotted extension on spring. Has all the require- 
ments of expensive goods, including an extra good 
quality of crvstal. Guaranteed to hold tightly to 
any nose. Assorted numbers. Postage 2c. Re- 
duced Price 9c. Each; 90c. Doz. 

Gold Alloy Spectacles. 

Those fine Bow 
Spectacles* are first 
class serviceable 

foods, in every way. 
he frames are of 
Gold Alloy, the new 
metal, warranted not 
to tarnish, ' wears as 
well and in every 
way the equal of Gold, except in price. The glasses 
are of pure white crystals accurately ground. Our 
assortment enables us to fit almost any eyes. The 
numbers run from No. 8 usually worn by persona 
from 60 to 65 years of age to No. 36 for those from 30 
to 40 years of age. In ordering give your age, 
Postage 8c. Price 35c. Pair; $3.50 Doz. 






3. SO 








These glasses will be ot 
Inestimable value to per. 
sons with weak eyes. 

They have large magnify- 
ing powers and by their 
u*e the finest print can bo 
read with ease and much better than with spec- 
tacles. They also greatly enhance the pleasure of 
looking at photographs, engravings, etc. Only the 
very best clear ground achromatic lenses are used 
In our glasses. Class A.— See cut above.— Solid 
metal frame; formed metal handle; fine nickel 

s No, Size. Postage. Doz. 

' 1 IK in. 0*3. 83c. 82.25 

2 2 " 03c. 82c. 3.20 

V S 2J* " 05c. 40c. 4.05 

Folding Microscope No. A^->_ 

Sometimes called a "linen proyer " 
made of solid polished brass with 
double hinges ; 1 inch high, opened ; 
strong lens. Postage lc. * 

Price 30c. Each ; 83.10 Doz. 

Our Electro-Magnetic Rings are used the 
fforld over and accomplish wonderful cures of 
Bbeumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Neuralgia, etc. They 
are scientifically made and have the strongest 
magnotio properties. Prices, Postpaid: Silver 
Plated, 85c. Each; Gold Plated, 50c. Each. 


A necessity, comfort and life- 
saver. A splendid bedfellow and 
riding companion and for emer- 
gency use in almost any 
form of sickness it 
is invaluable and often 
the only means of relief. 
Holds about 2 quarts of 
water; is made of best 
rubber, warranted not 
to harden or crack ; fun- 
nel shaped mouth and 
nickel plated screwstop- 

Eer and rubber washer, 
lsuring against leak. 
Rubber handle and loop 
at bottom for tying in 
place. Sold universally 
at $1.C0 to $1.50. Notice 
the prices we are able to 
make, based on econom- 
ical methods of buying 
and selling Postage 9o. 
Our Price 62c. Each; 
Sneclal SB.BO Com. 

Cubeb Cigarettes— One of 
| the best remedies for Catarrh, 
Influenza, Headache, Asthma, 
etc. Quiets the nerves and 
clears the respiratory organs. Ours Is the best 
brand and come 12 (not 10) in a pack. See the price. 
Postage 2c. Price 7c. per Pack; 73c. Doz. 

Unique Magnifier.— A neat and 
compact but very powerful glass. 
Solid metal rim ; bona 
handle; well nickel- 
plated and polished; 
good lens. Suitable 
for vest pocket use. Postage lo. 
Price 9c Each; 90c Doz. - 

Bottled Electricity. 

Catarrh, Headache, Neuralgia, Hay 
Fever, Aathma, Deafnema, Falling 
Eyesight, and All Achea and Paine. 

Can be easily, quickly, pleas- 
antly and lastingly cured by 
the Electrics Jar. It clears 
the head, sweetens the breath 
and cures Catarrh in all Its 
stages. The Jar will cure the 
worst Nervous Headache in 
from one to three minutes. 
No wailing for results. This 
novel and true curative shows 
its wonderful power instantly 
and gives universal satisfac- 
tion, as cures by Nature's 
remedy are permanent. Ca- 
tarrh—a common and dan- 
gerous malady when cbronio 
— is liable to consume the 
frontal bones of the skull, de- 
stroy the cartilages of the 
nose, and undermine and 
blight every function and fac- 
ulty of Its victim. The breath 
is ■iffensive; the memory, rea- 
soning powers, sight, bearing 
and the senses or taste and 
smell are impaired; the digest- 
ive and assimilative functions 
become disordered and Consumption ensues. The 
Electrio Jar will eradicate Catarrh and prevent 
these evils. Over 300,000 sold during 1W5. Postage 
2o Our Price 50c. Each; 86.10 Do*, 

We havi marly 50 Departments, all Fully Epuipped with Latest Goods. 



^WWM) Ml ■)///«?/ Tnis I 9 » well-known 
^VZ^^^^&VM ring which differs from 
i^HUMPHREYS- ah^- others in not being contin- 

" ; — — — -smTY^ uous but broken, as shown 

MAGNETIC^^^l in cut, and therefore hav- 
ins a positive and negative 
??^ gss*q BSB^V, pole, the same as any mag- 
WWrPTTv r?T\'i \V^ net Its strength and prao- 
"/VWiWcf ,.»V\OSv ticability may be tested 
with a compass or any article of steel. The record 
of marvellous cores traceable to this ring probably 
exceeds that of any other. A ring which is closed 
or joined together cannot completely distribute 
magnetism, as is well known by any scientific per- 
son, that if there is any current it will keep re- 
volving around the circle and will not depart from 
itself, thus having no effect. Not so with Pn >f < ;s<>r 
Humphreys' batteries, for as the current comes to 
the end of the circle the electricity enters the body 
at one point and is taken np again at the other, af- 
ter passing throngh the body, forming a complete 
Circulation. Regnlir price $2.00. Postage lc. 
Our Special Price 75c. Each. 

The Great German Eye 

Water, a well known and famous 
retnecv, which has no equal as an 
Eye Wash for weak or inflamed 
Eyes, Granular or Scaly Eyelids, or 
any inflammation caused by over- 
work or injury to the Eyes. In 
fact, can be freely used In all Eye 
ailments, as it contains nothing in- 
jurious and gives almost immediate 
relief. This remedy is made from 
the Original Prescription by Dr. 
Aenew, America's greatest Opthal- 
mic Surgeon. Each bottle comes in 
case with medicine dropper and full 
directions for use. Postage 8c. 
Price 25c. Bottle; $250 Doz. 


Since the Dia- 
mond Battery 
was first put on 
the market, its 
success has been 
phenomenal, and 
for a low priced 
outfit there is 
nothing superior 
made. The bat 
tery cell Is in dry 
form and located 
directly under 
the coll itself, and 
when exhausted ean be replaced in a few minutes 
by any one. All enclosed in polished hard wood 
box with nickle trimmings. Gives three currents, 
from the mildest to the very strongest, making it 
useful in many cases of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, 
Headaches, Paralysis, and when used In an Intel- 
ligent manner, or by Physicians' advice, It is 
positive to give results most satisfactory to the 
user. With each instrument is furnished two 
hand Electrodes, one improved Sponge Electrode, 
one polished Nickle Foot Plate. Full directions 
accompany each instrument. Regular nrice £7.00. 
Unmailabie. Our Reduced Price S3. 95 Eacb. 

Miniature Galvanic Battery. 

To be worn 
against the body. 
Complete battery 
and perfect gen- 
erator of electric- 
ity. Size of a 
half dollar. Con- 
structed on the 
' most scientific 
, principles, oper- 
ated by the per- 
- spiration and ac- 
id excretions of 
the body. It will 
convert the effete 
eliminations of 
the system into a 
healthgiving and 
revitalizing prin- 
ciple, checking the unnatural waste and conserv- 
ing the vital forces. Strong enough to ring a bell. 
Try it with a compass or galvanometer. Restless 
Nights, Nightmare, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss 
of Confidence. Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Loss of 
Memory, Fullness of Blood, Fits of Melancholia, 
Debilitated, Lack the Power of Will and Action, 
Disordered Condition of the Liver, Blood. Kidneys 
or Urinary Organs— these troubles arise mostly 
from relaxation and debility, for the relief of which 
electricity is eminently adapted, and this little 
body battery has a record of years for reaching 
such cases where everything else failed. Regular 
nrice $2.00 each. Postage lo. Our Prie e 75c- 
with valuable treatises. 

Knapp's Little Doctor. 

Astonishing results are obtained from Little 
Doctor. Is so advanced iu workmanship, utility 
and cheapness that it may be called a twentieth 
century product. For curative purposes and 
amusement, it touches the spot. The regulator 
graduates the current so a child can hardly feel it, 
or to make a strong man dance. For invalids it 
is invaluable. a limitless prescription without price. 
Is self-applied, invigorating and replaces induction 
coils and medical batteries. The peculiar proper- 
ties of Faradic Electricity over Dynamic Electric- 
ity are well known in cases of Nervous Troubles, 
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Numbness. Sciatica, Gout, 
Blood Disorders and weakness from any cause. 
Little Doctor gives a smooth, penetrating current, 
pleasant and beneficial; has permanent steel mag-, 
net; multiplying gear, crank and current regul- 
ator. Hand Electrodes and Sponge Electrode for 
application to the afflicted parts. Made of best 
materials, finely finished and complete in ornamen- 
tal cabinet with instructions for medical use and 
electrical experiment. Every boy wants it for 
experiment and instruction. In a group side 
splitting fun is made by the many amusements 
and tricks the machine is capable of producing. 
Postage 30c. Price Complete Si. 50. 


f there's anything in a name there are good reasons 
why you should buy this belt for there is no one so high in 
the invention and manufacture of electro-magnetic ap- 
pliances as Dr. Scott. This belt acts immediately upon the\ 
blood, nerves, and tissues, producing more benefit iu a few 
hours than the doctor has given in weeks or months. It 
has been well said "electricity is the steam iu the human 
engine which keeps it going and regulates its movements. 
It is the "Vital Spark" life itself, prevading all nature 
with power to kill or to cure." In twelve months how 
much do you spend for medicines? In twelve months how 
mu.-h do you pavvour doctor? 810.00, 830.00 S50.00,, yes, 81,000.00, and yet no cure I Now, will you 
keep right on spending such sums, or will you try, at nc 
risk of monev, a simple and most agreeable remedy, lasting 
for years, and be cured quickly I We could fill pages of our ' 
Salesman with remarkable letters from grateful patrons 
who have been cured. A positive cure for Rheumatism; 
Sciatica. Gout, Nervous Debilitv. Indigestion, Backache, 
Spinal Trouble. Urinal Difficulty, Inflammation of the Bowels, Kidney Disease, Liver Troubles, Con- 
stipation, Paralvsis. Numbness. Impaired Circulation, Lack of Vigor, Dizziness. A new popular style 
which we sell at a popular price : made especially for our trade and guaranteed to have every essen- 
tial property of anv belt, regardless of price. Made of finest material, extra wide and comfortable. 
Regular Trice 82.00. Our Price 81.00 Each postpaid, 

" Equal atore " Magnetic Foot Batteries. •> 

Rheumatism, Ne* 
ralgia. Swelling of the 
Limbs, and Consump- 
tion are all the direct 
result of unhealthy 
conditions of the feet. 
Coldness in winter 
and overheat and 
sweat in summer are 
both equally disas- 
trous, and both a re- 
sult of improper 
blood circulation. 
These Foot Batteries 

remove all aches and pains from feet and limbs, cause a feeling of new life and vigor equal to the 
flays of youth. Think of the luxury of warm feet all winter in all weather, and dry, ceol and com- 
fortable feet in the hottest summer weather. These Magnetic Batteries increase the flow of 
blood, vitalize it and cause a most delightful feeling the moment your feet rest upon these powerful 
Magnetic Iusoles. They will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and Swelling of the Limbs. Every pair 
gives comfort and satisfaction. If you keep your feet at an equal temperature you cannot catch 
cold. What's the use of suffering from those tired, all-gone, worn-out feelings? A pair of our Mag- 
netic Foot Batteries will act like a charm on your blood, and give you a sensation of warmth and 
vigor at once. They are built to EQUALIZE FOOT TEMPERATURE by stimulating circulation and 

F>urifying the blood, and are GUARANTEED to do it. They will quickly cure any case of perspiring 
eet. They are as light as any insole in the market, despite the many layers of different material 
needed to produce the effect, and persons wearing them cannot feel the metal plates nor distinguish; 
anything but a pleasant glow of warmth. When ordering give size of shoe, lady's or gentleman's. 
We sell these insoles at popular prices, though thev have everv intrinsic quality of those selling at Si OS 
and upward. Postage 3c. Price 45c. Pair; 3 Pairs for Sl.OO. 

Or>m Scott's Electric Hair Brush, 

Exactly the same electric cura- 
tive properties as in those sold at 
$5.00. Will positively cure nervous 
headache in 5 minutesl bilious 
headache In 5 minutes! neuralgia 
in 5 minutesl falling hair and bald- 
ness! dandruff 'and diseases of the 
scalp! Promptly arrests premature greyness. Makes the 
hair grow long and glossy. Immediately soothes weary 
brain. The brush handle is made of a new odorless com- 
™^j„„-_ . bination resembling ebony: a combination of substances 

producing a. permanent electromagnetic current, which acts immediately upon the hat glands and 
rollicles. This power can always be tested by a silver compass which accompanies eaoh brush Made 
or pure bristles, not wires— elegantly mounted and carved back. Eaoh is handsomely boxed. The» 
have won their way to royal favor in England, being cordially endorsed by the Prince and Princess o» 
n ales, used by the King of Holland and Prince Bismarck, and written upon by the Rt Hon W E Glad- 
stone. They cure by natural means; will always do good, never harm, and are a remedy lastlns for 
many years. They should be nsed daily in place of the ordinary hair brush, hair washes or hair grower* 
This is the first offer of a genuine electric hair brush for less than $3.00. Postage 7c. ^^ " 
Our Price 87c. Each; SS.IO Doz. 




The only humbug about Electric Belts In general 
Is the abnormal price at which they are sold. We 
have gone thoroughly into the construction of 
these appliances and have found that there is 
nothing in the $10.00 Belts, aside from outward 
■show, which is not duplicated in the cheaper ones, 
and we have had made under contract, bylhe most 
prominent manufacturer in this line, the belt we 
; offer here. Our contract does not allow us to use 
his name in connection with this Belt, but every 
one is sold under his absolute guarantee of quality, 
and, further, that it will effect cures as quickly 
'and radically as any other Belt of all such diseases 
'as Bheumatism, Nervousness, Kidney Diseases, 
Stomach, Liver and Bowel Troubles, Pains, Paraly- 
sis and Weaknesses. It is provided with duplex 
Permanent magnets, which contact directly with 
ody, and electrodes encircling the body and im- 
parting a steady volume of electricity necessary to 
radical cure. Best webbing body flannel lining; 
fitted with strap and buckle. 

Our Price for the Magnetode Electric Belt 
50c. Each, Postpaid. 


Rheumatism posi- 
tively cured. Also 
Gout, Sciatica, Neu 
ral^ia. Numbness and 
Blood Disorders, re- 
sulting from excesses 
impaired circulation 
or sluggish liver, by 
wearing our Electro- 
Magnetic E i r g a 
quick and reliable 
remedy, as thousands 
testify, and it will 
cure you. "I have not 
had a twinge of Rbeu, 
matism since wearing 
the King." Judge 
Reykolds, N. f. City. 
Thousands of others 
offer similar testi- 
mony. We have sup- 
plied these rings to 
Harrison, Cleveland, 
Blaine, Depew, Glad- 
stone, Bismarck, and 
other eminent men. 
Their effect is marvel- 
lous. There is abso- 
lutely no other ring 
possessing real merit 

tor the cure of Rheumatism. Beware of imitations. 

To get size, cut a piece of paper to reach around 

your finger. Prices Post-paid. Silver plated 25c. 

Heavy Gold plated 50c, Each, 

Eclipse Medical Battery. 

This Eclipse 
G r a d u a ted 
Medical Coil 
is a wonder 
of strength in 


Cure Yourself at Home and for Nothing. 

>*» Jk ^^^-^-^ A wonder of utility, mechanical perfection and cheapness. 

m. ^F#£ //V, «?£>». Supersedes induction coils and medical batteries for curative 

^* I Ab/t/H0&07aZ / t^. purposes, giving a stronger current, without expense. Has 

%!/ M. MTim^tlfrik C arlBk current regulator; can be adjusted to a nervous child, or so It 

will overpower the strongest man. The most interesting elec- 
trical novelty of the century; every boy wants 
it for instruction, experiment and amusement; 
in an evening party this machine will make hours 
of roaring fun. Invalids may cure themselves 
by its use without expense. For every species 
of blood disorder, rheumatism, gout, sciatica, 
neuralgia, numbness, nervous troubles and 
weakness from any cause electricity is the one 
great cure, and the Wonder Dynamo offers to all 
an inexhaustible supply of this powerful agent. 
It is fully equipped with armature, magnet, 
brush, multiplying gear, electrodes, crank and 
circuit-breaking switch; all parts perfectly made 
and handsomelv finished; placed in strong wood 
box, with full instructions for medical use and 
many amusing and interesting electrical experi- 
ments. Postage 29c. Price Complete Only 81.00 Each; 810.80 Doz. 


"Keep the feet warm and 
the head cool," is an old 
axiom. Rheumatism, Neural- 
gia, Cataarh. etc., thrive un- 
less the feet are kept at an 
even temperature. These in- 
soles are expensively made 
and worth the price without 
their curativ : qualities. The 
electric action in them puri- 
fies and circulates the blood, 

and changes the atmosphere inside the shoe, removing dampness and impurity. They are curative of 

alliormsof disease. Postage 4c. Price, 48c. pair; |4.75 Doz. 



This is a wonderful little machine in the line of Electrical 

foods. Up to date the only portable Electric Generator has 
een a chemical battery, called Medical Coils ; This machine 
is entirely mechanical and generates a very powerful current 
depending on the speed witii which it is run. Attached to a 
sewing machine, and run from the large driving wheel it will 
generate sufficient a current to throw a man down 
instantly, and for all medical purposes, it gives ample 
current bv hand-power. By belting from the large 
puliey which is 6 inches across to small on shaft, a 
epeed of several hundred revolutions of Armature 
per minute is easily attained. This Dynamo is 
perfectly made and is good for unlimited use. It 
uses no chemicals, only requiring power. A great 
Instructor for the young and something by which an 
ingenious bov may demonstrate nearly all of the 
various powers of electricity by adapting it to running 
motors, experimenting and furnishing amusement to 
company. As a remedy for various Ills, electricity is 
weil-known and this dvnamo is destined to supersede all other forms of 
small generators as it has more power than a S35.00 chemical generator, 
costs nothing to run and lasts a life-time. Cannot be mailed. 

Complete as shown In ml, Price 83. GO 

Nichols' Inhaler* 

email compass, and at a low price. Its base Is 

B1UUU l'UUll>a32, all" Hi. n *>■>. >•• »~~. --■- ~ — - •— 

4x6 inches, of polished mahogany ; fixtures, metal 
parts and handles are nickel ; two nickel telescope 
handles, one wooden handle and conductor cords, 
nickel ends. Full instructions for use with each. 
Graduated scale on each top plaie. Kegnlar price 
S4.00. Postage aic. Our Price S:.\40 Each; 
Battery Extra 50c. 

Medicine Dropper— Seam- 
less rubber bulb; pointed and 
urved glass tube; for measur- 
ing medicine by drops Postage le 
^ Price 3c. Each; 33c. Doz. 

This is the only guaranteed Catarrh and Headache 
Cure . Always ready. Can be carried in vest pock- 
et and used at a moments notice. No glass to break 
or spoon to bother with. No person would be 
without this Inhaler after using one for a few min- 
utes, as its beneficial properties are immediately 
felt. Thousands who have suffered from Catarrh, 
Neuralgia, Asthma, Sore Throat, Colds, Headache, 
etc., have been cured by this simple and inexpensive 
Inhaler. Recommended by the leading physicians 
and preachers. Price 26c. Ea.; $2.50 l(oz. 


The famous "Stanley ;" a reme- 
dy that has stood 
the test of more 
than a dozen years 
as the surest remedy 
for this malady. It 
is now put up for the 
first time at a popu- 
lar price. Neatly 
and securely put up 
in vial with rubber 
cork, tooth, pick and cotton; enclosed in wood 
case. Postage 1c Price 9c Each : 94c Dox. 

Dr. SCOtfaflElectnlc Corsets. 

Are universally ap- 
proved by leading phy- 
sicians as the best, saf- 
est and most effectual 
remedy for spinal com- 
plaints, incipient con- 
sumption, diarrhoea, 
pleurisy, tumors, asth- 
ma, bronchitis, epilep- 
sy, lumbago, debility, 
dropsy, paralysis, loss 
of voice, hysteria, cuta- 
neous diseases, ner- 
vousness, backache, in- 
digestion, palpitation, 
etc., and have cured 
some of the roost ob- 
stinate and distressing 
cases, after all reme- 
dies (so called) have 
failed. The corsets do not differ in appearance 
from those usually worn, and aremadeafter the best 
French pattern, and warranted satisfactory in every 
respect. Sizes 18 to 30 inches. Mention size when 
ordering. Colors: dove and white. Worth its price. 
Irrespective of its great curative value. The only 
genuine electric corset ever sold at less than $3 00. 
Postage 14c. Price $1.00 Each; $10.80 Doz. 

Will cure him 

in one minute 

Mentholette— Insta»t relief for Headache, Neu- 
ralgia, Dullness, Catarrh, Hay Fever. Menthol Pen- 
cil in neat wood case with cap; 3 in. lone. Post- 
age lc. Price 8c. Each: 80c. Doz. 

Direct from Maker to Consumer is the way to Sell and Buy Goods. 



Here we offer extraordinary value. The blades 
•re of imported Sheffield steel, full crocus poiished. 
The automatic opening feature is the best known— 
a. push button at each end releases the blade which 
Hies open and locks so that it cannot shut up and 
cut the hand. Each knife has two blades ; medium 
size 3'A la. closed ; assorted buffalo, cocoa, tor- 
toise and stag handles. Guaranteed worth ( ur 
price as ordinary knives— the opening feature 
is thrown in. Postage 3c. Our TjatSnf fn* 
80c. Each ; $650 Doz. i ' ateSt Cut> 


So. 800— The famous Cattle Knife is an article 
of merit, and for quality and perfect finish cannot be 
excelled even by knives costing three times the 
price. The Cattle is a three bladed knife of fine 
Quality, with stag handle, brass lined throughout, 
and German silver trimmings. The use of this knife 
will quickly prove its merits. This knife has had a 
larger sale at $1 00 than any other knife made. Our 
price is a 'hummer." Postage 3c. Plioe 32c. 
Each; $3.10 Doz. 

NO. 6644.— Here's a Stag handle pen knife ; 
four good steel cutting blades (no nail file) An 
srtlcle designed for use. and good hard use at 
that. German silver bolsters, and brass lining. 
Equal to a Roar's 75c. knife. Postage 2c. 
Our Price 25c. Each: S3.00 Doz. 

WO. 1164.— A genteel rest pocket knife. 
Finest Imported pearl handle. German silver 
beveled bolsters and plate, and brass lined. Steel 
Is best razor quality. Not equaled in quality by 
knives sold at retail for a dollar. Postage 8c. 
Price SOc. Each; S5.4Q Doz. 

WO. 3075. A very rare bargain— a regular 
50 center ; genuine pearl sides, heavy German Sil- 
ver bolsters, brass lining, polished back ; Best cut- 
lery steel, blades perfectly ground and full polish- 
ed. You can't find its equal at our price. Post- 
age 2c. Price 25r. Each: 82.46 Doz. 

Champagne Knife- 
Made entirely of metal ; 
heavy polished 
German silver 
sides; large and 
small blades and 
wire cutter ; holes 
In sides for cigar cutting with blade ; extra good 
blades perfectly ground and crocus polished ; also 
strong? irew. V/* in. long. Postage So. 

Price 40c. Each; 84.10 Doz. 

NO. 226. NON XLL.-Prunmg Knife. 
A single blade of best Sheffield steel. 4M-inch 
heavy Buck horn handle. Steel bolsters, steel 
lining, steel riveted. Every gardener, or every 
man who has his little orchard or vineyard, should 
have one of these standard knives. Postage 5c. 
Price 40c. Each; S4.30Doz. 

NO. 1802.— Extra heavy and strong Stag 
Jack-knife. German silver bolsters and name 
plate One large and one small blade of best 
English steel, size is ample : 3'A inches. Made 
for wear and hard usage. Postage 3c. 

Price 32c. Each : S3.05Doz. 

NO. 4S03.-X 

good stout knife of 
splendid quality ; ( 
blades, best English 
steel well groundand 
finished ; brass lined ; pure white bone polished 
handle ; polished back ; German silver shield, cap 

JS d .^°Jj ter ' Postage **■ Price 24c. Each; 
$3.46 Doz. 

This is a large and exceptionally fine hunting; 
knife. When open is 9 (n. long with very large clip 
blade of finest steel, ground and polished like a 
razor, locks open and can only be closed bv touch- 
ing a spring on handle; the handle is a work of art, 
being in close imitation of a deer's leg and foot, real 
deer skin cover, fancy bone cap imitating foot. II 
also has finger shield which goes into place auto* 
maticallv as knife opens. Postage 4c. Prise 98o° 
Each; $9.75 Doz. 

Ladies' Pearl Handle, 

A dainty little arti- 
cle for a lady's use. 
Made by W. H. Mor- 
— ley, the iamous cutlerv 
manufacturer of Sheffield, England, which is a 
guarantee of quality and perfect make. Full Pearl 
Handle German silver lining. Two blades, one 
plain the other a fine nail file and trimmer, both of 
nrL l q ," a1 ")' ste 4''. N ' ote our iacomparabla 
price. Postage lc. Price 45c. Ea.; S4.60 Doz. 

blades, finest quality 
of English cast- 
steel; handle of tor- 
toiseshell, surround- 
* a w Jth bolsters of German Silver, insuring extra 
durabil tv. A very handsome knife well mads 
substantial, and fully guaranteed for quality and 
durability. Postages. Price 15c. Ea;$1.45 Da. 

No. 5808.- 
Genuine German 
Barlow Jack-knife 
Has Z T A in. rose- 
wood handle, Ger- 
man silver inlaid plate and bolsters, brass lined, 
extra stout blades and well riveted. Postage 3c. 
Our New Price 22c. Each; S2.25 Doz. 

No. 1049.— Tortoise 

shell handle ; brass lined: 
German silver plated 
trimmings and bolsters ; 
two blades ; one plain, and one nail file blade, 
small size. An elegant Penknife suitable for 
misses' or ladies' use. Postage lc. Price 19c. 
Each; $2.00 Doz. 

mg&pagan — ,, Easy Opener.— 

NC. SOS3.-Buek handle pen knife, targe gB^ggB g> k^nfvtr'^u.d no? ne 
clip blade and two small ones. German silver ^^■HkV made tlus wav A , J 
bolsters and shield, and brass lined. Best .English knife o( first c , ass qullity s% fa , ong e £ 0Qy ^ 

die, German Silver shield, cap and bo'lster ■ brass 
lined ; polished back ; blades of best English Steel. 
Postage 3c. Price 45o. Each. ; $4.20 Doz. 

KNIFE.— One of the 
most useful Pocket Knives 
^ever made. Contains 1 
ISpear Blade, 1 Small Blado 
Cigar Cutter, Cork Screw 
and Glass Cutter. The 
Glass Cutter alone is well 
worth the price we charge for the whole combina- 
tion. The quality of the Steel in the blades, is not 
as good as our razor steel jack knives, but at the 
price, it is splendid value. Postage 3c. Reduced 

Bteel. we'll groundand will keep edge. Postage 3c. 
Price 49c. Each ; S3. 25 Doz. 


Price 15c. Each; $1 45 Doz. 

A regular Yankee Barlow, with a fine steel chain 

to fasten to pants button. Extra heavy in style 
and finish. 3J< inch, apple handle, steel bolsters, 
Bhield and lining. Two heavy blades of best 
cutlcrv steel. Ton can't lose it ; vou can't break 
it. Postage 4c. Price 45c. Each; S4.75 Doz. 

No. 0045—Two 
good steel plain 
blades, large and 
small, best polish, 
carefully ground ; solid sides of German Silver, 
emijossed. Large value at our price. Postage la 
Eatest Price 10c. Each; 81.00 Doz. S * 

ICASt,- Made of soft pli- 
able Kid Glove finish leather 
with nickel-plated frame and 
ball catch- it keeps the blades bright and pre- 
vents them from becoming rusty. Made in 3 lengths; 
854, 4 and 454 inches, width in proportion, state wha{ 

So?Each'; 80c. h Doz. deri ° E - P °"* ge lc " Pric0 

No. 965.— Ladies' 
Knife. A combina- 
tion of Penknife, 
Button Hook, and 
Glove Fastener. Has full tortoise shell handle. 
Brass lined, and German silver shield. Blades are 
of good quality steel, accurately ground and pol- 
ished ; your local dealer charges 50c, Postage lo. 
Our Price 26c. Ea.; $2. 25 Doz. 


A combined 
knife and file 
of highest 
grade. Fileis 
hand cut and 
forged ; one 
side is single 
and reverse double. Carefully ground, full pol- 
ished and plated. Knife and polishing end 334 in 
long. It is a complete manicure set in itself. 
Enclosed in rent Russia leather case. Postage lc 
Price 22c. Each ; 83.25 Doz. _ 


. , nMtdteel 
cealcd in 

your sleeves drawn u'p out of tfie Press the button and It opens. Worth 26 cents aa a knifeonrt 
dirt when you're working Postage t 5<N) fl a a puzsle. A sample of our 3,000 bargains, matted 
In Pricn Sr Pftir* r.Ap rw,* postpaid, with new catalogue, for 8c. 

r.T. a uw.i taLc^JpKS^L ok iv— a U. Y. 

NO. 6773.— Imported German pen knife 
of very linest quality. One small and two large 
blades, one of which Is double edged at the tip. 
German silver lined and German silver bolsters 
and plat8. Extra selected stag handles. Finest 
razor steel. One of the finest kDives in oar entire 
line. Retails at. S3 !>S rn «<>.Kn. Postage 3c. 
Seduced Price G9c. Each; 86.95 Doz. 


Soft woven silk and bestelaati® 
armlet; clasps the arm gently yet 
firmly, and holds the shirt sleeve- 
securely without slipping. Keeps 

i uoh miu*iugu& > iur uc. 

IOLL & BKO., 65 CurtlAudt St., Dept, 



This line comprises one of the best 
products in the cutlery market. Our 

market. Blade of finest English 
tool steel, with finest polish and 
heavy nickel plate. Every pair 
atrk-tly warranted for quality of steel and perfec- 
tion of workmanship and finish. Postage 6c. 

Sizes, inches— 6 7 8 9 

i'»ur price, Ea. .37 .41 .49 .57 

" " Doz. S3.08 S4.D5 S4.85 85.75 


Best grade, English cast steel, 
perfectly ground bevel blades 

with Mont points, full polish and 
heavy nickel plate. 4 and 4H in 
Postage 8c. Price 20c. Each : 
88.05 Doz. ' 

Spring Adjustment Sheafs. 

These shears are 
adjusted with a 
steel spring which 

s at all times an easy tension, takes 
up wear and in connection with the 
Brass bolt and interlocking nuts, permits easy and 
sxact adjustment. The most important improve. 
Bent in shears ever brought out. 

Sizes, inches:— 7 

Oar price, Each .22 
_ * . " Doz. $2.25 


At the prices we are 
mow , selling these 







eoods every family can as r^ well afford to 
ave one as a good pair of HI shears and they 
aura almost as indispensa- ^P f ble, making 
barbers superfluous. The Monitor has best quality 
least steel jaws, perfectly ground, tempe'.ed ana 
polished. Full polished and heavily plated. Strong 
double steel Bpring. American, made and guar* 

aaV-e& Portage Mo, Price oo.-. Each. 

Will shtrpen the 
. dullest razor in 
: two minutes, and 
j g i v e it a fine, 
j smooth, c u tlery 
edge. It makes 
shaving a pleas- 
ure ; removes tbe 
ouly difficulty ; .t 
«»kes old razors as good as new, and is v arranted 
not to injure the finest razor made. With Keen 
Edge you can put a fine smooth cutting razor- 
edge on any tool ; full directions come with each 
e»ke. Postage lc. Price just reduced from •«. 
Price 5c. Each ; 48c. Doz. 


One of the finest tools in the market. 
Formerly sold at $5.00. Perfectly made 

Scissors while medium in price are 
strictly high grade, both in quality and 
finish and above criticism. They are 
made from superfine English cast steel, perfectly 
(round and fitted ; they are full crocus polished 
and nickeled so heavily as to be practically rust 
proof and beautiful in appearance. We carry them 
In a full assortment of sizes and we guarantee our 
prices to 6ave you 85 to 50 per cent. Postage 3c. 
length 4 i\4 5 6% « t'A 7 inch. 
SWce .15. .17 19 .22 .25 .28 .32 Ea. 
, " $1.48 1.75 185 225 2.50 275 3 25 Dz. 


These are extra high grade, 
straight trimmers. Their qnal 
ity is unexcelled by any iu the 

Is the concealed steel spring to open handles. By 
offer this splendid instrument to consumers at a 
them. Postage 12c. Price 81<i>0 Each. 

English Folding Scissors* 

importing direct in 1,000 lots, we oan 
lower price than storekeepers pay for 


A high class combination article for persona] 
use in extracting hairs, splinters, particles of skin- 
eta, also perfectly made earspoon. Made of best 
steel, ground, polished and plated in highest style. 
Postage lc. Price 5c. Each ; Special 35c Doz, 


A handy and use- 
ful article at all times, 
folding into small compass 
and can be carried in the vest 
pocket. These scissors are of 
English make, of the best 
Sheffield Meel, black enameled handles and polished 
blades. Will do as good work as the most expens- 
ive pair. A 6nap bargain at our price. Postage lc. 
Price 10c. Pair; Speoial 90c. Doz. 


A necessity 
in every ladies 
work-box 4JS 
ins. in length ; 
made from the 
best English 
steel, strongly 
hinged and 
gauged by 
means of a 
screw regula- 
tor so as to cut out any desired size of button-hole 
tromany material, thin or thick. Postage 2c. 
Reduced Price 19c. per Fair; $3.00 Doz. 


These are little gems that every 

lady who appreciates the best tools 

will be delighted with finest quality. 

Perfectly formed and ground with 



aev and 

fitt ed 

for the finest work. Full crocus 

polish and nickeled. 8M in. Pos 

tage 2c. Our Price 17c. Each ; 

SI. 70 Doz. 


This is the pioneer safety 

razor. Made by Kanipfe 

Bros. It has many features 

to recommend It aside from 

its perfect construction and 

nigh quality. The casing 

opens wide to permit thor- 

and easy cleaning. It cannot 

Has perfect adjustment device 

permitting quick and fine adjustment 

to suit the user. Its safety device is 

perfect, making it impossible to rut 

orabrasethe skin. Furnished with 

blade and extension stropping handle 

in neat metal case. Notwithstanding 

many improvements we are able to 

offer nearly 85 per cent, reduction in 

price. Postage 8c, (Extra I 

Our Price Si. 05 Ea.; 810. OO Doz. 

IMC opt I goods at wholesale prices, to qnan- 
TTLOuLL titles to suit purchaser ; Our plan Id 
New, Economical and Safe ; Try it f 


05c. each.) 

The neatest little instrument for keeping nails 
neat ever thought of . Blade is ef best tempered 
and polished steel with sharp point for cleaning 
nads and well-made file, pivoted to spring frame 
so that it turns readily, all niokel plated, not a 
cheap article. Postage lo. Price 15c. Each « 
91.50 Doz. 


Mail Trimmer. 

A very 
neat com- 
bination for the pock- 
et; consisting of Nail 
File, Cutter and Clean- 
er, and Ear Spoon. To keep the nails in perfect 
order a good instrument is required, and this is 
ingeniously designed and perfectly made of best 
steel, polished and plated. Postage lc. 

Price 18c. Each; 81.25 Doz. 


The most effeotive and practical article of its 
kind. The file is hand-cut and very quick cutting; 
of two grades, coarse and fine; the rasp on the re- 
verse side is a regular miniature horse-sh< ter's rasp 
of two grades; pest English tool steel; polished 
edges. Postage lo. Price 22c. Ea.; 82.35 Doz. 



A great Eye Saver.— 
Always in greatdemand. 
Used extensively by of- 
fice men and persons 
with w e a k 
gone rally at 
Wo. Metal 
Rim and 

bound edge. One of our best bargains. Postage 8c, 
Price 10c. Each; SI. 10 Doz. 

Horse Clippers.— 

These Clippers are the 

regular full size, 11 in. 

long, 3}i iu. face, made 

of the best steel, fine 

_ wood handles, of simple 

anil not likely to get out of order. 

Price 98c. Each; SU.SO Doz. 

tempered Jaws.^ 
Postage 17c. 



It is your Duty to Buy where you can the Cheapest ; Read Our Prices 1 




This is a pood substantial brush; well made la 
every respect, good ebonized handle; long bristle* 
well anchored in handle; pood value at 25c. Post 
QgeSc. Our Price 9c* Each; 85c. Doz. 


This outfit consists of the articles necessary for all gentlemen who shave; are of the best quality. 
The razor is a Wade & Burcher medium hollow ground, finely etched blade, heavy weight, black horn 
handle, each in a case. The mug is china, hand painted decorations, gold rim, soap partition. The 
brush is made of genuine boiled clear white stock, imitation born handle. The strop is a genuine oil 
finished, horse hide leather, and of one piece. This strop is used by all barbers. With each outfit we 

five one cake of the very best genuine Barber's Soap anu Keen Edge. This outfit, if the articles were 
ought singly, would cost S2.5G. Packed ia strong oox. Postage ioc. Price com Diet e si .no. 


Lightning Comb Guard. 

As good a brush as any one wants. Best purs 
mixed bristles, selected and trimmed to give best 
resold; imitation rosewood handle, heavily enam- 
eled by special process, making it impervious to 
heat and water and verv handsome in appearance 
Worth 25c. in any store. Now reduced again. 
Postage 3c. Price 18c. ISacli; Doz. 


With this comb guard and a pait 
'of shears you can without any prev- 
ious experience cut hair equally as well as an expert. The 
teelh are so made that they catch the hair in just the right 
quantities, allowing you 10 cut evenly aud not in ''steps/' 
as very often happens with the barber. A great time and 
money saver, and so simple in its construction that almost 
any one can operate it rapidly after a tew trials. With our 
Lightning Comb Guard mothers and fathers can cut their 
boy's hair in a few minutes and at practically no expense, 
as it is made of best hard rubber and will last a lifetime. 
Postage 3c. Price 30c. Each; $320 Doz. 


One of our most popular sellers. First-class quality, with 
he added attraction of a handsome white bone handle 
finished very artistically? 
blade of best Sheffield steel, 
gro u nd 
and given 
the best 
warranted; American make. If we cared 
t>> misrepresent we could call this an ivory 
handle, as it is so white anil finely finished as to defy criticism. Note our great cut in price; a clear 
taring of T5c. over the usual store price. Postage 3c. Price 95c Each; S0.4O Doz. 


An entirely new type; very thin and light; the thinness of 
blade is supported by a steel rim neatlv swaged on 
the back; made in a superior manner by the most 
noted Swedish cutlery manu- 
facturer, Dahlgren, who is fam- 
ous for his 
process of 
wo r k i n g 
steel aud 
whicb is 
edged su- 
perior to 

to anv other known. Fully equal to the fine9t Sheffield razors and of a design and weight bound to he 
popular. Satin etched blade, polished shank; rubber handle; in good case. Notice the price. Post- 
age 8c. Trice 4Sc. Each; 84.95 Doz. — 


Our "Ilairsplitter" Razor. A 
half-dollar wonder. Medium 
hollow ground, finely etched 
blade; heavy weight black horn 
handle, well ground; % blade. 
Each in separate case. As good 
a razor as vou can find in stores 
for 8100 to $1.50. A great leader with us. Postage 4c 
Price 50c. Each; $5.10 Doz. 


Our Professional Swing Strop. The best that ha. 
ever been off ered and the only style used by barbers. 
A keener edge can be obtained in less time than from 
the old fashioned kind. A combination Swing Strop, 
one side is made of black horsehide, oil finished 
leather, and the reverse side a patent finish canvas. 
Polished wood handle, nickel platedtrimmings,each 
packed in a box. Postage 8c. Sold for 50c. every- 
where. Our price again reduced to 30o. 
Each; $3.10 Doz. 


The cheapest double strop ever sold. Theseerood* 
are of our best specialties and we defy competition 
in price and quality, good oil finished genuine horse- 
hide and canvas; swivel holder; strong fancy leather 
handle; 24in. long, 2 in. wide. Posta»e4c. Quality 
the same as when we sold it at 50c: but price » 
duoedto 18c. Bach; $1.75 Doz. 



A great favorite and hard to beat for dressing a razor. Very heavy; size 2x24 inches; made of the 
Very best horsehide, made very soft and flexible by oil finishing; large eyelet for holding; made of one 
»olid piece of leather. You wiill pay 50 or 75 cents for this strop in stores. Postage 4c. 

Our Price 82c. Each: 82.20 'Doz. 

This is a very serviceable and handy strop, best 
horsehide finished in oil and heavy canvas for first 
stropping. 2 in. wide and 2i in. long; strong swivel 
holder, loose at lower end so both sides of canvas 
and strop may be used. Never sold at less than «. 
quarter. Postage 3c. Price 13c. Ea.; jl. 15 Da. 


Is it not funnytow many 
people are willing to "givs 
up " 25c. for a little piece 
of shaving soap because It 
has a big name? Here is a 
r soap, twice the 
size of ordinary and just 
as good as the best. Made 
by one of the best known 
t"iletsoap manufacturers 
Postage 2c. Price 5c. Cake ; 55c. Doz. 

Quick Edge Knife Hone — 6 in. long; hardwood 
base, with K-inch facing of famous Pike sharp 
grit; back of finest oil-cured leather, enabling user 
to produce a razor edge on the dullest knife; sack 
n telescope case. Postaee 2c. 

Reduced Price 15c Eacu; S1.52 Doz. 


ZOR.t-Thix cut shows this 
Inoied English razor ready for 
use, with blade cut away to 
show blade adjustment screw. 
^It is formed of an outside 
frame and guard in one piece, two 
inches long, the razor blade is one 
and fifteen-sixteenths and the han- 
dles three and one-fourth inches and 
fonr inches lonjr. Within the outside 
frame is another movable frame 
presses against the blade when 
Inserted. The "Fox" Safety Razor 
Is the only one with a blade that can 
be adjusted to any one's face. The 
blade is its strong point, and places 
this razor in the front rank ; made of 
finest steel and hollow ground In a 
style known only to Its makers. 
Beautifully made and silver plated 
frame, ferrule, etc. Packed In at- 
tractive lithographed metal box, only 
8 In. long with holder for stropping; 
convenient to carry and quickly 
adjustable; guaranteed tu« equal of any. Sold 
• T . er 7 i> where at $3.00. Pos't^ee 4o. •Our Prle* 
•1.89 Bach ; Extra Blades 76c. £;«U. 

Folding Pillow.— 

A frame so constructed 
of heavy spring steel 
wire, that when fixed in 
position it forms a large 
and substantial pillow, and when 
folded it occupies very little space 

and can easily be carried in a satchel. Ideal for 

travellers, picnics, 

lot just made at a 

Postage 35c. Price 


Aluminum razor GUARD. Fox Safety Razor Outfit. 

If you shave, use this Razor Guard. Light, 
durable and useful. Made of Aluminum metal in 
4 sizes to fit K. H, Vi- and K-inch blades. You 
can see it's a good thing. Why f Useful to the 
old whose hand is unsteady. Useful to the young 
who lack experience. Useful to anyone who 
desires a clean, even shave. Indispensable to 
travelers on cars or steamer. You need not be 
in oonstant fear of cutting yourself. Anyone can 
use it. One shave pays for one. The adjustable This is a complete outfit, containingthe celebrated 
lug sets it to any degree of closeness. The bulge Fox Safety Razor, with stropping machine and best 
holds the lather of an ordinary shave. And, lastly, horsehide strop, described elsewhere. These arti- 
if you shave only only twice a week, this handy clesareput up in an elegant folding case, with com- 
llttle invention will save $10.40 a year. Postage lc. partments arranged for each article. The case, the 
Price 15c. Each; 81.84 Doz. arrangement, and completeness of the outfit, make 

CroflOOMIi! miririr " one of tne most attractive and desirable of prei- 

OlnUrrlilU Vlf lira I. enl s. The stropping machine automatically brings 

For Safety Razor blades ' h e blade to a hair-splitting edge, removing the but 
of all makes ; entirely auto- impediment to shaving. As a bargain it Is unusual, 
matic; you simply place as even at cut prices there is a considerable saving, 
blade in machine and hold in this outfit. Worth $5.00. Postage. 13c. Our 
as shown in Cut, and move it Price $2.75, Complete, 
back and forth on strop ; the 

finest horse hide. 

mechanism turns the" blade 
automatically and quickly 
produces the keenest edge. 
The strop in this outfit is of 
8x16 in.; prepared on one side 



An old favorite. The best quality yet produced. 
Elegantly finished and accurately made and scaled 
off. Japanned; firon back, polished brass front. 
Made in two sizes, No. 1, 24 lbs. and No. 2, 48 lbs. 
Great value as below. 

Ho. 1. Postage 6o. Price 8c. Each; 80r. Doz. 
Mo. 2. Postage 8c. Price 17c. Ea.; 81.75 Doz. 
These Thermometers have our 
unconditional guarantee that 
-. theyarecareiuilyandthorough- 
6»"^«*a ly tested, and strictly accurate. 
No- 1 — Very ornamental and 
strong; mercury indicator, pro- 
tected by ribbed nickel metal 
covering; end nickled clasps. 
Mounted on hard wood base, 
black sides and back, with beau- 

We offer here a splendid Strop made by 

Carrying ordinary scissors is disagreeable and 
dangerous. Scissors are very handy things to have 
at all times, however. We offer a very fine pair ot 
Folding Scissors, which any one would prize highly. 

celebrated manufacturers, the Howards, at a cut They are of the best steel, highly polished and 
price. It has four Bides properly graduated in- nickel-plated, and ingeniously fold into very small 
eluding hone. The outer strop has patent tension compass. Handsome Leatherette Case with each 
regulator. It Is enclosed in strong and handsome n a i r . A great bargain at price below. Postage *c. 
case and is a 50o. article the world over. Postaga pjice 24c. Each ; $2.50 Doz, 
9c.ti Price 22c. Each; 

Ideal Safety Razor 

— The simplest fc and 

cheapest safety razor 

of the usual pattern 

and while it has not 

all the adjunctsof the 

best razors it Is entir- 
ely practical. r It has 


Razor Case— Made of best kid. strongly sewed 
„ With glove stitch; nickel metal frame and ball 
, ± .™f el? practical, ltd as u postage lc. Price 10c. Each; Sl.lO Do* 

a safety device as safe as any and adjustable. Has ~"*"»" *"■* » 

3 jointed handle with end to hold blade for strop- BURGLARS' FAVORITm 

„ ping. Packs in a very small box 3 in. long. The 
tiful yellow polished front.upon D i ade is of best Sheffield steel, medium hollow 
which the degreesare ^plainly ground and full polished. Note the price. Postage _, , „„„„-. 

So. Price 67c. Each; 86.50 Doz. fculT lantern anl 

cannot be beat for 

♦« actual service ; 7 in. 
Is it worth anything to »V . . .• 
know that youtdoors £.gn nneiy ^ai 
closed against the smart- 

marked in black. No. 2 is our 
Window Thermometer, having 
a patented device easy to fasten 
to the sill and allowing thermom- 
eter to revolve in any direction 
desired. The case is of metal, 
hard enameled, with the degrees 
arranged in a new way, making 
it possible totread them at some 
distance; a feature not found in 
any other. Our prices are leaders 
Postage 3c. Price No. 1— 9c. 

Each; 92c. Dozen. No.3-24c. Each; 

$2,45 Dozen, 

RackeU Burglar Alarm. 


Besides being an efficient 
and accurate fore-teller of 
the weather and indicator of 
temperature, this instrument 
is highly ornamental. The 
glasses are mounted In a 
beautifully lithographed 
metal case of dainty design 
and coloring. It is a brand 
now production and superior 
in quality tind design to any- 
thing pet brought out : 10 in. 
high with glasses ana con- 
tents of the best quality. 

Guaranteed accurate. 

Postage 6c. 

Price 1 8c. Each ; 

• 1.75 Doz. 

d against tne b u,>.t- dlli for 

«t. sneak thief every hm t0 " dash 

night? This alarm w'»' b d; doub i e 

give you ^f' 1 « l ' n g i ° 1 foone ventilator; 

seC K rlt l".i,?i ,? &.? ne double burner ; 
or break the lock, but he fl k , slid 

don t °Pen 'he <ioc-r eratedfr * m(: , u t8ide;j 
without setting off remi)Table nJ 

uw ' na9 tank with duplex 

the alarm 

ike an alarm clock "»* 'TO ,™Hg 
md is closed into£"™r • ~* ln - ^ tr » 

heavy bulls eye ; If 

■ any d ^ or l a o^dwo i rk" no other use can' be 
: injury to woodwork. found for , t> it , g 

When the door opens it drops ™™^ & rt fi Q uf 
and. goes off with i loud ring . ., &s a run . ablJllt 
Made to sell at $1-00, it is practically a _gitt at our , anterI1 as notblneris mnre effective, safe or handf 
price, Postage 5c. Price 15c. Ea; $1.00 DOZ. p 08tage aoo. Price 35c Each ; S3.45 Wax. 





A reflector, lamp shade, and chim- 
' ney protector combined. Attached 
ito the common kerosene lamp it 
equals the Elec- 
tric Light. Made 
of polished Is'ick- 
| e ed Brass, and Every family wants, and should have this Solder- 
can bo used with ing Set. It is needed in every home, as this set con- 
any size chimney, tains everything required for doing a repairing job. 
To read or sew Anyone can make $3.00 per day in anv town bycall- 
by, it is unequaled ing at the houses and mending their iin ware. For 
os it concentrate! homeuse it will pay for itself many times over every 
the light at the year. Set consists of a fine Soldering Iron, with 
point needed with solid copper end, one Bar of Solder, one Scraper and 
a lighting power a box of powdered Resin and full directions, packed 

four times greater than produced by the ordinary in strong box. Postage 8c, Price 15c. Each ; 

kerosene lamp. It also acts as a shade on the $1.45 Doz. 

opposite side, and is worth its cost for that purpose 

alone in a sick room or nursery. A success in every l-A U** EA9ACT BACTMSC 

way. Postage lc. Price 9c. Each ; 95c. Doz. UU HUI rUKIlCl rtldlAUEi 

Don't be Afraid to make a Complaint if you have Cause. We want you satisfied. 




This Is distinctly a bargain. We have sold immense 
auantities of Ibis 6et aud get a wonderfully low price from 
the maker. A fine set of 6 picks in neat fancy cloth lined 
compartment box: Picks are of best steel with Ions per- 
fectly formed points; arristically turned, milled and 
ground; full polished an'l heavily nickeled. Special good 
,va!ne. Reduced from 19c. Postage 5c. Price 14c per 
let; $1.43 Doz. 


Mo. 8Q. Mo. 100 B. Daisy. Mo. 4Q14. Mo. 101, 

Parisian Ventilator* 

A useful little contrivance made 
entirely of metal and will never wear 
out. When attached to Gas Globe or 
Lamp Chimney keeps continually in 
motion, while light is burning and 
keeps up a perfect ventilation in the 
room which produces a clear and 
effective light. Protects the globes 
from breaking by drawing the heat 
away from them. Acts as a shield 
and prevents discoloring of ceilings. 
Fifteen thousand sold in New York 
in one month. Postage 2c. 

Price 9c. Ea.j 95c. Doz. 


10c. Each. 7c. Each. 8c. Each. 

S1.0S Doz. 73c. Doz. 78c. Doz. 

Cuts are actual size. All are brass nickel plated except No. 101, 
which la aluminum. Each lock is furnished with 1 or 2 keys. No. 4016 Bamoa8«)14bnt kWF 
Price 20c. Each ; 81.9G Doz. Scandinavian No. 3 larger than cut. Price 18c. Each; •!. . 5 Doz- 

useful in many ways. 

Postage on any lc. 

Ever Ready Knob, 

This handy little device 
has become a necessity in 
every Home. The Knob is 
made from hard wood, about 
the size of cut, black enam- 
eled, and will not burn the 
hands. The screw runs 
through the handle, giving 
extra strength, and can be 
quickly fastened, by the use 
of nut at the bottom. With 
this you can replace the 
broken or lost knob, on tea- 
kettle, coffee pot, kettle cov- 
ers, etc., supplv a pull lor 
drawers or a knob for tie 
stove door. Can be made 
. Every Housekeeper should 
have a supply of these useful and inexpensive knobs 
on hand at all times. Postage lc. Price 4c. BfU! 
3 for 10c; Special 32c. Doz. 

Connecticut Meat Chop- 
per.— The latest, best, sim- 
plest and cheapest chopper 
and sausage grinder. Will 
not clog or choke ; leaves no 
uncut meat in maebnie ; 
comes apart quickly to clean. 
The meat is carried forward 
by the feed cutter, and 
after the preliminary cutting 
is done, is forced into the 
perforations at the end of 

the feed cutter, where 

the final outting is done 
.by the eight cutting 
' points. Chops 8 lbs. per 

minute: weight 6'A lbs. 

Our Price 83.35 Ea. 

The Lex Heater.— The 
Lex Heater can be attached to 
any lamp chimney and raise 
temperature on a cold day 


In every respect 
truly great! The 
handiest kitchen 
utensil brought out 
in years. Contains 
the following: Fun- 
nel, Fruit-Jar Fill- 
er, Lamp-Chimney 
Cooker, Cake-Bak- 
er, Strainer.Cullen- 
der. Egg Poacher, 
I Pint Measure, 
1 Clothes Sprinkler, 
f and regular Dipper 
— and none of them 
"trumped up" 
either, as you will see when you get it. 4J4 in. 
diameter. S'/i in. deep. Made of heavy planished 
tin. with stout fancy iron japanned handle. Has 
5 parts, including bottom, tunnel, strainer, and 
cullender; all fitting water-tight. A perfect gem, 
which regular tradesmen are glad to charge well 
for, vlz^ 25c. Postage fie. 
Our lleduced Price 14c. Each; S1.50 Doz. 

Everlasting Lamp Wick* 

This Wick will undoubtedly 
'■fjj:. create as great a revolution 
in household lights as did the 
: y*~" introduction of kerosene oil. 

1 . It has many advantages over 
all others, which make it the 
wick of the future. It is made 
of mineral wool which cannot 
burn. It never needs trim- 
ming, and as nothing but the 
oil Durns, there can be no es- 
cape of black smoke or soot to 
discolor the chimney. A clear, 
white and brilliant light is ob- 
tained, which no other wick in 

any ordinary size room to i 8 existence can produce. Made in 2 sizes: A, Xi inch 
degrees. The Lex will not allow w i ae f or House Lamps. B, 1 inch wide for Stand 
the heat to ascend to the ceiling or Bracket Lamps. Postage 2c. per dozen. Price, 
before spreading it around and either oize, 4c. Each ; 43c. Doz. 
warming the room. It accumulates 

These famous cutters hardly need a description, 
so well are they known. We caution our patrons, 
however, against cheap imitations, and call atten- 
tion to our pi ice. They are of the finest steel, full 
polished and nickel plated. The cutting edge is 
patented, and cuts bread and cake without mak- 
ing crumbs. Sold only in sets of 3; the long bread 
knife being 12 inch and short one, for meat. 6 inch. 
Postage lOe. Our Cut Price 62c; SS.OO Doz.. 


At last we have a Coffee Mill 
which every housewife in the 
land has been wishing for ; it ta 
so simple and easy to operate 
that you fail to understand why 
it was notthought of long before. 
The bin on top holds one pound 
of coffee, and is directly con- 
nected with grinder underneath. 
When coffee is- needed, turn 
crank to the right and the ground 
coffee falls into the graduated 
tumbler. You can have your 
coffee ground and on the stove in 
the time it takes to collect your 
old mill, coffee and measure. 
Made of the very best material, 
beautifully finished and orna- 
mented, and can be easily fast* 
ened to the wall. Should go by - 
express with other goods. 
Price 50c • Ea.;$j .50 Doz. 


"Witchkloth" is 
a specially prepar- 
ed cloth, so treated 
ordinary use. will 
remove and pre- 
vent tarnish, etc., 
and keep gold, sil- 
ver, brass, nickel, 
copper, bicycles, 
etc. always bright, 
clean, and free 
from corrosion, 
tarnish, stains, dirt, etc., without scratch- 
ing. 1 square foot, in envelope. Sold 

verywhere at 15c. Postage lc. Our Beduced 

Price, 8c. Pkg\; 85c. Doz. 

the heat and throws it off red hot 

just where you want it. With a 

quart of oil that costs two cents 

ou can heat a room all day, and 

eat and light it at the same time 

all the evening. Postage l£c. 

*WC« 75c Each ; 7 50 Doz. 


With this Huller you can quickly prepaie all 
kinds of berries for the table, removing the hulls, 
take out the soft spots, save time, stained fingers, 
crushed fruit, etc. The Huller is made entirely of 
metal, of such shape that it can easily be held and 
not slip out of the hand, is very simple to operate, 
cannot get out of order, and one will last a lifetime. 

Used as a Stitch Picker it becomes a very 
useful and handy article for the dressmaker and - 

housewife in picking outetitches.bastingthreads.etc it to you gratis— not for fun, but to enable you to 
Postage lc. Price 7c. Each; 72c. Dozen. trade economically. 

The Gem Pillow 
Sham Holder. 

This is just what every 
lady needs to hold her pil- 
low sham in place. It is 
made out of small cast 
steel wire and tempered 
and nickel plated. Will be 
an ornament to any bed- 
stead, as well as useful. 
Place the sham as re- 
presented in cut. The 
center holder holds one 
corner of each sham, and 
on retiring turn the sham 
over the top of the head- 
board, or it is very easy to 
draw it out of the clasp. 
Screws with each set. 
Postage lc. per set. 
Price 8 c. Set ; 
84c. Doz. 

Till? Rfifitf c °sts us as much money as the 
lllO DUUiV average 25 cent novels. We send 

Gem Self-Lighting 1 Gas Bur- 
ner. Matches are dangerous to havo 
around and to use ; and often when 
you want them most, they're not to be 
found. Avoid them and save gas by 
using the Improved Gem Self-Lighting 
Gas Burner. Furnishes a light instant- 
ly. Fits any Gas Fixture ; when 
turned down it burns less than a 
cent's worth of gas a month and 
wastes none. Selling in stores at 50 and 
75cts. Postage 5c. Our Out Price, 
30c. Each ; $3.10 Doz. 


Ready for immediate use. The 
most economical and best for gen- 
eral use. Used for every form of 
decorating, no matter what the ma- 
terial, whether a stove pipe or a 
Christmas card. Each bottle packed 
safely in a neat wooden mailing 
case. Postage 5c. 

Reduced Price 18c. Each; 
81.80 Doz. 





One of the great modern Im- 
provements in kitchen utencils. 
These cutters revolve as smooth- 
ly as the wheel of a bicycle ami 
at the same time cat the dough 
clean and perfect. Once used they become indis- 

Sensable. Made of heavy planished tin and wire. 
!o. 1 cuts a 3 in. circle; No 2 cuts 3 in. square 
with round corners and will cut very thick dough, 
for tea biscuits, etc. Postage 3c. Price 6c. 
Each; 60c. Doz. 


The only reason for 
doing without such a 
thing as this is pure 
neglect. One of the 
greatest time savers ever devised; 
also saves breaking teeth, cutting 
fingers, looking for shears, and swear 
lng. Made of steel with tempered 
and perfectly ground blade. Screws into wood 
wherever von want it. Postage lc. on 6. Price 
4c. Each; 38c. Doz. 


These spoons are made up 
of an entirely pew and absolutely pure metal, as 
tough as steel, and will wear as well as Solid Silver 
or Gold with proper care in cleaning. Beautiful in 
design and luster, impossible to distinguish it from 
golcT * The designs are all after style shown. Noth- 
ing more elegant or practical can be selected for hol- 
iday gifts. Packed ^ dozen in boi. Postagedc. on 8. 
Prices : Tea or Coffee Spoosa, email or large, 
80c. Each; $8-25 Doz. 


No longer any 
fear of spilling 
your boiled egg 
into your vest' 
pocket or of dec- 
orating! ho table 
cloth. Opens an 
egg with abso- 
lute neatness : 
no chipping of 
shell. Place the 
Egg Opener on 
one end of the 
egg so as to take 
off about H of 
the shell; then 
the sharp points 
handles of Egs 


Fills a long felt want, is compact, light and ele- 
fantly made and finished. Constructed on best 
principles; metal, heavily nickel plated ; can be 
carried in the pocket without the slightest incon- 
venience ; weighs with ahsolute accuracy from 
£ ozs. to IB lb-. Postage 

Price 3'4c. Each; S3.:;5 Doz. 


i Made upon scientific principles; 
lined with asbestos cloth; has two 
pockets for the fingers and thumbs, 
which prevents the heat from hot 
irons or articles handled from con- 
tact with the same and positively 
• prevents all danger from burning. 
Postage 8c. Price 8c. Each; 
82c. Dozen. 


It is a very great improve- 
ment over the old stove brush 
for blacking stoves. With- 
out getting a speck of black- 
ing on her hands a woman 
can blaek and polish her 
stove. Thus the blacking of 
a stove is no longer a 
dreaded, dirty, disagreeable 
job. This is why the house- 
keepers as qufck as they see. it say. "I want one. 
Postage 3c. Price loc. Bach; S8I.5S Doz. 

Crown Cooking Mat- 
Made of asbestos thorough- 
k ly fire proof, fits any size 
stove hole, inches in 
diameter.metal bound. 
i It is not necessary to 
I stir food cooked over 
this mat, as it will not 
burn or scorch milk, 
^rlce, jellies, custards, etc. 
Has a hundred uses we can't 
"""'fHI' 1 "^" mention here. Postage 5c. 
Price 6c. Each; 40c. Doz. 

Corundum Knife Sharpener— 12 inches long; 
polished oak handle; nickeled steel guard to pre- 
vent knife cutting hand; tapered cylinder of finest 
corundum. Note the price. Postage 6c. 
Price 10c. Each; $1.00 Doz. 

Giant Tack Puller- 
It catches right on and never 
lets go till the tack is out. 
Split jaws, steel blued, en- 
amel hsudle, The leyer tightens jaws on tacit 
harder as handle is pressed. Postage 2c. , Price 
8c. Each; 80c. Doz. 

press the jaws together until 

pierce the shell; then lilt on 

Opener, which will cause the shell to part evenly 

and nicely. Bright nickel finish. Postage 3c. 

Price 25c. Each ; 82.48 Doz. 


For Tea and Coffee 
Pots. — Beauty and Clean- 
liness. Combined. The 
only Perfect Strainer ever 
invented. It supplies a long 
'felt want. All the annoy- 
ance being overcome. 
There can be no dripping 
to soil table linen, or rust 
the stove. There is no fall- 
ing off; it will last for years, 
attaches to any tea or cof- 
t fee pot as shown in cut. 
Nickel plated and highly 
^ornamental. Postage 2c. 
Price 21c. Each ; 
$2 10 Doz- 

It is made of handsomely 
decorated metal. It has. two 
oompartments. and striker on 
fi r, ; and that word " MAT- 
CHES " looms up at you best 
when it is darkest and guides 
you quickly to the spot. This 
safe costs no more than a 
common one and is working 
all the time. It is large size 
— 5x5 in. Postage 5c. Price 
13c Each; },::5 Eo-z. " 



After all it is the little things, 
which taken together, make up 
the sum of our happiness or 
m isery in this work-a-day world. 
Isn't that sof You can almost 
(but not quite) throw the broom 
at the Gem and it will hold It 
fast, vertical up, away from dirt 
and where it can be found. The 
cuts tell the rest, except its very 
low pnee. Postage ?c. Price 7o. 
Each; Special 60c. Do*. 

Asbestos Baking Sheets 

have become an indis- 
pensible household ar- 
ticle. They are made 
■ from the pure tissue 
JS H ffTC I Asbestos Paper, manu- 
w I ■ *— ^— I w | factum! under our own 
supervision and are a- 
dapted to all kinds of 
ovens. They are used in 
baking bread, pastry, 
etc. and all roasts are 
greatly improved there- 
by. They are put up in 
books of 12 sheets each, 
I size 9x14 in., with an at- 
tractive cover contain- 
ing full directions P.os> 

IaKi nTg 


ago 4c Trice 6c. per Boob; 60c. Doz. 



Catchefl—'em alive and oatches 'em every time. 
Catches 'em when all others fail. And its auto- 
matic, gate shuts when Mr. Mouse goes in, and 
remains shut until he noses around and gets into 
the inner room, when the gate pops open again 
ready for the next one. Worth 6 times the price 
h»eause it works every time, Postage 7c. Price 
30c. Each; 83.08 Doz. 



The fact that the old 
fashioned knife may ever 
be improved on for fruit 
land vegetable paring, is 
I difficult to convince some 
i people of— but a fact it is. 
\— Tho Union Parer and 
I orer will prove it in an 
instant to the most skep- 
tical. It is a liftlitning 
peeler and will do the work of two with the old 
knife. Postages o. 
■price TSeduced to 6c. Each; 00c. Doz. 


A toothpick or match holder, 4 in. 
high; pretty aliwniuum embossed 
basket work outside cup, with gilt 
inside and gilt tripod legs. Very 
ornamental and useful. Postage 3c. 
Reduced Price 24c. Each; 
63.43 Doz. 


Cook's Delight.— Saratoga potato chipper, 
peeler, corer, vegetable chopper, eye gauge, grater 
and a lot of other indispensables. Made of one 
piece of heavy metal. Postage 8o. Price 3c. 
Each; 20c. Doz. 

No need fo send 
out your Harness ■ 
Halters, Belts, Bags, 

Clothing, Overalls and other goods made of Leath- 
er. Rubber, Felt, Canvas, Pasteboard, Sheet Iron, 
Wood and various articles that are constantly In 
need of repair, which means time lost in semiing 
and waiting, beside the expense of the r. 
when you can have the article right at hand at 
trifling cost. One job alene done byyourself will 
pay for the box. The rivets are made of c< >pi» r, 
beveled shape, (see cut). ,No hole required in the 
article to be repaired. Slmplv drive the rivet in ns 
you would a taok, using the hand rivet set. which 
comes with every box including one hundred as- 
sorted slws rivets. Postago 4*. 

Latest Price 10c. Box; 98C.Doz. Boxes. 

Standard Window Fastener.-. 

Tou can lock your window at any 
point: applies also to win- 
dow sorccts. It can be 
put on by any one, secure- 
ly prevents rattling, which 
is so annoying, especially 
during the night. Extremely con- 
venient, when there are no win- 
dow cords , or when the cords are 
broken. Cat Is X size complete 
with screws. Postage 2c. Price 4c. Each; 43c. 

Write Briefly and PLAINLY, Address Letters Carefully and Don't Forget Postage. 


Arc-Light Lamp Wick. 

The Arc-Light is some- 
thing new* All need it, all 
buy it, »ll bless it. The 
same kind of carbon that 

gives the electric light its 
rilliancy is woven into the 
Arc Light by a patent process. 
Burns without trimming and 
saves 20 per cent, of oil. We 
hold affidavit showing that 
an Arc-Light burned 1.040 
hours, giving the last 
hour the same perfect, 
.; bri.'.iant light it gave 
fe^ g the first. Costs no more 

than ordinary wick, and 
saves its price 365 times 
a year. Try it and see 
Cor yourself Postage lc. per doz. Fri^e— Size A, 
H inch., or B, 1 inch— 5c Each ; 40c Doz. 

.-_- V tfa:.'-. 




One of the sleekest 
acbines in existence, 
h e only mechanics! 
lisin seeder doing quick 
n d good work at a 
opular price ; delivers 
-clean seed and a wholo 
lisin ; very neat and 
ght, simple and clean ; 
will seed a lb. 
of raisins in 5 
minutes ; com- 
posed of a 
gang of eight 
steel discs with teeth which bear 
against a soft rubber roller ; en- 
closed in retin ned steel hopper and 
eld by iron frame with adjustable 
clamp. Cost you $1 00 in stores. 
Look out for imitations— this is the 
best. Postage 17c. Reduced 
Price 65 Ea. ; Special $625 Dz. 

Liquid Glue . —Will mend anythin? 
in furniture, glass, crockery, leather. 
etc., and is the only glue on the mar- 
ket that will stick wood and metal to- 
gether. Always ready for use and will 
keep in any climnte. bull size bottle 
complete with brush. Regular price 
25c. Postage 4c. Our newest Price 
5c. Each; 5Cc. Doz. 

Gem Water Filter.— Will take out 
every impurity quickly and surely. 
It is reversible and self-cleansinir. The 
case is of heavy brass, handsomely 
plated, containing two fine Btrainers 
and best filtering material. Kits 
any faucet. If you use well water 
the necessity for a filter is even greater 
and you can with little expense rig up 
connections for thi3 device. Postage 4c. 
Reduced. Price 18c. ea.; S1.S3 Doz. 

Prepared Wire 
Solder in convenient 
form to be used by 
any one at any tinio 
or place without the 
aid of irons, acids, 
resin, or in fact any- 
thing but a candle or 
lamp. All that la 
necessary is to 
scrape the tin bright, 
hold over a flame aa 
shown in cut and ap- 
ply the solder. Post- 
age 2c. Price per 
package, 6 st ieks, 3c. 
30c. Doz. packages. 


Do your own half-solelng and repairing by using Iron Lasts and household repairing outfit. Any 
person can successfully use them. Outfit complete for Home and Farm use. This outfit consists of 
Four Iron Lasts and Standard suitable for half-solelug and heeling Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. One 
Iron Extension, patented. Four pkgs. assorted Wire Clinch Nails ; Pegging Awls and Handle, ready 
for use; Sewing Awls, Stabbing Awl and Shoe Knife ; Hammer ; Bottle of Leather Cement, Rubber 
Cement ; half-dozen pairs Star Heel Plates ; two assorted Waxed Ends ; Ball of Shoe Thread, with 
Needles and Bristles ; Ball of Wax ; Four Harness Needles ; One Pair Pliers. Full Instructions. 
Packed iu strong boa. Weight, 20 lbs. Price Complete, SI. 75 


An ornament to any Ladies' 

Faring: Gloves.— Made 

of thin rubber and pro- 
tects the forefinger and 
thumb from stains and callous- 
es usually so annoying to la- 
dles who do their own work 
By using this glove the hands 
are kept soft and white, and 
the paring of potatoes and oth- 
er vegetables and fruit ceases 
to be an annoyance and discom- 
fort. Can be worn on either 
hand. Postage lc. Price 13c. 
Each; 81.30 Doz. 

Salt and Pepper Shaker 

Made of finest white metal, with a 
triple sterling silver plate that will last 
for years. We guarantee more than 
double store value on this shaker. 
Price l'4o. Bach; Special $1.33 jj^Dozl 

work basket. A patent 40 
inch Linen Tape, with spring 
catch and return. Metal 
case to represent small mor- 
occo bound book, gold 
edges and ornamental cov- 
ers. Entirely new and novel 
and sold at a lower price 
than ordinary tape measures. 
Postage 2c. 

Price 12c. Each. 
$1.25 Doz. 


Patent Cake Turners-Flip* 
.cap, 2U inch tngh. Postage ? | ^ndle together. Made ent .rely of gee^Ee 

lJ against n 

Daisy Hat Kaclc— Hook3 
of strong steel; turned ball 
ends ; strongly anchored in 
formed steel bracket: the 
whole is highly polished and 
heavily plated ; secure a- 
t rust; folds against the wall and] 
Tout of the way. Postage 6c. 
Price l~c. Each; Special 81.70 Doz. 

Lemon Juice Extractor— 
Made of aluminum, and will not 
corrode; has no sharp edges to 
cut the fingers; can be used on 
any glass or tumbler; can also 
be used as a shaker for milk 
punches, etc., by placing 
between two glasses. Post- 
age 8c. Seduced Price 
17c, Ea.; $1.75 Doz. 

aral color. Postage 2c. 

Price 5c. Each; 

60c. Doz. 

duced_ from 18o. Poataee So. Price 8c. Each; 

Star Window Cleaner.— This may 

be rather a homely article, but you 

should not be without it if you have a 

window. Most 

effective for its 

purpose. A 

strip of flexible 

rubber 5 inches 

long is inserted in the base and se- 

onrely fastened. Postage 3c. 

Price 5c. Each; 45c. Doz. 

Imperial Dog Remedies* 

These remedies are some of 
the best compounds, manufac- 
tured by H. Clay Glover, V. S.. 
the well known specialist in canine 
diseases. These preparations have 
attained a world wide reputation 
as the best ever manfactured. They 
are put up in round wooden boxes 
with full directions printed on each. Postage 3c. 
Price 50c. per box. 

JAPANESE TOOTH PICKS. Liver Pills.-A positive cure for all liver com- 

ll/Uli? "«■« plaints. Act directly on the liver and secretions. 

Several hundred picks Sulphur Tablets.— A cooUng medicine which 
infancy box. The box tones up the entire system. Particularly adapted to 
is a work of art, being a sma n dog3 

basket of red and n Condition Pills. -These pills purify the blood, 

reduce fever, regulate the stomach, and keep up the 
appetite and general strength. 

Digestive Fills —For Indigestion, Gastritis and 
all disorders of the digestive organs, these pills have 
no equal. One pill given the dog 3 times a day after 
feeding will cure the worst cases in a short time. 

Worm Capsules— A safe and certain destroyer 
of tie much dreaded worm. 

Call Bell.— The only full-size 

Call Bell ever sold for this price. 

Enamel base, with nickel crown 
and a nickel striker A 
perfect automatic action 
call bell made and finished 

in a superb manner. Post- Aluminum Scale and Straight Edge — 3-inch 
age 6c. Price reduced Pocket Rule accurately scaled. It is scarcely 
to 8c. Each; 85c. Doz. heavier than a piece of paper of its size. Nearly 

white in color and never tarnishes. Postage lc, 
Price 6c. Each; 60c. Doz. 

Our New Monitor American 

Hair Clipper.— We have just 

reduced the price of this 

clipper from 81.40 to 

90c., though recent irn 

Kennel and Stable Soap 
is especially recommended for 
keeping the skin and coat in a 
healthy condition, and is partic- 
ularly good for any humor, irri- 
tation or sores. It is largely 
used for skin or scalp troubles 
in human beings. Postage 3c. 

Price 25c. per Cake. 

Diseases of the Dog:, and How to Feed.— 
This book is a valuable treatise on all diseases of the 

Pocket Glass Cutter-Nickel case; 3M In. long dog ; given in a clear and comprehensible style by 
". » ^li d i,^?^^ n -T£ U ^ m f f I!r^^l QS ^ a ^ f J a f a "• &*r Glover, the eminent Veterinary Surgeon. 

Postage 12c 

per cent, more value. Vhen not innse. Finest steel critter as hard as Explains fully the best methods of keeping dog 
We sold it a few years adamant. Tostage lc. Price 9c.EacIi; 90c.Do3. a healthy condition- causes of disease; hintson fe 
ago at 83.50. " The 
World do mover 

on feed- 


— ubtui.uj' vviuui nun ; l,iuji;3 va u uvajc , uiui*> vu * v*.u 

ing, and in fact everything of interest to tbe dog fao 



This is a very high 
class set in which the 
tools are of finest steel 
and workmanship, ma- 
king it a great favorite 
with the most fastidi- 
ous mechanics and a 
good investment for 
anyone. Polished 
rock maple handle, 
perfect fitting screw 
cap. Strong steel ad- 
justable chuck for 
holding tools; closes 
by turning large wing 
nut; nickel plated. 10 
tools of good steel as 
shown in cut. All are 

ground and polished. 
Postage 6c. 

This is the finest 
set of its size made, 
lias solid rose- 
Wi >od handle splen- 
didly polished with 
perfectly fitted 
screw top and 
nickeled steel chucks; length with tool In, 10 Inches. 
The principal feature Is the quality and finish of the 
tools; they are 4 in. long, of best tool steel, substan- 
tia!, oorrectly shaped, ground and fall polished; 
no better tools are to be had and we give yoa ten 
of them for the price of 2 or 3. Has 2 awls, 2 
chisels, screw driver, gouge, bit, counter-sink and 
saw. Postage lie. Price 81.00 Each. 

Brad Awl Combination— Hollow handle of 
bard wood, 5 in. long-; weighs 3 ounces. Contains, 
lncide.on a spool, 50 feet waxed linen shoo thread 
Spool is hollow and contains 3 awls and 7 needles 
of various shapes and sizes. Postage 3c. 
Price 81c. Each; S3. 10 Doz. 

Boxwood Rales— Our rules are from the best 
maker and are of guaranteed quality. Our prices 
are 40 per cent, below thestorekeepnrs'. 

No. 1— One foot; round joints; middle and end 
plates; 8ths end 16ths. Postago Ic. Price 0c. 
Each; 62c. Doz. 

Xo. 2— Two-foot; Bame aa above. Postage 2c. 
L Price 7c. Each; 72c. Doz. 

No. 4— Two-foot; extra quality; square Joint; 
brass bound; graduated to 8ths, 12ths and 
and drafting scalp. The best rule made. Postage 
', 3c. Price 30c. Each; $3.01 Doz, 



.»s~ —■ Price 
35c. Ea ; $3.75 Dz. 


The enormous success of our other repair outfits has made this one possible. The thousands we 
have sold of these outfits enables us to get tbem up by the train-load and deliver them to consumers at 
almost the price of old Iron. They are the bane, not only of cobblers and tinkers, but of hardware 
dealers as well, as this outfit supplies about $0.00 worth of hardware for $2.40. It is easier to tell of the 
jobs it won't do than those it will; look it over in the picture above and judge for yourself whether 
you cannot get your money out of It several times a year. Consisting of 40 first-olass tools and materi- 
als shown in cut, viz.: 1 iron last, 10 in.: 1 Iron last, 8 In.; 1 iron last, 6 in.: 1 iron last, 4 in; 1 iron 
standard with base; 1 Iron extension (patented); 1 package 3-8 clinch nails; 1 package 4 8 clinch nails 
1 package 6-8 clinch nails; 1 package 6-8 clinch nails; 6 pairs Star heel-plates; 1 box slotted rivets; 
1 rivet-set; 1 steel punch; 1 sewing-awl, complete; 1 pegging-awL complete; 1 wrench for above; 
1 stabblng-awl .complete; 1 shoe-knife, 1 shoe-hammer; 1 bottle rubber cement; 1 bott e leather cement; 
1 harness and saw clamp; 1 ball wax; 1 ball shoe-thread; 1 bunch bristles; 4 harness needles; 1 pai; 
pliers; 1 soldering-iron; 1 bottle soldering-fluld: 1 box reBin: 1 bar solder. Shipped by freight or expressr 
Our Wholesale Consumer's Price 52, lO Each. 

Thi3 set is particularly generous as to the num- 
ber of tools contained in it, 20 in all, as shown In 
cut Chuck closes with wrench, also furnished. 
The tools are of good quality steel, and though 
cheap the whole outfit is neatly made. Postage 4c, 

Price 40c. Each; 



The need of a tool 
* which should enable any- 
one to cut washers of any 
desired size; has long been 
felt ; and we believe we have at last 
produced such a tool. s It unites 
three Important requisites, strength, simplicity 
and compass. With this Improved Washer Cutter 
any circle from that required by the smallest hose 
packing to an ordinary pump box can be cut. 
Each tool is conveniently put up in a neat paper 
box. ■ Remember, the knives are steel and adjust- 
able ; one knife cuts the inside of the circle, while 
the other cuts the outside and does the work well. 
Postage So. Price 20c. Each; S3. 03 Doz. 

Hunter's Mechanical Combination* 

The designs that can be drawn 
by this wonderful Combina- 
tion are unlimited. It is 

U t A } z \ \\Q 9 8 7 6,^ 

Y^-v „..v»..wA„.A.:a, ,„\ ,>,v>„w,v 

adapted for drawings for which > 
compass, rule and square are 
used. Itlsmadeof thebesthard- 
ened steel, finely tempered, 6U in. in length and 
H inch in width, insuring both lightness and flexi- 
bility and being graduated down to 1-33 of an inch. 
It will allow the operator to describe a circle vary- 
ing from H in. to 12 inches in diameter, while Its 
cheapness places it within the reach of all. The 
cut describes the tool and its uses, accuracy being 
guaranteed. Try one and you will never be with- 
out it! Former price BOc. Postage Sc, Our Out 
Price 15c. Ea.; $1.50 Doz. 



Diamond Point 

These Drill Points are of 
polished steel, and will fit 
any of our hand drills or any 
scroll saw drilling attach- 
ments. The out represents 
actual size of drill points. 
Postage lo. per doz. Price 
25c. per Doz. 


We carry twist drills of cor- 
responding sizes; they are 
generally preferred for metal 
work and work well in wood. 
Sold in Het« of 6. Postage lo. 
Price 15c. per Set. 

Carving- Set— This isa 
first cluss set of Carving 
Tools with genuine polished 
rosewood handles and full 
polished cast steel tool* 
properly g round 
and sharpened ; 6J£ 
inch ; cut shows 
| shapes of tools; 
■ they are made by 
a the Millers Falls 
Co.; packed in neat 
stained and varnished slide cover box. Postage 9c 
Prioe 95c. Each ; $9.40 Doz. 

A perfectly made hand drfti, complete with a set 
of 6 twist drills and wrench, in strong hmced- 
cover polished case; polished steel mandril, pinion, 
and chuck; japanned and striped frame; 11 in. 
long; very strong and capable of drilling all kinds 
of metal as well as wood. Wonderfully cheap 
considering its quality. Postage 22o. 

Our Price 98c Each; 89.75 Dos. 


The most complete tool for 
bracket and much other work. 
Pushing down on handle re- 
volves the drill and feeds it 
in quickly. Has fine solid rose- 
wood handle and fine, perfect- 
ly made steel spindle, so It 
works easily and is very sensi- 
tive; works nicely with one 
hand; each is supplied with a 
dozen assorted drill points; 
may be used on metal as well 
as the most delicate woods. 
Postage Bo. 

Price 7 Oc. Each; 87. lO 

No. 2 Soldering Set. 

£ « 4 

This is an outfit built for business. Not only are 
L.R? rls of first cla9s quality and workmanship, 
but they ar: o( full regular size. The iron is lain. 
long with ;,' lb. octagon head of pure copper, 
polished enamel 4 in. handle ; scraper is of hard 
steel with sharp ground edges; the solder is tri- 
angle shape, of good quality and used with the 
"° x special soldering compounds furnished 

with each outfit, we i uarantce perfect joints and 
clean work. Complete in strong slide cover box. 
It would cpst 60c. to duplicate this outfit in 

!ii rts „ V. ost 25 e M 1 . B Si ° ur pr i«« Complete 
25c. Eaoh ; $2.50 Doz. 

W« are at the Fountain Htad of Supply— the Greatest Market in the United States. 



Th® Practical Hand Drill, 


A clear saving to you of 
40 per cent, on these goods. 
Compare prices and see. Good steel; full polish; 
accurately ground and hardened jaws. Correct 
model for cutting strength and leverage, 

4 in. Postage 3c. Price 25<-. En<-1> ; S2.25Doz. 

5 " " 5c. " 33c. " 3.00 " 
I " " 6c 40c. ". n.r.rt " 


Postage 21a. 

Good serviceable tools; 
good forged steel; ground 
and polished ; accurately 
ground side-cutting jaw and corrugated flat nose 
well tempered. 

4 In. Postage 3c. Price .30 Each ; S2-S0 Doz 
6 " " 4c. " .32 '• 3.0O " 

« " " 8c. •• .35 " 3 20 " 


Good steel ; ground 
and polished ; accurate- 
ly rounded nose. 
4 in. Postage 2c. Price 8c. Each ; $ 75 Doz. 
*» " 3c. " lie. " 105 " 

6" "4c. • 13o. " 125 " 



They are good service- 
able tools which will for 
ordinary uses answer as well as goods costing 4 
times their price. Good steel. Well ground and 
polished; corrugated and hardened jaws. Best 
popular priced line. 

4 in. Postage 3c. Price 8 .IO Each; 8 -S4 Dor. 

5 " " 4c. " .15 " 1.38 " 
6" " 5c. " .20 " 1.75 " 


NO. I. 

A handy combination 
tool, including pipe grip, 
wire cutter and flat nose pUer. Ground and well 

{>olished ; good steel, 6 inches : corrugated and 
nirdened jaws. Postage 5c. Price 25c. Each ; 
Special 82.25 Doz. 


One of onr 
greatest money 
savers. An ac- 
tual necessity inievery 
household ; its con- 
tents purchased separ- 
ately at the average store 
would cost at least $5.00. 
It contains— Trou Stand 
for Lasts ; Three Lasts 
Reversible, 6, 8 and 10 
Inches; Shoe Hammer, 
Shoe Kuife : 
Peg awl and 
Handle ; Sew- 
ing Awl and 

Handle : Stabbing Awl and Handle ; Heel Nails ; 
Clinch Nails ; Wrench for Peg Awl Handle. Full 
instructions how to be a cobbler. In all 16 articles. 
Weight 14 lbs. Price 90c. Each. 

This Drill Stock 
is 8 inches in length 
and weighs 8 ounces. 
It is made of iron, 
finished in good 
style, and brass 
chuck for holding 
the drill points. This 
chuck is made on a 
new plan, and it 

centers and holds the drill perfectly. Wth each Drill 
Stock we send a box containing six superior drill points of various sizes. 

Price 65c. Each; $6.40 Dozen. 

No. 2 Hand Drill. 

Built for business. Gear and pinion are very 
heavy and crank long, giving great power; 
i teeth are cut, giving a free and positive action 
and long wear; polished steel spindle; polished 
rosewood handles; large handle has screw cr.D 
and holds 6 assorted drills furnished; the chuck 
is regular made, hardened jaws, nickel plated, 
and will take any drill, twist or otherwise from 
1-32 to y<± inch. Chuck would alone cost price 
named below at any supply house. Suitable for metal or wood. Postage 21o. 
Oar Price Sil.lO Each; S14.40 Doz. 

"Standard" Glass Cutter. 

A high grade Glass Cotter 
with polished handle and 
and nickel-plated steel head 
having notches for 3 thick- 
Made for long and hard usage. 

nesses of glass, and a fine steel cutter of extra fine quality 
Postage 2c. Price 8c. Each; 84c Doz. 

Lever Nippers* 


These nippers by their 
double lever construction 
possess many times the 
strength of ordinary nippers or cutting pliers; the 
handles instead of being a part of the jaws operate 
on separate jaws as shown in cut, thus obtaining 
a compound leverage; they easily cut almost any 
piece of metal the jaws will take. Made only of 
finest tool steel properly tempered. 
Size. Postage. Earn. Doz. Extra Jaws. 
4 in. 4c. Boo. S8.40 ' 23c. pair. 

6 " 6c. 81.40 13. 80 30c. " 


Six Useful Household Articles. Here is the 
greatest novelty and the most useful article into 
the bargain; a full sized, perfect- working pair of 
pincers or nippers ; a nut cracker _; corkscrew ; a 
polished steel screw driver ; a knife, very stout, 
and strong, good to open oysters, clams, cans, etc.; 
a reliable glass cutter ; made of the best material, 
nicely bronzed, perfectly finished in everv way. 
Postage 4c. Special Price 12c. Each; $1.35 Doz. 

Nickel-plated Bracket Saw. 

This is a very handy 
tool for a great variety 
of purposes; it will grip 
anything strongly while 
being filed, hammered 
or bent. Made of best 

forged steel; corrugated jaws, polished outside; 
strong spring holds jaw open. No one should 
do without this tool. 

3 in Postage 4c. Price 25c. Each; $2.45 Doz. 
4K " " »o. " 36c. " 83.50 " 


- urtiMvrt ■ .^„„„„„~. qo 

i-mt'ttytrHvY't """""""""""' """"*^^*°^ LUJ 

mrvrirt. "UHttiMHWttiMi'UK" '—'■■""'■"""jM \ 

T K(ti(tUM(M4i'rMt — W<ti'iM(W<iMimUW"i 2 

llrll-ii-iiiririrrrir«ii«»filrr««nriiiiiniirrifltirrnii 3 

Our Saw Blades are made of the best imported 
steel, and have an established reputation. 5 inche3 
long, sizes 00 to 6, we do not sell less than a dozen 
of anv one size. Postage lc. dozen. 

Price Sc. Doz. 40c. for 6 Doz. Postage 3c. 

Clark's Expansive Bit. 

any size hole from % to l l £ in. ; it therefore lakes 
the place of a full set of augurs. Complete in 3 
pieces — stock, cutter and screw ; of the best cast 
steel, full polished and plated. It has a graduated 
shank showing the depth of hole while boring, and 
also a spring cap separating face of stock. Two cut- 
ters with each bit. Postage 5c. Our Price 95c. Ea. 
Household Hant -- ess Mender. — Especial 
ly adapted for harne B ss repairing, belt repair" 
ing, filing saws, etc. fg Contains wooden lever" 

What chances boys have nowadays. With 
a few cents worth of wood, he makes articles 
worth $2 to $5, and finds fun in the work of 
making them. This bracket saw is nickel- 

Elated, polished, and the handle is polished 
ard wood. The whole outfit is put up in a 
neat box, and consists of 1 Nickel plated 
Bracket-saw, 5 by 12 in.; 13 extra Saw Blades: 
1 Drill Point; Designs for Brackets, etc., full 
size. Price just reduced from 98c, Postage lie. 
Price 85c. Each; $8.40 Doz. 

rUulnUL (Unless otherwise mentioned.) 

clamp, sewing-awl haft with diamond awl blade. 
saddler's round punch, rivet set. shoe-thread, wax, 
25 harness needles, copper rivets and burrs, ass'd. 
All articles are first-class in every respect; weight 
10 pounds. A great money saver. Price re- 
duced to SI. 35 Each. 



Latest Prices 

This form of pen- 
cil holder stands as 
a favorite. These 
pockets arestrong- 
ly mado of good 
grain calf skin ; 
stitched with linen 
thread. Each poc- 
ket is provided 
with safety pin on 
back for attaching 
to clothing; these? 
pockets may be 
worn anywhere 
outside or inside of . 
pocket ; made for 
1,2, 3 and 4 pencils 
or pens. Post- 
age lc. 
2 *? 4 

07c. 09c. 80.13 
C5c. 85c. 1.35 


More in this little 
thing than you'd 
think. A very in- 
nocent bit of steel 
3Jf inches long, 
with flat and cir- 
cular knives inside 
of slot. Made of 
good tool steel ; 
knives are sharp 
and will stay so; 
even a women can 
sharpen a pencil with it. It makes any kind of a 
point you want and leaves a nice taper. Neat, 
compact, handy, can't cut you, and the most effec- 
tive sharpener. Postage 10. on 4. Price 15c. 
UncU; Sl.lODoz. 

Stop'Guage Pencil and leads. 

This is brand new and the largest value we have 
ever offered in this line. It combines a first class 
stop-gauge propelling pencil, which feeds the lead 
by pressing on end. Has full nickel metal parts 
and corrugated rubber center. Besides the pencil, 
which is alone worth double the price below, 13 
included a box of fine graphite leads for the pencil, 
again worth 10c. in any store. Postage lc. Price 
only 8c.» Complete as shown ; 78c. Doz. 




These leads are to replace those found in our 
Various propelling pencils when used out. Post- 

g Mo. 119.— &'/£ inches long; violet indelible; 
fits Brilliant. Propelling, Stop Gauge Pencils. 3 in 
wood box. Price 10c. Box; SJOo. Dox. 




Oar extensive foreign con- 
flections enable us to put up^ 
tbe most attractive stamp col- 
lections known in the market. 
We have a bureau for the man- 

.POOTAt. tyjg 

agementof this line which covers the 
earth and draws the cream of every 
country through correspondents. We 

put them up in popular priced col- 
lections. The prices and quantities 
are apportioned to the rarity and value 
of the stamps: no definite description is 
possible and we can only say that we guaran..' 
,tee satisfaction, or refund money. No two 
-collections are alike, and if you buy the whole 
line, you will have a larger and more varied 
value than you can obtain elsewhere at five times the 
price. Every stamp guaranteed genuine. Postage lc. on 50c. worth. 

Class A.— 4 packets; No. 5 contains 10 different foreign stamps; No. 7 10 assorted U. S. stamps; 
No 3 25 assorted foreign stamps; No. 1 50 same. Price any packet in Class A 5c. each; 4 for 18c; 
65c. Dozen. 

Class B. — 5 packets; No. 6 contains 50 different rare stamps; No. 8, 10 fine foreign stamps; 
No. 4, 25 different foreign stamps; No. 2, 100 assorted foreign stamps; No. 9, 25 selected U.S. stamps, 
all different. Price any packet 10c. each; 4 for 25c; $1 Dozen. 

Class C— 2 packets- No. 10, 25 different rare stamps; No. 11,50 different stamps; Price of 
either 25c ; 2 for"45c; $2.40 Doz. 

MamntofKCollectlon.—A large and rich assortment of 1,000 choice foreign stamps. This Is 
the acme of large value and yields more valuable stamps than any $2.00 collection to be had. Every 
nation represented, from one to 50 times. Price only 60c. per 1,000. 


■vs flfflWMWMMiijj . ' ill.! 1 iu.j i-j.fl 

Something new • 

entirely practical 

though extremely 

novel; they have 

jumped quickly into 

popularity. No 

wood; the lead which -^ 

is of the best quality, - ^v^^ 

is covered with repeated windings of tough paper in conical form. To sharpen, no haggling with a 
knife is necessary; but instead a section of the paper is unwound, as shown in cut. Made in colors- 
blue and red— as well as black lead. Postage 4c. dozen. Price just reduced. Price No. 1 Blaok 
Lead, rubber tipped, 5c. Each; 48c. Dozen; Colored Crayon, 7c Each; 68c Dozen. 

Special Black Lead Pencil Ho. 2. We have succeeded in making a new pencil of cheaper 
quality and finish than No. 1, but equally as good for ordinary use, which we offer at an extremely low 
price. Price No- S.— 8c Ea.; 2 for 5c; 25c. Dz. No. 3, same, rubber tipped, 4c Ea.; 32c. Dz. 

A J AX AUTOMATIC PENCIL.— This is another wonder; a regular automatic drop pen- 
cil with exactly the same mechanism as in high priced goods. All metal; enamel body ; nickel lop- 
Pressure on top drops the lead out as far as desired and releasing it closes jaws on the lead firmly- 
To illustrate how we buy and sell cheap, we buy of this one item a thousand gross at a time. Post' 
age lc. on 4. Price 2c. Each; Special SI. SO Grow. 





A mucilage bottle and brush is a nuisance. The 
combination has not yet been made that would 
not gum up at the mouth of bottle, freezing brush 
solid, and straining to its limit the sweetest 
temper. Patent bottles have been made requiring 
no brush, but the "devil will out" and they hhve 
all proven poor makeshifts. So we have gotten 
back to first principles and produced a composition 
called Stick Mucilage, which f"r casual use, such 
as the average person has, beats the liquid in 
every respect. It is always ready, never dried up 
or soured; compact, can be carried in vest pocket; 
strong and quick in its action — much superior to 
liquid in this respect; economical— no waste what- 
ever. Made in sticks about size of cut. PostaceJo. 
Price reduced to Be. Stick;50c. Doz. 

I)C t\f\(\ about the number of letters we have 
L J| UUU to write to careless people who fail to 
enclose postage when ordering. Don't be care- 

STOP GAUGE PENCIL.— This is the famous Eagle Antomatio Stop Qange pencil 

fitted with new improved Copying-Ink Leads which are smooth, firm, and durable, unaffected 
by either heat or humidity, and can be used satisfactorily in any climate. Though in writing they 
are black, you can obtain a press copy (through the usual ordinary methods), which becomes 
an Indelible bluish-green. The lead leeds automatically to a proper distance and is clutched 
firmly there. Sold every where at 25c. Postage lc Our Price 13c. Bach; Special SI. 00 Doz. 

Indelible Linen-Marker.— A. reliable linen-marker will pay for itself in the saving of a sin - 
gle handkerchief alone. Marks black Indelible without, injury to clothes and without use of iron or 
other devices. Neat nickel case 5 iu. long. Directions with each. Postage So. l'ricc 10c. Ea.; SI. 00 Dox. 

Scholars Companion No. 3. 

A handy article foi 
little scholars' use; 
made of brightly col- 
ored and enameled 
cloth (water proof), 
and boundwith strong 
braid. Contains two 
pockets, also holders 
for Slate Pencils, Lead 
Pencils, Pen Holders, 
etc. Rolls into small 
compass to carry in 

Eocket- An article 
ighly prized by all 
the little ones. Post- 
age 2 cts. 

Price 6c. Each; 

85c Doz. 

Tape Measure Pen- 
cil. — Pencil is of best 
quality, with eraser tip. 
Pencil may be replaced 
when used up. i 
12 Inches long, carefully made and flies back when 
released. Postage lc Price 6c. Each; 68c. Dox. 




writing a 
luxury; will 
write tour 
sheets with 

dip of ink. Can be applied to anv ordinary Steel 
or Gold Peis, a d to Fountain Pens to prevent 
blotting. Clean, neat, durable, non-com sive, 
elastic and automatic ; prevents ink sediment or 
hairs clotting the pen and blotting the paper from 
frequent dipping. Improved facilities for making 
immense quantities enable us to cut the price iu 
half. Postage lc. Price 5c. Doz.; 45c. Gross. 

Our Popn. 
lar Pencil 

Made of com- 
position met- 
al, into which 
Is cast a good steel blade, which will put a needle 
point on a pencil. About the cheapest thing wo 
Bell. Reduced successively from 25, 15, 10. 8, 5. 3 
cents. Pos'age lc. Present Price lc. Each; 
10c Doz.; 91.00 Gross. 


We never sell for anything but CASH; we have no bad DEBTS; we sell Goods LOW. 


The Handy Blotter* 

This combination is very 
useful to every one that uses 
pen and ink. It is very handy as a blotter, being of 
convenient shape, and wound with 5 yards of the 
best quality of Blotting Paper, which unrolls onlv 
as required and remains in good shape until all is 
used up. It is but a second's work to replace the 
Boiled sheets by simply tearing off at square end, 
where the succeeding layer is pasted again. The 
Inner space opens from the side and can De utilized 
for keeping small articles out of sight and always on 
hand. Simple, practical and very cheap. Postage 
4e. Price 12c. Each; $1.25 Doz. 

Magic Ink Crystals* 

Make your own ink. Fill 
your ink well with water, 
\ add a few of our Magic 
j Ink Crystals, and almost 
I instantly you have a free 
(flowing writing fluid of 
j superior quality at practi- 
cally no cost. Put up in 
I boxes containing Crystals 
sufficient to make one pint 
of ink. Be careful, in or- 
dering, to state the kind of Ink you want, as we 
have the Crystals for making Black \\ riling only, 
or Black Writing and Copying- combined, both 
being of the best quality, hostage 1c. Pries 
8c. Box ; 75c. Dozen. 


A patented Steel 
I Pen Point, made 
jj from the best qual- 
ity steel. Embodies 
all the good qualities of the finest pens made, and 
by a small device on inside of point, retains the ink, 
and saves constant dipping, enabling you to do the 
work of a Fountain Pen. Will write twenty times 
onger than the ordinary pen, with one dip of ink. 
Prevents blotting, and may be used with anv kind 
oi holder. Postage lc. Dz. Price 2c. Ea.; 18c. Dz. 


24 Fine Steel Pens for 9c 

For Book-keepers, Doctors, Lawyers, Students 
and Draughtsmen. Pen stock is black enamel ; 
Tip is diamond-pointed, annealed crystal ; Holder 
reversible. Caube carried iu the pocket. Simple, 
durable, cheap. As good as any $1.00 Fountain 
Pen, Better thin any $2.00 Stylographlc Pen. 
Has no complicated parts to get out of order. Will 
never wear out. Uses any ink. Writes as easily as 
a pencil. Every pen tested before shipping. Kest 
ruling pen in the world. Unexcelled for marking 
linen. Duplicate points can be obtained of any 
stat inner. 7 in. long ; large size, therefore easily 
held : very handsome in appearance. Postage lc 

Trice 9c Each ; 03c. Doz. 


This is a strictly high grade Pen at a moderate price. The Holder is made entirely of hard 
rubber and handsomely engraved. No solder or soft rubber to be destroyed by acid in ink. Hu 
the improved top feed and carries a Diamond Point No. 2, 14 K. Solid Gold Pen. Most. 
Fountain Pens show a tendency to drip or skip when writing, but our New Park has a Patent Feeder 
which supplies the pen with ink evenly and not more than is needed. A hard rubber Cap close* 
the Holder, making it air tight, and protects the pen from all injury. There has never been a guar- 
anteed 14 K. Gold Pen sold at this price before, and in offering this Pen to our many friends and 
patrons we do so with the assurance that it is the cheapest Gold Pen on the market, and unexcelled 
Dy any which have readily sold at from $3.00 to $5,00 each. Every Penis tested before leaving th© 
factory and is warranted to give satisfaction. Postage 2c. Price with Filler 56c. Ea.; $5.75 Doz. 


Our Cupid Pearl Pen is without exception the grandest pearl handled pen so d at a moderate 
price. It has proven itself a big favorite with the ladies, as evinced by the hundreds of 'estimomiai 
received, praising in the highest terms its excellent writing qualities and elegant appearance. J he noiare- 
s of purest Mother of Pearl, artistically carved and fitted with gold plated and embossed metal trimming* 
The pen point is made of a double elastic composition; looks like gold and will last much'longer than any 
srdinirv pen. Each pen comes in a handsome plush lined case, making it a daiuty souvenir to present 
to any lady. Postage 2c. Price 30c. Each; Special $2,80 Dozen. 

A box of our Paragon Steel Pens is just the thing 
to have in the house. Each box contains an as- 
sortment of two dozen pens, among which are 
pens of various sizes, with blunt or fine nibs, and 
adapted to any style of writing. We purchased them 
at such a low price that we now offer a box of two 
dozen assorted pens for 9c; three boxes for 25c; 
one dozen boxes 90c. Postage lc. 


THE RIVAL FOUHTAIH PEN.— Made by one of the oldest manufacturers and sells on Ita 
quality as well as reputation In all stores at $1.50; has beautifully engraved barrel A solid 14 karat 
Gold Ton in highly-finished hard rubber holder. Wo warrant it in every particular and refund money 
when it is not satisfactory. Postage 2c. Price 8S1.00 Each; SlO.SODoz. 


For years people have been looking for a Fountain Pen embracing the good qualities of higha* 
priced goods in this line and which sells at a moderate sum. We have found such an article and now 
offer it in the Students Fountain Pen. In appearance it will compare favorably with those costing 
from $1.50 to $3.00 and its durability equal to the most costly ones. Packed in a ueat box complet* 
with tiller. Postage 3c. Speoiai Price 20c. Each ; $1.95 Doz. 


A first-class hard Rubber Holder, handsomely enslaved ; Pen is of solid 14 karat gold and of best 
workmanship and finish. This pen is retailed generally at SI. 50 and over. We offer it as one of our 
great dollar leaders, and guarantee that it will give as good satisfaction as anv pen regardless of 
price. Packed in bos with filler. Postage 2c. Price only 98c. Each ; SlO-s.0 Uoz. 


It there is anything trying to man's patience or provocative of profanity it is a bad Fountain or 
Stylo Pen. Wo therefore dare not jeopardize our soul's salvation to the extent of offering such to 
peoplo at any price. , "The Independent" is the best, because there is no soft rubber, silver or 
solder iu thorn to be destroyed by acid in inks. The point and needle are platina and irridium. They 
will not lead or blot; any good ink may be used in them. Every pen is perfect (we warrant them 80} 
in every part. They are the cheapest good pens la the market. We now make another reduction. 
Postage 2c. Our Latest Price 10c. Each; Si. 10 Doz. 


This i-i an extra high quality pen. The barrel, besides being finely engraved, has two ornamental 
gold bands of heavy rolled plate. The pen is also of extra quality solid gold, of good cize and medium 
point. Holder is taoered, making it a great favorite for office use. As good and handsome a pen at 
can be had; for which dealers charge $2.50. Postage 2c, Our Price 81. 20 Each. 


This penholder is made of 
which closely resembles ivory 
Elegantly carved and a suitable 
desk. Consists of four parts 
another. The pen point is of 

serabling gold, noncorrosive* a smooth writer and far more durable than an ordinary steel pen. Also 
combines a neat paper cutter. In upper end of handle is a microscopic engraving of famous build- 
ings &c., which if held to the light looks like a large steel engraving. When in use the pen is fitted 
10 holder as shown in upper illustration, and when through being used can be taken off and Inserted 
in handle as shown in lower illustration. Postage 2c. Price 15c* Each; &1.0O l>oz« 

Ivorette a new material 
in appearance and finish 
addition to any writing 
which screw into one 
composition closely re- 

The Ingersoll Fountain Pen, 

This is a pen of our own manufacture, and in it we furnish another 
example of what produciug quantities combined with business ability 
will do. It is in no sense a cheap pen. The barrel is of specially made 
hard rubber, accurately turned and fitted, and hand engraved in beauti- 
ful design; this engraving is not of an ordinary machine or mould made kind, but spirally waved, 
giving an entirely new and elegant effect. It has a new patent under-feed which has never been 
equalled for non-leaking quality. The pen is No. 2 size and of extra good weight, and made of 14-karat 
gold by leading gold pen makers; it has a diamond point, and gives the best results of any pen made, 
as it is made with greatest care by experienced men, and combines flexibility with stability. The ink 
flow is automatic, and it will never drip nor skip. We guarantee it in every respect; and further, that 
it is the equal in quality and appearance of any $1.50 pen sold. By making larger quantities than any 
other pen maker, and saving all middle profits, we can sell "THE INGERSOLL" at the price we have 
put on it. Complete in box, with filler. Postage 2c. Price only 85c. Each; 88. 10 Doz. 

The Crystal Pen* 



All are strong, cutting 
good heavy card, 1 inch 
from edge. Postage 4c. 
No. 000.—(See cut). 
Assorted dies, polished 
cast steel. A good working punch; 
plenty of strength. The cheapest punch known. 
Price 30c. Each; S3.10 Doz. 

No. OO.— 12 assorted plaiu dies such as round, 
diamond square, etc. Best cast steel, polished 
(see cut) Price 40c. Each; $4.00 Doz. 

No. O.— Solid jaws, best steel, full polish and 
nickel plate. Large assortment of plain and fancy 
dies Price 55c. Each ; S5.50 Doz. 

Ho. 01.—& very stout punch, with solid jaw 
and stripper. Almost any design. Full polish and 
plate. • Price Sr,c. Each; S8.50 Doz. 

No J.— The finest punch made. Used on prin- 
ciple railroads. Shor.t and strong; easy action. 
Any design. Price S1.60 Each. 

This is a great saie- 
gnard against the rais- 
ing of checks, receipts, 
etc.. at a small price. 
It cuts and punctures 
the paper where figures 
are written in a way 
that prevents any alter 
ation of same after the 
protector is used. It 
may save you hundreds of dollars. Postage 26c. 
Price 75c'. Each; ST. 20 Box. 

/G£-yO* This is not a 

> _— -_Jjj B i{ M [fjly- worthless 

1 ■ .fflidffl»,n \ f ect m C0Q . 

•traction; an instrument that will enable anyone to 
draw portraits with pen, pencil, crayon, India ink or 
In colors, from small photographs to life size, easily 
and accurately. Every shade and outline of the 
copy is so clearly delineated by this instrument that 
a successful knowledge may be acquired by a single 
trial. Artists, architects, teachers, ornamental 
painters, marble workers and engravers will find 
this labor saving instrument valuable in their busi- 
ness. Photographs, music, engravings, maps, orna- 
mental designs, fancy letters, monograms, etc., may 
be accurately enlarged to any size or made the same 
Bize as the copy, with absolute accuracy, without 
measurements. To the ladies it isespeciallyadapted 
for stamping embroidery, braiding, and fancy pat- 
terns on cloth, etc. Also bracket patterns and pat- 
terns for every description of scroll sawing may be 
readily copied or enlarged to any required size by 
the use of this convenient little instrument. Sold 
everywhere at 50c. and $1.00. Postage 6c. Our 
Reduced Price 30c; Special $1.80 Doz. 

Magic Scholar's Companions 

This Combination se- 
cures its contents by means 
of a Real Combination 
Lock, similar to those in 
use on burglar and fire 
proof safes, and yet so sim- 
x... ' pie that any child knowing 

the proper combination can readily operate it, but 

one scholar cannot open another's companion, as 

hundreds are made without any two combinations 

being alike. ^ The combination fs handsomely 

finished, and is divided into neat compartments 

for pencils, pens, chalk, sponge, etc. Postage 6c. 

Hew Price 8c. Each ; 85c. Doz. .. 

This is a big improvement in Glass Pens. They are 
hollow down through to the point, aud the action of the air 
allows the ink to flow freely along the ribbed nib. They are 
made of the best black glass and one will last a lifetime. We 
guarantee will write as well, clearly and easily as the best steel 
pen, and a great deal better than ordinary pens. The pen is 
grooved so that it will hold full supply of ink, 
while it has a very fine point, with which writing 
can be done on any kind of paper. The Glass 
Pen does not corrode 
nor wear out like steel __jj e"*° == ^ > ' 

pens, but will last almost - ! *-J*= :s ^^iiMa^BaaeSfiH(aBMBi^HHi^inBBBBMS)KKHMi 
a lifetime. The pen holder is of perfectly round smooth and polished glass of standard length to suit 
the hand. The Glass Pen is not an experiment, but a valuable, practical article coming into general 
use. If you try one you will never be without it, they are splendid to draw a line along the ruler for 
they will not blot. The price surely ought to induce you to send for one or more to try. They are 
great for children to draw maps and pictures with. Each pen is enclosed in a Strong case. Postage 
10. Price 5c. Each in wood case ; 35c. Doz.; S3.00 Gross In Bulk* 



We here offer one of our latest and most popular products. This pen is the result of a recent dis- 
covery of the wonderful qualities of aluminum for pen manufacture. A proper alloy of this metal with 
steel gives a maximum of elasticity and ductility; and what is more important, it entirely prevents cor- 
rosion and rust, so common in steel and all composition pens. These pens are especially made for us; 
large and substantial, holding a large amount of ink, and suited to all medium hands. This pen is much 
perferred to gold by a large class of writers, and are nearly as durable; with an occasional wiping 
they will last for years. Extra pens may be had at 10c. each. The Peerless is provided with a new 
top feed, which gives the best results in durability and good work. It will withstand all the effects of 
acids in inks, and produce uniformly good work without leakage or failure of any sort. Furnished 
with a regular full-sized and perfectly made and finished hard-rubber case. Engraved in finest manner. 
6imilar pens in ordinary cheap plain barrel sell in stores at 50 and 75 nanta. 

Uur Xic cmccq Price, Complete in Box, with Filler, iibc. Kath; S,2.95Doz. 


This is a good re! able Fountain Pen, made by a leading manufacturer, and cannot be too 
strongly recommended as being the equal of any sold at a much higher price. All parts are of the 
most approved pattern. Holder is elegantly embossed and polished. The feed is an improvement 
on all others, insuring an even flow of ink and no leakage. The pen point is of popular size and made 
of Goldine, a new and durable metal which is not affected by the acid in ink. When not in use, a cap 
closes the holder air tight and protects the pen point. Each Pen complete in Case with Filler, and 
2 extra pen points. Postage 2c. Price 25c. Ea.; $2.60 Doz. 

Steel Reservoir Pens— Regular steel pens of 
finest quality, and costing very little more, with 
an inkholder turned under, as shown in cut; 
writes five times as much to a dipping as an ordi- 
nary pen. Note tbo price • Postage lc. doz. 
Price 5c. Doz. 50c. Qi-p. 


One of our exclusive specialties, not found In 

Stores yet almost indispensable when once used; a 

i.i. .v. 8p , e ? 1; ,' 117 fine transparent paper, coated 

with the highest quality adhesive gum. Almost 

equal to court plaster in strength and utility. 

The roll is % inch wide and an inch thick and la 

provided with a neat device for cutting the paper 

« desired (See Cut.) For mending torn bills, 

j sheet music, bioks and papers it is tho only thing 

i *>s all the markings on the bill show through the 

; paper; it is superior to court plaster for cuts and 

abrasions. Try it and you will never do without 

it. Postagelo. Price 8c. roll ; 60c. Doa. 


Just the Coin Tou Want! 
Just When You Want It I 

Can be carried in the 
Vest pocket, holding 1, 5, 
klO and 25c. coins to the 
1 amount of $3 00, thus 
"keeping your change com- 
pact and always at hand. 
It is simple and durable, 
having no complicated mech- 
anism to get out of order, 
and is handsomely nickel 
plated. By the use of th 
"Ready Change" Holder you avoid inconvenience, 
delay and possible error in making change. No 
more small coin lost. No more torn pockets. Post- 
age 2c. Price 9c. Each; 90c. Doz. 

Pencil and Ink Eraser. 

One of the handi- 
est little desk arti- 
cles that are made. 
On one end is a 
splendid pencil era- 
ser, and on the other 
a perfect ink eraser, 
both set in polished 
hardwood barrel. 
Postage lc. " Legitimate" trade charge inc. for 
this ; we import them and can sell a little lower. 
Our Price 8c. Each ; 80c. Doz. 


This pen is fully as good looking as the cutmakes 
tt and as good as it looks. The holder is of spirally 
drawn metal elegantly finished in nickel. The work- 
ing parts are very ingeniously constructed. Just 
patented. The ink is contained in a glass well which 
is corked with a rubber stopper, when packed; in 
use the pen shank, having a rubber bushing, is in- 
serted in place of cork. Entirely new and fully guar- 
anteed; a very handsome and good working pen. 
Sold in stores at 25c. Postage lc. Our Price 12c 
Each; Special $1.15 Doz. 


A great practical nov- 
elty ! You see what you 
have and where it lies 
without opening. Cellu- 
loid form, strongly stit- 
ched to good grain lea- 
ther back. Postage lc. 
Price 10c Each ; 08c 


Extra quality with front 

and flap of celluloid. 

Price 20c. Each.; 

$2 10 Doz. 

We Have 1,000,000 Customers on Our BOOKS and They All Seem to Like Us. 


tage lc 


A very popular 
modem purse ; com- 
pact strong ami 
handy; about 3-in. 
square ; fits the 
pocket nicely and 
opens wide and 
quickly; heavy ta;i 
grain leather, imit- 
ation seal; stamped 
edsres ; ball and 
socket clasp, Pos- 
Price 13c. Each; $1.25 Dor. 

', 36. 


Can you open it ? 
You may sav so, but 
can you? The Mys- 
terious Purse is with- 
out doubt the most 
remarkable, interesting 
and mysterious pro- 
duction n this line of 
the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury. Asa **Puzzle" 
it furnishes never fail- 
ing amusement f or all t 
while for the " curi- 
ous" its mysterious 
ecret invites the most 
careful examination 
and investigation. To 
those understanding the secret it can be quickly 
opened, while to the uninitiated it appears impossi- 
ble. Full directions accompany each purse, Pos- 
tage lc Pric* 16c Each ; $1 55 Doe. 


A. strictly up-to-date and high grade purse. 
KneBt tan grain leather of superior finish. Size, 
opened, 354 by 10 inches. Ample room for bills and 
coin and none wasted. Leather lined throughout ; 
two ball and socket clasps ; make up perfect ; 
finish the finest. Daintv and durable. Postage 2c 
Price 48c. Ench ; $4.70 I>oz, 


The latest strik- 
ing novelty in its 
line and a good 
one. It i3 having 
a sale almost equal 
to our pocket 
banks, of which 
m i Uions have been 
This is of leather, 
a metal clasp, in 
which is located a lock- 
ing and registering de- 
vice which indicates 
through an opening the 
am "uut In dimes put la 
through a slot in the 
clasp. With the first 
dime the purse is locked 
and with the tenth it is 
unlocked. Price until 
now inc. each. We have 
just obtained control of 
Its manufacture and will make it a "People's" 
purse. Postage 2c. Price 10c. Each; 81.00 Doz. 


An invaluable article to ev- 
eryone. Besides its novelty as 
a pocket case for Tobacco, 
Matches, Money, finds 
many uses for securing Jewel- 
ry and other small articlesfrom 
toe curiosity of others; made of 
heavy brass and elegantly plated; Z\i in. long. A 
regular triple combination lock is contained in cover, 
and no one can open the box without knowing the 
combination. Postage 3c Price «,5s. Each; 

$8.60 Doz. 


The most elegant and 
secure purse ever sold. 
Made entirely of Bteel 
rings interwoven. Will 
never wear out ; lays loos- 
ely in pocket, taking up 
more or less room as it is 
full or empty ; easy to get 
money from as your finger 
pushes contents up from 
outside. Has neat chain 
handle and ball clasp. 
Postage 2c, 

Price 13c. Each ; 

81.25 Doz* 


A little beauty; Genuine 
alligator; well made; 
strong nickel frame ; two- 
ball clasp. Just the thing 
for child or small change. 
2 In. high. Postage lc. 
Price 7c Each; 75c. 

No. 500. Coin Purs e— 
Dainty, convenient and high- 
grade ; small size, 2Jis3 ; 
fancy. Imported leopard 
leather ; outside card pocket 
on back ; fine leather lined 
throughout; beautifully 
made and finished. Postage 
lc. 3G«. Each ; 83.60 l>oz. 


A novel purse but none the 
less practical and handy. 
Made of one piece of genuine 
seal leather folded into ros- 
ette shape as shown in cut. 
2H in. across ; lays comfort- 
ably in pocket, takes but lit- 
tle room, holds coin, bills and 
trinkets securely and opens 
readily ; splendid quality and 

very cheap. Postage lc. 

Price 18c. Each ; 81.15 Dor. 


2% in. square: fits palm of hand ; a ladies favor- 
ite; opens by lifting any corner and closes when 
released; perfectly secure ; holds several d 
Beautifully, made of finest grain leather, black, 
tan or red : Former price 50c. Postage 10. 

Frico 23c. Each ; 82.25 Doz. 


A handsome 
dovetailed box 
with small draw- 
er on top. You 
pull out the draw- 
er, ask some one 
to put a penny, 
nickel or dime in 
slot, push draw- 
er in and then 
pull it out quick. 
When money has 
disappeared and 
no way of get- 
ting it out. Secret 
only known to 
the owner of the 
bank. Fun, pleasure and profit combined. Post- 
age 5o. New Prioe 8c. Bacbi 83c Dozen. 

Something attractive and salable. Beautiful In 
design, simple in construction aud perfect in its 
operation. Holds all denominations to the amount 
of Six Dollars. Every business man will buy it, 
every conductor will carry it. and every faintly 
rr a n will adnnt it for his change. Postage 2c 
Reduced Price 7c. Each; 70c. Doz, 

The "Wizard" Bill Book. 

This is a rare 
combination of 
utility and novelty. 
First, it is a splen- 
did Men'sBill Book 
of large size,8i3^ 
in., made of Imita- 
tion Seal Leather, 
with amplepockets 
in each flap. The 
wonderful feature, 
however, is the 
part which retains 
the bills. The in- 
side leaf is hinged 
at both sides and yet will open either way. You 
open the book and show a stack of bills closing 
it and deftlv reversing the book, you again open il 
apparently as before and the money is all gone. 
It is the most secure device for holding bills, as the 
tapes shown in cut securely bind them in. Postago 
3c. Seduced Price 35c. Each ; $3.75 Cos. 


"Registers the amount of 
your purchase " just what you 
want ye spend thrifts and 
others. It wont keep books 
bnt it will tell you 
whether your pocket 
has been picked during 
the day and call your 
attention to the fact 
that your money is going 
and perhaps getting 
low. A regular watch 
case, imitation stem 
wind, nickel finish. 
Pressure on crown reg- 
isters 5 cents and when 
you get to $1.00 small 
hand changes. P,egi» 
««rs up to $10. Postaee 2c. 

Price 35c. Each; Special £2.00 Dot. 


uickels. The simplest, small- 

est and most practical 
Pocket Banks for the 
price yet made. Your 
money is as safe in this 
bank as any national 
bank and deposits can- 
not be withdrawn until 
the capital has been 
fully paid in. When 
bank is filled turn bot- 
tom piece from left to 
right. This bank has 
met with great favor and is the hand- 
somest cheap pocket bank in the mar- 
ket. Made in two sizes, for Nickels 
and Dimes. Postage 2c. Price, any 


eize, 8c. 


Each; 85o. Doz. 


Here is a wonder among purses, the 
greatest novelty yet. It is an elegant 
and a very roomy purse, made from 
an extra fine quality of calf, with welted 
seams and lined with fine chamois. 
There is a strong metal frame, and when 
the purse is shut there is no visible means of opening i„. 
I Hi 1 1 mm' 1 , Tou can safely produce it full of money at any time 

and say off-hand to your friends: "I'll give you the contents if you open it." It will puzzle 
the cleverest to open it, unless they are shown the secret, when they will find it the 
easiest purse either to open or shut. Full directions for opening are sent with everv 
purse. Postage lc. Price 10c. Each; S1.00 Doz. 8 ' 


No. 490 Purs© 
Unique, simple and 
very handy. The 
nickeled metal frame 
is so constructed that 
only a slight pres- 
sure on the clasp is 
necessary to open it, 
showing entire con- 
tents. Vou can se- 

. Icct the coin 3*011 
want in an instant: 

'eaves the trouble ot 
d i R g i n g into the 
dark depths of a 

fiocketbook or wal- 
et, and possibly the 
loss of your train or boat when traveling. Made of 
best sheepskin, 2*~x3 inches, in three colors, and of 
superior workmanship. Hassnecialpocket for bill* 
#r cards. Postage 2c. Price 23c. Ea.; $2.25 D02. 


and price 
Price 50c, 

Mo. 988.— Highest 
grade in the market. 
Genuine a 1 1 1 gator 
purse. 4 large pockets, 
leather lined, with 
frame fanoy fluted and 
nickeled. 4 ball clasp, 
bellows top and skits, 
inlaid leather seams 
strongly stitched. 
Quality can't be beat 

laughs at competition. Postage 3c. 

Each; $5.50 Doz. 


No. 293. La- 
dies' Pocket 

size 2l£x4- fancv . S1 5 in ^ : f'! u Imitation black seal or red Russia 
,«™J*. Uivr„£ leather; inside facing, 4 pockets. An ample and 

.. Ta':es large 
papers and will wear " 

ZMsSYt when closed. 
Outskle; undressed inside, 
bills; fancy design on flap; 
and convenient. Postage lc. Price 17c; U1.70 dz. 


One of the mo9t 
popular old time 
sellers. The av- 
erage man of 
money wants an 
I ample place for 
, bills as well as 
I change and val- 
1 uable papers. 
This wallet fur- 
oishes all. Heavy, strongly stitched and fancy 
embossed cover of tan calf; 2 straps: well made 
pockets and bill folder; all leather outside and in; 
will stand years of hard service. Full size. A great 
bargain at our price. Just reduced from 21c. and 
Worth 30c._ai least. Postage 2c. 

pockets; inside 
leather faced; 
splendid value. 
Postage 2c. Price 18c Each; 81.85 Dozen. 

NO. OOS1. 


A Pocket Book and 
card case combined. 
Made of finest seal 
skin, black gunpow- 
der grain. : Has an ele- 
gant ornamented flap, 
openwork metal pat- 
terns of sterling silver desitm-' P<U>ers and will wear a lifetime. Nothing cheap 
raidfeed etas ?4 ? bout *!' exce P' the P rice - which we now reduce 

r; inside facing, 4 pockets. An ample and 
1 e Tther outside: B n e a r ™^ b „'§ b ?,? k for b 4»™ ~ 
about it < 
from29o. Postage Go". Price 22c; 82.35 Doz. 

Men's Bill Book— Same as our " Special Hip " 
book but 2 inches longer, or 8 inches, making an 
extralarge bill book, which will hold all bills, let- 
ters and legal documents. Assorted seal and Rus- 
sia; 4 pockets; well lined throughout; scored edges. 
Good 50o. value. Postage 4c. 

Our Price 35c Each: 82.48 Doz. 

Pine smooth red leather ° m , s °: f £ med ™ lh , soft Mack kid buffing. Inside 
w.^r, um„ C wu .uoiJe. Two wings to retain Sir™ ' rame a , n d clasp on coin compartment, and 
bills; fancy design on flap; first-class finish; simple ,„ ,, xt I a P° c kets for bills or samples. Card space 
■«^ mn^mut pnouna in i>»i <-..» i t„ . «*i fA.i« ' e .nap. Card case to be proud of and re- 


A beautiful Combination Pocket Book, very 
difficult to illustrate and de- 
scribe—it has so many clever 
features. Exquis itely made of 
real Russia It ather ; full leath- 

presenting big value. Postage" 30" 
Price 30c. Each ; 83.05 Doz, 

Price lGc. Each; SI. 65 Doz. 



Ladies' combina- 
tion card case and 
pocket book ; beauti- 
fully embossed grain 
and seal leather. In- 
side flap pocket; in- 
side nickel frame; and 
three ether pockets. 
Postage 3c. Our 
Price only 28c. 
Each; $2.75 Doz. 

No. 404 — Fine 
grain seal; o.\i 
Sized fancy strip 
corner and clasp; 
fine inside spring 
frame and lock, 
nickeled; morocco 
lined; 5 pockets. 
Postage 3c. Our 
Price 25c. Each; 
$3.50 Doz. 

No. 957. Bill Book- Large size 8x8M In ;iuiita- 
don seal outside; fancy embossed Imprint; best 
ouck lining; 3 large and 1 embossed card pocket. 
It also has a 32-page ruled, flexible cover memo, 
cook 3x8, which slides into an out er compartment. 
Built for service. Worth 750. in stores. Postage 5c. 
Oar Price 40c. Each: 84.00 Doz. 

"Our Favorite 
Purs e."— Fine 
leather pressed In a 
neat pattern, 
lined with un- 
dressed kid : 
large nickel 
framo and In- 
side nickel 
frame coin 
pocket. A 
regular 50o. 
article. Postage 8c. 
Price 25c; 82.50 Doz. 


And it is a great one, 
too. Will hold lots of 
money. Just the thing 
that every farmer 
wauts. It is made of 
fine kid, nicely trim- 
med; extra size, 4 inch; 
bellows, with fine iin- 
IngJ 2 inside pockets; 
beautiful ball clasp fas- 
tening and 2 push 
clasps on outside 
frames; frames beautifully ornamented and nic- 
keled. A good substantial every-day purse. Just 
like finding 23c. —buying it our price. One that is 
sure to please every time. Postage 2c. Reduced 
from 230. Price 16c. Each; 81.70 Doz. 

No. 346J£. Ladies* Pocket Book— Large size 

3xW; fancy 
black leather 
outside, with 
neat gilt cor- 
ner pieces; 4 
pockets, one 
specie with 
lappet and 
tuck, card 
pocket, one 
inside pocket 
with fancy 
nickel frame 
and clasp and 
one regular ; 
leather faced 
throughout; strictly high class. Postage 3c. 
Price 45c Each ; $4,50 Doz. 

Ho. 4 7 0.- 

Fancy embossed 
men's pocket 
book in seal leath- 
er covers. Size, 
i'Axi'i in., with 
7 compartments 
inside for bills, 
change, tickets, 
etc., and pocket 
for cards outside. 
Ko • complicated 
clasp to undo but a simple button catch which 
flies open at the slightest touch. All storescharge 
76c. Postage 2c. Our Price 40c. ea.; 84.00 dz. 

«r lined; small size VMVA. Has bill folder with 
one flap an, I wide opening specie pocket; 2 ball 
and socket clasps. Worth $1 00. Postage 2c. 
Our Price 60c Each; 80.00 Doz. 

Men's O. K. 

Wallet.— Used by 
our forefathers on 
which an improve- 
ment has never 
been devised. The 
m«,st practical 
thing for carrying 
Eiistellancous cash 
and papers. Russi-i 
leather and full lin- 
ed, with bill folder 
and leather 
strap, 3 pockets 
and coin pock- 
et.. Postage 4c. 
Price 3Gc; 
83.50 Doz. 

Ho. 3242.— An ex- 
ceedingly popular Lad- 
ies Parse, 'i'A in. wide, 
4 in. long ; of finest im- 

f hilled French Levant 
eather, smooth finish, 
witli ornamental outside 
card case; 3 insido pock- 
ets, leather lined, nick- 
eled fiamo wiih em- 
bossed fluted design. Regular price 81.00. 
Postage 3c. Our Price 45c. Each; S4.50 Doz. 

Mo. 802. — M orocco 

gram leather purse. 8x3}4 
in., two pockets, chamois 
lined, frame exquisitely em- 
bossed, flower design, in 
gold and silver. Inlaid lea- 
ins, making It the 
-; purse sold. Post- 
Trice 19c. Each; 
81.85 Doz. 

Mo. 107 PURSE.- 

Geuuine Russian Calf of 
good quality, well made 
throughout, overlapping 
frame, nickeled. Two large 
compartments, easily hold- 
ing $5.00 in small change. 
Postage 2c. 

Price lie. Each; 
81.15 Doz. 



We Sell Only What we can Give Special Values in. Inspect Our Prices. 


Highland Plaid Bolt* 

A gorgeous creation \J5 ^^5^^ of the most pleasing shades of Scotch Plaid, and a perfect 
dream. Positively the greatest novelty of the season and far and away ahead, 

in beauty and stylishness, of any other belt, regardless of price. Made of the finest fast colored Bilk, V/i 
Inches in width, and lined with the best black Farmer Satin, with silk stitching. The up to-date harness 
buckle and eyelets are of strong metal, heavily nickeled and richlv polished. Throughout the workman, 
•hip is superior, in point of excellence, to anything ever attempted on a belt at ten times the price. We 
can furnish this belt in three shades of plaid; light, medium and dark, one as pretty and tasty as the other. 
We are so confident that our many lady friends will be more than delighted with this belt, that we wil 
not hesitate in refunding money to any one not satisfied with it. Postage 3c. Price 42c, Ea.; $4-25 Dz- 


No. 407. -The 
very latest in Ladies' 
Purses; the design is 
entirely new and ori- 
ginal and never before 
seen on purses selling 
atlessthan$3.00. The 
embossed work shows 
artistic skill and is ex- 
ecuted upon fine, soft 
brown leather with 

the background of 

Clack. All parts show the best material and work- 
manship: the two compartments are leather lined, 
sides of kid, and metal trimmings are fancy fluted' 
and nickeled. Centre rim gold plated. Postage 8c 
Price 18c. Each; $1.85 Dozen. 


A great favorite with Cyclers, Golf- 
ers and quite a fad for general wear. 
Made of the best Russet Leather, 
stri 'ii^ly stitched, with ball and 
socket clasp and loop strap for 
suspending from belt. A neat 
and catchy purse whieh nearly 
every one should have. Post- 
age lc. Price 8c. Each; 
80C. Doz. 

Something new this season; a 
dainty combination of Belt and 
ChatelaineBag.whichwiU prove 
very popular with bicyclists. 
Belt made of fancy alligator 
leather, carefully lined, stitched 
and creased; leather covered 
buckle and loop. Bag made 
with double stitched block bot- 
tom, gilt frame, leather covered 
front and leather lined. The belt 
or bag, if bought separately, would cost 75c. each in 
_ihe cheapest stores. Our price is 100 per cent, lower 
and a record breaker. Postage 5c. Price, Com- 
plete, as shown, 65c ; $6,50 Doz. 

No. 240 —Well made and strong. Ladies' black 
seal grain leather, with machine pressed edges and 
strap. Patent riveted eyelets and latest style har- 
ness buckle, nickel plated. Don't judge its quality 
bjr our price, the real value is 40c. Postage 2c. 
Price 12c. Each ; $1.25 Doz. 

No. 247-— A very pretty Belt of imported Per- 
sian alligator; very soft and pliable, warranted not 
to crack andlined with good leather. Edgesevenly 
stitched and creased ; harness buckle of hard metal 
with leather covering stitched with silk. We can 
supply this Belt in three colors : Green, brown and 
black. Postage 2. Price 40c. Ea.; $4 15 Doz. 


Ho. 477, Chlld'a.-WeW made 
purse of Liliputian size. Ooze calf 
leather; assorted colors; fancy silver 
plated trimmings, with two ball clasp. 
A small purse at a smaller price, which 
will delight any child. Postage lc. 
Our Price 4c. Eacb ; 40c. Doz. ' 

NO. 2. 

Large black grain bag. 
Imitation seal; very strong 
and durable. First class 
finish ; leather handles ; 
large outside pocket with 
fancy embossed sides. Sat- 
een bag with tape strings ; 
11 inch; worth 75c. Post- 
age 10c. Price 45c. 
Each ; §4.80 Doz. 

No. 223.— Extra fine polished Belt of genuine 
cowhide; regular length; l'< inches wide; nickeled 
harness buckle, double strength enameled eyelets of 
metal and H inch leather flap holder, securelv riv- 
eted. Furnished in black only. Not a flashy Belt, 
but a good, substantial one which can be worn with 
almost any dress. Postage 3c, Price 21c. Each; 
$2 20 Dozen. 


A cinch indeed! 
This man don't 
care how many 
» mosquitoes, oeetles 
w # or bats there are in 
the air; he is living 
in his little world 
where these ani- 
mals may not 
come. This hat is 
large value aside 
from its mosquito- 
protective feature. 
Its brim Is 18 in. in 
diameter, making 
It the most complete sunshade in existence; its 
shape is held by tempered steel wire hoop, and it 
may be folded up, crushed or treated in any way, 
and it will quickly resume its proper shape as 
shown In cut. The fabric usee is specially made 
(or the purpose— light but tight woven, and brown 
In color. Crown is ventilated and baud is elastic 
and fits snugly any head. To the outer rim is at- 
tached the netting — of special strong quality. Be- 
sides its ordinary uses, for persons working around 
bees, in flower gardens, etc. , it is invaluable. It 
{olds up Into small compass and will go in an ordi- 
nary coat pocket; provided] with a pouch for this 
purpose, s Postage 5c. 
JUeiiuced Price 48c. Each; S4.75 Doz. 


We have these pieces, which 
are 5x0 inches, cut from whole 
skins of the finest quality, 
and offer them at low prices, 
edges neatly scalloped. Post- 
age lc. Price 7c. per Piece; 
70c. Doz. 

Our illustration of this Girdle gives you a poor 
idea of its beauty and attractiveness; each head is a 

Eerfect likeness of Diana, the Grecian Goddess, em- 
ossed on metal and oxydized silver plated. It is an 
exact copy of those made in solid Gold and Silver 
for New York's most fashionable society ladies, ana 
has proven itself the most atylish Girdle on the mar- 
ket. Links and rings of strongest silvered metal, 
and guaranteed not to break. Easily adjustable to 

any size. Postage 3c. Price 30c, Each; £3.20 Dz. 


One of the 

most complete 
a n d compact 
pocket outfits 
made. It con. 
tains a bevel 
plate mirror, 
ear sp oon, 
toothpick, nail 
cleaner, comb 
and button 
hook in neat 
folding case 
with beautiful 
whi t e cellu- 
loid cover 
with patent 
plated clasp. 
Itis high toned 
in appearance, well made all through and very- 
cheap. We are selling hundreds every day, and at 
our reduced price our sales will be enormous. 
Postage 2c. Out Price 9c. Ea,; 04c Boa* 


Cut gives some idea of the character and extent 
of this new outfit called "La Belle Americaine" 
Contains one bottle each Oriental Balm for re- 
moving freckles, sunburn, etc. ; Creme de Creme 
for beautifying complexion; Eau de Cologne: 
Roval Bouquet Extract; Cake of Premiere Facial 
Soap ; Box of Fragrant Dentifrice ; Box of Peerless 
Face Powder ; Box of Karo Breath Perfume and 

a Box of Petrola for chapped hands, etc. All put a special importation of our own, which cannot 
up exquisitely each package being either with, e duplicated at double our price. A neat and 
lithographed label or in lithographed metal box.| tro ng imitation-leather case, with good quality 
Nine articles any of which would cost from 15 to mirror mounted in side, and containing a good- 
25c. inadrug store. All put up in handsome ii ze d and strong tortoise-shell comb, perfectly 
heavy hinged cover box with colored lithographed nade and of extra good finish. A splendid gent'a 
labels, .worth 42.00. Postaee«>8c. rest pocket companion, and equally desirable for 

Our Sew Price 34c. Each; $3.38 Doz. adies. Postage 2c. Price 8c, Eacb; 82c. Doa. 


Revolving Pocket Comb* 


This is without doubt the most ingenious Pocket 
Comb ever devised. The comb moves on a pivot; 
turning itself inside out and protecting the teeth 
against all* danger of breaking when not in use. 
Convenient in size, 1x4 in. and made of the purest 
hard rubber, richly polished. Postage lc. Price 
18c Each j $1-75 Dozen. 



This useful 
article should 
be in the pos- 
session of ev- 
ery p erson 
takes a pride in the 
care of the complexion and 
skin. The Ideal is a well 
made Brush of the finest bristles securely fastened 
to a solid handle; comfortable to hold, and which 
cannot become loose after wetting. Dries out quickly 
being transparent and quite light. Very soft and 
pliable and has no equal for invigorating and beau- 
fety-ino- the skin and increasing the circulation of 
blood. Made in white and black bristles. Postage 
4c. Price 25c. Bach; $2.50 Doz. 



The newest and best man- 
icure combination. It com- 
prises a nail file, cleaner and trimmer, and is so 
constructed that it can readily fold itself into a very 
small space. Manufactured of the finest English 
steel, heavily nickeled and polished. The trimmer 
is ground to a razor edge and cuts clean and round; 
file is deeply and evenly ribbed and is instantly 
»eady for use by simply pressing the ring; it also 
acts as a lever for the trimmer . Postage lc. Price 
23c. Each; $225 Doz. 


Brush Is made of wire bristles Bet in rubber ; the 
handle and back of polished ebonized wood. 
Cleanly and healthy for the scalp. With brush is 
Bent a fine nickel-plated metallio comb, making a 
valuable and cheap combination. Postage 3c. j 
'Price get. 20c. x 32.00 Doz. 


How often do you have them all with you? One 
of the finest toilet combinations we offer. A good 
white bristle 5 row hair brush, w'ith bevel plate 
mirror set in back, and first class hard rubber 
comb foldiug into back. 6 inches long, open; 
strongly made and beautifully finished. Post 
aee lc Price 34c. Each; $3.00 Doz. ' 

The Yankee Broom.— Another „.;,. ,u iQ .„m 
tribute to Yankee ingenuity. For na 

To those who give 

much care to their 

save much time and do the best of 

40c. Doz. 


. start the dirt and brush of stiff 
i plush on the other to finish the 
These Combs are rapidly taking the place of bono ^^* "f^ J OD - A neat little article (cut »< 
and rubber Combs, being much lighter; always size), winch you would not sell for a dollar if you 
clean; unbreakable, and with their highly pol- once l J^ ea ; "■ Postage lc. New Prico 4c. Ea, 
ished appearance make a neat and attractive article. 
Made of fine and coarse teeth, which possess consid- 
erable spring; but if by accident thev should become 
bent they can easily be straightened without fear of 
breaking. Handsome leatherette case with each. 
Postage lc. Price 6c. Each; 55c. Doz. 

Cleo tie Merode Comb* 

One of the well-known wire-frame indestructible 
brushes. - Nothing about it to rot, breed disease, 
or give out. Brush is made only of bright retinned 
wire and pure, long Russian bristles. Built to pro- 
duce a "glow" on the skin. 9 in. long; 4 in. wide. 
A BO-cent brush. Postage 3c. 

Our Price 25c. Each; S2.40 Doz. 

rl«nn,i ^ «nn,f »,y- 1 ZX ™>rk. Made like a pair of pliers, of the finest steel, 
5S» ., m d d ',hf,?^ S 'in ^n f « r ,°, m *ull Polished and nickeleJ ; ground and polished 
Wifh wiro rfnth S, J,™ 6 !"^ 1 - i?ws and clip for holding" closed. Postnge 3c. 
" h TJT^i.VS.SS? JS^JS former price" w,. gte. W Price, 40c. pet 
pair ; Special, S3. 65 Doz. 


Regular Jewelers' Tweezers ; of best steel, tern- 
strong corrugated 

92c. Doz. 
$114 " 

pered, ground and polished ; s 
points ; welded joint. Postage lc 

3 S in. Price 9c. Each. ; 

i}i " " lie. 


To those who have not tried aluminum combs we 
are pleased to state that there has never been a 
comb produced heretofore, which has given as much 
satisfaction. Our Cleo de Merode comb is made of 
purest aluminum, will not injure the hair in the least 
and is a marvel of lightness and strength. The 
comb is 7x1 \i inches, straight backed, fine and coarse 
teeth, easy to handle and will give excellent service. 
Former price 50c. each. Postage lc. Our Price 

10c. Each; $1.95 Dozen. 

Best Bristle Hair 
Brush.— a regular 
60o. penetrator. Black okatka center, whit* bris- 
tles outside; handsome mottled wood back, ele- 
fantly finished. Positively better than any 50c. 
rush ever on the market. Postage 6c. 

Price 20c. Each; $2.00 Doz. 


* rnr- n-lfir — r-"* v r E ""l! K " c ™ r 

TOILCr BXUSH U - " — '■ PAT." JUNE la, 83. 


The very latest In Garters for 
men; is a great improvement on 
all others, being made from one 
piece of metal, nickel plated. 
There is nothing to get loose or 
out of order ; simply grips the 
hose at one end ana the drawers 
This is a beautiful littlest the other, holding the hosiery firmly in position 
hand mirror, made entirely at all times. Easy to adjust and cannot tear or 
of metal so that It will neverinjure the fabric ; contains no rubber elastic to bind 
break. Though small, the the leg and stop the blood circulation. Is the 
mirror being convex it shows most comfortable Garter ever worn. Postage lc. 
the whole faceand shoulders. Price lie. Per Pair ; $1.15 Dozen. 
In this respect it is a perfect won- 
der, and causes great surprise to DERBY GUFF HOLBERm 
those not understanding it. It 
takes the- place of a large hand 
glass, and goes in the vest pocket. 
Postage lc. Price 3c. Each ; 
30c. Doz. 

Made of rubber, with flat 
ended teeth of circular biting edges which makes 
the brush so effective, also has a point on the end 
to use for the nails, and has a fine hard woot 1 
ornamental handle. By far the most effective 
brush made. Acts quickly and without irritating 
the kin. Postage 2c. 
Puce 24c. Each; 82.37 Doz. 


This Rasp offers the most thorough and expedi- 
tiousjmethod of removing those common ut ;i 

The well-known cause of Corns is super- 
fluous cuticle or callous and absence of proper 
blood circulation. The rasp removes the callous 
and induces circulation and restores the I 
normal condition promptly. postage 3c. - Price 

7 c. liach. 76c, Doz. 


• Sf u b ?j worn wiUl an 5' Cuff mad e; the newest in 

«... . - , Cuff Holders and absolutely without a Deer on the 

One of the most famous and market. Will fit any stvle Cuff You can easily 

m k . tlfe^ market * te'SualUv m * ke *' ■T r Unk . V? out of *>»"*&" SS3 
t ?Jvl "„ market. Its quality ones as quick as a wink. In the • - Derbv' r perfectio» 
is the very finest; not a weak in Cuff Holders has been reached, and no one caS 
S»L^j! 1 lS 0r i a ? heaP | e ?; i ' re - afford to be witnout t hi s simple and ecovmSS 

feSS'SM^!^ ro «^e lc. PricelSc. Pair; $i.85'D C z a . , 

finest nickel fittings; applied as ^_ -^ Perfect Cuff Holder. 

Shown in cut; adjust* to any -^I|l9^^ _f!„ff» verv often romn 

size or shape leg. and in nse is WJ^^P^SiL. r7nl,iuoiie7and creep ud 

the most comfortable and effec- ^l2fi$Br-3fi»Srfali own a „ n S™y P 

,ive « al ' ' he 1'i-ice-less ^^■g^PaXHF The Per feet cor?« Is tl Ik 

aeUyu! s'taW* V^^^^r^lt Ie iXt C e°nsTe^ufr 

actly tue s.rnie. Postage lc. w^ dg2 ^ seourely to the Inside of 

Price 16c. Pair; ~**^-'.U.'J ooatBleeye. Postage 10. 

Special, 81.60 Dozen. Prica 9c. per Pair; OOc. Doz. 


This is. the only 
practical Comb 
Cleaner ever in 
vented. It is mad 
entirely of metal, 
nickel plated. Will quickly and thoroughly clean any A 
ComD, regardless of length or shape of teeth, leaving AT — 

it like new ; as necessary as the Comb itself, and ^ — ~ — : 

m-.,-;. d should be n every home- Its neatness and utility commend it to all as an article of genuin* 
merit. Postage 2c. Prico 15c Each; ?1. 55 Doz. 

Order Quantities by Express or Freight, the Mails are Expensive. 




Sizes 13 to 20 inches. 

(Front 2 in. Back 1 in | 


Sizes 14 to 18 inches. 

(Front \% in. Back i; s in.) 

Sizes 12 to lSJi inches. 
Back 1% in.) 

(Front 2 in. 


Sizes 8 to Hi- in. 

Width, 3% in. 

These Collars and Cuffs are practically 
indestructible, will stand years of wear and 
still be as good as new. Use them once 
and you will wear no other. 

The cheapest, best and most convenient 
collars on the market. They are made of 
the very finest linen, and then covered on 
both sides with celluloid, giving them a 
permanent and high polish, and makingf 
them absolutely waterproof. 

When collar is soiled, all that is necessary 
is to rub over it lightly with a wet sponge 
or cloth, then dry and the collar is again 
ready for use. If you have ever founa yourself without a clean collar in the 
house, you can easily appreciate the advantage in using Celluloid Collars. 
The buttonholes are warranted not to tear or break. We only show the very 
latest and most popular styles; and when ordering, please be particular to 
mention correct size. Postage lc. on each. Price, Collars, 17c Eaoh; 
$1.76 Doz. Cuffs, 35c. Pair; $3.50 Doz. 


Black, White or Brown. Our Electric 
Rubber Mender will mend and repair silk 
and worsted dress poods, moth-eaten or torn 
coats, pants, umbrellas, billiard cloth, eo 
neatly that it is hard to find patch or hole- 
It mends blankets, boots and shoes, leather or 
rubber. Consists of a sheet of rubber tissue 
8 feet Ion? and 4 inches wide. A small piece is cut and laid between the patch and garment, and 
beat applied, which practically vulcanizes the two pieces, of cloth together, so that they cannot be 
Separated by pulling, soakinp or by wear. Each package contains ample instructions and suggestions 
lor many other uses than named above. We furnish 3 colors: White, Brown and Black- Price just 
cat down about one-half. Postage, lc. Pries 6c. per Package- 3 Pkga. 15c; 55c. JDoz. 


Every man has seen the time ^£v All travelers will find this 

when he would have given its JSI ^k Suite ? to th V t us ?' Th , e mir I 

weightin gold for one of these M bWi r ? rs £ a . vea fi , ne g^s of good 

size (3 inches) mounted in em- 
bossed metal case, with adjust- 
able back, to stand upon when 
open, or it may be hung against 
the wall. Folds into very 
small compass, easily carried in 
the pocket or thrown into bag 




It is a mistaken idea peo- 
ple have, tLat a stretcher 
removes ba^gy knees from 
pants, not considering that 
baggy knees come from neg- 
lecting the pants, and when 
once neglected nothing but 
sponging will do the work, 
thisonly f orone time, no more. 
Pants require more care 
than a coat ; only banging up- 
side down will preserve their 
shape, and prevent baggy 
knees. Pants of every day 
wear being In the Ideal Han- 
ger through the n'cht while 
you are resting, will look Just 
as shapy as If Just got from . 
the tailor, if you hang them 
every time whenretiring. This 
can be done in one moments 
1 time, and the same in taking 
I them out, without disturbing 
|suspender3 or contents of 
' pockets. Does not force your 

Jiants; does not make them 
onger: simply stretches tho 
pants by their own weight, 
which yoa cannot do by any 
other kind of stretcher. This 
Ideal Hanger and Stretcher 
can be taken In yonr trunk, 
satchel or pocket, not taking 
up much room. 
Postage 5c. Price 10c. Each; By Expresi 
SI. 00 Doz; 8 ». 00 Cross. 



New style patch. 


buttons. With this outfit you are 
always prepared for emergency. 
This outfit consists of 13 buttonsand parts (as shown 
in cut) and a polished steel needle, fitting the shank 
of button and enabling user to fix it exactly and 
firmly to place, when the padlock fastening goes 
quickly on, holding it securely and forever. Pos- 
tage lc. Price 8o. Pkg. of 12 ; 80c Doz. Pkgs. 

Aome Shoe Lace Fastener. 

A simple little contrivance 
which can be attached to any pair 
of shoes in a moment. Fastens 
the lace and keers it fast every 
time. So simple that a child can 
make use of it for its own shoes. 
There are many kinds of Fast- 
eners in the market, but this one 
we can recommend as the best. 
Buckles and Fasteners, with full 
instructions how to use with 

every pair. Postage lc. Price 5c. Pair. 

Special 40c. Dozen Pair. 

Bo-peep Pocket Mippop. 

A handy and useful little 
Glass. 2 in. size, mounted in 
nickel frame, suitable for the 
pocket. Gentlemen find it a 
great convenience, and ladies 
a very Decessary article at all 
times. Postage 2c. Price 
8c. Each ; Special 25c. Doz. 


The Grip takes hold of drawers at 
any point and the broad hook hangs 
over the margin of trousers, holding 
drawers securely without constric- 
tion at any point or strain on either 
drawers or trousers. Postage lc. 

Price 9c. Pair ; 
94c. Du. 

with other articles, without danger of breaking 
being entirely encased_in metal. 

Price 6c. Each; 53c. Doz. 

Postage 2c. 


Will. Made of continuous inter- 
looped links of Russia calf; 10 in. 
long: with fine steel key-ring at- 
tached. Postage 2c. 

Latest Price 7c. Each; 75c. Doz. 

Best Cuff Holder. 

A favorite style; 
nickeled brass; holds 
cuffs at any length 
by gripping hem of 
sleeve. Postage lc. 

Price 7c. Pair; 
70c. Doz. 

A piece of finest silk ganze, neatly hemmed, to 
which Is attached loops of Silk Elastic. The trainer 
s placed over mustache and loops over ears. A 
few minutes wearing daily, while dressing, sleep- 
ing or eating, will suffice to produce the desired 
cesult. Is it not worth the trouble? Trv it I 

Postage lc Reduced Price lie Each; 81.03 


Here's a good old time favorite, the Firemen's 
Suspenders ; color, red ; Men's size. Leather er.'^, 
leather adjusting straps and leather bound. 
Elastic shoulder straps and double elastic piece 
set In the back. Won't "bust" when yon stoop 
down suddenly. Donhlo stifhpd. Postal 4c. 
Beduced Price lie a Pair; $1.43 Doz. 


For removing 
immediately a 11 
kinds of Stains, 
Grease, Tar, 
Paint, Pitch, 
Oil, etc., fr 'in 
any fabric, 
such as Sili;s, 
Kid or Woolen 
Goods, I i- 
pets. Lace Cur- 
tains, Table 
Linen or any 
article of 
wearing a j> - 
parel, without the 
slightest injury. 
Famous the world 
around as being 
the best article for the purpose. It works like 
magic. Postage 3c. Price 8c. Each ; 80c. Doz. 
leader Belt — Very 
wide, substantially 
made from best lisle 
thread web in beauti- 
fully assorted colors, 
twist pattern slide and 
extensible snake buckle. Splendid value at dou- 
ble the"prioe we ask. Quickly adjustable to any 
ordinarv length, for man or boy. Postage 3c. 
Price 7c. Each; 70c. Doz. 


4 in. visor. The 
material is of the l ne 

Duality blue i 
ast color. Pi 
3c. Price 40c. Ea. 

Tne Atlas Sprinkler— For sprin- 
kling of all 
kinds; 5-ineh 
; rubber bulb; 
' metal screw c::p 
with check 
valve, allowing water to flow in 
quielclv. Tfednced from 75c. Postage 
9c. Price 50c. Each; S5.10 Doz. 



The Blue Jean fad of last year 
amonp the youngsters of Greater 
New York will spread throughout 
the country this year. The children 
are beginning to maketheirlippear- 
ance, while at play, in their favorite 
suit of Blue Jeans, and present quite 
a novtl appearance. We, have & 
contract with a large Clothing Man- 
ufactory to supply us with Blue 
Jeans, ourunderstanding being that 
they shall be strongly made of fine 
woven Blue Denim of fast color, 
cut high in front with shoulder 
straps, and plenty of pockets. We 
have them in alt sizes up to 12 years,. 
In ordering give the boy's age, and 
we will send a pair to fit. Our price 
Is low, and we expect to be called upon to supply 
ty of the ■* Rising Generation " this year. 


the majority l - 

Postage 6c. Price 35s. Pair: 

$3.45 Dozen. 


A perfect Fast- 
ener, strongly 
made, will never 
wear out, and is 
good for any 
number of dress- 
es. Easy to fas- 
ten or unfasten, 
keeps thCplacket 
i closed, and the 
I back of dress in 
good form. The 
Upraise it, and the 
wearers are de- 
lighted with it. Its use avoids all gaping and tear- 
ing out of bottom of placket, and makes the 
use oi hooks and eyes, buttons, button holes, and 
safety pins unnecessary. Postage 1c. Price 
8c Each; 79c. Dozen- 


A splendid assortment of the 
best make Pins for our lady 
friends. Handsome case en- 
ameled in imitation of Scotch 
plaid, containing 5 doz. Fins 
assorted sizes; 3 bunches of 
straight and crimped Pins, and 
1 bunch invisible Pins. The 
case would be a bargain at any 
store, at double the price we 
ask. Postage 3c. Price 7c. 
Each. 75c. Doz. 

The latest fad in garters is to have 
small purse attached to them. We have 
just the article, a neat leather purse with nickel 
ball and socket clasp, attached to garters ef fine 
silk webbing with fluted edges. Fastened with 
combination buckles and clasps, which are quickly 
adjusted to any size. Clasps are gold plated, and 
engraved with suitable inscriptions. Arealso orna- 
mented with handsome Silk Bows. We have them 
in the very latest color combinations, which we im- 
lm ported direct from Paris, Postage 3c. Price 
40c. Pair; $4.10 Doz. 


Something you 
needn't be with- 
out because of. 
its price. Good 
size 2 inch; true 
reflecting mir- 
ror, securely 
mounted in 
str o ug enam- 
eled case, with 
swinging cover 
with very ar- 
tistic design; case closely resembles celluloid. 
Notice our new piice. Postage lc. Price 
5c. Each ; 48c. Doz. 



■Wheelmen, erprtH* 
men, hack drivers, 
draymen, motormen, 
railroad men, sailors, 
and employees in plan- 
ing mills, machine 
shops, etc., have found 
this 6hield as neces- 
sary as glasses to a 
semi-blindman. It is 
perfectly transparent, 
is scarcely noticeable 
when worn, and yet is 
an effectual protection 
against sun glare, cold, 
wind, dust, snow, 
sleet, rain, sawdust, 
shavings, insects or 
any foreign substance 
liable to come in contact with the eyes and face* 
Postage lc. Price 15c. Each; $1.60 Dozen* 



Fine Gossamer, properly cut, and neatly and 
strongly made up. Enables a lady to go from par- 
lor to kitchen without changing dress or soiling 
cuffs or sleeve\ very llfht and dvfabH Worth 60c 
Postago3c CutPrIcel8c. Pair; 461.75 Doz. 


Complexion Tea.\ 

Produces a lovely com- 
plexion and a pure, so.S 
white skin. Will remova 
Pimples and Flesh Worms 
in one week. Cleanses, 
whitens and softens the 
skin Beautifies the Com- 
plexion and Removes 
Wrinkles. One package is 
usually sufficient to cure 
the most stubborn cases. 
Postage 2c. Reduced 
price 9c.Plige;85e,Dz. 


The Best Crimper Made.— Takes the place of 
Curling Irons. Paper, etc. No heating necessary, 
rheyholdthe hair securely in place without in- 
juring it, and cannot get out of order. And the 
wavy shape of the Crimper gives the hair a i 
ly curled appearance. 15 to 80 minutes is sufficient 
to crimp the thickest and strongest hair. Postage 
4c. Doz. Price set of 4, 140. Sle. Doz. 

" TJniversiU Heel Plate.— 
Metal Heel Plates. No nails 
or screws required. Have 
sharp points to drive Int 

heel. Small, medium or li 
postage lo.pair. Price ;;o. i*. 
Pair; 30c. Doz. Pairs. 



Saves the wear on button holes, which disfigures 
a (mat quickly. By its use the Coat Collar aud La- 
pels always retain their shape and never require 
pressing, thereby saving many times their cost In 
a 6hort time. Made of fine oil-tempered steel, 
formed to fit under the collar with a firm hold. 
Comfortable and elastic. It keeps coat closed with- 
out the use of buttons, which so quickly wear 
them and button holes out. Over 2,600.000 sold. 
Postage 3c. Price St. Each; 80c. Doz.; S8.10 
Gross, bv ExpresB. 


For beautifying and 
invigorating the skin 
it has no equal. The 
brush is 6j4 in. long, 
by 4 wide, is used for 
an oily, sallow skin, 
wrinkle development; 
and for bathing, soft 
and pliable. Can be 
used dry as well as 
with water. Explicit 
directions accompany 
each brush. Postage 
2c. Reduced Price 
42c. Each'; $4 25 Doz. 

Ladies' Atlas Syringe. 

^~-*>— — ^ Made cutire- 

xSf7 L^LW— 'y °' " ie ' ,<:s ' 

quality hard 
and soft rub- 
ber; very 
large capacity 
• and entirely 

free action, giving a large, quick flow and suction. 

Has no valves, and is very efhcient for its purposes. 

Our rubber goods are guaranteed the best in 

the market and our prices away below it 

Postage 12o. Price 98c. Each* 

A little device that entirely revolutionizes the 
work of darning aud mending; Belling by the mil- 
lion in all the large city tores; works like a loom, 
and equally well on all fabrics as well as knit 

foods, leaving the work free from lumps and 
etches and as if no mend had been made. A child 
can use it as well as an expert: made entirely of 
metal, and supplied with full instructions. Re- 
duced from 23c. Postage 2C. Price 18c. Each; 
SI. 83 Doz. 

The finest brush made; sold In stores at 40c. 
Finest quality white bristles; extra stiff and dura- 
ble; trimmed to tit tho jaws; warranted not to [all 
out. Large, curved Ivory handle, perfectly shaped. 
Postage Jc. Trice 18c. Each; S1.80 Doz. 

Seamless Drese 
Shield.— Th ese 
shields are the 
finest quality of 
linen, fibre and 
rubber, strong 
handsome and 
durable, and we 
guarantee every 
pair to be Imper- 
vious to all mois- 
ture. Postage lc 
Price 8c. a pair; 
80c. Doz. 

PRINCESS.— Full size strong curler, 9 In 
long, oak handles, nickeled steel t tings. PoJtag* 
4c. Price lie. Each; 31. lO Doz. 


No. 1. The finest heater in the market. Along 
nickel plated tubo coutains asbestos wick which 
nbsorbes oil or alcohol. The rests hold tho iron la 
proper position. Postage Dc New Price ZOci 

PROMPTNESS in Filling Orders and Answering Inquiries Is One of Our Chief Aims. 



We have many beautiful patterns, width 2 or 3 
inches, it is a staple article and can be used for 
Pillow shams, Tidies, Aprons, eto. Is very strong 
and wears like a board. Postage on a dozen yards 
30. Price 5c. per yard. 50c. per dozen yards. 

Parisian Silk Mat, 

These Mats are 
a marvel of 
French skill and 
have the shape 
of a sun Bower, 
They are maiic of 
the best Silk 
material, plain 
and brocaded of 
different shades, 
and are the most 
ornamental and 
decorative Mats 
for lamps, vases, 
etc., that could 
be used on parlor 
tables or mantle 
pieces. Their 

size is 84 inches round. Postage lc. Price 

lie. Each; $108 Doz. 

Silcoton.-This is a high 
imitation of pure silk, put 
up 1U0 yds. to the spool, 
diamond wound. War- 
ranted pure dye, and fast 
i colors. L' sef ul for knitting, 
crochet, and other fancy 
work. Takes the place of 
genuine silk, wears and 
looks as good, and costs 
less than half. Comes in all 
the leading, solid colors. 
Postage 2c. Price 6c. spool; special, 62c. Doz- 


A regular 25c. case. Contains 4 packages 
needles, assorted sharps 5 to 7, 10 black steel hat 
and shawl pins, 10 best steel heavy needles. Every 
article of best silver steel warranted not to bend, 
break, or cut the thread. Fine bronze lithographed 
oa*e, 10 in. long. Postage lc. 

Price 4c. Each ; 43c. Doz. 


A little beauty 40-inch linen Tape 
Measure, with spring return In elec- 
tro gold plated case, and having 

hands, dial and crystal in imita- 
tion 01 a lady's chatelaine watch 
An entirely new and unique 
combination which has "taken" 
with every one. Postage 2c. 
Price 23c. Each ; $2-25 Doz. 


This is as pretty a little piece of fancy goods as 
ever produced ; mado of fancy white metal with 
hinge cover aud catch ; covers are two styles 
plain glass or mirror; each case contains an ele- 
gant aluminum thimble very pretty in design with 
a motto on each. Not only suitable for a thimbla 
case but aast the thine for trinkeis_and lewels. 
Postage 10a Cut Price 8c. Each; 82c. Doz. 


We have purchased at recent wholesale auction sales " 
Several large lots of Remnants of Silk Ribbons, at 
prices which will enable our lady customers to secure 
splendid bargains. These remnants are all from one to 
two aud three yards in length, and many of them are the 
finest quality of Ribbons in the market, of different widths, 
in a variety of fashionable shades, in fact, nearly all colors 
are represented; also different kindsof Ribbons adapted for 
bonnet-strings, neckwear, trimming for hats and dresses, 
bows, scarfs, etc., etc. No lady can purchase such fine 
Ribbons as these at any store in the land for many times 
our price, so that tho bargains offered by us should be 
taken advantage of by our customers. Our stock of Silk 
Ribbons from which we put up these 30 cent packages con- 
sists of Crown Edge, Gros Grain, Moire, Picot Edge, Silk 
Brocade, Striped Ottoman, and various other styles of 
Plain and Fancy Silk Ribbons suited to the wants of 
our lady friends. We put up carefully-assorted packages of 
Silk Ribbons. No remnants less than one yard long and all 
first-class, useful goods. Price just reduced to 80o. 
Postage 2o. 

Price 30c. package ; 
3 for 80c. 
S3.0O Doz. 


The accompanying cuts repre* 
sent the eye of this Self Thread- 
ing Needle very highly magni- 
fied. Necessary t ) preserve good 
sight. Invaluable for failing 
, sight. It can be threaded in the 
dark or by a blind person in an 
instant, and works just the same 
as a common needle. The eyes 
are gold finished, and the whole 
needle is gotten up in superior 6tyle. Cut No. 1 
shows the thread being drawn into the eye of the 
needle. Cut No. 2 shows the thread after being 
drawn in. The square end of the eve will not allow 
the thread to draw out again. They are put up in 
sharps 1,2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7,8,9s, in solid sizes, and 3 to 9s. 
5 to 9s, and 4 to 8s assorted sizes, in betweens we have 
No. 6-7-8 in solid sizes and 4 to 8 in assorted sizes. 
Postage lc. Doz. papers. Seduced Price 9c. 
per paper; 85c. Doz. 


A rare bargain ; 1,200 
or 1,500 yards of rem- 
nants of various leng- 
ths, from one to eleven 
yards. Every imagin- 
able color ; fiuest qual- 
ity of sewing silk ; no 
waste, every yard can be used, just 
as good as spool silk if you don't 
mind a little trouble which will save 
yon $3.00 to $3.00 on this lot. Suited to every olass 
of work, sewing, embroiderv. etc. Postage 2o. 
Price 18c. per Package; $1.80 Doz. 



This elegant article is almost 
a necessity to every lady. It is 
made of a metal thct so 
closely resembles silver 
that it cannot be dis- 
tinguished from that ar- 
ticle, and it will wear ex- 
actly like silver. The 
, cushion is covered 
with a bright 
plush. It 

may be used for pins or needles, but is more par- 
ticularly intended for lace pins. We have them in- 
3 sizes, and our prices are exceedingly low. 
Postage 8c. 

Sizes, inches ;— 3 4 5 

Price Each .09 .12 .16 

" Doz. .69 $1-25 (1-54 


36 inital letters artistically embroidered in best 
•0k thread on strong linen. The surest way of 
marking your linen. It would take the most ex- 
pert needlewoman several days to do what we 
■ell for a few cents. We furnish any letter. Pack- 
Age contains 36 initials. Postage lc. 

Price Tc. pkg. ; 73c. Doz. 

Kid Hair Curlers.— Double the size of engrav- 
ing. Stuffed inside; each has a flexible wire; do 
not inlure the hair: black and brown. Postage lo. 
doz. Price 7c. Doz.; 70c. Gross. 


Sewing Com- 
panion No. 5. 

A beautiful little pin" 
cushion novelty in lac- 
quered white metal. A 
perfect little miniature 
tat rack; 6 in. high; with 
hooks for spools, thimble, 
emery bag, scissors, but- 
ton-hooka or keys. A 
square mirror set in the 
upper half; lower part 
for pins and needles. A 
fairy novelty that is sure 
to please and delight. 
Postage 5c. Reduced 
from 13c. 

Price 9c. Each: 95c. 

These are remnants of all kinds of bright colored: 
silks, direct from the manufacturers In France, 
where nearly all fancy silks are bade. They are 
put up in packages of assorted bright colors no 
two packages exactly alike, and are especially 
adapted for crazy patchwork and all kinds of 
fancy and ornamental work. Nearly every pack- 
age contains some odd and beautiful colors which 
might never be seen outside of France, except 
among these remnants. Each package contains 60 
pieces, or about 500 square inches of silk. 

Postage 3c. Price SOc. per Packace. 

Self Threading Thimble. 

Teeth and eyes saved. Needle 
threading conquered at last. 
I This patent thimble combines a- 
necdle threader B, through 
which a needle can be easily 
^threaded. Also a thread cutter 
A, which never dulls. Two in- 
genious attachments savi- g 
teeth, bitmg thread, and eyes 
threading needle while sewing. 
I The thimbles are highly po- 
[lishedand plated and resemble 
Icoin silver. The threader is the 
/most perfect ever produced. 
The combination thimble and 
threader retail for lOcts. though 
they have been sold as high as a 
dollar a piece. At our special 
dozen price you can make money 
fast selling them. Postage lc, 
Special 78c. Dozen. 

Price 8c. Bach. 




The ''Baby" 
Is a perfect sew- 
lag Machine, 
warranted to do 
good sewing. It 
uses regular 
Wilcox & Gibbs 
needles and reg- 
ular machine 
thread. No. 80 
glazed Is recom- 
mended. Silk 
thread works 
beautifully. The 
machine has a 
finger protector, 
whirh makes it 
absolutely impos- 
sible to get the 
fingers under the 
needle. Sent, 
oo m- 
p lete , 
in a 

and everything necessary to commence sewing as 
soon as received. Full directions in each box. 
Weighs less than two pounds. Can be carried in 
a small satcbel and used anywhere. Unsolicited 
testimonials from thousands of users prove the 
tacoess and popularity of the " Baby." Keep up 
With the nrocassion and Rt>nA roiir order At. nnrjk. 
Postage32c. Cut Price 81.00 Each. 


The grip fastener first grips the 
shirt band and then the collar, hold- 
ing both- firmly regardless of con- 
ditions. No buttons required; more 
... secure and handy. Nickel plated. 
FROM VIEW Postage lc. Price 8c. £a.;S0c.Dz. 

Favorite Sewing Companion. 

A complete 
sewing outfit 
in very small 
compass. It 
contains nee- 
dles of several sizes, pins, and two small spools of 
thread, white and black and a good thimble. All 
put up in a neat and strong ebonized case. Post- 
age lc. Price 7c. Each; 70c. Doz. 



Being as strong as steel, as 
light as a feather, non-corrosive 
and beautiful in appearance, this 
i metal is best suited to this pur- 
pose. Very handsome design; 
guaranteed free from poisonous 
oxides. Assorted sizes. Postage 
lo. Price lc. Each; 12c. Doz. 

Security Puzzle 

Key Ring. 

Solid German silver, nickel plat- 
ed and polished; in no way cheap. 
The ring can only be opened when 
it is held in a certain position and 
pressed in a certain way, It is the 
best puzzle and most elegant Key 
King ever produced. Hostage lc 
Price G \ Each : 6Sc Doz. 

Edison's Encyclopedia, 
and Atlas* 

Edited by Thos. P. Edison 
and Chas. J. Westinghouse. 
5u-Full Page Colored M;ips 
covering the whole world. 
Invaluable Information on 
2.000 Subjects. Mechanical 
Electrical. Political. Histori- 
cal. Iteligious, Natural His- 
tory. Science, Geography, Lit- 
erature. Medical Worth Its 
Weight in Gold. Half a >l illion 
Copies Sold. 520 pages of 
I solid interesting, practical 
and necessary information to 
every live man. Tho maps 
' alone are worth 10 times the 
price of the book. Limp 

cloth binding: red edges. PostageSo. Price 20c. 

Each; 82. OO Doz. 

P^- Scissors Thimble— Good strong 

AWr^-J^ silver-plated Thimble, with mat 

i it thread-cutting attachment; culs 

^Lm mmm 1 r^ thread tapering, so it threads 
^^^^T^^\ easily. Postage lc. on 6. 

■^■Jr V Price 3c. Each; 30c, Doz. 


Upwards of $2 worth of fine Laces for SO cents. Here Is a 
chance to get valuable, rich and elegant Lace Remnants lor 
almost nothing. Having bought a lot of Laces at auction, re- 
presenting every imaginable pattern and quality of Laces, at 
about one-tenth part of their real value, we are enabled to 
offer some most astonishing bargains. We put np large 
assorted packages of these Laces, which, though costing but 
30 cents, represent real values of $2 and upwards. These 
remnants include some of the finest White Laces, Linen 
Torchon Laces in exquisite patterns, Spanish and Languedoo 
Cream Laoes, Black Chautilly Laces, Guipure, Valenciennes, 
Oriental and American Laces, Swiss Embroidery Trimmings, 
and in fact samples of almost every kind known to the trade. 
The manifold uses to which these laces can be applied will 
appear to every lady reader, or her male friends who wish to 
make an acceptable present, as no such bargain has heretofore 
been offered. Ladies will find them very useful for trimming 
all kinds of underwear, dresses, aprons, pillow-shams, tidies, 
etc., etc.; they can also be used to advantage in ornamenting 
children's and infants' clothing, as each package contains 
such a variety, it can be used for trimming the apparel of the 
infant or the adult. We send them in various lengths, from 
one yard up to three and four yards. Our lady readers should 
not fail to take advantage of this great offer to procure fine 
laces for a mere song. Price reduced again in this issue as a 
result of an extremely heavy purchase. Postage 2o. Prlc« 
30c. Each; 3 for 80c; 83.0O Doz. 

Society Self-Threading Needles, 

Great modern inventions; needles 

that may be threaded without 

looking; cut at left shows them 

magnified; the other cut shows 

how they are threaded; they cost 

little more than an ordinary needle 

and every one will save the price of 

a paper a dozen times in time 

saved not to mention saving in 

eve- wear and annoyance. Any 

chiid, weak sighted or blind person 

can thread them. Manufactured 

out of the finest eillver spring 

steel. The method of threading ia 

very simple— Hold the thread in a 

loop as shown in the drawing; and 

then slide down the Spring side of the needle until the opening is found. The 

thread then passes easily into the eye, and the Spring closing is perfectly secure 

and smooth to work with. They are put up in 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9s, in solid sizes, and 4 

,0 8s. and 3 to 7s, assorted. Postage la Reduced to »c. a Paper; 88c. Dost. 



These remnants consist of salesmen's samples and 
Bhort-lengttas that accumulate In the processor man- 
ufacture, and are perfect In every respect, and In 
quality, color and finish are equal to regular goods. 
Thevcome In all the popular and fashionable shade* 
and bright, desirable colors, and can be used In hun- 
dreds of ways by any lady. Beautiful table and 
Btand colors, sofa pillows, cushion covers and other 

Erettv and useful articles can be made from them, 
ach" package contains about 150 square inches, of 
plush, plain and figured, in desirable colors. 

Price *JO cents per package. Postage 4 cents 
additional. One dozen by expretis, $2.00* 

The Little Klondike Nugget 


The only vest pocket edi- 
tion; 19^ pages, 15 illustra- 
tions^ 4 maps. Seven chap- 
ters urimfulof facts re lating 
to the new Eldorado; tells 
who should go; the climate; 
hints on supplies and trans- 
portation facilities. Ex- 
plains best mining methods 
and processes; United 
States and Canadia- 
ing laws. New folding 
mapsof leading routes.aod 
showing rivers and creeks 
rich in gold; in fact every- 
thing a Klondikeroufcht to 
know. The gist of Alaska- 
Klondike information it om 

Official Documents, Price 
Postpaid, 25c. Each ; $2.50 Doz. 


ing offices hare 
sold by the mil- 

lions in the past 
15 years; and 
many a success- 
ful printer of to- 
iday owes hia 
first Insph 
to print ti. our 
little outfits— at 
least they tell ui 

Price*: 3A. 10c; IA, I0c; 5A (3-Unc QolJer), 
23c; postpaid. 

Our line of these goods contains the finest outfits 
in the market, and prices are based solely on the 
cost, which is wonderfully low. 

World's Fair.-(See cut .) Size, open 18J* fhi 
contains 100 best N eedles. 100 Can't Bend 'Em Steel 
Pins, 43 Assorted Darners— every kind; full assort- 
ment Fancy Toilet and Shawl Pins. Postage 4c. 
Beduced Price 16c. Each; $1.60 Doz. 

Eclipse. — Lithographed case, 15 inches long; 291 
pieces in all, which would cost $1.33 in an ordinary 
store, including 100 Needles. Assorted Large N eed- 
les, Darners, Fancy Toilet Pins, Safety Pins, hocks 
and Eyes. Postage 7c. Seduced Price 20c Ea,; 

Popular —Contains 4 papers Needles, 138 As- 
sorted Darners. Large Needles, Toilet Pins, etc., in 
fine case, 7x14 inches; worth 10 times our price; sold 
at a quarter universally. Postage 2c. Price 7c. 
Each; 70c. Doz. 


All of this 

priming outfit 

for ouly 10c. 

| Our cheap print- 

If you Never Have— Try our System of Mail Trading; Cheap, Safe and Saiisfacfory. 


There Is more dyspepsia cure in "Drummer's Yarns" than in tons of chewing gum.— Dr. L. S. StowbV 


r OUftn Thc f anniest stories, the wittiest 
CrOD anecdotes, the very best side-splicting 
^^^^^^^ £» Yarns are those that are swapped by 
the Drummers while "on the read. 
Whenever a humorous situation occurs in_ a Drummer's 
variegated experience, or is suggested to his vivid imagina, 
tioa, it -is carefully stowed away in his memory ffrip, 
to be brought out fresh and sparkling for the delectation 
of his fun-loving associates. Ihe funnyman of the stage 
is "not in it" with the "Knight of the Crip," Last 
year's chestnuts don't go with the Drummer. He can 
give to the end-man in a flinstrel show the big and 
the little Casino and beat Trim nineteen points in twenty- 
one* The Drummer -who cannot tell a New Funny 
Story upon the slightest provocation has no standing in 
the Guild. Throw two or more of them together in a Pull- 
man car, and the exchange of Witty 
Yarns is as certain as day after 
flight. The grinning porter forgets 
his tip, ana the hungry listener his 
dinner. Bach is in duty bound to I 
surpass the other, and when once I 
started in his favorite diversion, ' 
Bothingwillstopastory-tellingDrunJ- , 
fner but a stroke of lighting or an 
order. HERB THEY ARE! Not 
* all of them, but the very latest and 
freshest and wittiest. Caught on the 
fly by one of the fraternity, who Es known fromMaine to California, who tells 
only the best stories himself, and never swaps for a spurious article. They 
will not set a broken neck, nor protect you against fire, but they will cure 
most of the ills that visit suffering humanity. Then laufrh and grow fat! , 
1L#qu cannot lau^h at these stories, we give you up. Your case is a very * 
tad one. Consult your other doctor at once. The many funny engravings are made to fit the 
>Yarns. and some of them would make a horse laugh. This great pool, contains nz large pages, 
Size 7x10 inches, with handsome cover. Price 25 cents, postpaid. 
>**""" ^ "The only compete and trustworthy boot or tue Rind publlsned." 


Pew people have any idea of the value of old. rape, odd and obsolete coins 

and stamps. Did you know that a Boston TIUCVTV TliffellCAUFi 

shoemaker sold a collection of coins Tor I ffffCnl I I flUUdflRll 

! nm I ABC O Did you know that some rare Am* CIV UIIUflBCfi i 

\ UULELAnd I erican stamps are worth as higb as OIA lllf HUntU 1 

Inm I ABC CAPU9 * b is a fact tbat thc ™ e 1 &3 quarter is 

I UULLAFlO CAvIl f worth $300.00, the 1838 quarter is worth 1 

I S*i5.00, the 1604 silver dollar is worth 8300.00, half cents made j 

] between 1840 and 1850 are worth S3. 00 to $.3.00 each, the large old 

I copper centB are worth as high as $6.00 each. Some issues of Continental ' 

1 and Confederate bills are rare and valuable as well as certain pieces of fractional currency o» 

I "script." Besides these, many rarities in half cents, ceats, three-cent pieces, half dimey, 

I dimes, twenty-cent pieces, quarter?, half dollars and dollars are worth a big premium over 

I face value. The Unliable Coin and Stamp Gnido gives accurate information, and 

you mar depend upon it. 

While a great many people collect old coins, there Is more demand for rare postage and 
: revenue stamps, and eomo comparatively recent stamps are now 6carce. Collections of 
stamps Often 1 TUniSCIBEh |)A| j ARC Stamps from letters sent during the vrar; 
sell as high as H I iivUwRlill UvLLnbIwi revenue Etamps from patent medicine 
1 hottles, match wrappers, old documents, etc., m f*ClfTC Tft CMI All A DEE PIT 
' are in great demand, and are worth from IU Ubll Id lU ^lUiUU ArlEvCs 
Look over vour old letters in the garret and elsewhere ; perhaps you may find some rare 
things. This book gives all particulars, with prices, pictures, etc., and gives addresses 
Of reliable DrmsCnATPKU No matter if you handle but ten cents CVEDVDnnV HECtlC IT 
who buy them for wrtfl 1/Adlli a day you should have this book. CVEJIIDUU I REESJO lli- 
Farmers, Storekeepers, Clerks, Mechanics, Agents. Postmasters, Doctors, Lawyers, In fact 
ft will be found more than necessary: It is worth Its weight in gold to any wide-awake 
person. Boys and girls should send for it and explore attics and cellars In search 
of old letters, which may contain rare stamps. Who knows? A small fortune 
may be in your very mld3t. Do not write for particulars; do not ask ques- 
por?*; do not send us the coins or stamps* but get the book. It tells all. 
Where you ca n sell them at prices given, what they are, what they look like, and 
» why they are rare. This book gives reliable, jigures onh) ; no 1 
\jtctitiou8 dates or values whatever. It i9 issued under the 
^ supervision and authority of the greatest stamp and coin collec- ' 


Price, 1 8c. per Gepy, postpaid. 



A complete compendium ot 
short-cuts in figures and useful 
business information. 

To Multiply a number of 
two figures by itself, or to 
square a number of two fig- 
ures;saysquare84: Makethe 
multiplier the nearest round 
number (80) and increase the 
multiplicand by the same 
amount asyou have reduced 
the multiplier (84 + 4 = 88), 
multiply the two together 
and add the square of the 
number added and subtract- 
ed (4) ; we have therefor© 
88 x 80 + (4x4) + 7040 + 16 
« 7056.— All this can be done 
mentally, which is its great 

This fa contained In the Expert Calcttlatoh, e 
book jnst published which gives many methods of 
shortening the work in Addition. Multiplication, Per- 
centage (general). Interest. Marking Selling Prices, 
Averaging Accounts, Price Marking, Brick and Masonry 
Measurement, Measurement of Live Cattle, AwrsiNO 
and Trick Arithmetic, etc., etc. 200 pages, size & x 2 3-*. 
bound in leather and indexed. PRICE 40 Cts> 


And Complete Self- Instructor. 

A whole library in one 
book; a full compendium 
of indispensable informa- 
tion and instruction in the 
most useful mechanical 
trades. Each part has been 
prepared by a specialist 
who is master of bis trade. 
The instruction is thorough 
and practical. This book 
will enable you to do many 
little things that you now 
have to pay for and will 
thus save hundreds of dol- 
lars in any household. No 
other book has ever been 
published that treats of so 
many of the trades or that 
contains on any ons of 
them information SO thoroughly practical in char- 
acter. No other 12 books In the world contain so 
much of practical value. 8M pases; large 12mo., 
bound in cloth. Publisher's prco S3 50. Postage 20o. 
Our Cut Price 81. 50. 

We can supply a cheap edi- 
tion of the Home Mechan- 
■■ ic, paper bound, otherwise 
the same a« above, at 60c. postpaid. 


This is a new book, just 
published, and contains 
One Uumlred ami ,v£xfy- 
six funny Stories, Anec- 
dotes and Jokes by such 
famous humorists as 
• wain, Max Adeler, 
Josh Billings, BUI >'ve. 
K. J. Bwdette, and many 
It is full of tun 
end nonsense from cover 
to cover, and a sure cure 
for "the blue>." All tha 
kes. anecdotes and 
. oi recent years 
hare been carefully se- 
lected, and are now of- 
fered in this large and 
splendid collection^ which 
■will be richly enjoyed by 
all who love genuine hu- 
I mor and fun. Am en- 
titles of the an*-- i 
and stories contained in 
"A Cart- Load of Itn' 
are the following ; "A 
Man with a Liver." "Punkin Pie," "Potts and the Lieht- 
ning-Rod Man," "How to Go a-Courting," "En 
ner's Dog," "Stowe's Elephant Story," "Mar 
Scheme to Manufacture Happiness," "Mrs. Jones's Bur- 
glar," "The Facts About Sam Snyder," "Deacon Ames 
Tenderloin Discusses Dudes," "The Sad Ca=e ot 1 
Biff," "The Dead Gulch Christmas Tree," "A I 
Scrap," "Marthy Became Reconciled." "Cnc* Ephraim's 
Wisdom," "A One-Horse Hotel," "He Concluded not to 
Commit Suicide," "Queerly Married," "Hannah was 
Aroused," "How the Tired, Patient Man had his Feelings 
Upset," "Why the Tree-Man Departed," "Jones'- 
"Breaking up a Cat Concert," and 143 others. "A Cart- 
Load of Fun" is a book of 64 large, double-column 
neatly bound in attractive colored paper covers, ami will 
be sent by mail post-paid upon receipt of only Ten 

lOO lessons in Business* 

Please don't get the idea 
that it is brimful of new 
things, for it isn't- Much 
that is in it will be new to 
you, but the best things 
that the work contains 
are in dail y practice in the- 
offices of the largest and 
most successful tn 
concerns in the country. 
If you were to set about 
gathering the information 
contained in these Busi- 
ness Lessons from success- 
ful houses, you would find 
thatitwou'dcostyou hun- 
dredsof dollars. One point 
in it cost us $25; another 
wrinkle cost us $000. 

Neatly bound. Regular price 75c. Our Price, 

Postpaid. 32c. Bach; $3.25 Doz. 

Conklin's Hanna 1.— A' 
I wonderfully cheap reference 
I book for Mechanics, Merchants, 
| Editors, Lawyers, Printers, 
I Doctors, Farmers, Lumber- 
I men, Bankers, Book-keepers 
land Politicians. Full Atlas of 
J the world and latest tariff law j 
(up to date and correct; 500 
I pages ; cloth covers. We have 
I brought the price down to bed 
J rock, affording every one an op- 

E ortunitv to secure this valuable 
ook. Postpaid. Price 2Jc. 
Each ; $2.05 Doz. 



This i«. Indeed, a creat 
book for boys, and pa- 
rents should either buy 
it for their children or 
encourage them to buy 
it for themselves, for its 
possession will prove a 
great aid in developing 
a boy's ingenuity. The 
book gives plain and 
practical instructions 
in the making of all 
manner of toys, ma- 
chines and other arti- 
cles, amusing and use- 
ful. It tells you how to 
make a Steam Engine, a 
Photographic Camera, 
a Windmill, a Micro- 
scope, an Electrical Ma- 
chine, a Galvanic Bat- 
tery, an E'ectric Telegraph, an Electrotyping Appa- 
ratus, a Telephone, a Kaleidoscope, a Magic Lantern, an 
.Golian Harp; it tells you how to make Boats of every 
kind, from a little row-boat to a full-rigged schooner: 
bow to make Kites, Balloons, Paper Toys, Masks, ( ard 
Racks, Wagons, Carts, Toy Houses, Bows and Arrows 
Pop Guns, Slings, Stilts, Fishing Tackle, Rabbit and 
Bird Traps, and many other things, and ail is made so 
plain and simple that any boy can easilymake anything 
described. The whole is illustrated with more than two 
hundred handsome illustrations. It is a book of 64 
large octavo pages, neatly bound in attractive pap?r 
covers, and will be sent by mail post-paid upon receipt 
of only Ten Cents* 


New Webster Dictionary, pari© 3? IKEaglC. 

■ This is our latest vest ~ ' **""* **** ^■^••jj^-wb 

Up-to-DatO Love letters. 

This is our latest vest 
I pocket dictionary, and 
I uses an entirely new 
I index system, which 
makes it possible to find 
any word in half the 
j usual time. Contains 
45,800 words absolutely 
fully pronounced. An- 
other new feature is the 
addition of 25,300 words 
to this dictionary by 
means of a single page, 
called the "Columbian 
Word Builder." Hasa 
rich collection of syno- 
nyms and a valuable 
department of proper 
names and proper ad* 
jectives. This is not 
merely one book, but 
five books in cne, fully 
explaining Parliamen- 
tary forms, letter writ- 
ing, rapid calculation, 
business and social 
forms, test words and 
j spelling, and also in- 
I eludes a Gazateer of the 
EWorld. Postage lc. 
Price, Cloth, Red Ed- 
ges, 32c. Ea Extra 
*t_ . ^ "~~^^^ quality Morocco; ( al- 

andaE Memorandum, and Stamp Holder, QQc. Ea. 


i This fa a new book, just published, and without doubt 
rthe most valuable work upon the subject of fortune-tell- 
ing, or the art of fore- 
telling future events, 
ever written. It fully 
explains the secrets 
employed by fortune- 
tellers and clairvoy- 
ants of every age since 
tbe world began, and 
tells you bow to fore- 
cast your own destiny 
as well as that of oth- 
ers. It tells, not how 
to foretell the events 
of the future by a single 
method, but by all 
known methods. It is 
a strange, wonderful 
and mysterious book, 
containing secrets or 
the greatest value and 
most remarkable use- 
fulness to every human 
being. It explains the 
mysteries of Astrology, 
or the art of foretelling 
future events by the 
signs of the zodiac, the 
sun, moon, and planetary system; it contains a list of 
Lucky and Unlucky Days, a list of Fortunate Hours, etc. ; 
It explains the art of fortune-telling by the Transposition 
of Names, also by the Lines of the Hand, commonly 
called Palmistry, also by Moles, Marks, Scars or other 
signs upon the skin, also by the color and nature of the 
Hair, the Features, etc. ; it tells how fortunes are told by 
Cards, Dice and Dominoes, also the art of telling fortunes 
by Charms, Spells and Incantations, showing the charms 
of Magic Laurel, the Three Keys, the Card Charm, the 
Magic Ring, the Witch's Chain, the Nine Keys, the Mys- 
terious Wateh. tbe Magic Rose, Cupid's Nosegay, Bride 
Cake Charm, Yarro w Charm, etc., etc. ; it explains the art 
of foretelling future events by the Interpretation of 
Dreams : audit also contains Napoleon's Oraculum, or the 
Book of Fate, found in the cabinet of Napoleon Bonaparte, 
who estimated It as hU greatest treasure, being in the 
habit of consulting it on all momentous occasions and 
having always found its revelations the truest insight 
into futurity. The Mystic Oracle is a book of 64 large 
' double-column pages, neatly bound in attractive paper 
-overs, and will be sent by mail post-paid upon receipt 
>f only Ten, Cents. 

This valuable text? 
book contains complete 
and exhaustive direc- 
tions for performing 
over one hundred amus- 
ing and mysterious 
tricks in magic and 
legerdemain, including 
eleichts with dice, dom- 
inoes, cards, ribbons, 
rines, fruit, coin, balls, 
hand kerchiefs, etc., etc.. 

and clewlv "'"pfafnld „* h,S iS n0t a scho0 ' book that tries t0 tel1 tho " 
™th 121 en^-aVinM w "?° ar ? enamored how to write love letters. It is a 
The directions for per- s P lc y> intensely interesting; story abouta beautiful 
formios: these tricks young lady and a handsome young man, who met 
are made bo very clear each other in Chicago, and fell desperately in love, 
by the aid of the many The girl lived in Chicago and the lover in New 
llustraticns given that anyone may readily perform York, to which place he returned shortlv after the 
hem. and thus become -. veritable wizard in his own cir- meetino- of ZnXiiZ tv*iZ „.„.„„.,XL5 . ZjZ,, 52, i 
ile of acquaintances. Tricks which you have seen per- S h „^. " f . co ™ e ^J corresponded a great deal 
formed by professional magicians, and which have A - 7 wrote back and forth ; told one another of 
<pemed to you almost miraculous, are so clearly anfltneir great love, and their secrets. After a while 
fully explained in this book that you may perform them they became jealous of each other, and they quar- 
withease. Among tbe tricks explained i in the book are: reled in their letters, but finally ■■ made up." He 

ssss'fttffs^ srcS-s Mag* ™* 5" pfs? r ts - r d ifr tsp back the ni , cest le? - 

Bond""Tf Swallow a Barber's Pole," •' The Kestofed^" you ever read. All of this correspondence is 
Ribbon " "The Magnetized Cane." "To Eat a Peck of made public in this book, and never before were 
Shavings,. and Convert them into_ a Ribbon.^ "The such interesting letters published. The book tells 

of 64 large, double-column pages, bound in attractiveany one who has ever loved. Love Letters is band- 
colored paper covers, and will be sent by mail poBt-paidsomely bound in cloth and beautifully illustrated, 
upon receipt of only Ten Cent*. 170 pages. Flexible gilt cloth. Postpaid 50c. 




fop Busy People 

20.000 facts of the great- 
est importance; the prom- 
inent events of history; 
area, population, location, 
and rulers of all nations; 
States of the Union, popu- 
lation, area, capitals, and 
cities of over 10,000 inhabi- 
tants; all the largest cities 
of the world; the great 
battles; chief rivers, lakes, 
etc. ; postal regulations; 
parliamentary rules; Con- 
stitution of theU. S; bio- 
graphical dates, foreign, 
legal, and scientific lexi- 
con, alphabetically ar- 
ranged. Quick and accu- 
rate answers to all ques- 
tions. I.imp_clotb;_red 

An A, B, C guide to Parliamentary 
Law and rules of order. Presented 
in such a form, shorn of all discussion 
of their abstruse principles or their 
origin. Supplied with an Alphabetical 
Thumb Index, one is able to open at 
once to tho point involved and find 
concisely and distinctly stated the in- 
formation required. A full outline for 
model Constitution and By-Laws is 
appended. Never before was so much 
practical information condensed into 
so small a book. Containing 127 
pages, size S'4x2^ inches. Postage 
lc. Bound in Russia, Price 20c; 
seal 30c, postpaid. 


A more complete and bandy tage Be 
volume does not exist. 
Strongly and tastefully 
bound, well printed, carefully 
edited with no space wasted 
and nothing omitted, within 
its scope; it is a perfect gem 
of literary skill and cheap- 
ness. One of the most ini- 
-— "v/ important of the many fam- 
w EB5TF.r.%i Hfl ous hand-books we offer. 
New and original; not a 
reprint; 27,500 words; 6,000 
synonyms; Speller; Rules of 
Etiquette; Gazetteer of the 
World; Perpetual Calendar; 
Punctuation; Use of Capitals 
and a large amount of mis- 
cellaneous Information; A 
million sold; Fully indexed; 
Stiff ornamented silk cloth 
binding. Postage paid. 
Price only S 5c, Each; $8.48 Box, 

The Art of Yentriloqnism. 

"This great book was 
written by the celebrated 
Frederic Mac cab e, one 


By Comte Dx Saint-Germain. 

An entirely 

Price 22c. Each 

„ new 
work, and so easy to 
understand that any 
one can read hands, 
and discover therein 
the character, fame 
and fortune of the 
subject under inspec- 
tion -without the least 
difficulty. A record 
of the past, revelation 
of the present, and a 
guide of the future. 
300 large pages, 5x7% 
inches. 49illustrations. 
Paper covers. Pos- 
$2 20 Doz. 

gfces Postage2c. Price 20c. Each; S3- 1Q Ooz» 
n ^fci ■■ On Books, Unless Postage Is 
HU I t.* *' Stated, We Mail Postpaid. 

well worth cultivating, 
for nothing will so amusa 
and mystify a social fath- 
ering as the feats or the 
ventriloquist. He appears 
to be a man of a dozen 
voices. In bis natural 
tone of voice be asks a 
question, and tbe answer 
appears to come from the 
depths 'Of the chimney In the weak accents of a little 
child. Again, we hear the voice of an old man appear, 
ing to proceed from the roof of the building, tbe 
barking of adog, etc., etc. These wonderful Imitai ioni 
are performed without the slightest movement of the 
lips, greatly to the astonishment of the audience. Would 
you not like to acquire this amusing and mystifying ac- 
complishment t You can do so easily and readily ly 
studying the directions contained In this book, n 
the host and most complete instructor In the art of ven- 
triloquism ever published. It is a book of 64 large, don- 
ble-miumn pages, bound In attractive colored paper 
covers, and will be sent by mall post-paid upon receipt 
Of only Ten Cents, 


With Words and Music Complete. 

The songs contained la 
this book comprise the 
most popular sentimen- 
tal, comic, operatic and 
Ethiopian selections. It 
is a grand aggregation 
of musical gems, old and 
new, which every lover 
of music should possess. 
Bear in mind that both 
words and music are 
given. Tbe following Is 
a partial list of the con- 
tents of the book : Com- 
rades, Ta-ra-ra Boom-dev 
ay, Little Fisher Maiden, 
Little Annie Rooney. I 
Whistle and Walt for 
Katie, Stop dat Knock- 
ing, Over tho Garden 
Wail, Twickenham Fer- 
rv, Won't You Tell Me 
Why, Robin, Nancy 
Lee, Larboard Watch, 
The Man in the Moon is 
Looking, Barnev, Leave 
of the most famous' cf the tbe Girls Alone, 'Tl8 Better So, Work, Niggers, Work, 
world's ventriloquists. Baby Mine, We'd Better Bide a Woe, Bonmo Doon, Mi- 
Mr. Maccabe here clearly lamey, Let Me Dream Again, When Red Leaves rail, 
shows that ventriloquism Widow In a Cottage by the Sea, Old Zip Coon, Maggies 
is not a natural gift, but Secret, and 132 others, making a veritable treasury of tbe 
that by training and prac- world's popular songs, bound in attractive paper covers 
tice it may be acguired In & neat and handy book, which will be bent by mail 
by any one, and it is cer- goat-paid upon receipt of only Ten. Centa. ■ 
tainly an accomplishment 


Science Uncovered. 8 000 
Secrets Revealed. 886 solid 
pages of every-day formulas 
ol untold value ; the life work 
of one of America's foremost 
scientists A marvelous col- 
lection of money nuking, 
money-saving rcjpes for ib« 
farm, workshop, household, 
toilet, all trades, every pro- 
fession or business, thorough- 
ly explained and Indexed. 
Unique, wonderful A tingle 
item may suggest a- fortune. 
Everyone buys who sees It. 
Handsomely bound In. stiff 
clo'h. Enameled edges. Post- 

age 4c. Latest Price J59C Each; 8S.96 Dos. 





In this advertisement we mention but ft few of the 
Tnanv wonders that every person can perform 
• Iter reading the -WIZARD'S MANUAL,; itact- 
nallT contains more information (ban all otter encb, 
books combined. 

This Marvellous Book, written by ft 
Doted expert, not only tells Juet how to 
perform the most wonderful feats in tho 
category of Magic, but 

llffetfif TO READ Itisftfact 


•on's thoughts, so tbat you can reveal 
cambers or names thought of, find hid- 
den articles, etc. \OU CAN DO IT. 
Every See*** 10 onfotded 00 aiearly 
thfttj even Cfciildron ear* laap&u 

The Greatest Book ever issued op 
its kind ; a complete compendium 
of the Secrets of the Magician, 
Mind Reader and Ventriloquist. 
Fully explained and illustrated. 
IT explains 

How to Produce Cabbages from a Hat. 

How to make Kings appear and Disappear. 

How to change Paper and Bran to MUk 
and Sugar. 

How to Produce Pire from your Mouth* 

How to make a Person Float in Air. 

How to do all kinds of Card Tricks. 

How to do all the Latest Coin Xricka. 

How to Cut a Lady in Halves. 

How to Produce liow Is of Pish from Hand* 

How to Grow Flowers In Empty Vases In- 

How to do Tricks with Dominoes and Dice. 

How to do Wonderful Tricks with Hand- 
torch lef 1 ^ 

How to' do Kellar's Ring Trick. 

How to make Large Objects Vanish. 

How to Procure Eggs from a Boy's Montil* 

How to Restore a Smashed Watch.. 

How to do the Great Box Trick. 

How to do all "Spirit" Mysteries* 

How to make *• Ghosts " appear. 

How to Perform the Davenport Illusions, 

How to make a Cane Seem Alive. 

How to make a Coin Answer Questions. 

How to do Vanishing Ladv Trick. 

How to do Hundreds of other Marvellcmj 
feats of Legerdemain. 





ARVELS ♦ * + * 


Popular Medical, Social and Martial 

A Sensible 
Book for Cur- 
ious People — A 
Useful Book for 
Everyone. — By 
New York's Most 
Celebrated Medi- 
cal Author and 
Specialist, Dk. E. 
B. Footi. Of 
course you want 
to know what 
everybody ought 
to know. The 
young, bow to 
choose the best 
one to marry ; the 
married, how to 
be happy in mar- 
riage ; the fond 
parent, how to 
prize babies ; the 
mother, how to have 
them without pain ; the childless, 
how to be fruitful and multiply; 
the curious, how they ' ' growed " and came to be ; 
the heallhy, how to enjoy life and keep well ; the 
invalid, how to get well again speedily;, the im- 
prudent, how to regain wasted energy. All who 
want knowledge that is of most worlh, find it in 
Dr. Foote's " Plain Home Talk." 1,000 pages, S00 
cuts. 36 col. plates, 200 recipes. Our Price 
81.85 Postpaid. 

The Diamond Collection of Songs. 

This is acknowledged the 
finest aggregation of songs, 
both new and old, ever 
bound between the cover* 
of one book; it is a veritable 
treasury of the world's most 
popular and catchy songs. 
This great collection waft 
compiled and published at » 
cost of many thousands of 
dollars and contains 600 
songs, words and music, in- 
cluding the favorites now 
being sung with great suc- 
cess in Pans and New York. 
Kach song is complete, with 
full accompaniment for 
piano or organ. Postpaid. 
Price 25c. Each. _ 


This celebrated boob tells How to become a Ventriloquist, making voices apparently emanate) 
from boxes, empty rooms, chimneys, t ruuks, loads of hav, etc., and instructs you Just how to " throw 
your voice" so as to make wooden images appear to talk and sing. The publisher of The Wizard's 
Manual agrees to FORFEIT SIOOO.OO if this is not the TRUE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM. 
These secret instructions have never before been published in book form. Professors of the art have 
charged from &.OO.OO toSSOO.OO to instruct others; by investing 35 cents in this Wizard's Manual, 
you not only get this knowledge, but a vast amount of other information on all subjects pertaining to the 
mysterious arts. You can give a long performance in MAGIC, MIND READING and VENTRILO- 
remember that it is the best and cheapest volume on these subjects ever issued. It explains many Illu- 
sions never before revealed In print, guarded secrets of the Science of Legerdemain and Psychology. 
Avoid buying cheap, Imitation catch-penny affairs; get The Wizard's Manual and you will be well pleased. 
We will send it post- paid, upon receipt of only 25 CENTS ^five copies for $1.00. Get four others W Bend 
with >0U» thud £6bW££ your Wizard's Manual free. — 

Mesmerism' & Clairvoyance. 

This book is a complete exposition of tho wonderful and 
mysterious* sciences of Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Clairvov- 
ance and Mind Head- 
ing. It was written by 
one of the most fam- 
ous clairvoyants and 
mesmerists oi the age, 
and explains the secrets 
of these peculiar scien- 
ces eo clearly and forci- 
bly that those thines 
which to most people 
have appeared strange, 
unreal, mysterious and 
supernatural are made 
as plain as the light of 
day. By tho aid of thin 
book you may become a 
mesmerist, exercising 
this marvellous power 
of control over your 
friends and acquaint' 
ances; you may become 
a by i no list, healing 
disea:cs by the aid ol 
this miraculous gift ; 
youmzj become a clair- 
voyant, foretelling 
events of the past and future, revealine; hidden mysteries, 
(ate. ; you may become a mind-reader, abloto read and dis- 
eloee the thoughts of others. Ton will be surprised at the 
ease with which these wonderful gifts are acquired by the 
aid of the simple and lucid instructions contained in thiB 
book. It is anew book, just published, is no humbug, 
being written by an adept in the arts of which it treats, 
and la by far the best and moBt practical work upon these 
eubjects ever published. It is a book of 64 large double- 
column pages, handsomely Illustrated, and bound in at- 
tractive paper covers, and will be sent by mail post* 
tfaid open receipt of only Ten Cent*. 


A practical Arith- 
metic for practical 
purposes, continuing 
complete system of 
useful, accurate and 
convenient tables, to- 
gether with simple. 
Short and practical 
methods for rapid cal- 
culation. Truly worth 
its weight in gold to 
anyone who deals at 
all in figures. Former 
price $1.00. Pocket 
size; limp covers. 
Postage 2c. 

Price 20c. Each; 
83.00 Doz. 



World's Ready Reckoner. 
Pocket size; heavy board cov- 
ers. Useful assistant for 
Traders, Farmers, Mechanicc, 
etc. Wages, interest, measure- 
ments and other valuable 
tables, An old standard work; 
in popular form. Postpaid. 

Price 35c each ; 

82.50 Dem. 

This Is a large and very 
valuable collection of re- 
cipes and formulas for the 
manufacture of hundreds 
of articles in daily upe, 
and which may be readily 
made by any one and 
sold at very large profits. 
Great fortunes have been 
made by the manufacture 
of single articles for 
which recipes are here 
given, and some of these 
recipes have been sold for 
as mucb as $50.00 each. 
Any one, by the aid of 
this book, can build np a 
steady, permanent and 
very profitable business, 
for there Is a constant de- 
mand for the various arti- 
cles, they may easily be 
made by any one. and 
sold either at wholesale 
or retail or through sub- 
agents. Many a million- 
aire started Hi life In Just this way. Get this great book, 
and without doubt it will start you on the road to a com- 
petence. It is a book of 64 large double-column pages, 
neatly bound in attractive paper covers, and will be sent 
by mall post-paid to any address upon receipt of only 
Teu Cents. — _ 



This little book has 
Immense sale, and gives 
satisfaction every time. 
It is a practical guide to 
gunning and rifle shoot- 
ing, tells how to choose 
arms and ammunition, 
about different kinds, of 
game, making and using 
traps, snares and nets, 
baits aud baiting, trail- 
ing game, preserving, 
dressing, tanning and 
dyeing skins and furs; 
season for • trapping, 
hints to trappers, fire huntiug, pigeon catching, 
camping out; sporting vocabulary, recipes for, 
auorttmen, etc. Illustrated. Price post paid -ao 



This is the cheapest known 
printing outfit. It contains: 
3A font type; type- 
holder; indelible ink: 
ink pad; type twee- 
zers; spaces, poinls. 
and directions for use 
(as shown in cut). 
It may seen impossi- 
ble that we cau sell 
such an outfit for 10e> 
and make it worth 
having, but we make 
no apologies for it on 
account of price. It 
Is made almost 
wholly bymachinery; 
therefore well made 
in every particular. 
It Is just as good foe 
many uses as an out- 
fit costing $2.00 or 
more. Price 10o. 
Knch, post-pni-l; 
1 .OO Doz., by Ex- 

Billy Edward's Art of Boxing, 

ami Manual of Athletic Training. 

The illustra- 
tions are 
taken from 
of the two 
boxers of the 
world in their 
day (in a set- 
to especially 
arranged for 
this work). 
and are ac- 
to be the best 
set ever^ pro- 
duced. The book cannot fail to find favor with 
every Athlete and Athletic Club throughout the 
country. Postage paid. Board cover, cloth back, 
ltedncetl Price 32c; Cloth, gilt, 57c. 

m^M. JONES. 


Over ten million of our printing outfits 
sold in the past fifteen years. The line we 
now offer is the result of this long experi- 
ence in making popular goods at popular 
prices, Reference to cut will show the ex- 
act number of type and accessories con- 
tained in this outfit which is as follows : 

4 A Font Type ; 1 Set Figures -, Type 
Holder ; Indelible Ink ; Ink Pad ; Type 
Tweezers; Spaces, Points and full direc- 
tions for use, contained in neat box with 
colored label. Price 15c. Each; Post-paid. 
St. 50 Doz. by Express. 


TEL. NO. 4097. 


This outfit is as much of a wonder at 25c. 
as our Boys' Printer is at 10c. as it is capable 
of doing a large variety of commercial print- 
ing, containing as it does a very large font of . 
type, viz,: About 5 Alphabets; Two sets of 
Figures ; a two iine Holder and an inex* 
haustible stamping Pad requiring 
no ink. Never before has a simi- 
lar outfit sold for less than $1.50 
Yet here it is. Put up in heavy 
paper box with colored label. 
Price 25c. Each ; Post-paid. 
S3. 50 Dox. by Express, 

STYLE OF TYPE: "Laugh and the World Laughs with You." 

BOX 25. WACO. 


This Stamp 
is sold so sur- 
prisingly cheap 
that no one can 

miss having one. It has always sold for $1.00 until lately when we re- 
duced the price to 25 CENTS with name complete. It comprises a strong 
and well made frame, highly nickel plated and polished, containing a Rubber 
Stamp at one end and a propelling Pen and Pencil at the other. It is the most 
useful and novel combination ever sold. We now again reduce our price as be- 
low. Postage 2o. One line, 15c— two lines, 20c— three lines, 25c. 




R. H. Ingersoll & Bro, 


are a great convenience but are 
too expensive on many goods. 
We do not wish to have you save 25 per cent on 
r purchase and lose a large part of it in costly 
transportation— and therefore advise you to avoid 
the mails as much as possible by ordering a quant- 
ity of goods by freight or express. We do not 
guarantee the safe delivery of goods sent by mail. 
We pack properly and deliver to post office ; there 
our responsibility ceases. In case of loss we do 
all in our power to recover the package. There is 
probiblv not a loss of one per cent on mail 
packages. ©Valuable packages may be registered 
lor 8 cents. 


65 Cortlanat St.. N. Y. 


Compiled by the eminent 
experts Edison and Westhig- 
house: deals with everything 
Electiical, Chemical and 
ktechanloal Fur Kniineere, 
Electricians,' Machinists and 
Artisans of every class. 5*0 
Pages. Postpaid. 

Price 75c Each; 
•7.45 D«, 


Drummers' Yams, 

Containing all the latest " good things •• picked 
tip here anil there by our Commercial Travelers., 

If any one can give yon " the latest," it is the 
drummer. -Coursing the country over, and pos- 
sessing a prodigious personal acquaintance amongst 
railroad conductors, hotel clerks, and salesmen, not 
to speak 01 his own brotherhood, he has special 
opportunities for the collection of rare anecdotes. 

This collection of Humor is by one of the Fun- 
niest Drummers on the "road," and he has re- 
quested us not to publish his name, for varioaa 
reasons. Imagine all the laughable stories told on 
the Road, to pass away the time, collected together 
and published in a lar<*e, handsome volume, illus- 
trated with most funny engravings, and yon will 
have a fair idea of the boob. This book contains 
112 pages. Humorous lithograph cover. Size 7 X 111 
inches. Price 25 cts,, post-paid* 


This is a wonderfn* 
little time and money 
saver ; a means of 
legibly numbering 
oheoks, receipts, 
books, papers, etc., 
has not heretofore 
been within the reach 
of many, involving an 
outlay of about $85.00 
for a numbering 
machine. Here is 
one in a nutshell 
which will do the 
neat est work and 
quickly. Num- 
bers up to 1,000,- 
000. A movement 
of one of the 
wheels changes 
the number : In 
an instant. Nickel 
metal parts, en- 
amel handle and 
perfect printing 
bands that will 
never harden. 
Think a moment 
and yon will find 
mony uses for this little gem. This shows the size 
of figures 


Postage 2c. Price 40c. Each; S4.20 Dam. 




This great printing outfit has never before been offered. The same 
press has been sold with type but without the many necessary and attrac- 
tive features this outfit contains at $2.50. We have added a bronzing- outfit, 
and furnished extra large fonts of type, put up in regular printers' case 
and whole outfit put up in a splendid cabinet, and cut the price nearly in 
half. No other concern in the world can afford such an outfit for the 
price. This is one of the greatest outfits for boys ever gotten up. It 
is a complete printing office in every detail. It not only has the neces- 
sary machinery and tools but it also has the appearance 
so attractive to a youth. The press is built to print a form 
l--ix3 I \ inches, and will print nicelya full chase orone 
line. Itis strongly built, with no weak spots, and oper- 
ates with the smoothness and accuracy of a large ma- 
chine. It is fitted with necessary "furniture'* and nas ad- 
justment screws for locking type in chase; a hand inking 
roller and ink are furnished, also gold and stiver bronze; a 
neat assortment of blank cards, fancy and plain, and other 
minor tools and fixtures, complete the layout. A neat font 
of printer's type lOpoint (Pica) Old English goes with the 
press. The type are put up in a regular printer's case 
which slides into the cabinet box, as shown in cut.. Tho 
We save you nearly $1.00. Unavailable. Price $1.50 Ea. Complete. 

price the world over is $3-50, 


We offer this machine for regular commercial 
use. It is ve*ry strongly built; ot simple mechan- 
ism and far longer lived than any $100 machine. 
It does the finest work and with great rapidity as 
it works with both hands; cut exactly shows it- 
Frame of highly ornamented enameled iron; the 
type bar is of rubber inked by two felt rolls, oo 
ribbon but direct impression from type to paper; 
73 characters, including capitals, small letters and 
the various points; writes a line g'j in. long, full 
cap size. Its operation is easy and positive; only 
3 wearing parts which are of hardened steel; its 
work is of the highest class. A splendid machine 
in every respect, at a wonderfully low price. Fully 
guaranteed. Style of type is the same as generally 
used on regular machines. V.'eight 4 lbs. Price 
$10.00 in fine traveling case. SPECIAL.— We have secured a limited number of these mactunee 
without traveling case but in a neat shipping case which we offer at a Cut Price of $8.00 Each. 


The Dollar Typewritir. 

Tho Pearl Typewriter 
Reduced to $2.50. 

One of the best machines in the market. 
Has all the latest and best features, will do 
woik equal to any and with great rapidity. 
Its visible working feature enables you to 
see just what you are writing as you go. 
In this respect it eicells even the most ex- 
pensive machines. Our Cat Price 
only $2.50 Each. 

improved Viator Date Printer, 

No. IJS. This is th. 

article for dating you 

letters, bills, orders, re 

ceipts, checks and othe 

papers. Haveyouneve 

had occasion to sav: '• 

would give anything 1 

thathadadatei" Ever; 

letter, bill or order 

should be stamped witl 

date when received 

and asrain whei 

answered, paid 01 

i filed. This if prno 

I ticed invariablj 


This Is the most popu- 
lar-priced numbering de- 
vice ever offered, and we 
now beat our last year's 
prices by a great deal, 
though the quality is held 
strictly up. 

Ho. O, 25e. 


Ho. 1, SSe. 


Ho. 2, 40c 


This numberer has but * 
bands, and will therefore 
number only to 10.000, 
which in most cases is all 
that is required. These numberers positively rep- 
resent a value just double what we charge; to ver- 
ify this ask any stationer or stamp maker. Post- 
age 2c. Our Prli-e«, Nos. or 1, 25c Eacti; 
Special, S2.QO Doz.-Xo 2, 40o. Eacbi 
83. 80 Ooz. 


Rubber stamps have come 
to be a common necessity: 
they save time and insure 
legibility. If every one 
carrying on corre- 
spondence would 
nse one to sign 
their letters with 
name and address 
thousands of dol- 
lars would be 
saved, not to men- 
tion delay and an- 
noyance. These 
self-inkers are the 
best in the mar 
ket; they ink ana 

print with surpris- 
ing rapidity. Note 
our popular prices. 
Size and style 
of dies are 
shown below. 
Postage 2o, 

Specimen Dies and Prices: 
1 line, 35c. 2 line, 45c. 


&ne<i % 

The Dollar Typewriter is a complete machine as 
shown fa cut. It has 4G characters of type the same 
as that used on a Densmore. It is provided with 
numerous patented devices for inking the type, 
holding the paper, spacing and governing the im- 
pression and allignment. It will write apostalcard, 
note or full letter sheet and is particularly well 
adapted to addressing envelopes. Over a quarter 
million of these machines have been sold within the 
last year. It is a perfectly constructed machine that 
will do work equal in quality to any of the high 
priced machines. It is so simple that a child can 
operate it and will not get out of order. It is light 
and portable— just the thing for travelers. It is very 
attractive in appearance, made entirely of metal, 
mounted on a highly polished hard wood base. It 
will write rapidly with practice— 15 to 25 words a 

minute. We guarantee every claim for it, and if not [o j Amt yon can ftdjnst | t to anydesired date la 
ff«I e i§ r t? en i te ih- ef!,I « m ° ney /fJ he S"" l % bu ^tyta shown below by simply revolving the bands 
J^hS'.M 'hJwShi^V 6 * °^S!Z n }S St tSwSS »y means °* th9 cog wheels, which is an improve- 
?- ne -?i°Ji ld - be without one. Postage 15c. Pric» J ent ou the oldBty l e of banddaters. Each dater 



3 line, 50c. 
Return in 10 days to 

8aV doiia'r! Frank R. Smith, 

Kons of 

annually wasted 
in disputes aboul 
auch matters. Yoq 
cannot afford to 
be without > It 
Former price ol 
this stamp wai 
$2.00. It will print 
any date for 8 
years in advance 
and can be used] 
consecutively or 
otherwise. In an 

Franklin, N.W.T. 

Yours truly, 
i line, GOr. 

Wm. R. Brown, 

Grain Dealer, 

Williams Co., USA 

Cartridge Pencil Sharpener, 

$1.00 Each. 

Robber Stamp Pad* 

For Rubber Stamps, 
Type, Daters, etc., best 
quality. Heavy feltcover- 
ed with muslin and load- 
ed with concentrated ink; 
1 last years. 
Price, 10c. each. Postage 2o. 
" 20c. " " 3c. 

" 30c. " " ' 4c 

" 40c. " " 7c 

also includes 4 extra words as shown below, which 
greatly increases its value. Postage So. 
Price 83c. Each; $3.35 Doz, 

JAN 5 1897 PAID. 

DATER PRINTER NO. 2. " n .pry-rc. 

This is the same in every respect as No. \\i_ ex- AutNloi 

The very best Sharpener sold. It is turned from 
•olid brass and heavily nickeled. Drilled accurately 
to fit pencil and shape point. Knife is of the finest 
steel and adjusted to & hair so that it will work 
perfectly and last a lifetime. Knife may be re* 
moved and sharpened. Postage 2c, New Fries 
14c. Eaoh ; $1.45 Doz. 


Many people write os for agents and 
.. trade prices ou our goods. To such 
cept in size of tvpe and machine. Below we show we reply that this book quotes our only prices In 
size of type; this size is desirable for a large class plain figures, Agents and storekeepers can on the 
of work where a very large plain date is wanted, basis of dozen prices quotecrherein turn our goods 
Postage 3c. _ over at good margins. It is true they cannot sell 

at our prices as a rule but neither can their mm- 

Eetltors We call special attention to dozen prices 
aving the word special " before them. Wo 
_. , _„ „ want agents and offer inducements right in this 

Prfoe 60o. Bach | Special $4.60 Dos. Doot f or uve men. 

'bUlgC OL. 

— MAR. 28, 1898. 

64 ROBT. H. IHGERSOLL & BRO., 67 CORTLANBT ST., & 163-165 WASH1N6T0N ST., N. Y. CITY. 

•SSflftftt Wi. SrUsffir, 1254567690 

No. 9. Self-Inking Printing Press, 

¥Hth Typo, Furnlturm, Ink, Cards and Instructions HOW TO BE A PRINTER, 

This Little Beauty is a wonderful bargain. It is made 
after the same patterns and with tlio same care and skill 
as the large job printing presses. The cut exactly represents 
it, showing all of its parts just as they are. It combines all 
of the essential points of all large presses, some of which 
we name here— revolving Ini Plate, toggle joint lever, 
(giving great power,) adjustable Platen, steel roller Bear- 
ings, movable paper Grippers, and other important features 
found in the latest and most perfect job presses. Besides 
these, its complete outfit of Type, Furniture. Ink, Leads, 
Spaces, Quads, Tweezers. Cards and valuable instructions, 
making it fully the double of nny bur-rain pver offered 
In this line. We guarantee it in every respect. There aTe 
■o weak points about it, Everything is complete and 
and constructed to do perfect work and keep in order. 
MflKF MflNFY! P rin "ng Cards, Envelopes, Note-paper, 
mrtr\L. IIIUIlUM Bills, Circulars, etc., etc. This is the 
press yon can do it with. The work it does will not "give 
you away" as, with ordinary care it will equal that of the 
finest professional printer. It prints a form up to size 
2Mx3!{ Inches. This is the style"" 
of type that is furnished 
each press. Other fonts mae- 
nad if desired at from 60c to SI, 50 Each by mail, but for all ordinary work one font is sufficient 
We will shin this press securely packed in wooden case, complete as described above, fof the special 
.educed Price of S3. 75 Each. 

Ho. lO will print a form 2J£x4in. Weight of press and outfit IS pounds. With 1 roller, and 
autfit of 1 font of No. 217 type, 50 blank card:, ink, and furniture. Price reduced from $7.50 to $5 50. 

Mo. 11 will print a form 2^x4 in. Weight of press and outfit 20 pounds. This press is extra 
finished, with 2 rollers, and outfit of 1 font each Nos. 200 and 217 type; 50 blank cards, ink, and 
furniture. Pries reduced from $10.00 to $7-25. 

Mo. f^will print a form 4J^x6J^ in. Weight of press and outfit 80 pounds. Outfit of 4 fonts of 
type, Nos. a)2, 20\ 217 -and 218, composing stick, planer, furniture, leads, and hk. Price reduced 
from $21.00 to $17 50. 

Mo. 13 will print a form 6J^x8 in. Weight of press, boxed, 125 pounds. Outfit of 5 fonts of 
type, Nos. 202, 208, 217, 219 and 22G, composing stick, planer, furniture, leads, and ink. Prico 
reduced from $31.00 lo $25.00. 

One caasci oil oan, set of iron quoins, and shooting stick go with Nos. 12 and 13 Presses. 


This Type is regular printers' standard height and 
bodies and can be used in any ordinary press and 
all those sold by us. Each font put up in strong case 
as shown in cut. Partitioned for each letter with 
sliding cover printed on top, showing location of each 
letter. Each font has figures. We give postage oppo- 
site each, but such goods should go by express with 
other merchandise. 

No. 200 5 A SO.GO: Postage 70. 


No. 20S 2 A 5a SO. 80; Postage 9o. 

ROBERT H. WILLIAMS, 1234567890 

No. 203 2 A 5 a SO. 80 ; Postage 10c. 

The Letter for Circulars, 1234.5 

No. 204 5 A 80.60 ; Postage 12c. 

WALTER JONES, 123456789 

No. 208 5 A SO.GO; Postage 12c. 


No. 213 2 A 5a SI. 25 ; Postage 25c. 

<• ~>(sr 

X-ni$\<zwu, 123 

No. 214 2A5a S 1 . 1 ; Postage 250. 

No. 217 8A5a S 1 .00 ; Postage 26c. 

faalme g. Sparta, 12545 

No. 219 

SO.85; Postage 14c. 

qEO. qOTJTclD, 123456 

No. 224 3A SI. 20; Postage 22c. 

ABODE 1284 

The above simply show the style of type included in each font, also the number of letters in same, 
.takiug " a " as a basis, the other letters all being in proportion. — 

I We furnish a large variety of other styles_shown in our special Printing Press Catalogue 
[gent on receipt of 5c. postage. .HANDY TYPOGRAPH 


, A8'JGJ.1UHU»JM. 
lug H 03 Z T U V W X Y i 

r s3 1 S€* Z ¥<Q9 O .? ; 3> $ ! 

Something entirely new and not only educa- 
tional and amusing to children but useful and 
profitable for many household and business pur- 
poses. Consists of a full alphabet, figures, points', 
ornaments eto., as in our larger typographs, of the 
flze shown in cut. The set is used by taking the 
lettersand printing any desired matter on paper 
or any other fairly smooth surface. Its value aa 
an Instructor of children while furnishing them 
most fascinating amusement Is apparent. For 

Eractical use in marking packages for shipment, 
ibelling drawers etc., making prico tickets and 
• hundred other purposes it is worth ten times its 
price. Postage Sc. l'rlco Sfjc, fcach | 8S.-10 


Above shows tho Handy Typograrh Complete in 
box, also tho size and style of type used in it. The 
variety of pees this set of typo can be made to 
serve are innumerable ; show cards, price tickets, 
bulletins, notices, etc.. arc among its principal 
uses. For amusing and instructing children it is 
most valuable, teaching while it amuses. The 
letters as seen above are large and plain ; each is 
mounted on a separato piece of moulding and set 
in a partitioned box so ft may bo instantly 1 

:.!es the full alphabet there is a set of 
figures with a number of extra words, punctua- 
tion marks. Ac.; a self-inking pad In lithographed 
tin box; also a straight edge Is included. Postage tic 
Kedaced Price 36c. Each; 83.65 Doz. 

Baltlmonean . Printing Press. 


The king of cheap printing presses and the only 
one made on the same mechanical principles and 
with the same care as the large and most expensive 
presses. It is strong where strength is needed and 
accurately adjusted so that perfect printing maybe 
done without skill in making ready. The outfit con- 
tains : A font of long primer type in a handsome 
case, a can of best black ink, furniture for locking up 
type, a pair of tweezers, a pack of blank cards, and 
full instructions. This is the outfit for the boys. 
With it they will make money and obtain most pro- 
fitable amusement and instruction. Should go by 
Express or freight with other goods. The cheapest 
outfit of its kind ever sold. Former Price $1.75. 
Price of this Press Complete by Express 
Reduced to $1.00. 


nM|AlVA23 183V 

Exact Style of Type. 

Prefix Band. 



0. K. 



Prefi *- Rec'd DEC 14 1897 
SEP 25 1897 PAID 


This is a rubber band dater of great usefulness, 
because of the Prefix and Affix bands which give It 
a variety of uses almost endless. By simply chang- 
ing the position of bands, any date may be quickly 
had in connection witli any of the words on the 
extra end band. Prefix style has band in front and 
Affix has it after the others. State which is wanted. 
Postage 2c. Price 40c. Each; 84.10) Boz.^ 


This is a complete ama- 
teur printer's gazatteer. 
containing illustrations, 
descriptions, prices, etc , 
of everything nsed In 
this business; Presses, 
Type, Borders. Rules and 
all too's and paraphanalia. 
Also full .instructions in 
all branches of the print- 
er's art. Sent on receipt 
of Sc for postage, etc. 


Ono fountain pen manufacturer 
has made over $2,000,000,00 sell- 
in/ his pens at a profit of over 300 per cent. I Our 
limit of margin, on such goods la -5 per cent: this 
explains the difference in our prices, 85c. against 
$3 00. There is absolutely no difference in the pens. 
Ours is 14k gold, with ln-autifnlly made hard runner 
barrel. Postage i!o. Price 86c. £a.; 88.40 X>z. 

We Kever Misrepresent Anything. We Want you to BELIEVE what you See Here. 



The Yankee Dater is the latest product of our manufactur- 
ing department, and is the cheapest dater on the market. It 
combines all the '98 improvements of high priced daters, and 
many new and patented features of its own which tend to make 
it f*i.r superior to all in construction and practicability. With the 
use oi the Yankee it becomes an easy matter for you to cor- 
rectly date your bills, letters, receipts, checks, drafts. &c, leg- 
ibly and quickly, and in a businesslike way, at almost no 
expense^ The importance of having all business papers and 
legal documents plainly dated is so well known that no one 
should be without one of our Yankee Date Printers. It regis- 
ters the month, day and year for 10 years in advance, consec- 
utively or otherwise, and so constructed that changes can be 
| made very quickly without tearing it apart in doing so. Two 
I rubber stamps with the words PAID and RECEIVED are con- 
veniently placed on both sides of Dater. and prove valuable 
additions to it. All parts are made of the best material bv 
skilled help; the base is of polished hard wood with rounded corners, over which the pure rubber bands 
revolve easily. Outside casing is of sheet metal heavily nickel plated, which can be removed, so that 
rapid adjustment of date is possible. The most wonderful bargain of the century, and an article bo 
one should be without. Postage lc. Price 15c. Each; Special $1 25 Dozen. 


This outfit supplies the great demand for a col- 
let !tion lit Rul able for office and 
general u^e, in convenien.t form and low in price. 
At great expense we have succeeded in making a 
number of rubber stamps, inscribed with the 

etc., in common use by busi] 

all over the world. It will be found indispensable 

to the book-keeper and office clerk and wfll prove 

r every hour of the day. The 

outfit is put up in neat card hoard box. 

LncEes and consists of 24 separate stamps 

marked as follows: "Answered. "Dii 

by. " "Original," "} "Hilled," 

"Duplicate," "Paid," "Salesman " "C O.D. ," 

"Entered." "Please Remit," "«W," "Col- 

• • Express Paid, " " Please Receipt, ' ' 

•Ship Via." "Copy," "Kxpr ived," 

"Delivered," "Freight Paid." "Refused," 

"shipped." and "Terms Net;" also "1 Yankee 

Date Printer and Pad, ' ' with which you can date 

If bout-lit separately this outfit would cost vou 


Btitt.0 \wucttt.\ gfc\Q. 

O.P.\t:HT*BH> VnUtt.«Rt 

COPY. \w tfcSS \M.«.vita.l lB |K\ 


your Bill: 

la. so, bi 

popular price. 

$2.50, but our extensive manufacturing facilities make i f . possible to sell at a remarkably low and 
ce. Postage 5c. Price 48c. Set r special 84.75 Dozen. 

ELM. ® F w5« " 

Here is something that is wanted in every home. 
Store, Pi , a complete outfit for decorat- 

ing, making show cards, marking bundles, boxes 
etc., contains la beautiful designs for decorating- 
full set of alphabets and figures, 1 package each 
of Blue, Red, Green and White color. The alph- 
abet is a large 2 in. letter of ornamental gothic 
style. In connection with the large variety of de- 
signs and various colors, very large and elaborate 
signs, bulletins, etc . can be quickly made. The 
set nut only has great utility for a large variety of 
business use, but as an instructor and arnuser of 
children it is without a parallel. Such an outfit 
cannot be had from regular stencil makers at less 
than 82. oo. Brush and full directions. PostageTo. 
Price 25c. Eacli. 


The latest invention in 
Check Perforators, and abso- 
lutely the best ever produced 
regardless of price. With the 
use of the Kirk Check Protec- 
tor all danger of raising or altering the amounts on checks, drafts, bonds, stock certificates, receipts, 
etc., is avoided. In placing the "Kirk'' on the market, it has been our aim to furnish at once an article at 
low price, durable, simple in construction, and doing the work of the very expensive Protectors 
With more ease and less complication. One of the principal features of the Kirk Protector is that the 
perforations cannot be filled or erased. By a special device we perforate and ink the figures with acid- 
proof indelible ink. so that it is impossible for the figures to be altered. Made of best tempered steel, 
8x3 inches, nickeled and polished, and showing the finest workmanship in every part. Has our unlim- 
ited guarantee for perfect work and durability. Postage lie. Price, with Shell of Ink, $200 Each. 


This marvelous and scientific kite is the invention 
of H. H. Clayton, Chief Observer at the Blue Hill Ob- 
servatory, near Boston. It is used at this famous 
weather station for sending up instruments in making 
observations at the wonderful height of 9.000 feet or 
almost two miles. Anybody can fly the Blue Hill Box 
Kite upon the first trial; ladies and children find a 
new and fascinating amusement in the sailing of these 
kites and become experts in a short time. Takes but a 
second to start it a-flying, and goes up straight from the 
hand like a bird. Will fly in a moderate breeze, and 
yet no wind short of a gale is too strong for it. 

Celebrate the "Fourth of July*' by sending up an 

air ship and floating the Stars and Stripes a thousand 

feel in the air. Two or more Kites can be attached in 

tandem fashion, and develop a lifting power which is 

marvelous. This Kite has undergone n-any changes 

in construction since its first introduction last year; the 

w^ framework is now made of finest selected hard wood, 

t^j much lighter and stronger, and wound with strongest 

E linen fabric. When not in use can be folded so as to 

occupy very little space, and to reset it is but a minute's 

work. Size 30x20x10 inches. Packed ready for Express- 

aee. Weighs 3 pounds. Sold everywhere at $1.50 each. 

Our Price, 65c Each; Special $640 Dozen. 


The world's 
greatest Typewri- 
ter; absolutely the 
' highest grade wri- 
ting machine on 
the market, and is 
^.the only kind hav- 
r ing ball bearing 
( type bars, protec- 
ting the joints on 
which durable 
alignment d e- 
pends. Read the 
following testimo- 
nial from the United States Government : 

"Department of the Interior, 
"Washington, Septembers. 1896. 
We have now in use in the Bureaus of this Depart- 
ment nearly 135 Densmore machines. We have had 
no complaint from the users of them, hence we con- 
clude they are giving entire satisfaction.. 
The Densmore has numerous new and handy fea- 
tures, is easy to operate, has lightest touch, and does 
the fastest work. Price $95.00 Each. 

etching process to sixteenths ; seal leather case. 
Posu-e lc. Pric^ 20c. Each ; $2-00 Doz. 


Is a Souvenir of Women's 
Rights. Have you some 
friend who is '* bossy V or 
thinks she ou^ht to vote ? 
Send her one, or fasten it on 
the sly to her sleeve or the 
back of her coat, and you'll have all the 
fun you want. Sure to be a great joke. 
Either gilt or silvered. Notice our new 
Price 2c. Each; ~0c. Doz, 



Our Famous "Lottie Collins" Mandolin* J^ 25 

We have made for this instrument ^^ 

a name by reducing its cost to a ^* 

minimum by placing immense or- 
ders and persistently advertising it 
at a price never before heard of for 
an instrument of its high quality. 
The body Is made of bird's-eye ma- 
ple and sycamore; 17 frets; oval in- 
laid sound hole; black walnut finger 
board, with white 

dots: brass patent head; rosewood 
guard plate; raised metal frets; 
nickel-plated sleeve protector, and 
shell pick; superb instrument, and 

far superior to imported make.- Sent by express only. Pa 

we charge 30c. In accordance with our custom, we make a very marked reduction iu our puce 
($3.85) In this edition. Reduced Price 83.35 Each. 



Professional Minstrel Banjo. "Double-fold 
Value." 38 nickel Btud brackets, safety nuts, 
Walnut neck, brass metal frets, inlaid position 
dots, wire edge, nickel rim, -wood lined, 11-inch 
calf skin head, ebonized pegs, full struug. This is 
a splendid high grade instalment and cannot be 
duplicated for less than double our price. Packed 
Ui strong case. Complete in every detail. Not 
mailable. Price 85.00 Each. 

This we are bound to say is the greatest value ever given in 
musical instruments. It is only by making large im- 
portations direct from the makers iu Europe that we 
are able to provide our trade with a vio- 
lin of such good quality for only a dol- 
lar. It is full size aud well shaped model ; 
made of ■ oed l/each v. 

carefully reddish stained in good ii 

tion of an old Violin ; ebonized keys and 
pearl inlaid tail piece; black polished 
finger board; strung complete with 
bridge. Furnished with good, ful 
bow with ebonized ends, white bone 
screw tips; bound with silver wire. En- 
closed iu strong, fancy case, as shown. 
We guarantee this the greatest value 
ever offered in a violiu. For shipment an extra box is required, costing 20c. Our price, 81.00 1NSTRU M ENT STRINGS* 

Popular Violin Sot.— This is a sel complete, the same as our Dollar OutSt. The violin is of 
superior finish, good, piano polish, fine model; carefully made, accurately swelled front aud back, 
selected maplewond: beautifully stained medium red. to imitate old violin. Fine bow, bone, ebo- 
nized, pearl and nickel mountings. BosinsSOc. G.ood.£4.uu value. Our price.- 83.00 complete. » 

"Stradlvarius" Violin 

®Our "Stradivarius" vio- 
lin set. Violin a very dark 
red, highly polished in- 
strument; French ■ebony 
finished trimmings; best 
of strings and bridge; 
double back; tail inlaid 
with flowers; extra good 

bow. made of polished snake wood; metal rimmed frog; German 
silver tipped on both ends; pearl inlaid front and pearl eye, and 
lot screw ends. Violin case made of wood and lined with 
flannel, and spaced in shape of violin; brass hooks and handle. 
Many instruments sold in music stores at $15.00 to $20 00 are not 
so good, and to offer it at $5 00 we have had to make a large eon- 
tract. Not mailable. (Our Price S3. 00. 

Our Monarch Guitar 

Our Guitars are all American made and! 
guaranteed to stand this climate without changing 
shape, checking, etc We know we can save — 

a large percentage on these instruments and 

urge you to let us demostrate this by ordering of 

us. The Monarch has a mahogany shaded body 

and neck. Finger board of genuine rosewood stock, l& in. thick. German 

silver frets, fancy inlaid design sound holi t. All metal tightening 

gear, imitation ivorv buttons ; pearl ton let bridge pins. Warranted correct in scale. Music Store 

price SS.OO. Our Price boxed S3.75 Each. 

GRAND DUKE.— Finely deep cherry, shaded body; hand polished and finished in most beau- 
tiful style; ii; laded neck, rosewood Anger board with large pearl position dots, German silver 
; polished rosewood bridge ; fancy genuine inlaid, sound hole; handsomely shaded and hand 
polished, orange front, beveled edges, oval back, new style aud the best American Guitar sold at lis 
price. Price 8&.SO Each. 

GRAND DUCHESS.— Ladies size. Flamed curley maple body and neck ; red shaded checkered 
Inlaid edges. White .elaborate real pearl and checkered Inlaid sound hole; patent metal machine 

head or t igliteners ; ebonized bridge and finger board. A gem of perfection and elegance. Our Price 
85. OO Each. 


A new and beautiful design of this 

popular instrument. li-dy of polished 

ted in gold. All nickel fittings. 

i and stops; 20 notes. Two double 

■■.. lias full pleasant tone and is a 

fine instrument not anly in appearance 

but in musical qualities. Postage 150 

Price SI. 20 Eacb. 

Our strings are^rom the largest manufacturer 
and are strictly guaranteed of first class quality. 
Put up in complete sets, wrapped in waxed paper 
and tinfoil and enclosed in neat box. Postage lc. 
per set. 

VIOLIN. Set of 4. Best Birmingham silvered 
steel, warranted uot to rust. Price 14c. per Set; 
SI. 35 Doz. 

Genuiue Padua Gut. Price 45- Set ; S4.20 

BANJO. Set of 5. Best silver steel. Price 
14c. Set : S1.3S Doi. 

Best Gut, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th ; 4th wound on 
Bilk. Price 31c. Set ; S320 nor.. 

GUITAR. Set of 0. Best silver steel. Price 
21c. Set -, S2.20 Doz. 

Best Naples Gut. Price 42c. Set ; S4.25 

MANDOLIN. Set of 12. Best silver steel 
Price 22c. Set ; 82.28 Dob. 

Ryan's Instruction Books, 

Published by tbo 
John Church Co. 
These are the stand- 
ard instruction 
for all musi- 
cal instruments; em- 
bodying only cor- 
rect theory and the 
most approved 
methods <>f instruc- 
tion. Each book 
commences at the 
beginning, assuming 
that the student has no knowledge, and follows a 
line which must result in perfection in performing 
on whatever instrument is undertaken. Each is a 
complec mpendlam of musical terms, and con- 
tains shorl oopyrighted by Prof Ryan; 
also many choice selections properly graded for 
the student. For the following Instruments: 
Printed on strong, heavy paper; size of pages 
7x10 in.: 80 pages, bound in stiff covers. Regular 
DrloefiOc, Postage 3c. 
Our Price 33c. Each; S3.20 Doz. 


i bus C-A-S-H— we pay cash to get low 

prices and must tiV/V cash to PAY— were wo to do 

merchants do, we would 

died to add 10 to 25 per cent to our prices. 

In Modest Spaces and Odd Places You'll Find Gems of High Value and Low Price. 



It Talks and Sings' 


This is one of the greatest value offers we are 
making. It is a large and beautiful instrument of 
substantial quality and thoroughly good workman- 
ship. Case is of piano polished imitation rosewood; 
ebonized mouldings; German silver finger buttons; 
nickel basses, stops, clasps and keycover;handsome 
cloth boundand decorated bellows. Superior qual- 

The most extraordinary and marvelous musical instrument of recent years. A clever head backed by de'tail' 1 Has°Okivl° donMe n^andTstoD "size 
a vast amouut of money has contrived and constructed a scientific instrument, operated on simple (; t> v j2 inches As a nonular nriced bargain we 
but accurate mechanical principles, which reproduces the latest popular songs. speeches, stories. commend this to all Unbailable PriesSl 35 Ea 
music by bands, orchestras, &c, in a clear and distinct manner. Its musl . -umental and iu»«>aii. unmaiiabie. ±»ric» »i.dP jsa., is reproduced with all the beautiful expressions and melody as only the finest bands, orchestras "THF AOABEKIY RUGl-k IIP 
and singers can render them. For home amusement, it has no equal ; a child can operate it as well as ««*"' #•!»*•< 
anyone; as there areno complicated parts to get <'Ut of order. The music is transmitted to the ear 
from the regular ' 'Berliner' ' records, which are mu-ie of vulcanized hard rubber, practically iXLde- 
Btructible, and can be used over and over again without injuring them. The number of selections 
in listen to is unlimited, we have over 1000 in stock at present and are daily adding the latest 
sitions. Bach machine comes In a strong, substantial case with black leatherette cover, size 
8x12x3 inches, wit it one record, hearing tubes for two persons', extra needle points and a complete list 
of records we rid. If you fail to get a Phonogram you throw away a chance of buying a 

talking machine at i2.M which will work as satisfactorily as the $100. 00 ones. Weight i pounds. 

Price Complete, SS.50 Each. 


This Buperb instrument has 10 keys. 8 
stops. 2 sets of reeds. The mouldings 
are embellished with large bugles, 
magnificently plated with coin silver. 
The corners and clasps are of burn- 
ished silver, and the case is Piano finish. 
The bellows are double, producing 
tones almost as powerful as a Cabinet 
Aliy one can at once produce 
the uiost brilliant musical effect. We 
send a complete instructor printed in 
figures (l-'-'-S. etc.) so any one can learn 
the simple rules and at once play on 
the instrument. We also send 300 
ol the latest and best Songs, 
Polkas, Waltzes, etc., words and music. 
Simple to play and delightful to listen- 
ers. There is positively a value here of 
60 per cent more than our prices as we 
Import immense quantities direct and 
sell them very close. Not mailable; by 
express (boxed free) on receipt of 
S2.2o or accordion alone for S1.75, 

American Roller Organ. 

The American Roller Organ 
does not belong to the large 
class of instruments (most of 
them mere toys) which depend 
upon a perforated sheet of paper, 
frail and easily torn, to produce 
their music. This musical mar- 
its music is obtained from a 
ROLLER, furnished with pins 
similar to those of a music box. 
'ilieso pins operate upon valve 
keys made of hard steel; the 
roller being driven by suitable 

fearing, which also works the 
ellows. All the working parts 
of the instrument ane easily ac- 
cessible. .*,nd are made of solid 
metal, the rollers and keys being 
mounted on iron castings, and 
the_whole as durable and well 
made as the best sewing ma- 
chine. Nothing has been omitted 
to give this grand instrument its 
crowning qualities of EXTREME SIMPLICITY AND DURABILITY. Thereedsare of organ size, and 
their volume of tone, and full sustaining and carrying power, equal that of a full organ. The case is 
handsomely made of imitation black walnut. We carry in stock over 1,000 tunes in sacred and popular 
music to which we are constantly adding. Nearly any tnne you may want can be furnished (price 
25c. each, $2.40 doz.; postage 5c). Regular dealers' price of this organ, $6.00. Weight, boxed, 15 lbs,- 
length 16 in.; width 14 in.; height 9 in. Our Cut Price, with 3 Rollers, $4.50; by Express. 


look careful through 

is to enable rou to get your poo*. 

li Lmuugu nun iir0 
our book-Don^ Be Q |J H Alffl through"™ at y. 

[f m „ cheaply in EVERY instance then y 
and money by doing this as double the quantity™! *?± anyother way-Our prices are low enough to 

too hasty, but look at each article and ask yourself ■?"• ■». ■ ;'\Zw£m-ZP?„.?Z r ,Z; rlien vou can Dossiblv 
if you do not want it-you can save much in time cheaply in EVERTTinstance cnen you oa n^possio jy 

goods will often cost no more fur transportation, guarantee tms. 

The latest production in the musical line, made of 
metal, nickel plated, trimmed with gilt; has vari- 
colored neck cord attached.' By an arrangement of 
keys you can produce with ease all the various Bugle 
Calls, or with a little practice play any tune upon it 
in imitation of various Brass Horns. Can be used 
in place of the Bugle by the Juvenile Military Com- 

ftanies, Bicycle Riders, etc. Several of the Bug- 
ettes produce the music of a full Band. Postage 8c. 
Price 23c. Each; $2.25 Dozen. 


A Quick Method of Learning to Play the Piano 

Without a Teacher. 

Intended for those 

who havo not the 

^time to take lessons. 

'•ZfcA compute se!f-in- 

strttctor, enabling 

anyone to play the 

piano or ornan at 

. 'Sl«lit. Thiseh:<ri i9 

>the practical result 

-of rears of study by 


the noted American 
composer and mu- 
sician. . With thi3 
chart anyone can 
become an expert 
pianist, playing ac- 
companiments to 
the most difficult songs at sitrht, as well as dance 
music, marches, etc. This chart is valuable to the 
advanced musician as well an to the beginner, embrac- 
ing nearly every major and minor chord used in 
music. It Is the most comprehensive yet simplest 
chart ever published, and is indorsed by teachers 
and musicians everywhere. 

To introduce Pratt's Chart in every home, we will 
eend free with each chart the "Giant Ausr/ii of 
Bongs/% containing lH-i Sones, with words and 
music. Including the great hits, *' I Won't Be a 
Nun," and "The Mountain Maid's Invitation." 
Also old and new favorites, and war Bongs. 
^The prico of the chart alone is $1, bat until 
rarther notice we wii T send Pratt's Chart, and the 
Gjajjt AxEina off SoaGSj postpaid, for f£& cents. 


It is a wooden stand of 
ten whistleseach of;, dif- 
ferent note, accurately 
tuned, and with thi 
parently innocent in- 
strument the average 
=• small boy can bo de- 
pended on to make life miserable for everybody 
within half a mile of him. Will playeood music 
with practice. Postago4c. Price 8c. Ea.; 80c. Dz. 



— IOR — 



Clark's Great London Flute, 

A Beautiful and Reliable 
Instrument for 18 Cents! 

"Music for the million" is the 
motto to s inscribe over Clark's London Flute. It is to every respect a "perfect Instrument "the best to the world 

of its kind, and all tunes can be fully played upon it This flute 8 of good size, made substantially o bishly poshed brass, and 
Its notes are clear, full and loud, producing the soft delightful music so characteristic of the flute^ Anj 'one car ^eemiy learn to piay 
upon it by following the directions of the "Self-Instructor" which we send with each instrument. These ?> r p e a otl, S* wl'S £f m uSo 
complete; and will enable any one to speedily become an accomplished player; covering the entire range of tunes. E ffbteen pieces of music 
aet especially for this flute, with each note marked for the corresponding key are also sent including the bea "bM g favorr teamol 
"Home. Sweet Home," "Old Folks at Home." "Last Rose of Summer." "Hold the Fort, "God [Save the Queen -Yankee »°odle. Buy a 
Broom." "Harp that once through Tara's Halls." "Star-Spangled Banner." "How can Leave Thee ^Te ?"Camnnells are Domini 
of Venice." "Blue Bells of Scotland." "Nearer, My God to Thee." "Auld Lang Syne." "Guard on the Rhine. i Campbells are ^mn - 
This flute should be in every household in the land. At the extremely low price asked by us, it is absolutely the cheapest musKa_Unstrument 
ever sold, and is in every respect first-class and reliable and will do all that is claimed for it. postage <sc. 
and everything "complete," only 1 8 cents; three for 50 cents; one dozen by express isl.50. 

Price with 18 pieces of music 


These fifes .are 
equal for all practi- 
cal purposes to the 
Jfinestin the market. 
Their tone is rich 
and full of the mel- 
ody characteristic of the best instruments. In finish they are perf«ct, and are guaranteed accurate in 
tone. Both are 17 in. long. Postage 4c. 

Ho. 1. Made of natural maple, with finest polish; German silver ferrule tips. Price 25c. Each; 
$2.40 Dozen. * 

Ho. 2. Genuine rosewood, beautifullv finished and polished; with strong, Brass ferrules; a more 
elegant fife cannot be had at music stores for less than $1.00. Price 39c. Each; $4.10 Dozen. 



A remarkable adaptation of the principle of the 
trombone, to a small and cheap instrument, that 
will play anv tune; the sound being regulated by 
pushing the ball out and in. Postage lc. 
Price 4c. Each; 41c. Dozen. 


Look here, boys, with this little instrument you 
can make more noise than a Steam Calliope. This 
is made of a strong metal tube, with mouth piece at 
one end and a piston rod with turned handle at the 
other. By pushing the piston in and out the sound 
can be changed through an endless variety of notes, 
playing soft or loud at will. Small, but with unlim- 
ited power. Postage 4c. Price 12c. Eaj $1.28 Dz. 


i ■ ^mmmm ~ - ^^ 

This neat outfit consists of a splendid fife, made entirely of heavy metal superbly finished in full 
nickel plate ; a set of 18 pieces of music arranged so that even a child can read and execute it on the 
fife wMon has its finger Eoles numbered to correspond with music ; contained to neat case complete 
The fife is carefully built and is used by the finest musicians in orchestras as its tone >^n» ™* «g2£ 
and its range equal to any similar instrument. Postage 3c. Price Complete 33c. Ea. , SS~.35 Doz. 


While this Zithern lacks the automatic features of Auto- 
harps, etc., otherwise it covers the same ground at a won- 
derfully cheap price. It is capable of producing the 
most charming music in the hands of one of some musi- 
cal taste, with very little practice. It is very sub- 
stantially built, mounted on a piano polished hoard 
1 in. thick and 18 in. long. The strings are of finest 
silver steel, anchored at base and attached to ad- 
justable posts at head ; key furnished with each; 
positive accuracy of tone may be bad ; has 15 
springs, passing over steel bearings ; each 
string is lettered and numbered and 30 popu- 
lar pieces of music is given with each, tjn 
mailable. Price, 48c each; 84.75 Doz, 

Having a large demand for a good practical fife 
at a low price we have gotten up the " Leader " 
at considerable expense for machinery. It is 
made of heavy polished tin iu a thoroughly sub- 
stantial manner. It will play any class of music 
in perfect time and with a full clear tone. A 
wonder of cheapness. A number of pieces of 
music with each. Postage 2c. 

Price 10c. Each; S1.08 Doz. 

OUR No. 

This is something above the dignity of a Jews Harp, as it is free 
from their usual characteristics. Its music is full in vol- 
ume and tone, and may be with slight practice, made 
very pleasant and varied. A new and improved model 
of very large size, 4 in. long: having a very 
broad and long tongue, its tones are very deep 
it con- 
to hold 
and its 
is very ornamental; finished handsomely in black enamel. Postage4c. 

TREMOLO. — A new production and a fine 

Instrument with a valuable Tremolo attachment; 
quality harmonica, ebony front ; 10 holes, 
20 reeds. The Tremolo attachment forms an 
elegant case, making it one of the handsomest in- 
struments and enables the player to execute the 
best Tremolo effects. Full nickel finish. Notice 
the price. One of our direct importations. Post- 
age 3c. Special Prico Gc. Each; 05c. Dozen. 


Finely finished 
fancy bronze 
frame 2'i to. 
long; carefully 
formed spring 
metal tone, per- 
v adjusted 

to give lnrge resonance and clearness. A little 
will produce fine music on this instrument. 
Price 6c. Km-li; 59c. Dozen. 


Price 14c. Ea 

The Silver Harp. 

The SilverHaRP 

This is a brand new invention, and full of novelty and merit. It Is 3 in. long 
and composed of a handsome nickel case enclosing completely a long tempered- 
steel tongue; a slot in the edge ad- 
mits the breatn: it is specially 
formed to set comfortably in the 
teeth and is played in the same 
way as a Jew's harp, but on account 
of the sounding properties of the 
case and its general construction its 
music is far more melodious and its 

range greater. It is beautifully made, and is one of the 
most popular instruments lately brought out. Postage 2c. 

Ftice 23c Each; 82-25 Do*. 

A remarkable musical nov- 
elty v. ■ 

the i : quality, 

similar to those of an seolian 

harp. Made of beautifully 

decorated metal. Inside are 

: mc as to an 

As the instrument is 

is qf a cord 

luld in the hands, the air play- 

ed upon the reeds produces most exquisite melody, 
swelling and diminishing aa force is given by the 
ope int.. . Price 10c. Ea.; 81.05 D*. 

We Usually Fill III Orders the Same Day They Are Received. 



Richter's harmonicas are the 
standard old-time 
f avorites. Here is 
a 10-hole instru- 
ment; handsome 
stained cherry and 
nickel trimmings; 
■with an extra 
mounting of two 
small silver-toned 
bells; different 
keys. This makes 
a very beautiful 
Postage 4c. Price 
reduced, 35c. 
each; 53 10 doz 


This is a beautifully gotten- 
up instrument of immense 
range, because it combines 
4 of the highest grade Ess- 
,bach harmonicas, all differ- 
ent keys— in such convenient 
form that it requires but an 
instant to shift from one key 
to another. Frame of pol- 
ished bird's-eye maple, rein- 
forced with heavy nickel 
end-pieces, with nickel pivots 

for turning; 4 sides of 16 holes each, giving in all 1S8 notes; finest quality throughout; capable of pro- 
ducing the richest music with all the exquisite harmonic variations. Postage 15c. Price 8 1 .30 Each 

Our Mew Zobo Cornet. 

12 in. long, S'A in. bell. Solid brass pol- 
ished and lacquered same as a $60.00 

Cornet, A handsome instrument. Played same as a Zobo, at a moment's 
notice. "Gives a full, rich, resonant tone so nearly like a fine Cornet as to 
deceive any one. With it, you can play any piece of music and produce all the 
tones and expression of an expert cornettist. Unequalled for Solo, Duette or 
Qartette. You can organize Brass Bands and play fine, stirring military music. 
These Zobo Brass Instruments are taking the musical world Dy storm. Full 
directions with every instrument. Postage 12c. Price 95c. Each; S9.4S Doa. 

THE WONDERFUL ZOBO.— This is a full size cnt of it. The most extraordinary musical 
novelty ever produced. So constructed that it amplifies and changes the human voice so wonderfully 
as to make it strange, weird and unnatural beyond all comprehension. That so small an article can 
accomplish so much seems impossible. It is guaranteed to give you the surprise of; your life. It 
gives you the vocal power of ten giants, and yet its music may be softened to the cooing of a dove. 
See fuller description elsewhere. Postage lc. Price lOc Each; Si.CO Dor. 




This is the finest type of this class of instruments. 
Gotten up for professional work and scientifically 
made; with large resonant sounding boards, and 
keys of specially tempered and finished steel, giving 
the clearest mellow tone, and tuned to an accuracy 
defying criticism. The music which may be pro- 
duced on these instruments is most beautiful and 
popular, and may be executed to perfection with 
very little practice. With each we give a book con- 
taining 15 pieces of music, and charts showing quick 
method of learning. Large importations account 
for our low prices. 

No. 3. Two rows of keys, 37 in all; length 28 in. 
As shown in cut. Unmailable. Our Reduced 
Price, i 1.85 Each. „- 

Mo. 2. Same with 20 keys. 65c. Each. * 

Mo. O. Same with 8 keys. This is a splendid lit- 
tle instrument, on which a child can learn to play 
any tune. Postage 15c. Price 35c. Ea. -.5360 Da. 

A Musical Novelty of exceptional 
merit, can be adjusted for different 
voices in an instant, any tune can be 
played with five minutes practice. Imitates to 
perfection all kinds of brass instruments. Cornets 
Alto Horns, Trombones, Bass Horns, etc. Makes 
a perfect Bugle for Bievcle Eiders, Drum Corps 
Brigades, etc. Just the thing for duets with Piano 
or Organ accompaniment. By the nse of several, 
a full band or orchestra can be imitated to per- 
fection. Endorsed by the musical profession. 
Made of solid brass, highly polished. 4}< inches 
long. Postage 2c. Price 23c. Each; S2.50 Doz. 


too hasty, but look at each article and ask yourself 
if you do not want it— you can save much in time 
and money by doing this as double the quantity of 
goods will often cost no more for transportation. 

SET No. 1. 

Contains two of the best 
harmonicas m a d.e the 
" Piccolo Octave." 10 
hole; double reed tuned in 
octave for quick music, 
and 10 holes, double reed, 
tuned in duet for slow 
music. Both are in same 
key and can be used in so- 
lo or duet playiag with 
the finest effect. Both 
high quality instruments, 
with heavy brass plates, 
polished and plated; nick- 
el covers and elegant fin- 
ish ; 4fi inch. Postage 8c. 

Price 88c. Set; 88.40 


These are genuine Hohner instruments, and the 
latest first-class productions in the market. These 
goods we guarantee cannot be excelled, and to our 
customers who want the best we recommend them 
fully. They have heavy brass reed plates : heavy 
nickeled brass oval covers neatly imprinted with 
Hohner's design, and highly finished. They are in 
keys from A to G. 

Mo. t.—lO single holes. 20 notes, concert style. 
Postage 3c. Price 30c Each; 83.00 Doz. 

Mo. Z.—20 holes (see cut), 40 notes, double reed, 
octave concert. Postage 40. Price 70c. Each; 
S7.10 Doz. 


This is an improvement on our Tremelo Harmon- 
ica, (which has had an enormous sale), the Tremelo 
effects being executed with much greater volume in 
tone than any harmonica costing 5 times as much. 
To the expert our Tremelo Grand is a bonanza, 
combining as it does the best workmanship and 
quality of high priced instruments at a sur- 
prisingly low figure. The beginner has found it to 
give excellent satisfaction, as the slightest blowing 
on the reeds will produce a full note. A first class 
instrument.. 5 inches in length, with extra heavy 
nickeled case, with double set of reeds: ebony 
fronts. Postage 4c. Price 14c. Ea.; 81.45 Dz. 


No. 1. A very neat little instalment, well made 
and handsomely finished and at the price a perfect 
wonder. Nothing more amazing to a child than 
one of these boxes. Round Nickel Case, 2H In, 
in diameter, decorated top and bottom. 12 notes, 
one air, operated by turning small crank on top. 
Postage Tc, Price 50c, Each. 



Out selection as shown below is the choicest aDd moat popular from a dozen largest makers ; onr 
discriminating buyers take only what they know to be reliable goods at prices which will permit 
OS to offer our trade extraordinary value. Every ring is " up to date " in design and workmanship 
and fully guaranteed as represented. Our Jewelry Department is managed so economically that 
We are enabled to sell these goods on closer margins than almost any other line. * 

' How to get the size of ringyoa 

want. Take a narrow strip of paper 
that just meets around the finger 
wishto nt;lay this strip on the gauge 

shown here, one end on the left, and the other end will show the number wanted. 

UIITIPC Mnch misunderstanding is caused by the common impression that any ring mav bo 

N U I I u C ■ — had in anr size: Baby Rings run from Q to a;_, ; Misses' from 3 to 6; Ladies' from S 

to 8, and Men's from G up, Scmezuber thit to tiraexiag, 














M/HY IT PAY? to buy our jewelry; we are in 
it 1 1 I II Inlu the center of the source of 
supply; we are exceptionally large buyers ; we 
make a specialty of this department and dis- 
criminate with great care not only as to merit but 
also price : being easily mailable our trade is large, 
while relatively the expense of handling it is very 
small ; our prices can therefore be shaved away 
"below the skin"; jewelry dealers as a rule main- 
tain fine establishments in "expensive" locations; 
all our work is done "upstairs" where there are no 
"expenses." In buying goods, and jewelry in 

fiartioular, of us you get what you pay for— the 
andlord and middleman are strictly outside the 
deal— See? 

WO. 25. -We 

are now in a posi- 
tion to offer our 
gentleman patrons 
a solid gold initial 
ring at 82.75 which 
for years has found 
a ready sale at 
85.00. Our price 
will astonish yon, 
but a prompt cash 
purchase of a large 
quantity accounts 
f>r this ridiculous 
price. The band, 
chased mounting is 
one piece of gold, in 
which a genuine 
agate is securely 6et Initial is solid gold in old 
English style, and can be had in any letter and size 
desired. Each in handsome plush-lined box. Our 
Special Price 83.75 Each. 

WO. 73.-Massive 'A 
round 12-k. plate ring. One 
Of our heaviest rings and a 
beauty. Diamond shape 
engraving with space for 
initials. Sizes 8 to 13. Price 
15c, Each; 81.45 Doz. 


NO, 84-5.— Lady or Gents' 
gold filled ring with one karat 
Molilalia Pebble, mounted in 
a flush setting. Stone artist- 
ically cut. by regular diamond 
cutters. A positive bargain. 
Price 49c Each; 84.85 Dz. 


NO. 27— The popular 
Stone set riusr, assorted onyx, 
carbuncle and gold stone. 
Best quality roiled gold plate. 
Cannot be told from the gold 
goods of the same grade. Can- 
not be duplicated in real goods 
under 88.O0. Price 40c 
Each; 84.05 Doz. 

NO. 4063. — Gold 
plated Cluster Ring, con- 
sisting of 6 white stones 
and excellent imitation 
ruby. Setting strongly 
made; impossible to lose 
stones. Price 8c. Each; 
75c. Doz. 

NO. WeS.-Ladies' Mar- 
quise Ring in very latest style 
mounting. One of the most 
attractive rings we sell. Spe- 
cial quality gold plate; will 
wear lor years. Setting con- 
sists of 8 blood-red Rubies, 
■with centre row 5 white Pari, 
eiau Gems. Exceptional value 
Price Sl.OO ea.j 810.15 «U^ 

WO. SSO.— This Is a 
genuiue 12 K seamless rolled- 
plate ring of unexcelled work- 
manship ami design. Made in 
largest ring factory in the 
world, and warranted 1 year. 
Price 23c. Ea.; S3. 30 Dz. 

NO. 18.— Friendship Ring. 
No present is more appre - 
by your best friend than this 
token of affection and esteem. 
Made of three separate wire 
bands, two of gold and one 
silver plate which combine in 
a knot at the top. Our price has "caught on" 
and we're selling hundreds every day. Price 
18c. Eacb; 81.75 Doz. 

NO. 88.— Solid Roman Gold 
and genuine Diamond setting. 
Guaranteed as above. A million 
would not buy a finer ring be- 
cause it is simply the finest 
made. Our Price only 81.86 Each. 

NO. 181.— Medium width, 
flat baud ring, good quality 
gold plate, no visible joints. 
Sizes from 5 to 11. Price 14c. 
Each; $1.40 per Dozen. 

NO. 281 6.— New Style Eng- 
lish skeleton set ring. Very popu- 
lar mounting of delicate work- 
manship and design which makes 
people wonder and admire it. 
The famous unbreakable tiger claw holds five of 
the prettiest rubies we sell. No size larger than 
No. S. Price 81.00 Each. 

WO, 84-8.— Men's or ladies' 
sond told filled ring; plain 
oval shape. This ring can be 
depended on for twenty years 
ordinary wear : composed of 
a heavy 14 K. gold shell with 
filling of bronze ; a perfectly 
safe wedding ring; perfect 
finish. Price 40c. Each; 

workmanship and 
84.15 Doz. 

NO. /752.-ThIs Is the 

wiliest band ring we make. 
Entirely new and original de- 
sign with edges well polished. 
Heavy 18K gold plate, guaran- 
teed to stand the acid test. 
Considered cheap at (2.00. 
Our Price 42 c; 81.20 Doz. 


NO. 4711.- A neat pat- 
tern of the ever popular 
snake ring. Rich roman gold 
finish and set with an Emer- 
ald and two rubies. 

Price 24c. Each; 
82.35 Doz. 

NO. 59. A. very hand- 
some plain gold ring ; large 
cut garnet stone ; Extra gold 
plate. Price 40c. Each ; 
84.08 Doz. 

WIZARD'S.-Xev? and 

most astonishing optical il- 
lusion and a Beautiful Finger 
Ring. Made of two twisted 
bands of Rolled Gold and 
Silver. Turn it— the bands 
appear to part. Lay it down 
— they seem to full apart ! I 
Inspect it — yon have a perfect ring ! Reduced 
from 25c. Price 18c. Each; 81.80 Doz. 

NO. 1557. -This is the very 
latest in Sterling Silver rings. 
Mounting is composed of hun- 
: tiny stars which sparkle 
and glitter wonderfully. A spe- 
cially selected Amethyst is firmly 
anchored in a tii.-er claw setting. 
Price 2()c Each; S2.O0 Dozen. 

NO. 253©.-This is tho 
cheapest seal ring sold. Made 
of extra fine 14k. gold plate, 
handsomely engraved m 
ing and very strong shank. 
A ring any gentleman would 
be proud to ■ 

Price 22c Each; 
82.10 Doz. 


NO. 1342.— Very attrac- 
tive Snake Ring, which the 
" Swells " have not been slow 
in finding ont ; with it you can 
pose as a wearer of $100.00 
rings The two heads are each 
set with 2 Azurina Gems of 
purest white and a French Red 
Ruby. The best snake ring 
Price 80c Each; SS.OO Doz. 

NO. 98.— One of our new- 
est patterns. Gold filled, richly 
engraved baud ring; highly 
polished and Trill last foryears. 
Price 28c. Each. 
82.80 Doz. 

NO. 30. -Our Elegant 
Cameo. Very tinelv out. 
Elegantly mounted in extra 
quality gold plate. Assorted 
stones.sueh as black cameo, 
intaglio, etc. Particularly 
rich designs. An elegant ring 
at a low price. Worth 81.50 
at any store Price 60c. 
Each; 86.30 Doz. 

NO. 5S.— The Most 
Jeautif ul ring we sen . 5 
Turquoises m center, 
surrounded by 16 per- 
fectly cut and set bril- 
liants. If jewelers don't 
sell this ring at S5.00 
they are unusually con- 
scientious. Perfectly 
made and finished; best 
rolled plate. 
Price 81.25 Eacb. 

WO. 193.— An excellent 

Solid Gold Ring, medium 

width, M round hand and a 

good seller. Sizes &'A to 9Jf. 

Price 81.40 Each. 

WO . 3 O 3. — Seamless 
Wedding Ring, 5-16 inch fiat 
band of solid gold; preferred 
by many over the oval shape, 
and has sold readilv at £4.00. 
Price 8S.30 Each. 

WO. 57.— Massive square 
taper band with deep setting. 
Fine while stone with re- 
flecting :back, a splendid imi- 
tation diamond, extra heavy 
gold plate. New Price 38c 
Each; 82.75 Doz. 

WO. 184-8.— An up-to-date 
engraved ring. Wide band of 
seeuiless 14K gold plate. 
'Special Prize" design. No 
"handle with care" ring, 
5ut very serviceable, and 
jvhich we guarantee to wear 



"Good Luck" Ring. 

Made of a genuine horse 
shoe nail, heavily nickel 
platcd.with "Good Luck" 
artistically engraved on 
it. Thousands now wear- 
ing these rings testify to Its lucky charms, and 
many more will take advantage of our record- 
breaking price and procure one before it's too 
late. Price 8c. Each; 70c. Doz. 

Never Forget to be Careful in Ordering Goods by Mail— Read First Two Pages. 


NO. 790.-For 

good wearing quali- 
ties, latest style and 
high class workman- 
ship, this ring is es- 
pecially recommend- 
ed. Our engraving 
gives an excei: 
of shape and setting. 
Heavy gold plated ;< 
round band with 1 
karat blue white Topaz diamond senilis. Cheap 
at 60c • Our Price 33c. .Each; S3.15 Doz. 

•WO. 4-5.— Misses' favorite 
size, halt" round rinc, plated 
with 14k gold and sold with 
our guarantee for 3 years wer.r. 
to 9. No larger. Spec- 
ial Cut Price ftac. Each; 
83.35 l>oz. 

WO. 1Z53.— Misses Snake 
Eing? Solid sterling silver ; 
one of the handsomest snake 
made; has 3 tnrquoiso 
settings representing head and 
Perfect design and finish ; a res- 
Our Price 33c. Each; S3.40 

eyes of snake. 
ular $1.00 ring. 

^/M\ N 

NO. B9.— For lady or gen- 
l,i I/.'. tleman. Very neat and rich. 
f£_ four pure white Alaska diam- 
onds iu handsome medium set- 
ting ; heaviest gold •- plate. 
Price 48c. Each; Si. 95 Doz 

; NO. 23. -Our Misses' 
Cameo Eing. One of our best 
sellers. Electro gold 
strong shank, hand entrraved. 
Price reduced. Price 6c. 
£ach; 60c. Doz. 

WO. 109.— Very neat design 
in ladies' hand engraved riug, 
stamped 14K gold filled and 
warranted for two years' wear. 
Price 13c Each; gl.30 Doz. 

WO. 456.— Massive plain 
band ring, stamped l^K. Very 
popular width, gold plated 
ana will wear well. Not quito 
1 as our No. 45, but 
Bplendid valneforthe money. 
Price 14c. Ea.; 81.35 Doz. 

PIN NO. 303.— Afrreat favorite 
with bicyclists, finished in Roman tjold 
with hard soldered pin. Exact reproduc- 
tion of a bicycle wheel, with imitation 

pearl centre, making one of our beet 
sellers, others get 35c. Our Price 
8c. Each; SOc Doz. 

INITIAL. PIN.— Special burnished 
gold plate ; perfectly made and beauti- 
fully finished and sold at a price never 
dreamed of before in the retail market. 
EHersntold English initial design; any 
initial desired. Price do* Each ; Spe- 
cial 40c. Doz. 

WO. 5174.— Men's Solitaire 
Imitation Diamond Eing. Stone 
of Eock Crystal, diamond cut, 
and neatly worked in a Belcher 
setting. The diamond experts' 
"puzzler": impossible to dis- 
tinguish from the genuine. 
Price 30c Each; $3.05 Doz. 

WO. 1624-.— Misses' Genu- 
ine Diamond 1 gold 
mounting, exj g, with 
setting of improved pattern. 
As a birthday gift this has re- 
ceived preference over all oth- 
ers. Sizes 4 to 8. Price S3.C5 

WO. 2IB.— Solid gold misses' 
band ring, very_ narrow. Ma- 
chine polished, invisible seams 
and made as well as 830. OO 
rings. No size larger than 7. 
Price 35c. Each ; 83.50 Doz. 

WO. C— Ctrte pattern, baby 
ring. Fancy fluted edgts with 
> beautifully polished centre. Made 
of good gold plate and will wear 
fox years. Price 7c Each; 03c. Doz. 

WO. 163.— Baby Eing. Tbetiny 
tots have not been forgotten, and 
iwe here offer a very pretty gold 
filled ring with Baby, Pet or Dar- 
ling neatly inscribed on front. Can 
be had in sizes to 3. State name 
desired. Price 9c. Each; 05c. Doz. 

WO. 64.-- One of our 

most elegant and popular 
rings. Beautifully executed 
snaTse design, good size Czar- 
ina diamond with two rubies 
for eves. Heavy rolled plate. 
Price 58c. Each; 85.30 

"NO. 522.— Made of the 
new metal, Goldine, warranted 
not to corrode or discolor the 
Will last forever. Sold 
at a lower price than gold 
plated rings. Sizes 5 to 12. 
Price 13c. ea.j S1.35 doz. 

~ ng; 
very beautifully formed light 
snake ring with garnet stone 
setting : not extreme as many 
snake rincs are, but very neat 
and tasty; best rolled gold. 
Price 25c Each, 32.40 Doz. 

WO. 77©*.— Misses' Friend- 
ship King. Solid sterling silver; 
good weicht ; popular design and 
best finish. Do you know of any 
Jewelers selling snch ring! 
price? Prico 19c- ; 81.85 Doz. 

WO. 24-.— Our New Band 
An always popular pat- 
tern. This is a new ring and 
could not be told from the solid 
gold band ring. 
Price 5c. Each; 48c. Doz. 

Pearls and Tnrqu dse and finished in 
Roman or polished Gold plate. Re- 
duced Price Cc. Each; 63c. Doz. 

PIN NO. 5345.— Something 
for oar athletic liienda, refirei 

a well-shaped foot and wing, de- 
tails accurately brought out, true 
to life. A delicate horse shoe, set 
with 10 pearls completes this com- 
bination, which is bound to brim* good luck to 
every ambitious " sprinter " who wears one. 
Price SOc. Each; S1.90 Doz. 

Our price on this pin is marvelous, but its so ; 
marked very plain. Gc. Wo bought one thousand 
gross at tnauufactrr rlca and aro giving 

our customers the benefit of it. Made of be c t cold 
platoand set with rcnuine imported South African 
Gem. Special Price Cc. Each; SOc. Doz.; 

PIN NO. SeS.-BestheavT 
rolled gold plate with pretty ruby 
setting ; one of the neatest designs 
ever produced; each individual 
feather shows up perfectly and 
the stono sets off the pin In deli- 
cate contrast; strictly hiirh grade 
modest and elecant. Price 25c. 
Each; S2.4OD0Z. 

Cupid initial Pin. 

Heart-shaped initial ban- 
gle pin with pretty floral 

decorations executed in neat 
style by hand. We can sup- 
ply any letter. Price 5c. Each; SOc. Doz. 

WO. 2034-.— Solid gold Scarf 
Pin; beautiful cluster of imita- 
tion Diamonds, with Euby, Pearl, 

WO. 773.— Ladies and 
Misses' H round band ring. 

S> did gold filleo, seamless and 
one of our fast sellers. Prico 
10c. Each; 95c Doz. 

, WO. 14-92— Misses' and 
ladies' 14 K gold shell ring, 
warranted for 3 years. In this 
ring the engraver has reached 
ghost ]>oint in the art- 
avail yourself of this oppor- 
tunity to secure a cheap ring. 

No. 9 is the lnrsrest size we mate. Price 39c. 

Each; S3.90Doz. 

WO. 779..— Another pretty leai 
pattern in solid gold rings. Vert 
wide baud, with polished plate 
for initials, which we engrave in 
script type at 5c per letter. All 
sizes and very desirable for lady 
or gentleman.* Price 83.35 Ea. 

PUAQ PIN.— Cut shows exact 
size of our new flag pin. which is hav- 
ins an immense sale. Colored in enamel 
in exact imitation of flag, stars and 
stripes and all. Every patriotic citizen 
should -Jear one. Sold usually at 10c. 
Oar Pi-Ice 3c. Each ; 26c Doz. 

Soiid Gold Solitaire Scarf Pin; far superior fn 
brilliancy to anything ever before offered. War- 
ranted solid gold pin and setting, having a perfectly 
cut imitation diamond. One that would puzzle 
an expert. Not the common foil-baek. hut £et iu 
regular open setting. Price S3 .00 Each. 

PIN NO. 222.-Lucky pin, 
represents 4 leaf clover. Set with 

PIN NO. 2897.— SaliCi Gold 
filled, set with 4 X-Eay Gems, and 
Buby centre. Cannot be told from 

genuine and warranted to wear for 
3 years. Setting has many new feat- 
ures which make it the strongest known. Price 
33c Each; 83.35 Doz. 


Acknowledged the finest imitation diamond im- 
ported. Thousands have been sold at Sl.oo by 
unprincipled dealers who seek your trade but 
onco. Regular 2k size, diamond cut, with pin. 
Solid gold stiffened. The biggest bnrirain ever of- 
fered. Price SSc. Each; S3. 7 5 Doz. 

PIN NO. 14.— Solid sterling sil- 
vular double heart design, one 
plain and one fancy. Did you ever hear 
of a solid silver pin at our price be- 
fore; usually sold at SSc. Price 9c. 
Each ; 92c, Doz. 

Emerald and Turquoise centres. 
Price S1.50 Ea.; J14.75»oz. 


A novelty pin in every sense of 
the word. Perfect model of a 

bicyole built for two. with an up- 
to-date bloomer girl and her best 
fellow mounted on it. This yearn 
best selling stick pin. Gold plated 
revolving wheels and beautifully 

enameled figures in red and blue. Price 19c 

Each; 81.85 Dor. 


Plaid Belt Holder, The newest pat- 
tern ; pretty plaid design in all tin- brightest 
colors and finished in gold or silver plate. 
Plaid belt fasteners are selling faster than 
any others, their exquisite and un- 
matofaable colorings 
prove a great attraction 
with light 
| or dark belts. Enain- 
imrts are extra 
hardened ; pin and 
i very springy and 
durable and don't unfasten when 
once adjusted. Postage lc. 

18c. Each ; 81.38 Dozen. 

No. 1905. Popular Fleur de Lis Belt 

lolder; made of strong composition metal, 

heavily silver plated and 

rbly finished. Safety 

attachment, never re- 

ieases it>elf, no 

matter how great 

the strain upon 

it. Made of best 

material for long 

service and sold at a price 

which is ridiculously low, 

considering its high qual- 

Postage lc. 

trice 5c. Each ; 54c. Dozen 

No. 1911. Handsome belt fastener, 
shaped to hold belt securely in place with- 
out injuring the waist a particle, and also 
rgjfj^ supports the skirt and keeps 
" the placket closed. Oak leaf 
top is of German Silver hand 
caryed, ami enameled in 
sky blue coloring. Shank 
and safety pin attachment 
of metal and triple silver plated. Cheapat 
Ut °,5e. Postage lc. 

Price 8c. Each; 77c. Dozen. 

No. 1926. This belt and skirt supporter 
I is of a new and entirely original design, which 
for beauty aud excellent quality is without at 
peer. Laurel wreath 
and scroll centre rep- 
resent the finest hand 
engraving on Sterling 
s i 1 v e r. 9-25-lOOOths 
' fine and neatly con- 
nected to plated' shank 
and pin. One or two 
initials can easily be 
engraved on scroll, and 
increase its attractiveness ; the extra charge 
for same is 5c per letter. Postage lc 
Trice 14c. Each; SI. 45 Dozen. 

No. 925. New style belt fastener, 
with oval shaped top, enameled in a rich 
blue shade, with fancy star decorations and 
pretty embossed edges. All finished in grand 
fcyle: of best metal, with patent pin attach- 
ment. You will be 
more than pleased 
| with this fastener 
f as it embodies the 
latest improvements 
found ou those of 
J solid gold and at a very low price. To be sure 
of getting one order at once as our supply is 
limited to loo Gross. Postage 3 e. 

Price 10c. Each ; SI. 15 Dozen. 




Our 1898 Introduction Offer. 

I A complete shirt set for 
either lady or gentleman, 
all orheavlest Hk rolled 
, poldplatewhicbcannotbe 
bought in any store in the 
U. S. forlesstban 60C.; 
comprising lateet style 
i dumb bell cuff-buttons- 
fancy Jura Diamond See 
tie retaining back button, 
2 sleeve buttons, all with 
' Tyer Pearl backs and pat- 
ent levers, also nickel tie clasp. We guarantee valno as etated, 
complete satisfaction and a year's wear or money refunded. 
Bent postpaid as a sample of our3,000 bargains with catalogue 

tor only I5c. per Set;2ior:5c,;*LssDo£. 


Our new '93 set of hand- 
some design includes 1 
pair rigia-liuk ball-end 
cuff buttons, 3 studs, 1 
collar button, and the 
latest belt retainer. Ex- 
tra heavy Hk. Soman 
gold or sterling silver 
plate, worth 40c. at any 
store. We send complete 
Bet, with new catalogue 
of bargains, post paid for 
ONLY I0c,,3for25c. 


Very popular, looks well in any color waist, and 
gives fa? more satisfaction than the painted se sat 
tnree tiroes its price. Stud tops are of fine Mother 
of Pearl with plated backs; Cuff links are of the 
rigid pattern, wiih solid pearl and ball ends. A 
splendid set at low cost which will prove v f T Jn"~ 
viceable. Postage 2c. Price 14c. Set; Jl-45 Doz. 

BELT PIN NO. 393.— Made of the purest 
Mother of Pearl; plain but neat carving, and will 
stand the wear and tear of years of hard usage. 
Pin is gold plated, double spring aetion. with 
strong catch. Price 18c. Each; $1.75 Doz. 

latest style chasing, with pin and catch of the best 
make. Low priee: good quality. 

Price 3c. Each; 30c. Doz. 

NO. ?70t—&- K° 0(i servicea- 
ble silver-plated Pin; looks pretty 

In any shade of hair; heart de- 
signed top, with stone set Sower 
centre; fancy fluted prongs, 4 inches long. 
Price 9c. Bach; 86c. Doz. 


These Hair Pins are a great improvement over 
the tortoise shell or horn, being smoother, lighter 
and many times stronger. The styles shown are 
very popular and the cheapest in the market. 
Warranted not to tarnish. 


"Show your col- 
ors," get one of 
our hard enamel- 
ed flag pins in cor- 
rect shades and 
(finished in finest 
gold plate. Our 
price makes it a leader. Price 9c. 
Each) 90c. Doz. 

NO B3.- 

Thts pin is the very lat- 
est Parisian style and 
comprises a combination of colors in leaf and 
flower designs which surpasses anything we have 
ever illustrated. Durable pin and catch mounted 
on a skeleton wire frame. Setting consists of 
three polly stones of manv different-colors. Finest 
gold plate. Special Price 25c. ea. ; $3.40 doz. 


Cute Laee Pin with 
handsomely engrav- 
ed cross bar and 
initial bangle of finest 
gold plate. We furnish 
all letters but Q. and Z. 
Positively the cheapest 
bangle pin made that will 
wear a number «t years. 
Price Tc. Each. 
75c. Doz. 

at 40c. 

NO. 5/25.— Enormous 
quantities of this gold-plated 
Pin have been sold, which is 
conclusive evidence of its 
popularity; heart beautifully 
engraved and arrow firmly 
fastened to it with gold sol- 
der. Price 6c. Each; 05e. 

NO. ©O/O.-Gold 

plated Jersey Pins, 
full 2 inches in length 
(cut only shows half), 
with polished ball 
tops, and connected 
by tiny gold soldered 
chain. A beautiful 
cluster of roses In na- 
tural colors enameled 
on heart shaped pen- 
dant. Formerly sold 
Reduced Price 10c. Each; 81.05 Doz. 

NO. 14-93.— A. new style 
Ladies' Pendant Lace Pin of 
good quali- 
ty gold 
i plate. Bird 
is of fine 
gold, with 

wings, executed in latest style. Charm set with 
two Turquoise and an imitation Ruby. 

Price 15c. Each; 91.05 Doz. 

No. 50. No. 111. No. 40. No. 36. No. 54. No. S3. 
Price— No. 50, 2K inches, 15c. Doz.; 81.60 Gr. 

No. 111.35* " 8c. Each; 10c. Doz. 

% No 40. 254 " 10c. Doz.; 81.05 Gr. 

No 36! 354 " 5c. Each ; fiOc. Doz. 

No' 54 254 " 15c. Doz.; 81 .55 Grr 

No! 33! 3H " 4c. Each; 35c. Doz. 

QAVC MONEY by ordering a quantity of goods 
OMVC 111 UI1CI by Express or Freight Get. 
your neighbors and friends to order with you. 
ids book well over before sending GUI order 
and make up an express order. 

NO- 49 SWORD.-lIerc is a fine gold 
plate novelty Lace Pin. The kind that can't 
scratch. The scabbard is attached to the (word 
hilt, and slips over and protects the sharp point. 
Price Vie. Each; 81.33 Doz. 

MO. 929. Emeralds 

and diamonds always form a 

pretty combination, but this 

pin excells all others In 

sparkling effects, outer 

circle contains 11 " Kour. 

an" white stones, with 6 

imitation emeralds In centre. 

Price 85c. Each; 

•3.46 Doz. 

" Money Back if 6«eds Are Not As Staled " Is OUR 6UABANTEE ! 



The demand for Waist Sets will be very large this season, and we have taken extra pains in selecting 
an excellent line of sets from the largest 'manufacturers, which defy competition and represent the big- 
gest value for the least money. A. glance at our* up-to-date st prices will convince the most 

skeptical that we are headquarters for these goods and can save them over 100 per cent, on each set. 

No. 945. This Set represents a brand new 

fctyle which has nut been slow in getting into pop- 
ular favor. Its particular feature is the large size 
bf studs, bringing their bright enameled colors out 
prominently. The plating is on solid metal of 
Rolled Gold with raised leaf design, enameled. 
The belt holder alone is worth the price of complete 
set. Postage !<;. Price 18c. Set: 81.75 Doz. 

No. 1096. Roman Gold Plated Waist Set. 
pretty embossed pattern, heart shape hard soldered 
ops, making them practically unbreakable; with 
louble strength backs, of extra size; the kind that 
tay in place. Hand painted flowers adorn the 
ientre of heart and enhance the beauty of waist 
Wonderfully. With ordinary care this set should 
Jutlast three of those usually retailed at 25c. each. 
Postage lc»- Price 12c. Set; SI .S3 Dozen. 


To accurately describe this set is impossible; we 
have never known a set of Sterling Silver buttons 
•ft this kind to be sold for less than $1. 00. Ours 
are exceptionally heavy and engraved artistically 
by new process and look equally as well as those 
carved by hand. We have expended much time 
»nd money in the making of this set and confi- 
dently believe this to be the cheapest Solid Silver 
Waist Set made. Complete as shown. Postage lc. 
Price 33c. Set; S3. 35 Dozen. 



No. 962. Latest plaid waist set, colors very 
»right, extra hardened and never fade or wash off. 
Many prefer this to all other sets as it matches 
almost any style and color waist. The Gold plating 
s of superior quality and will stand plenty oi 
rough usage. ^ e defy the world to produce a set 
containing a belt fastener, 4 studs and 1 pair cull 
buttons at this rock bottom figure. Postage lc. 
Ou r Price 21c. Set; 82. 20 Dozen. 


This is a New and Handsome Stone Set, 
with rolled plated backs and links and en 
ends. The settings are exceptionally lustre 
can be obtained in Turquoise. Rubies. Amethysts, 
Garnets or Emeralds, The collar buttons and s'luils 
are similar in size and Bhapej a great convenience 
6hould one become lost. A glance at our price 
will be sufficient to make von order in dozen lots. 
Postage lc. Price 15c. Set ; 81.55 Doz. 


This is our leader set : warranted by us to be 
Solid Sterling Silver. 925-1000tha fine, of good 
weight and finish. This is identically the same set 
as the largest department stores are selling rafts 
of, every bargain day at from $1.25 to $2. 50 per set. 
Our up-to-date methods of manufacturing allow 
us to reduce these prices considerably-. Thecngrav- 
Ing is cleverly done by hand on solid" tops which are 
connected to patented one-piece "can't break 
*em" backs. In buying this waist set you procure 
the prettiest combination on the market at an ex- 
tremely- low price. Postage 2c. Special Price 
69c. Set; 86.86 Dozen. 

Fin de Siecle Waist Set. 

An Al silver plated and enameled Waist Set, pat- 
terned after the latest Pari sian design, and selling as 
fast as we can make them. Not the cheap painted 
land, but of the best hard enamel and guaranteed 
not to chip or crack. The beautiful flower work is 
executed in a variety of pleasing shades, which show 
up effectively on the pure white background. All 
metal parts heavily silver plated, and will not taro- 
tsh. An excellent wearing set, sure to give satis- 
faction. Postage 3c. Price 32c. Set; $3.25 Doz. 

The workmanship displayed on this set is of 
ihe very highest order and truly raarvelons; the 
.killed "help employed in making them have suc- 
!eeded in consolidating the latest foreign ideas and 
mprovements and originality in design, never 
ittempted on any but high priced goods. Studs 
ire exceedingly large all open leaf work, with 
ruby centres. Dumb bell links with diamond 
Hi ape ends. Entire combination finished in Roman 
Sold Plate. Postage 2c. Price 24c. E.: 82.35 Dz. 

No. 1033.— This set consists of a pair rigid link 
cuff buttons, 3 studs and collar button to match, and 
also a patent belt fastener. The entire set is manu- 
factured of a new metal having even' appearance of 
gold and will not tarnish or blacken the waist; med- 
ium sized studs, dainty embossed tops, and strong 
dumb belHinks. A set like this cannot be bought 
elsewhere for less than 75c. Postage 3c. 

Our Price 26c. Set; $2.65 Dozen. 


scribe our goods and simply tell the plain truth 
about them and illustrate them faithfully— when 
you know us well you will deem this sufficient. 

No. 999. This set we warrant to give best 
;on; the polished gold plate is applied so 
well to the metal that the manufacturers do not 
hesitate in saying that it will wear well for three 
seasons. The buttons are all engraved to represent 
a four leafed clover and then enameled in natural 
color, giving a refined and rich appearance to the 
shirt waist. We not only claim a superior fini«h 
for it but know it to be a vear ahead of any of our 
competitors' styles, both in price and up-to-date, 
ness. Postage lc. Price 47c. Set; 84.75 Doz. 




thank us for 
Price 3c. Each ; 48c* Doz. 


)is a lieavy gold plated button, detach- 
able top. with handsome design in 
enamel and white stone in the centre. 
Price So Each ; 88c. Doz. 

NO. 5. LEVER. -Another antl- 
swear patent lever collar-button ; 
heavily plated, strong and full of 
wear. Engraved design on top and 
backed with pearl. Price has been 
30 to 50 oents. 
Our Price 7c. Each ; 71c. Doz. 


This is a bargain. Gold plated, pearl 
backed, lever top; easy to put in and 
easv to bui'. 

Only 3c. Each; 89c. Dozen. 

NO. 7.-LEVER.-The 

r Button or 
. I* strongly made, 
ted oval 
top, and backed with porcelain, 
od cold plate ; and look at 
ourpric Large 5c. for them in some stores. 

Oar Price lc. Each; 12c. Doz. 

NO. a.-SOL/D.-A heavy gold 

Button, with a single 
i set in the head. Shank is 
ad slender. 
Price 4c. Each; 42c. Doz. 


piratiOD don't affect it. H 
lever top. Everyone should use this 
,new style button, both for collar and 
for waistbands. 
Price 4c. Each; 46c. Doz, 

pure aluminum. 

STUD NO. 5813. -A. 

genuine syi-karat Euorau white 
stone gem, noted for its rare 
brilliancy and beautiful blue 
ntted with detachable 
back, which is warranted secure 
and can be separated only by 
pressing pusher; highly polished 

fold plate, with Inside cap of 
'rice 30c. Each; S3.15 Doz. 

Best Separable Studs we have ever manufac- 
Made of Goldine, the new untartushaple 
u.l Roman I with an imitation 

of 8 studs, as shown above. 
Price 40c. Set; $4.05 Doz. 


STUDS. —These Alaska dia- 
monds are brilliant cut aud delicate- 
ly set. . Iu beauty and elegance 
they vie with the purest Kimberiy 
gems. For evening dress, sparkling 
upon Immaculate linen, they would 
be mistaken for the genuine in 13 
cases out of 20. A set of real studs, 
l}£k weight, would cost SlOO.oo. Our Price 
84c. per Set of Xuree; $3.57 Doz. Sets. 

NO. 79©. — These Studs are the 
best value of any we offer; best 18-K. 
rolled gold plate, patent backs, '■> to 
each set. The Pearls have a wonderful 
resemblance to the genuine article. 
Price 15c. a Set; $1.60 Doz. 


Here is a Set of Enamel Studs, edged 
with a dainty border of chased gold 
(rolled plate.) Backs are detachable. 
A very delicate design, and worth 
double our figure. 
Price 25c. a Set; 1*2.95 Doz. 

NO. I. LEVER.- This is a good, 
stout button, with patent lever top ; 
no swearing necessary to drive it 
through button-holes. Has good gold 
plate and porcelain back to prevent 
discoloring the flesh. Has been sold at 
25 tt>40 cents. 

Our Price 8e. Each; 80c. Doz. 


a pearl top, with an Austrian Dia- 
mond in the centre. The top is de- 
tached by pressing the side springs, 
the shank goes through the button- 
hole easily, and the top snaps on 
again as quick as a wink. If you 
never tried them, do it U0W, and 
' putting you on." 

The Hew "Poly" Stud. 

Spiral spring rolled gold 
plated stud, set with the new- 
ly discovered "Polly" stone, 
affording a most wonderful 
I illusion. Look at it and 
ars to be a genuine r.u- 
by. Oiance at it again and it's 
changed into a blazing Dia- 
mond, and the more you look 
the more bewildering does it 
become. Latest and most ' 
showy stud made. 
Price 15c. Each; 81.45 Doz. 

NO. 32/5.— Australian Imitation 
Diamond Stud of S-Kurat size; no differ- 
ence noticeable between it and the genu- 
ine blue-steel diamond which sells at 
§150.00; has the celebrated double crown 
setting, guaranteed to hold stone secure- 
ly; first quality gold plate. 

Price 38c. Eacli; 83.75 Doz. 

NO. 1773.— Sparkling Kora 
Gem, mounted in open worked set- 
" ting, with gold plated spiral spriug 
of one piece; much preferred to 
the separable style which unlocks 
itself so easily. 

Price 6c. Each; 60c. Doz. 

NO. S807 — This Vene- 
zuelan white stone is very 
large aud brilliant, and spec- 
ially imported by us tor many 
of our customers desiring a 
cheap unbacked ear-ring, 
which has every appearance 
of the genuine. Rolled gold 
wire frame and strong set- 
ting. This is the same ear- 
ring other mail order houses 
Charge 50c. for. Our Price 15c. Pr.; 81.60 Doz. 

WO. 4517.— Here we illus- 
trate an ear-riug, which for bril- 
liancy and excellence of cutting 
is unsurpassed. Solid gold, new 
style setting with strong spring 
catch. Note our price. 

Price 45c. Each; 
$4.45 Doz. 

WO. 1527.— Particularly fine drop 

ear-rings with fancy ruby set pendant 
showing new style open worked mount- 
ing. Gold plated and strongly made 
connections, not the kiud that tail apart 
at first handling, 

Price 14c. Pair; $1.35 Doz. 

NO. 103— EARRINGS.— A 

■ of diamonds and a sapphire. 
Real Alaska stones. This drop has 
1 . aud is of 
finest 18 K, gold plate. 
Price 30c. a Pair; S3. 10 Doz. 

NO. 1308.— Butterfly Push 
tags, in solid silver; 

high -class engraving iu up-to-date 

Price 30c. Pair; $3.10 Doz. 


IS our Leaner in Gentle- 
Cuff Buttons Detach- 
able ton ; press I he side E 
and off it comes; the shank 
slips through the button holes 
as clever as you please, with a 
clear white sparkler in centre. 
Oneof the best vali 
Price 9c. nPnir; 81-05 Doz. 

NO. 4/.- Delicately 
med of pale hlue 
enamel and hammered 
sterling silver plate. But- 
tons d and a 
sure favorite among 
wearers of the link cuff. 
Price 18c. Pair; 
SI. 10 Doz. 

NO. 742. Very catchy design exe- 
t mod on Sterling silver. Oval shape top 
tplaiu centre with a bi illian t polish, fund 
engraved sides and fluted 
Dumb bell is accur- 
f ately shaped, and undi 
three diltereut opera ti 
making. An excellent wearer substanti- 
ally made, and the lowest priced solid sil- 
ver button sold. Postage lc. 

Price 34c. Pair; $3.45 Dozen. 

, NO. 1497. -Very 

latest shape iu solid silver 

j link buttons. The hand 

1 engraving is a marvelous 

— piece of work which must 

be seen to be appreciated. 65c. pair; $0.35 doz. 

NO. 42.— Very fash- 

| ionable Silver Ball Button; 
holds your link cuffs in reg- 
ular Tuxedo style, slightly 
flattened; looks very dressy. No gentleman should 
be without them. Former prices have been greatly 
d. Silver Plated— Price 10c. Pair; S1.05 
Dz. Sterling Silver— Price 35c. Pair; S3.40 Dz. 

,. No, 732. Solid Ster- 
ling Silver, dumb bell links, 
medium size, round tops- 
richly polished centre, and 
engraved side show. 
ing high art in workman- 
\\ orn by the most fashionable set aud i- the 
! 1 1 ton of the season. Impossible to dupli- 
-e cull links elsewhere at less than 75 cents 
Postage lc. Price 39c. Pair; $3.85 Doz. 

WO. 7967.--The very latest. Plaid 

designs m hardened enamel. Never have 

such fascinating colors been 

attempted on cuff buttons 

| before. Finest gold plate, 

pand popular ball end. 

Price 80c. Pair; 

$1.90 Doz. 


NO. 3042.-AO. 

other of thts season's 
striking patterns in 
Link Buttons. Plated 
with U K Gold, and 
warranted to wear 
well for 3 years. Made 
of 3 parts easily de- 
tachable and will ad. 
just itself to cuff aa 
"quick as a wink," 
Price 33c. Pair; 83.00 Doz. 

NO- 45.— A mother- 
of-pearl Link Cuff Button, 
silver fittings and open 
link. Gentlemen of fas- 
tidious tastes will appre- 
ciate this beautiful button 

Price 14c. a Pair; 
81.45 Doz. 


This new yellow metal is non-corrosive and 
untarnishable. The chemical tests to which these 
buttons have been subjected have proven that t hey 
are as strong and durable as gold, and warrant u 
in proclaiming them without a peer and the best 
value ever offered in cuff buttons. 

NO. 3023. -Very 
rich pattern, dull finished 
front with polished rim, 
and set with a genuine 
Arkansas Pearl. 

Price 88c. Pair; 
83.75 Doz. 

WO. 2960.- 

Cheapest Goldine but- 
ton made and our 
\ best seller. The an- 
1 tique style of engrav- 
/ing has made it such a 
' great favorite that we 
have brought It down 
to_ a popular price. 

Special 17c. Pair; 81.6M Doz. 

WO. 2760—New 

Tuxedo style, lilgid ball 
ends set, with little imita- 
tion pearls, exquisitely 
mounted In open worked 
Price 81c. Pair; 83.19 Doz. 

star setting. 

Quality FIRST; Price NEXT; Good Value ALWAYS-One of Our Invariable Rules. 


* r- (iX> it <>^ Qfc<3 CVi CSSP a^D QL^CVi) Ok *a 

[ c *\^ 

NO . TO9.-A Novelty Chain. Made of links the same as those 
of a bicycle chain. Miniature lamp charm with bicycle handle as 

bar. Perfectly made and plated with best quality eold. This chain 
has made a great " hit " with bicyclists and thousands of others who 
have felt the want of a pood substantial chain on which tbey could 
rely. Price 45c Each; $4.25 Doz. 

NO. 45.— A nobby chain. 

Splendidly made and finished. 

Neat, well shaped square links 
with rolled gold ends and connections, also rolled gold bars. Sure to please. Best chain ever sold at 
the pile . Price 48c. Each; 84.75 Dozen. 

NO. 70S. — Without doubt the prettiest Boy's Chain wo 
have ever seen. The links are of medium size, well polished, 
with one-half round and the other flat. Best 14-K. gold plate 
and warranted 5 years. Our price is J$ that of other houses. Price 81.10 Each ; S11.50 D07. 

ranted to stand 10 vears wear. More chains of this style have been 

Easily takes the place of a 835.00 gold chain. Price sl.35 Each; 813.75 Doz, 

NO . 240. — Popular 
Kope Chain, finished In finest 
quality gold plate and war- 
old than all others combined. 

NO . £003. —The cheapest Lorgnette Chain in the market. The links, though very delicate, are 
worked together by new mac' and guaranteed eqnally I ^old. Regu- 

lation size, 48 inches. Never sold for less than 61.00. Price 30c. Each; 83.25. Doz. 

Were tcis wonderful 

Chirui. DJ:. 

Solid Gold and set with 
genome Diamonds. it 
could not be bought for 
less than S400.00 ; but 
why pay so much when . >ur 
rolled plated Cross with 
IS Montana Gems and Pearl 
Centre is in every way its 

Price 75c. Each; 
87.75 Doz. 

Bicycle Charm* 

Perfect miniature model 
of the up-to-date bicycle, 
with revolving ped- 
als. vPlated with 14k 
rolled gold and 

machine polished. 
Price 25c. Each; 
82.60 Doz. 


This is the adopted jmblera 
of the League of American 
Wheelmen. To those of its 
thousands of members who 
have not as yet embraced 
our offer, we wish to say that 
they are losing an opportun- 
ity to procure this rolled 
plated charm at % its real 
value The initials. "L. A. 
W," are set between 3 pretty 
Wings, with rnby centre. 

rrlcc27c.Eu.; 82.75 Doz, 

CHARM NO. 9001. 

style charm in rolled 
ate. Perfectly foi 

hand hold- 
ing an ex- 
good Imita- 
tion Amethyst Handworks 
dvot, giving free action 
le ornament and causing 
the 7 little white stones to glitter in a wonderful 
way. Price 30c. Each; 83.10 Doz. 

No. 2006. The demand for Lorgnette Chains continues to increase and are nV>w worn in pre- 
erence to the regulation short chain, as they look much prettier and The style here 

I'd is the very latest and most fashionable : ha vine the popular round flattened links, and safety 

spring swivel. The cheapest gold filled chain manufactured, fitted with an exquisite gold-plated and 

ngraved ornament set with either a Pearl or Opal. The slide can be moved the entire length of 

chain which is 48 inches. For an excellent ladies 1 chain at a moderate price this one is recommended. 

Postage 2c. Price 69c. Each; Special 85.75 Dozen. 

WO. 9714.— An elegant Lorgnette Chain of best quality and delicate workmanship. The most 
fashionable and popularpattern worn this year and will not fail to delight any lady even though she 
be critically inclined. The links are very fine and close woven ; 46 in. in length of heavy gold stock. 
with sliding ball ornament, mo*able to any position. A raro offer. Price 94c. Each; 89.60 Doz. 

NO. 946.— Popular pattern of Ladies' 
Viotoria Chain, composed of three new style links beautifully colored stone horn, set with t._ 
Transvaal Gems; centre ornament holds a diamond-shape imitation Ruby ol remarkable splen- 
dor. Best gold plMte, ami sold with our 5- year guarantee. Price 81.10 Each; SI 1.50 Doz. 

CHARM NO. 1671. -K cute 
little Thermometer Charm indicating 
the temperature as accurately as the 
larger sizes. Figures repre- 
senting the degrees printed on 
ce'duloid dial in small hut 
clear type. Best Ilk gold 
plate. The retail price has 
always been 83. OO. 
Our Cut Price 85c. Each; 
88.40 Doz. 

CHARM NO. 114.- 

Eolled Gold Plated Lock and 
Key, suitable as watch 
charm, locket or for bracelet. 
Not a toy but a practical 
lock ; the little key openc 
and shuts it with ease. 
Price 40c. Each; 
83.90 Dor. 

Dutchess Watch Pin* 

All the go; useful, ornamental 
and very popular. 
_ Fleur de Lis design, 
gold plated, with hard French en- 
ameled front. Never sold for less 
than 75c. 
Our Price 23c. Each; 83.00 Doz. 

WO. 30B0.— Fashionable Chain Bracelet, 8 in. 
lpng : fancy emhf>ssed double curb links, same size as 
illustration. Exquisitely chased lock which opens with 

10 years, 81.50 Each; $14.75 Doz. 

little key. Price Rolled Gold NO. /SI.— Solid Gold Filled Child's Bracelet, 
Plate. 60c. ea. ; 86.20 Doz. With tiny double curb links. Fancy embossed 
Price Gold filled, warranted l°ck which opens with little key. Warranted for 
10 years. Price 80c Each; $8.35 Doz. 


il it R 1 ■'! il ■ 1 1 

1 FATHER WATCH GUARD.-The latest fad with very practical features; solid leather links, interlooped; perfectly made : in enamel tan, grain 
and shifts? o Eta™" au" an" Snish; f all polished nickel buckles; 7 inches long. Though cheap in price, these Chains are not only Stylish and worn 
SaU the tony swells but are also the most durable and_practi<-al Chains. Postage lc. Sold everywhere at S5e. 

Our Price Only 5c. Each ; 6 for 25c. SPECIALr-45c. Dozen, 


NO. 889.— Made of finest Morocco Grain Leather, 8 in. in length with nickel plated buckles 
nd beautifully hand carved ornament of white metal. A very serviceable watch guard at low cost, 
s ostage lc. Price 9c. Each; 95c. Doz. 

1 -Iflfl 

COLUMBUS WATCH CHAIN.— One of the most unique and novel Chains combining artistlo 
merit and novelty; composed of 5 handsome medallions of our most famous heroea, attached with 
small, strong cable links; fitted with neat bar and snap and pendant. In heavy silver plate, oxidized. 

Price lOc. Each; $1.04 Dozen. 

WO. 3.— The handsomest and best chain ever offered at onr 
price ; full length ; perfectly formed and closed curb links ; good 
snap and solid bar ; neat coin medallion of good size. All well gold plated and 
finished in the highest style. Positively cannot bo told from solid gold, it is so thor- 
oughly well made. Price 10c. each; 83c. Doz. 
May also be had in Nickel at same price. 

BLACK SILK VEST.— This is a most fashionable and elegant vest chain; manufactured 
from the finest silk. While it is light and handy, there is none more Btrong or durable; full length; 
two heavy handsome silk cables, passed through a silk-covered ornamental ball slide. Attached to 
Strong ebonized bar, stout snap-hook Ornamental, durable and cheap. Price 10c. Each; Sl.OdDoz 

PLAITED SILK VEST-GUARD.— This is the latest and 6B^ neatest pattern 
in watoh-gnards; it is so dressy and attractive that all the fashionable ^^ city gentlemen 

are wearing it. It is suitable for any occasion, and is especially adapted to evening dress. 

It is manufactured from fine silk, and is plaited on four sides in a beautiful double basket pattern, 
making it strong, firm and elastic. The Guard is double breadth, and has handsome ebonized but- 
ton hole War and polished black metal hook to attach to the ring of watch. Price 10c. Each; 
$1.08 Doz. 

NO. 2030.— This Solid Gold Filled Double Strand Chain is warranted for 5 years. Very strong 
close-woven links, with genuine cold front slide and ornaments, engraved in elegant flower design. 
BsliiUs at $6.00. Our Special Price $3.30 Each. 

niM.- Made especially for Bike Eiders and others 

carrying watch in coat; has JS-ineh safety ring wiih patent sliding catch, which 
fastens to buttonhole. G< >ld plated double-strength links, and will wear 5 years. 
Price 90c. Each; $0.30 Dozen. 

NO. 2328.— This Is the famous Blackington Chain 
which received special mention at the Chicago World's Fair, for 

We warrant 
this chain fur 
5 years wear 
arid will ex- 
change any 
not g i v i ng 
leather lined swivel. 

originality in design and superior finish. Very heavy double 
curb links, hand engraved, and invisible joints. Putent revolving 
Price 81.20 Each; 812.25 Doz. 

FOB NO. 922.— Newest idea In Watch 
Fobs; made of special soft brown leather. The 
centre piece is very strongly made in link style, 
wi th prettv oxidized white roeta\ cbatin._ 

Nevv Price 9c. Each ; S9c. Dozen* 

Mew Compass Charm. 

Very useful and popular. 

Finely embossed electro-plate. 

Passes always for a high priced 

article. Price again reduced. 

Price 10c. Each; 

$1.05 Doz. 


This elegant filled gold charm is the 
latest design out this season. 
It is a miniature pair of Opera 
Glasses, each barrel containing 
a miniature view of some pic- 
turesque bit of scenery, etc. 
This charm would be thought 
dirt cheap at $1.00, at which 
price it is usually sold. Post- 
age lc. Price 28c. Each: 
$2.75 Doz. 


- These beautiful Charms are adapted 
to hang on the watch chain, Kaoh 
charm contains a wonderful small 
\ photographic engraving, no larger than 
' a pinpoint, and yet, when held up to 
the light, reveals a large picture, clear 
as the largest steel engraving. Subjects 
of Lord's Prayer. 10 Commandments. 
Actresses, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue ol 
Liberty, World Fair Buildings, etc. We 
claim that these pictures are more perfect and 
vivid than any others now in the market. Ours 
are startlingly lifellkdand create wonder and as- 
tonishment when the spectator, looking through 
the small opening in the powerful microsoopa, 
lees wonders of art and nature. Postage la 
Price 9c Each; 89c. Doz. 


blue hard enamel. 
Price 30c 


PIN. -Gohi Plated, 
engraved sides. In- 
scription reads, "Our 
Pet;" finished on light 

Good strong pin and catch. 

Pair; 82.15 Doz. 


A raarvelonsly delicate creation of tiny pearl 
shells strung with crysfpl brads. There are three 
rows, containing Kio shells, (each of which is 
pierced four times.) and over 1300 beads- This 
■ >ine idea as to its value as the neokl&oe is 
all hand work. The soft opalescent hues of the 
pearl contrast beautifully with the sparkle of the 
beads. The necklace is a veritable dream. 
Postage 2c. Price 18c. Each ; 81.25 Doz. 

SAVE POSTAGE !av P e?ag^aT.^« 
price of goods. Save this big per cent, by making 
up an express or freight order. It is also safer. 

We Guarantee Every Representation Made in This Book or Refund Money. 




Por Practical Use, as well as appearance, the ' ' Royal ' ' compares with 
tin' Old Time Watches much as a modem railway train does with an old-fash- 
ioned stage coach. It is designed to till the ever-increasing demand that our 
watches have gained on account of their thorough reliability for a "Gentle- 
man's Watch, 1 ' and is the successful result of great ettort and expense in 
tools and machinery, It is as neat and handsome a watch as can be found 
anywhere in the market, and is meeting with unqualified praise from all who 
sec it. It is entirely new, and becoming very popular. The move- 
ment is the regular American Lever-smallest lantern pinion, quick 
train, 240 beats to the minute, stem wind and stem set, and runs 
from 30 to 33 hours without rewinding. It has an antique bow which 
greatly adds to its beauty. All parts are handsomely finished: the 
back plate is artistically engraved, giving it a genteel and rich 
appearance; and the case, which is a beautiful design of fancy 
pattern, is made from a new metal which is an exact imitation o'f 
gold ; wears and looks as well and will stand any test that gold will 
stand. It is non-corrosive and non-tarnishable. Every -Royal " 
is thoroughly tested, timed, and regulated before it ever leaves our 
factorv and 'is sold with our guarantee for 1 year to keep accurate 
time. ' The enormous outputof our manufactory was inadequate to 
supply the demand for the "Royal" during the past holidays, 
and proves beyond doubt the popularity and excellence of 
this watch. 

Trice Postpaid, 82.00 Each ; 830.00 Dozen. 

Popular locket. 

Our sales on this locket 
uive beeu very great. - Just 
of a gold plated locket 
1% in. in diameter and 
htted with two glass 
enclos e d com- 
partments for pic- 
tures, at Four- 
teen Cents. The 
engraving is the 
finest ever at- 
tempted on plated 
jewelry. Store 
keepers price 

Our Price 
14c. Each; 

S1.35 Doz. 

NO. 640 JEWEL 

—Same qual- 
ity and finish 
as our No. 
140; size, 2% 
x2Ji, but sil- 
ver plated, 
with beauti- 
ful satin lin- 
ing, assorted 
colors. We 

warrant all our Jewel Cases untarnishable. Price 

85c. Each; 82.55 Doz. 

Solid Silver £>a«cr.— Very fine tern" 
pered steel blade, ground down to a keen edge* 
Which will erase ink marks quickly and neatly- 
Sterling silver handle, with pretty embossed de" 
Sign. Sold cvervwhere at 50c. 

Our Price 25c. Each; 82.60 Doz. 

Peart Paper Gutter. 

A beautiful little article which makes a splendid 
holiday gift. It is %% inches long, with Mother of 
Pearl blade and engraved solid silver handle. Will 
cut paper as clean as a razor. 20c. Ea. ; 81.90 Dz. 

Mermaid Side Gonitis* 

Tortoise Shell Side Combs with beautiful Ster- 
ling Silver trimmings ; new style engraving, which 
glitters in a wonderful way. Very fine slender 
shell teeth, durable and elastic. Worth 50c. 
Price 30c. Pair; 83.25 Doz. 

NO. 720.-BO0K MARK. 

NO. 140 JEWEL. CASE.-Ot finest 
Venetian flower work, in bright Roman Gold fin- 
ish. 4>iX.3 in. Every part carefully made and 
joined and heavily lacquered, giving it a beauti- 
ful and permanent finish. Inside, lined with olive 
green satin. Price 55c. Each; 85.20 Doz. 


It is made of 
coin silver, 
richly chased, 
and comes in a 
handsome vel- 
vet-lined case. 
The cut at 
right shows the 
construction of 
all our solid 
silver or gold thimbles. Note that metal Is gradu- 
ated and thickest where wear comes. Goods 
offered at low prices by the average dealer are not 
made this way and are usually not coin silver. 
Sizes 5 to 12. Postage lc. Price 20c. Each; 
82.10 Doz. 

\. fit// 3 

A/ ' 



Solid silver, two inches long, with pretty hand 
chasing on top and side; tassel of pure silk and in 

assorted colors. Don't ruin your book in looking nnOTAPC riTOl 
up your page. Get one of our book marks; it will rUolAut LA I O ■ 
pay for itself many times over. 

Price 18c. Each; 81.75 Doz. 

This cut tries to do jnftice to one of our OB 
Karat Klondike Gems. Price SOc. It 

shows the exact size and formation of stone but 
of course not its wonderful brilliancy nor irrides- 
ceuce. They are the greatest propositions for fun 
and novelty, t Your choice of Ring. Scarf Pin or 
Stud ; also 20 karat Ring or Stud at 25c. 

NO. 94. SKELETON. -Thl» 
novelty Scarf Pin is one of the finest 
examples of the silversmith's art. 
The Cut shows the little skeleton 
when he's quiet, and is full size. 
Armi and legs, ribs, skull and back- 
bone are wonderfully fashioned for 
such a small piece of work. The 
legs and the arms are set on pivots, 
and they swing to and fro with every 
motion. They create a big sensation 
wherever worn, and are sure to 
please any one on the lookout for 
novel effects. Finished in three 
styles, silvered, gilt and oxidized. 
Price 35c. Each: 83.15 Dox. 

Silver Pocket File. 

Handsome lit- 
tle finger nail 
file of hard- 
ened English 
steel, close 
ribbed, with 
sterling silver 
fine. An indispensable toilet article, \y t inches in 
length, and is a great favorite 30c. ea.; 33.10 dz. 


Consists of 
three silver 
finish safety 
guard pins, 
beautifully en- 
graved , and 
linked together 
by fine silvered 
chain. The only 
thing for chil- 
dren's wear. 
You can't lose 
one without, 
losing all three, 
and three of a 
kind are not 
easily lost. 
Price 19c. a Set ; SI. 96 Doz. 

and makes your goods cost 
more, though not so much 

as if bought in " regular " ways. Save postage by 

making up an express order. 

DANDY HAT PIN.— Machine Polished Pin, 6 inches long with open worked 
ball top in Roman Gold Plate. We have made a very special price on this pm which is 

200 per cent, lower than it has ever been sold for. Price 7c. Each; 69c. Doz, 

FIM DE SIECLE HAT PIN.— Fashionable Pin, full length, polished stem, 
th rich Roman gold top, exquisitely carved and set with a large, perfectly cut green 

stone. It is the grandest Hat Pin that has ever been made in plated stock. 
Price 23c. Each; 82.25 Doz. 

j s BOW. H. H6EBS0U. 8 BBC, 67 COBTLAHPT ST., > 163-165 WASHIHGTOH ST., «. Y. CITY- 

American and Foreign Watches. 

Limited space prevents a display of oar fall line. We show only oar latest and most popolar styles as specimen bricks, and would say to4ntending par- 
chasers that we are right where they "grow" and can furnish any style of case, fitted with any grade or make of movement, without delay, and at prices 
that we will guarantee. Our stock of Watches is the largest in the country, if no* In the world, and our yearly purchases exceed those of any other single 
house for the reason that we sell on closer margins and in larger quantities. Large purchases mean lowest prices; thus we can offer you this year better 
figures than over before. We quote well known goods below, giving them their exact names and descriptions; we invite comparison of our plainly quoted 
figures with those of other house*;, or your local dealer's. We are at the centre of production and get every advantage in price; we are aoing business 
economically, and can and do sell on the Thinnest Margin Ever Known to Retailers. Every guaranteed case is accompanied with the printed guar- 
antee of maker, as good as a bond. All American movements carry the guarantee of makers for one year. 

foreign movements are not guaranteed, bat are carefully selected and are thoroughly reliable. Postage on all watches 8c. (Registered 16c.) 


This Is a reliable and 
Tery pretty watch at 
• very low price. 
Movement la Swiss 
and though not war- 
ranted, is from a well- 
known maker and has 
proven a splendid 
time-keeper. In ap- 
pearance it is a perfect 
gem, being of solid 
■ liver, handsomely' 
chased and engraved 
with especially neat, 
fancy dial and hands ; 
Btem wind and set; 
No one need hesitate 
to make a present of 
this watch on account 
of its low price ns it 
will never change its 
appearance till 'worn 
t>ut and will keep accurate time for year*. 

Portage 5c. Our Price 63.45 Each. 



NO. 10.— A bean- 
tiful ladies' size Hunt- 
ing Case Watch, gold 
plated and fitted with 
the Victor cylinder 
movement, nickel Ji 
plate, and Is warrant- 
ed to give entire satis; 
faction. The 

engraving Is 

very attractive 

and of the 



This watch has 


at $7.00. 

Our Price, 

S3.8S Each. 

wo. n. ,- 

Same, with 
genuine New 
York Standard 
Price «4.30 

WO. 422. This Is a 
Boys' or Ladies' Hunt- 
ing Solid Coin d Silver 
Watch. Jewele Swiss 
movement with plated 
cap. Regular stem wind 
and set. Case is richly 
engraved, and It is one 
of the prettiest 
watches ever 
produced and 
cheap at our 
price. Cut 
shows It full 
size. Price 
83.95 Each. 

WO. 137. 

Same as above 
but open face. 
Price 83.75 

.WO. 2— Very popular 
rtstyle, open face, size of 
"our illustration; heavy 
solid silver case and sil- 
ver cap, and fitted with 
excellent jeweled move- 
m e n t. This 
watch has been 
given a practi- 
cal test and 
found to com- 
pare favorably 
with the higher 
priced Ameri- 
I c a n watches. 
Stem wind and 
set, fancy dial 
and hands, 
with crystal of 
double thick- 
ness. Postage 
5c. Jeweler's 
price $5.00. 
Our Cut Price 83. 75 Each. 

WO. 3.— Same, hunting case, B4.30 Each. 


have sold thous- 
ands of * these 
watches and can 
assure our p a - 
trons of their good 
time keeping qual- 
ities. The move- 
ments are Swiss, 
fully Jeweled. 
The oases are of 
solid nickel, plain 
metal and beauti- 
fully finished. The 
same watch sold 
a few years ago at 
$7.50 to $12.00. 
Our price Is a dol- 
lar below the 
average market. 
Postage 5c. Prloe 
82-15 Cach. 

WO. S47.-TUS Is a 
Boy's Size, Open Faoe 
Watch of American man- 
ufacture. Solid Silverine 
Case, fitted with a Victor 
pendant set, Jeweled 
movement. A perfect 
timekeeper, stem wind 
and set, and 
also has a sec- 
ond hand. We 
guarantee this 
watch to be 
unequalled by 
anything at the 
price in the 
market. Will 
stand the hard 
received by ft 
at the hands of 
the younger 


a. 78 


Registry of Watches 
to be mailed costs but 
8c. extra and insures 
them against loss. 

Never in the world's his- 
tory have Watches been so 
cheap and so good as today, 
and our line is easily In ad- 
vance of all others. 

WO. ISO.— Brand new design, hand engraved 
hunting case, men's large size of best Elect i 
Plate, and fitted with the N Y. standard "New 
Era" movement; stem wind and set. We especially 
recommend it to those desiring an excellent time- 
piece which has everv appearance of a solid gold 
watch. Price 83.80 Each. 

WO. IGO — Same as above, but open face. 
Price 13.51) Each. 

WO. 78.— Men's Size, open face American 
Watch. S..iid Silverine half snap case, fitted with 
the New York Standard's "New Era " Movement, 
and fully guaranteed. A well made and service- 
able watch at an astonishingly low figure. 
Our Price S2.80 Each. 

WO. 78.— Same, with an Improved double 
Jointed case. Price 83.20 Each. 
WO. 77. -With Hunting Case. 83.78 Each. 

WO. 123.— Our small size Men's nuntlng Case 
Watch, best quality gold plate, and fitted with the 
new model Tavannes cylinder movement, pendant 
set, nickel and Jeweled. A first-class watch, stem 
wind and set, and an accurate Hint-keeper. 
Price 84.25 Each. 

Pn^TJl/iF oi »H watches, unless otherwise 
r i/o / rtt/c atjteji, | s8 cent , (registered D6o.>. 
"Dont forget It." 

We Do No! Deal in Job Lots; Everything Is Regluar, New, Clean, and Guaranteed As Stated. 79 

HO. t37 BOYS. 

This Is a Boy's or 
Ladies" Swiss Open Face 
V'atch with movement 
of pood timing quality; 
it is plated cap and 
jewels. The caBe is of 
solid sterling 
silver and 
hand engraved 
back and 
front. Gold 
hour, minute 
and second 
hands; enamel 
dial in two 
colors. Regu- 
lar stem wind 
and set; exact 
size of cut; 
perfect little 
beauty la 
every respect 
and worth 
double our 

8 rice in any retail store. Postage 6u. Trice 
13.75 Each. 



Solid Silver, hunting 

case watch, stem 

wind and set, with 

genuine New York 

Standard movement; 

perfectly retrulated 

and warranted to 

keep ac- 

o u r a t e 

There is 
no better 

made; and 

at our 

price is a 


bargain. . 



NO . 


Same with 

Elsdn or 


7 jewel 

Price 89.75 Each. 



_ NO. 132.- 

Latest size. Boy's 

Watch ; superior 

electro gold plate; 

hunting case.fitted 

with the famous 

York Sian- 




in flower 

with pol- 
ished cen- 
tre plate. 
Our price 
is SO per 
cent, low- 
er than 
that of 



S4.85 ] 

Each. ' 

no. a*.— Laaies 1 
Premier 14-K. gold 
filled hunting case 
Watch, guaranteed 
to wear 10 years; fit- 
ted with the New 
YorkStandard move- 
ment; stem wind and 
Set; beautifully en- 
graved case 
in latest 
Best filled 
case watch 
made, and 
sold at a 
rock - bot- 
tom price. 

NO 32. 

—Same as 

above. with 

Elgin or 


7- jewel 


Price 810.50 Each. 

NO. 833.-HK. 

gold filled hunting 
case; boy's size; very 
neat and tasty de- 
sign, and warranted 
to stand 10 years' of 
wear. The 
is the pop- 
ular N. Y. 
which is 
fully guar- 
by manu- 
Cannot be 
in any 








NO. 154 

— Same, 
with Elgin 
or Waltham re-jewel movement, 816.25 Each. 

in-onying Watch- 
es of ns yo u get j 1 1 s t 
tbont the prices 
your retail Jeweler 
usually pays. Can 
yon afford to boy 
of him? 

WO. Of.— Solid gold filled hunting case, men 1 ! 
18 size, Elgin or Waltham 7- jewel movement, stem 
wind and set, and sold with our guarantee for 80 
years' wear. A very reliable watch, of which we 
nave sold hundreds and have yet to receive the 
first complaint. Notice our price. 813.25 Each. 

WO. 62.— Same, with 15-Jewel movement 
Price •16.76 Each. 

& Watch is a TVatcu 
where names of move* 
ments and accurate 
descriptions are given 
as we give them here. 
Compare Our Prices 
with others. 

WO. 65.— Men's 16-size, hand engraved hunt- 
ing case Watch, 14-K. gold filled, guaranteed for 15 
years, and fitted with Tavannes full jeweled move- 
ment. This watch we warrant to be of the finest 
workmanship, and is carefully adjusted and tested 
before leaving our factory. Price 818.75 Each. 

WO. SO.— Same with Elgin or Waltham move- 
ment, 7-jewel, Price 814.00 Each. 

WO. 435.— Men's full size, open face Prem- 
ier watch; solid gold filled, screw back and bezel 
case, and sold with our 10-year guarantee. Fitted 
with the "New Era" movement, the latest product 
of the N. Y. Standard Watch Co. Price $5.50 ea. 

WO. 43©.— Same as above, with Elgin or 
Waltham 7-jewel movement. Price 88.00 Each. 


Araeiac Dial. 

Just Read It I 

Back View. 


reached a world-wide fame. Their sale 
has exceeded that of any other watch, 
not excepting the famous Waterbury. 
They are the most wonderful of modern 
productions in quality and psice, and are 
the result of ages of development focused 
on one object, having the sole energy and 
aim of the most complete and perfect fac- 
tory of its kind in the world. They are 
purely products of Yankee brains 
and mechanics — not a particle in their 
construtcion|being foreign. As introducers 
of these marvelous watches, isf> com- 
menced their sale over 3 years ago, since 
when the entire product reaches into 
millions. We style ourselves "Watch- 
makers to the American People," 
because we make watches of GUARAN- 
TEED QUALITY which the MASSES can 
afford to buy. Whoever supposed a few 
years ago that a WATCH could be built for a dollar? 
Not merely a watch, too, but one that would keep accurate 
time, and be actually more durable than a high-priced one! 
— one that its manufacturers guarantee 
more strongly than expensive ones 
are guaranteed! Yet such a watch we have 
built and now offer you. How we did it, is a 
long story and an interesting one; but we can't 
tell it here. WE DID IT! and you can now 
participate in the results of this marvelous 
achievement. Our "Yankee" factory in Water- 
bury, Conn., is dropping out 2 of these Yankee 
watches every minute, and our method of selling 
them is through this medium — our Salesman. 


'" YEAR FROM ABOVE h*ft,RtPAlft 


It Guarantees 1 1 

Cut op Movement. 

man Dial. Inside View. 


is not a toy; not a fake; not a clock — 
but a Guaranteed American 

Watch, — with lever movement; hour, 
minute and second hands; winds and 
sets without a key, and runs 30 hours at 
one winding. Cuts exactly show it J size; 
strong nickel or gilt case. 

Yes, its Guaranteed! 

— if ever a watch was. No watch manu- 
facturer has ever given as strong and 
sweeping a guarantee as we furnish with 
the cheapest watch ever produced ! Now, 
furthermore, if there is in the world a 
man, woman or child who after receiving 
this watch is not more than satisfied, we 
shall cheerfully and without delay or 
comment return his dollar on receipt of 
the watch back ; thus we not only guar- 
antee the quality, but entire satisfac- 
tion in every respect. How we have 
perfected machinery and drilled over 1,000 operatives, en- 
abling us to produce nearly 3,000 watches daily, at a price ' 
of $1.00 each, may be told later. Meantime, if you want as 
good a wiit eh for every-day use as ever was 
built— one that will stand hard usage and run 
10 years — send on your dollar and we will send 
it by return mail, 'With the guarantee as above. 

exactly ;is shown here, are regular American lever, 
lantern pinion, quick train, 040 beats per minute. Opiate, 

short wind: run 30 hours to 1 winding; dust cap over 
movement; every movement fully timed; regulated, and 
guaranteed for i year, the same as a Waltham or Elgin. 
Furnished in 9 styles of oase; 2 styles of finish, gilt or 
nickel; Kilt oases are of solid bronze met 

n of gold, and having no plating do not wear dull or change color; nickel coses arc of brass and heavily plated and polished. 9 dials. Roman 
or Arabic; heavy bevel crystal; regular 18 size cases. Read the Guarantee ! Our fcJunranteo is this: ''If any 0( our watches, within 1 year from 
date of sale, fail to keep good time, we will repair or replace it free of charge." Can we say more for them than we do In assuming I 

THEY ALL — "Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief, Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Chief." WANT IT' ( 

We mail it postpaid, with Guarantee, on receipt of One Dollar; $10.80 per Doz. 

Retail Store-Keepers Stand between you and your Dollar's Worth ; Can You Afford Them ? si 


Plain Case, Arabic Dial. 

Fane; Case, Korean Dial. 

Fancy Case. 

Inside Back. 

Take your choice as Illustrated above. A beautiful chain nnd charm FREE with each watch; 
Curb pattern (see cut) Gold or nickel plate; elegant Columbus Charm. 

Four years ago we began the sale of our Universal Watch and since that time more than a mil- 
lion of thia line of cheap watches have been Bold to the universal satisfaction of the purchasers. 

We offer herewith our latest production in this line and in the Champion Watch we show a 
production purely American. It is regular stem wind and can be had in plain or fancy cases, nickel 
or gilt finish, roman or Arabic dials. 

We guarantee every watch to be an accurate timekeeper. 

We bo ve testimonials from satisfied buyers from Portland, Me., to Portland, Ore. Ministers, 

Doctors, Lawyers and in fact from every class of people. 

Movement. It is only a few weeks since the Countess of Dunraven expressed her appreciation of the good 

qualities of these watches and at the same time favored us with another order. We also have letters of highest oommendation 

from Thomas A. Edison who carries_one_a_nd man* others eaually .prominent. Ifyou want a good watch, one that will_k§ep.good 

time, there is no necessity of paying $'25. 00 for one, this will serve you equally as well. Price 81 So Each, Postpaid, 812.50 Doz. 

This Guarantor 

With Each. 

Ingersoli Eclipse Watch. 

The Smallest Cheap Watch ever produced 

(regular 16 size). Guaranteed to be an 

Accurate Time Keeper. 




v„ u a", W k. mld 5,. great Stndes ln the 1 I VVatch Business, reducin. the size of the 

™,Sl ( 'T bi ''' E , l t ' le » tp ? 1 <now onc I I million Per year), but it remained for this 

Xrnrirt &r m ? e smallest e""«>teed M 1 cheap watch ever known in the history of the 

reJtt, fnrf^^ff , a h Ve ^ Q r entr M ted °, ur \f HF efforts to this object which has now become a 
n,rt X™ il' ° ff 7 tbe J- EchpS c e , as "i e ^tPr most famous production of the age. Every 
Fcan S ,v*L S workmanship and finish, and are inaue with as much care and attention as the best Amer- 
1 ,1™ 'pi'fAn Si ""oVjent is absolutely guaranteed perfect, is the regular American Lever, 
™,Zi! : x? eatS '° J he mmu "' stem wind and stem set, and will run 30 hours at one time with- 

nr Ar»hW Q n?& , u* ,s n furn , ,! * ed m either nickel or gilt, of regular 16 size, fined with either Roman 
f^ctoA^n?^ » d h y ," eTel Cr y stal - , Eve T ""en is given a thorough test before it leaves our 
Uuorj and sold with a cast iron guarantee for one year. Price, Postpaid, $1 50 Ea : $15 00 Dz 


These noveltiei al- 
ways please the boys 
f^^ and lots of men and 
^■■■'cost but a trifle. Ours 
are not made of sea 
weed bnt of good hair, and are 
excellent Imitations. The fun 
they are capable of producing 
cup hardly be Imagined even, 
doz Trice Mustaches 8c, Each; 
Goatees. 8c. Each ; 40c. l>o». 

Postage lo 
eOe, uoi. 


^i n n B| "i i r hi i i n I ^^ ^ /# 
Offer. A fine clear ringing nickel 
bell with our catalogue of 8,000 cycla 
and other specialties, only 10 cents 
(postage 5c. extra), 3 for25c.,$i.05doz. 


rotary movement,bell metal gong, nickeled, 
finest made, only 20c. ( postage 5c. extra), 
6 for &0C., $!.&) di>z. ROUT. H. l,Y4.Utt*>OLL A BRO. 

I>eyt.iw. 67 CvrUauUt Street, Hew York city. 


The Cheapest Guaranteed Lady's Watch 
in the World. 

At last we 
have them. Our 
immense watch 
factory- has at 
great expense 
completed a La- 
dy's Watch, fitted 
wi t h a genuine 
American move- 
ment (fully guar- 
anteed) and made 
entirely by skilled 
American work- 
men, which we 
will offer our pa- j 
trons at $3.60 each. 
The many cheapl 
foreign watches] 
wh'ch havereadily I 
sold at $3.00 each, 
are not to be com- 
pared with this 
American Watch, 
they beingof such 
inferior make that 
the importers sell -^^Bt&J^' No. 13 

them "as they are" without a guarantee. We claim 
for this watch the latest improvements found in 
those of the highest grade and finished with the 
same care that is given to all our watches. 

Description.— Stem wind and stem set, nickel 
movements, escapement fully jeweled, porcelain di- 
als, highly finished throughout. Case is solid nickel, 
(not nickel plated on brass). Eachjwatch is fully 
guaranteed by us in every respectr**"^ 
No. 12. Open face, plain pol'd back & front, $3.50 
No. 13- *' " engraved design on back, $3.75 
No- 14. l * •* eng. design & gold plated, $4.75 

This is the greatest of watch bargains, and one 
which you should take advantage of. 

All watches fully tested before shipping and 
packed in nice boxes. 

Mutilated Coin * ] f r ?m% m $l¥. 

which is little over one-half. DON'T SEND IT 
—but if you do, SEND ENOUGH. We will nut 
take it at face value. 



This is one of onr most marvellous bargains. 
By looking at one of our previous catalogues 
you will notice our price for the same outfit 
00. We have arranged to giv* our 
patrons the benefit of our immense contracts 
for this outfit without in auy way cheapening 
its contents. This outfit is especially adapted 
for f nmt doors, servant calls, barns, experi- 
mental purposes, etc. Full directicns come 
with each outfit, so that any intelligent boy 
or girl can easily arrange au electric call bell 
without the services of the high-priced bell 
hanger or electrician. The battery which we 
furnish is of the now celebrated Dry Cell type, 
and with one charge will last for a year with- 
out further attention. No well-regulated 
household should be without one of these 
modern conveniences, as their low price 
places them within the reach of all. This out- 
fit consists of the following. parts: 1 nickel- 
plated iron bos bell, SX-inch gong: 1 battery; 
1 push button with porcelain push; 75 feet 
insulated wire; 1 package of staples, and nec- 
essary screws. Packed iu strong box. Not 
mailable. Price S'JOc. Each; Special 
$B.SO Oos. 


These machines have a well-established 
reputation as the standard of light mo- 
tors. In workmanship and design they 
are perfect. Either as toys, demonstra- 
tors or practical working machines they 
are equally interesting and satisfactory. 
We do not sell batteries, but any suitable 
closed circuit battery will run these ma- 
chines and are obtainable generally. 

TYPES B, C AND O are especially 
designed for light power, and in connec- 
tion with a proper battery are of practi- 
cal use In running fans for desk, home 
and sick room. Small pulleys are supplied 
with each motor for experimental work 
and light machinery. Unmailable. Fan 
Guarus for Types C and D, $1.00 Each. 
Prices: Type B, 2 to 4 volts, - 82.75 
Fan, 6 inch, 4-blade, .50 
Tyre c. 2 to 6 volts. - 4.60 
Fan. o-iuch. 4-biade.' .75 
Type D, 4 to 8 volte, - 7.0O 
Fan, 10-inch, 6-blade, l.oo 


A new and scientific 
excercisiug device, which 
is proving a great bene- 
factor to the weak and 
strong alike. They are 
simply the old-fashioned 
wood dumb bells, the 
equal of which for physi- 
cal development or athlet- 
ic training have never 
been devised, connected 
by means of flexible cords 
to an extremely small gen- 
erator and battery. These 
hang lightly upon the 
shoulders, and allow per- 
fect frea Join in tno use of the dumb bells as an 
excercising. medium or electrode. By means of a 
switch it is easily adjusted to dispense just the 
amount of electricity desired, ranging from a light 
to a very strong current. Every one, from a child 
to the well built man, can use them; they benefit 
the entire svstem: restores lost strength to the weak, 
and halps the stroug to retain it. Quickly cures 
nervous headache, muscular soreness and local 
pains, and by dailv use successfully treats Rheuma- 
tism, Dvspensia, Nervousness and all other chronic 
ailments. The entire outfit packed in neat box. By 
express. Price «4.00 per Set. 


Carefully made on im- 
proved model, and is a per- 
fect working Motor. Starts 
instantly when current is 
applied. Runs all manner 
or mechanical toys, model 
machinery, turn tables, a 
Pan for ventilating, etc., 
and is well adapted for the 
use of students and ama- 
teur electricians, for illus- 
trative and experimental 
Has pulley for driving 
machinery, etc. A 4-in. Fan for ventilating. Is 
enamelled, well insulated, and has haro? ~"«d 
base (antique oak or cherry) with brass binding 
posts. Postage 3(V;. 
Price £3-00 EncL Tsmplete. 

Consists of the No. l Motor and 4 -in. Fan. Grenet 
Battery. 6 feet ef covered wire, and directions for 
making battery solution— All packed in wood box. 
Not mailable. Price £> 100 Complete. 


E I e c t r 1c 
Bel 1— New 
type, Japan- 
Ined iron box, 
[2% in. Bell, 
'metal gong; 
c o n t i nuoua 
stro k e re- 
magnet; plat- 
inum contact 
points. Post- 
age 12c. 
Price 40c. 

84.10 Doz. 
Dry Cell 
Batter y— 
Best made; 10 
gmperes; voltage 1.65; 6Ji in. high, 2'A in. diameter; 
weight 2 lbs. For all open circuit work. Bells, tel- 
ephones, Medical Batteries. 

Price 30c. Each; S3.60 Doz. 


A wonder of cheapness, 
compactness and perfec- 
tion. This outfit is nec- 
essarily limited to small 
ork and is especially 
[)ted for silver-plat- 
ing coins, rintrs. 
keys, picture 
books, tops of 
castor bottles, 
watch charms, 
breast pins, ear- 
rings, thit: 
in fact, anything 
which can be covered bv the Silver Solution in the 
class vat, can bo silver-plated. It is Impossible 
for anyone to make a mistake if directions are 
carefully followed. Former Price S2.50 by Ex- 
Keduced Price 50c. Kach; 87.50 Doz. 

Do Not Forget Postage. 


How Made and How Used* 

A complete and 
simple explanation; 
of the source of the 
power in a dynamo 
and the method of 
applying the same, 
commencing with a 
Simple Motor, and 
proceeding to an 
exposition of the 
Siemen's, Thomp- 
son's, Walker's, Gri- 
son and other mo- 
tors. Three special 
chapters by an Am- 
erican author fol- 
low in which the in- 
formation embraces 
all American im- 
provements. The 
work is pr >b tf>ly 
the most complete and easiest understood of any 
published. 168 Pa^es, Cloth, Price 5S r -, 



Simply perfection. An Indispe^ 
sable companion to your cyclome- 
ter. A guaranteed time-keeper. 
Its price is the lowest ev«j 
known. This cut exactlj 
represents (% size) the Yan- 
kee Watch, and our patent 
holder for attaching to bandit 
bar. Postage 80. Price Com>| 
plete, Watch and Holder, 1 
Guaranteed for yeas. 



scribe our goods and simply tell the plain troth 
about them and Illustrate them faithfully— when 
you know ua well you will deem this sufficient. 

The cheapest electric fan outfit made, and the 
only one sold at a low price which is built for prac- 
tical use. It is just the size needed to cool any small 
room or office and the best suited for sick room use. 
It furnishes a stead ,* and const-ant current of cool 
air for 13 hours at one time without refilling battery. 
New charges can be obtained of anv druggist for a 
few cents. Outside of its practical feature it is an 
interesting novelty for young and old, giving an 
endless amount of pleasure in operating and afford- 
ing the amateur electricians a chance to pat it to 
other uses by simply removing fan. This fan outfit 
consists of motor, 5 inch fau and battery.'!, extra 
zincs and connecting wire. The cheapest stores 
■ $5.00. Our price makes it an outfit for 
universal use. Price, Complete, $200, by Express. 

YANKEE PATER . 15 cts. 

liateyuur 1. 
save tltui 


I, etc. Sent 

Cld, with catalogue of 8.000 
; * for 16c, ,2 for 25c. 81 25doz. 


Numbers un to same price. 

ILL .'.- ISKil. 


Inquiry of Any Bank, Express Co. or Business House will Establish Our Responsibility. 83 



The "Learner's" 

Is a fall size, well 

made, complete 


Glt.U'H Appara- 

tus of the latest 

and best form of 

outfit, including 

a hand- 

G i a n t ( 


ley, and 
a large 

cell of the best Gravity Battery, latest form. Any boy or girl can (if they have a common school edu- 
cation) learn to manipulate this instrument, and in a very short time transmit and receive telegraphic 
messages with rapidity and absolute correctness. There is no employment in which operatives aio 
so certain of steady and remunerative employment. It is a business, too, in which with a little appli- 
cation one can become daily more accomplished, and with increase of ability comes rapid increase in 
salary. You need no master's instructions, for the book that we send with the instrument Is as plain 
as A B C. It isa business, profitable, genteel, and never likely to be crowded, and a good situation can 
be easily secured. It is the best working set of learners' instruments for short or long lines, from a 
lew feet up to 20 miles in length, yet offered. Morse Outfit complete, with Battery, Book of Instruc- 
tion, Wire, Chemicals and all necessary material for operating. Not mailable. 
Our Cut Price 83,73 i-ack, Complete as Described. 


Ever increasing progress in Electrical Science 
is -Tea ting a popular demand for all demonstrating 
objects. This is a perfect incandescent globe, 
complete with carbon 
and wire attachments for 
current. It may be quickly 
attached and worked with 
any suitable battery. Can- 
dle power is indicated un- 
der each cut. Postage lc. 
on \i, 2 and 3; 4c. on 1. 


60c Each; 



Mechanical Telegraph Instrument. — Ni > 

battery required, equalto any to learn on. frame 
of brass, screws of copper, finger hold ol 
rubber and the base of varnished maple highly pol- 
ished. Made in the same factorv as all W. V. in- 
struments and with the same precision and gives 
the same loud clear sound, and delicate touch 
Former price $1.75. Postage 15c. Price 81.00 
each; 810.20 dozen. 


They are 
not toys be- 
cause sold 
at a low 
price. They 
are low in 
price be- 
cause they 
are made 
in large 
Each meter 
la individ- 
ually cali- 
brated, and 
marked by 
band to in- 
sure accur- 
acy. We 
could print 
the scales 
and pasto 
them on, but 
, they would 
I not be ac- 
They are 

from Instruments of recognized standard make, 
and in the laboratory where care is taken to avoid 
err ° r ?- For amateurs and ethers experimenting 
with batteries, dynamos, motors, or using current 
for any purpose, and to whom the standard In- 
struments are too expensive, these will be found 
to be just what is wanted, and no student should 
be without the set of two. Many an electrical ex- 
periment has proved a dismal failure at a critical 
time, on account of nsufflcient voltage or amper- 
age. This would not occur if the proper Instru- 
ments were at hand and the current tested Full 
directions accompany each instrument and satis 
faction is guaranteed. State whether wanted fur 
amperes or volts. Postage 10c. Our Price 


I DW PH1PF1 Wa tod that each year as our 
UUIl I IliULO business develops and increases, 
we can do it on a smaller margin. We reduce our 
prices accordingly. If in one year we dispose i <( ten 
thousand of a certain article, our chances of buy- 
ing at lower prices the next are good. This is the 
way in which 1T)rR orders may serve to secure 
YOU lower prices year by year— not oa one arueio 
only, but on all you buy of us. 


i /-——^S^fc. This Is 

ff . - ^^jm\ au eutire- 

fA\ .. I I \ ly new de- 

I H r " .0.^^^ parture in 

^^ra a $1 Mo- 
i» _-* 7 tor. The 
armature has 
three poles, 
causing the mo- 
tor to start 
without assist- 
ance when the 
current is ap- 
plied. It is a 
complete speci- 

men of electrical science and workmanship, and 
head and shoulders above the poorly made toy mo- 
tors sold at this price. A critical examination will 
prove the truth of our statement. It drives a 5- 
inch fan at a high rate of speed and is fitted with a 
pulley for running toys, etc. Any battery, from 
the cheapest up, that will run any motor, will 
drive the Little Hustler. A cheap and efficient cell 
is an ordinary carbon cylinder cell. To parties 
wishing a complete little plant we offer the Little 
Hustler Fau Outfit, consisting of 1 motor, 1 cell, 1 
5 inch fan, 3 extra zincs, connecting wire and 
directions and formula for making the solution. 
One battery charge will drive the motor 10 to 13 
hours, when it is easily refilled. Material that will 
last several charges can be purchased for a few 
cents from a druggist. We sell outfit parts sepa- 
rately, as follows: Cell 75c, Fan 85c. (postage 
5c.). Zinc 5c. We sell the Motor alone or complete 
as above. Price of Motor S1.00 Each (postage 
15c); Complete with Outfit $3,00 Each (uu- 

Little Hustles* Motor Po+ts. 


These are brief popu- 
lar-priced books by the 
highest authorities, fully 
treating their respective 
subjects. All are well 

S riuted and profusely 



ward Trevert. 

S. E. Bottone. 

By Edward Trevert. 


By P. B. Warwick. 

By Edward Trevert. 

By H. J. White. 
Postage lc. Price, ans number, lQo. Each, 
S6c. Uoz. 

row V© Not So 

\MJJk .D KB V as you thlnkyoo 
T¥J\r%MwgM are. This little 
lapel button thermometer tella you 
and those you meet the exact 
temperature. Guaranteed accurate. 
A great novelty. Beautiful made; 
Hand cut Scale on celaloid back; 
mfT'-iiry nllinir. Post paid with out 
creac catalogue. QC PCUTC 
3 for 60*. ; $£.00 Dob. Id uCIIIOi 

65 COBTLiflfDT ST., DepU U. V. Cttj. 

This is a complete set of parts for the Littlej 
Hustler Motor shown elsewhere. Every screw 
and pin necessary to carry it to completion will be 
found in this outfit as shown in cut and with the 
valuable instructions sent with each any clever 
boy can make a motor equal to any. Postage lie* 
Price Complete SI. 00, 


The makers of so- 
called standard 
watches could sell 
them direct to the 
wearers at half their 
present price and make 
a make a good profit, 
Their price provides 
for four profits, viz., 
manuf ac turer's, 
agent's, jobber's, and 
retailer's. TheYaukee 
has but one profit and 
sells for One Dollar, 

Don't Forget Postage. 



This is the greatest 
recent scientific toy 
and one which the 1897 
boy vril 1 
catch onto 
quickly. It 
la a proto- 
type of the 
trolley car 
and has ev- 
ery essen- 
tial there- 
to. The car 
is made of 
brass of 
s n p e r i or 
body, bottom and dash, 
all in exact imitation of a 
trolley car. Inside is built 
onto a regular truck frame a regular Westinghouse Motor, directly 
connected to driving wheels. Wheels are of turned and polished 
steel. Track has three rails, as shown in cut; outer rails are for 
On this rail a trolley bears from the motor, conducting the current 
. Car is 7 in. long, 4 in. high and weighs 1 lb.; track 3 feet in diame- 
ter and 3 in. gauge. All chemicals used with this Electric Railway are very cheap and may be ob- 
tained at any drug store. The zincs, as they are consumed, may be obtained from the nearest electri- 
cal supply dealer, or will be mailed for 10 cents per set of three. Current is perfectly harmless to even 
a child. Battery is a zinc-carbon one using bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid solution, ordi- 
nary tumblers may be used for battery cells. Entire outfit packed in strong wooden box. "eight 
ready for shipment 5 pounds. Nothing to equal It ever before offered under $10.00. Our frice »i.«u 
Each Complete. Extra Parts mailed to any part of the United States or Canada on receipt of the 
sollowing prices: Commutators 20e. each; Trolleys 10c, each; Brushes 10c. per set (2). Estra Iran Car, 
fame style as Motor Car but without Motor, $1.25. 



wheels and center one for current, 
through same and moving the car. 

t f 


Young America not only wants mach- 
inery but it wants to know how it is built 
and how and why it runs; Many a youth 
knows all about "ohms" " volts" and 
"amperes". To such this outfit Is a 
revelation. Any intelligent, inquisitive 
boy, however, can make a motor com- 
plete with the outfit and instructions wo 
offer here and when it's done, it is worth 
$3.00 any where. Good pay and lots of 
instruction. We put up a complete set of 
parts, as shown above with full directions 
for making a perfect working model of a 
Motor, precisely the 6ame as our regular 
Baby Motors. Height of motor, from 
base to center of shaft is nearly two 
inches, and it can swing a fan, (which we 

?H furnish when called for, at a slight ex- 
g _fr3.]j Ml Ml, WB B ■ ■ I 1 pense) of 3'4 inches, at a good speed with 
JL ^evraBHilr TO m XNM B m one cell of battery. We include directions 
t T B --rnmVL % V> m for making a single cell of battery, also 

the solution. When wound and finished 
according to the directions, we guarantee 
it to be stronger than any motor ofc its 
size ever made. Strong enough in power, 
with one cell, to run a boat twenty-four to thirty inches in length. They are in use to-day for a 
number of different purposes, and are not found wanting. Postage 12c. Price SI. OO Complete; 
89.50 Doz.; Fan, Extra 25c. 






This Is the greatest value ever attempted, even, 
in cameras; a complete detective camera, with 
ground lens, instantaneous and time exposure 
shutter, polished walnut case, taking as fine a pic- 
ture as a $35.00 Kodak, 2'Az2X inches. Besides the 
camera, which is alone well worth twice one dol- 
lar, a complete outfit for printing and developing, 
with supplies for taking pictures, is furnished; 
complete in wooden outside case. Postage 15c. 
• Price only 81. OO, Complete, ^ 


The best general 
hand - book and 
catechism on elec- 
tricity; completely 
treatmgthe theory 
andscience of elec- 
tricity and magne- 
tism for the ama- 
teur. 100 large 
pages; fully Illus- 
trated. The most 
complete and at- 
tractive instrno- 
tlon book on this 
modern Bclenoe. 
Note our popular 
price. Postage lo. 
Price 48c. Each; 
84.80 Dozen. 


look careful throupb 
our book— Don't be 
too hasty, but look at each article and ask yourself 
U you do not want It— you can save much in time 
and money by doing this as double the quantity of 
zoods will often cost ao more for transportation. 


The Ingersoll Fountain 
Pen is a wonder. It Is per- 
fection in writing instru- 
, ments — not only in point of 
writing quality but of beauty 

A new battery with automatic alarm which may 
be fitted with any alarm clock. The clock Is 
placed beside the box. A metal band connected 
with switch inside of box Is hung on the alarm 
winder on clock, after same is wound and set; 
when the alarm on clock goes off It releases the 
chain which starts the electric alarm which will 
run all day unless you stop it. Strong and hand- 
fome case. Iron box bell with very loud 2M Inch 
gong. If you have an alarm clock which don't get 
you up this is what you want If you have none 
order with this one of our clocks shown elsewhere. 
Our last year's price was $1.45 for this Alarm. The 
large lots we have sold enable us to cut the price 
one-third. Unmailahle. Price of Alarm, 98c. 
Each. SPECIAL,, 89.60 Doz. Complete with 
Clock, as shown, SI. 73. 


The luxuries of the 
rich of yesterday are 
today easily within 
almost any ones 
reach. This Incan- 
descent lamp, of 2 
candle power would 
a year or two ago 
have cost $15.00. It 
consists of a piano 
polished mahogany 
cabinet ; 6 inches high, 
containing battery 
and Induction coil and 
with an incandescent 
burner projecting in 
> front ; pressing the 
handle down forms 
the contact and starts the light which is strong 
and white exactly like every other incandescent 
light ; with a watch or small clock hanging above 
the light, a touch of vour finger tells you the hour 
at any time of the night. It is the only perfect 
night lamp for all uses; In a sick room for in- 
stance, it makes no smell or heat and leaves the 
room dark when not required ; with the battery 
supplied it will last years of average use and 
battery can be renewed at slight cost. With one 
of our American watches the price is SI.'XI more. 
Unmailable • Price S3.00 Each. 

Dynamos and Electric Motors* 


100 pages, 6x?, 
and 50 Illustra- 
tions. Rully treats 
the construction 
and principles of 
dynamos and mo- 
tors in a popular 
manner, easily 
comprehended by 
the amateur. Its 
author is an ac- 
knowledged au- 
thority, and Im- 
parts knowledge 
only of a positive 
and scientific na- 
ture. In this book 
Is given not only 
his best informa- 
tion, but gleanings 
from the best au- 
thorities. The first 
IxKik of its scope 
Postage lc. Price 48c. 

offered at our price. 
Each; 81.75 Do/en. 

Finest 14-K. Gold Pen and 
beautiful engraved Hard 
Rubber Barrel. Price is less 
than one- third that of certain 
heavily advertised Pens 

which are no better. Postage lc. Price 80c. Each; 

88.40 Dozen. 


Electric Bells 
and All About 
T h e m — A com- 
plote instruction 
book in Electricity, 
especially Bells and 
Telephones, by a 
famous scientist, S. 
R. Bottone. Bound 
in cloth; 196 pages; 
100 illustrations. 
Price, Postpaid, 
60c. Each. 

We Never Misrepresent Anything. We Want You to BELIEVE What You See Here. 


98c. Popular Boys Boxing Set. 

Price 98c. 

These cloves are very rare bargains at onr prices. They come direct from the largest manufac- 
turers of these goods in the, world, and middlemen's profits are left off the price. There Is no more 
useful and health giving exercise than that of sparring ; it developes every muscle in the body, and if 
practiced in good atmosphere greatly strengthens the lnngs. Our popular priced gloves make it possi- 
ble for all to avail themselves of this practice. The greatest bargain ever offered In this line Sold 
two years ago at 83.50. Dealers now charge 81.50 and 82.00. This set is substantially made of 
good quality, tan leather with strong ventilated palms ; double silk stitched ; stuffed with best 
quality fine hair ; laced wrists. Specially made for us in large lots, which gets us a price worth 
talBn'g about. Suitable for boys from 9 to 15 years. Postage 33c. Our Special Price 98c. for 
Set of 4 ; 89.80 Doz. r 

MEMS' POPULAR SET.— The same set as above but full mens' size. Postage 40c. Prico 
81.85 per Set; 812.00 Doz. 



A line of exer- 
cisers, unsurpassed. 
Capable of giving 
every conceivable 
motion secured on 
any apparatus- 
quick, slow, strong 
or weak — all with 
one machine. Ten- 
sion easily changed 
from 1 to 40 Fb«. 
Reversible— p u 11 
from floor or above. 
Absolutely noise- 
less. Guaranteed 2 
years. Can be put 
up in a minute 
without the aid of a 
tool. Weighs less 
than 2 lbs. Suitable 
for use by Ladies, 
Children or the 
strongest Men. With 
each outfit we furn- 
ish a beautiful 126 
page book contain- 
ing 64 half-tone 
illustrations and 
practical instruc- 
tions on physical training by Prof. Bernarr A. 

McFadden. Postage on each, 30c. 
Style A. — Fitted with hardened bone Pulleys, 

nickeled adjustments, silk cord webbing, and cork 

grips. Price $485 Each. 
Style B.— Brass Pulleys, fiber bearing, metal parti 

nickeled. Price $3.90 Each. 
Style C — Brass, metal parts nickel finish. Price 

$2.75 Each. 
Style D. — Wood Pulleys, plain finish. Price, 

$1.89 Each. 


These gloves are exactly the same as those used 
by James J. Corbett in all his engagements and is 
especially recommended by him as being the best 
gJo e he has ever used. 

This pattern of glove has come to be the most 
popular in the past year or two and we have made 
our line include various grades, all of which we 
guarantee offer unapproached value. They are all 
made especially for us by a leading maker and in 
quantities which enables us to establish OUR OWN 
STANDARD OF PRICES regardless of what old 
line dealers have been charging. 

Inffersoll Special, as shown in cut, a strictly 
high grade glove in appearance, material and work- 
manship, at the usual price of an amateur set. 
Made of best hair, backs covered with green napa 
kid, palms and wrists of wine colored kid. Patent 
lacing of the best. We have made this glove well 
deserving of our name. Made in boys* and men's 

Price, Boys' $1.75 per Set of 4. Postage 35c. 
Men's $2.00 u " Postage 40c. 

Wo* G. R.— Similar to our "Special," but backs 
covered with wine colored kid, palms and wrists of 
tan. All parts show best workmanship, 

Price, Boy's $1.25 per Set of 4. Postage 
" Men's $1.50 " " Postage 

No. 1 %i. C— Made famous and used by Jame9 
J. Corbett. Made of tan colored French kid, doublo 
•titching, kid lined and laced wrist. Only the best 
curled hair is used for filling. The best glove on the 
market to-day, and sells at double our price gener- 
ally. Price last year was $4.25. Postage 40c. 
Reduced Price $3 50 per Set of 4- 

Wo* 2 «/. Gm — Has padded lined wrist, other- 
wise same as No. 1. Postage 41c. 

l_ _ Price $4.00 per Set of 4. 


A regular 
screecher if you 
know bow to 
use It. If you 
don't, you 
waste your 
breath. It is a genuine pi 
and otherwise a good whistle and 
remarkably cheap. Postage lc 
Price 8c. Each; 30c. Doz. 

Don't Forget Postage. 

Boy3' Favorite— A leader; cover of good ser- 
viceable tan grain leather; double stitching, red 
rubber bladder. Size 30 inches. Postage 17c. Price 
Single End, 98c.;Double End, $1.25 Each. 

No. 1. — Tan grain leather, rawhide loops and 
strong lacing. Size 33 inches. Postage 19c. Price, 
Single End, $1.50; Double End, $1.75 Each. 

No. 2.— Green or red grain leather, reinforced 
loops and strong double stitching. Postage 20c. 
Price, Single End, $2.00; Double End, $2 25 Ea. 

Calfskin. — Genuine calfskin, the best leather for 
Striking Hags, well made throughout; especial care 
taken that all parts are strongly hand sewed. Post- 
age 30c. Price, Single End, $3.48; Double End, 
$4.00 Each. 

No. 85 —Made of the very finest Calfskin, duck 
lined, rawhide loops; each loop is riveted and hand 
sewed. Top and bottom of bag reinforced. This 
bag will stand any amount of hard punching. Post- 
age 22c. Price, Single End, $4. 75; Double End, 
$5.25 Each. 

No 83— Our finest Bag, adapted for use by both 
the Amateur and Professional. Olive Green leath- 
er, duck lined, each seam piped with wine colored 
kid and double stitched with strongest red linen 
thread. Loops riveted and sewed. Postage 22c, 
Single End only. Price, $5.00 Each. 

Striking Bag Gloves. 

No. 1.— Tan kid, filled with good 
hair. Usually sold for $1.50. Postage 
8o. Our Price 75c. Pair. 

No. 2.— Claret colored kid and fil- 
led with excellent quality curled hair. 
Postage 8c. Price $1.00 Pair. 

No. 3.— Olive green kid, stuffed 
with very best curled hair. Best 
gloves made. Postage 8c. 

Price $1.50 Pair. 

The Ingersoll Fighting Glove. 

No. 6002.— Special pattern Men's Belt, fancy 
creased design, and sides. Extra quality calf leath- 
er, metal rings 1 eather bound and sewed and leather 
covered buckles. Colors: Orange, tan or dark red. 
Substantially made and lacks nothing that goes to 
make a high grade belt. Postage 4c. Price 42c 
Each; $4.20 Dozen. 

The best 
that money 
.can buy 
I made from 
the finest im- 
J ported wine 
P' or olive green 
colored kid 
and stuffed 
with best se- 
lected curled hair, white kid lined, has patent palm 
pad grip, laced and padded wrist, exactly the same 
(love that we furnish to the leading professionals, 
made in weights of 4, 5, S and 6 ozs. State 
what weight you want when ordering. Postage 
fOc, Price $5.00 per Set of 4. 

No. 1320— Cut shows our new style men's 
belt, imitation Alligator, highly nickeled, square 
buckle, strong riveted eyelets, black enameled. An 
entirely up-to-date feature is the patented flap in 
back of buckle which adds to its beauty, and allows 
tight buckling without discomfort. Colors: tan and 
orange. Postage 4c. Price 29c. Ea., $2.98 Doz. 


No. 4.— All Wool Footless 
Stocking, plain leg, fancy tops, 
assorted colors. Postage 7c. 
Price 48e. Pair. 
No. 5.— Same as No. 4 but 
with feet. Postage 8c. 

Price 65e. Pair. " 
No. 6.- A 11 Wool Footless 
Stocking, fancy check, up-to- 
date designs. Postage 9c. 
Price 85c. Pair. 
No. 7— Same as No. 6 with 
fee. Postage 10c. 

Price 98c. Pair. 

No. 8.— Lisle Thread 
Stocking, plain leg. fan- 
cy tops, with or without 
feet. Postage 10c. 
Price $1.23 Pair. 


The latest ^y^&^s^^aj^&'A 
makes a most 
terrific noise ; 
Varied by the 
amount of pres- 
sure applied to 
the square inch. 
Practice devel- 
ops it as a musi- 
cal instrument 
6f the most wild and weird .order. Bntlrely ol 
New Price Gc. Eacb ; 65c Dozen. 




Our general line 
of sporting goods 
has been largely 
increased this sea- 
sun and baseball 
goods has come 
in for its share of 
1898 additionsaad 
changes which 
make it second to 
none in quality or 
low prices. Read 
carefully the fol- 
•winer mmtetirns compare with others, and we are confident your business will "come our way ." 
E^rf-Smi^ a barATn in its particular grade of quality and cannot be obtained elsewhere for double 
Burnric -Oar descriptions are very plain and truthful, and are backed up by our guarantee to be as 
represented or money back to you ascheenully as received. 


This is the Ball often re- 
tailed as high as 25c. and 
never less than 35. We 
make it one of our leaders 
and sell at a "can't be beat" 
price. Well made through- 
out; best stuffing, sheepskin 
cover and hand sewed. The 
biggest bargain in a reliable 
Ball. Postage 4c. 
Our Price 5c. Each; 
50c. Dozen. 


This is the cheapest base 
ball worthy of the name 
and maker. It is great 
value. The inside is com- 
posed of very lively mater- 
uJial and will bound twice a3 
•■high as any cheap ball ever 
made. Each ball trade- 
marked. Two piece cover. 
Postage 6o. Price lOc. 
Each; SI. 00 Doas. 


This is the next best val- 
ue in a cheap ball; is only 
slightly under regulation 
size; sheep' skin cover; is a 
very lively ball. Put up in 
sealed boxes with makers 
trade-mark. A regular 25c. 
grade ball. Postage 6c. 


Oar Price 15c. Each; 
S 1.50 Doz. 


This ball is slightly under 
regulation size; has a 
horsehide cover. A very 
lively ball and is carefully 
made. A perfect ball for 
boys. Packed in sealed 
separate boxes and trade- 
mark stamped. Postage 
Tc. Price 25c. Each; 
S2.50 Doz. 


This ball is made of same 

quality of material as the 

league professional and is 

as well handled in the pro- 

i cess of manufacture. It is 

* also a very lively ball and 

i warranted first-class in, 

/every particular. Each 

one put up in a separate 

box and scaled. Postage 

8c. Price 50c. Each; 

S5.00 Doz. 


We have taken just care 
in selecting our line nf balls 
to offer our friends and 
patrons one ball of the 
highest grade and best 
material, and we take 
pleasure In saying that this 
ball the "Professional" is 
as good a ball as can bo 
had for any price. Tbf-ro 
are higher priced balls but 
none better in quality. 
Postage 8* Price 81.00 Each. 

MIT NO. 3. 

This is a regular 
mens professional 
practice mit and made 
to stand the hard hits 
and wear incident to 
k the "game." The face 
land finger-piece of our 
■Practice Mit are made 
lof light brown tanned 
[suede leather, and 
edge strip and back of 
ecru tanned suede. It 
has patent Laced 
Back, reinforced a t 
thumb and substan- 
tially padded. Made 
in Rights and Lefts. 
Postage 17c. 
Price 9Sc Each; $9.95 Dozen 


This is a first-class 
boys mit and will sat- 
isfy the most particu- 
lar young man wish- 
ing a good practice 
mit. The front and 
finger-piece of this mit 
are made of light 
brown tanned suede 
leather, the back and 
edge strip ecru tanned 
It is extremely well 
padded and nicely fin- 
ished throughout, and 
has patent Lace Back. 
Made in Rights and Lefts. Postage 13c. 
Price 50c Each; 85.40 Doz. 


This is the cheapest 
catching mit for boys 
ever offered. We have' 
had these popular mami 
facturers of sporting 
goods produce this mit 
for us in such quantities 
as would enable us to 
sell it for 25c. A greaj 
boon for our boy KenS 
who are lovers of the 
great national game. 
The front and back are 
made of tanned leather, 

well made throughout, heavily padded. 

Postage 10c. Price 35c. Each ; S~.50 Dozen. 

No. 7- 
Made of 
good sub- 
s tan tial 
eat her, 
cloth bind- 
ing with 
silk thpead 
and lined 

with Asbestoline. These popular Gloves come in 
Rights or Lefts. In ordering don't fail to state par- 
ticularly which you want. Postage 2c. Price, 
25c. Each; $255 Dozen. 

No. 8. — Same as above but for Men's use. Post- 
age 3c. Price, 40c. Each; $4.10 Dozen. 

No. 9. — Extra finished Glove; wine colored leath- 
er; leather bound; otherwise same as No. 8. Post- 
age Sc. Former price, $1.00. Special Price, 
75c. Each; $7.50 Dozen. 

No. 10. — Our best, used by Professionals every- 
where; are made of soft Buckskin, Asbestoline lined 
and heavily padded; hand sewed with silk thread. 
This Glove is splendid value at $1.50. Postage 4c. 
Price. Men's or Boys' size, 98c. Each. 


The cut shows Spaldings' 
masks as follows:— 

Wo. E. Boys' mask made of 
I good wire and nicely padded; 
ftgives all the protection neces- 
Bsary for boys nse. Postage 7c. 
" Price 25c. Each; S2-40 Doz. 
Wo. O. Youths' mask, heavy 
wire, well padded. A eplendcd 
mask for amateur games. A bar- 
gain. Postage 16c. Price 75c. 
Each; ST.50 Doz. 

No. A. As good in style 
and quality as any league or professional mask. 
Same size as the Spalding League. Strongly 
made; heavily padded; warranted perfectly safe; a 
very superior article. Postage 20c. 
Price $1.50 Each. 



Here is a winner. A 
very fine Catchers' Mit, 
made for long and hard 
service and is the favor- 
ite with all ball players. 
Has genuine Horsehide 
front and back, double 
stitched tan leather ed- 
ges and sides and patent 
laced back. Every part 
shows excellent work- 
manship, and makes our 
"Horsenide"thc equal of 
anv in the market. Post- 
age Price, 84c. 
Each; $8.48 Dozen. 


mailed ; otherwise we will be obliged to write you 
•intailinif much trouble and delay. 

Made of Heavy Soft An- 
enaled Steel Wire, and bUck 
enameled. Padding contains 
good quality stuffing; soft red 
leather facings, strongly put 
together, well finished 
throughout, and warranted 
first class and reliable in every 
particular and the best that 
money can buv. Others 
charge $2.50 to $8,00. Postage 

Our Special Price 
$1.75 Each. 


Tfe.6 Very best base ball bat made regardless of 
price. We specially recommend it as being super- 
ior to all others in point of strength and durability. 
We use nothing but the finest second growth While 
Ash timber, in making, which is thoroughly seas- 
oned out of doors and under our own drying shells. 
This process Sa making insures a fax superior bat 
to any heretofore sold at 3 times <-ur price. The 
handle is roughened to give firm grip. Postage 
G5c. Cut Price 50c. Each. . 

League Model, No. 3. Well made and 
serviceable bat, rocular I 

Ash ; handle 
gives good grip. Postag»26& Prieo C5c. Each. 


Made of steel, to fast- 
en on with screws. All 
ball players require these 
plates to insure best 
success in the field. 

teur, 10c. Pair : 811.00 

Dozen. Professional. 

afce. I':iir; 82. 7B Dozen. 

Ilra«9 Toe l'lul,*. 

lit Btld 
Professional Pitchers. Made of highly i- 

l attached to shoe by - :-;k 70. 

Price 35c, Each ; 82.50 Dozen. 

We Have a Record for SQUARE DE4UH6 of Eighteen Years' Standing. 



No. 1. — We are better equipped 
for supplying yuur wants in this line 
than any "other house. We make this 
suit of thebesttlannclin blue, brown, 
light and dark grey, and get it up in 
grand stvle, at a price which is bed 
rock. The entire outfit consists of a 
shirt, either lace or button, full pad- 
ded pants, pair of cotton stocking*:, 
cap (Chicago or Boston style), and 
cotton belt, leather bindings. This 
suit is very cool and comfortable, is 
well made and equals any sold at 
$5.00, and in manv respects those 
sold as high as §8 00. We furnish 
measurement blanks on application. 
Price $250, Complete, by express. 
No. 2.— Very fine outfit; contains 
everything as above but of heavier material, and fur- 
nished with wool loot hose. By express. Price 
$4-00, Complete. 

N TE.-We can supply either the baseball shirtor 
pants similar to those in our No. 1 outfit at the fol- 
lowing prices: 

Shirt, lace or button, postage 15c 98c. Each 

Pants, full padded, postage 24c $1.20 " 


Our line of base ball caps are a great surprise to 
all who see them on account of price aud quality. 
As listed below we carry them in three grades at 
three different prices. The illustration exactly re- 
presents the three lines. In ordering be sure to 
state the SIZE, GRADE and COLOR. 

GRADE No. 1. This cap is made of prey 
flannel with two white bauds sewed around. The 
oheapest cap ever known and worth doable the 
mont-v we charge. Postage 2c. 

Price lOc. Eiush; si.OO Doz. 

GRADE No. 2. We make this cap in Red. 
White or Blue duck. A splendidly made caD and 
the material is of best quality. Duck cap's are 
very popular, being cool, light and very service- 
able. Good stvle. Leather sweat band. 

Postage 2c. Price 25o. Each; S2.dO Doz. 

GRADE No. 3. This cap is of fine quality, 
being made of warranted fast color dark blue 
Cloth with red bands and line satin lining. 

Postage So. Price 50c. Each; S4.S0 Doz. 



This i3 a device for keeping an accurate account 
If the game in the matter of "balls" and "strikes. '• 
1'he only popular means of avoiding mistakes and 
disputes in the tally. Made of Celluloid, size 154x3 
Inch. Endorsed by all Leaguo umpires. Postago 
2c Reduced Price 33c.Eacb. ; S3.33 Dozen, 







"•■•a ' 


,,;er;CLUB\ out "V CLUB 



This is a cheap means of keeping the "score. 
With it one can keep an accurate record of "runs 
and "outs." Celluloid, adapted for vest pocket. 

Postage 2c. Price 35c. Each; S4.00 Doz. 


This is 

an extra 

hjfine belt 

mot heavy 

9 web, 2% 

9 in. wide, 

B-b est- 

1 e a t h er 


g with double strap having nickel plated buckles. 
{^Postage 4c. Price 30c. Each; S3.00 Doz. 


^e are wonder 
makers for the young. 
They bounce beyond 
the highest flights of 
the imagination. Made 
of pure red rubber, they 
are indestructible; vul- 
canized in a solid piece 
with the air enclosed. 
These are not the cheap 
kind which go to pieces 
when they strike some, 
tiling sharp. This rub- 
ber will not cut, even 
on a sharp knife. 

No. 1, %% In. (Postage 2c) l".c. ea.; $1.50 doz. 
" S, 5 " ( " BC) 40c. - S4.10 " 
Rubber Balls, tirade S— Same as above, bat 

white rubber. 

1H •n- (Postage lc ) Price 5c. ea.; 50c. doz. 

•4<i •' ( " So.) •• inc. " Sl.oo •• 

S " ( " 5c.) " Sic. " 83.50 " 



An instrument to carry and receive the voice to 
and from a distance of one or two miles, used at 
Yacht, Horse, Bicycle and Athletic Kaces, 
Football Games, Shore Cottage, Farm, Coun- 
try Home, and any place whe <annot 
y heard. The Megaphone consists of a 
irly constructed cone of light waterproof 
material. When spoken into it carries the voice 
with wonderful power and clearness to a great 
distance in any direction to which the phone is 
pointed. On the water, shore, or in any open 
country where there are no obstructions, and no 
rands to interfere, it is not difficult to talk 
aud hear to and fro over a distance of a mile with 
this instrument, while a loud call or hail can be 
heard about two miles. Voices and other souud3 
from a distance, which would otherwise be in- 
audible, can be heard with great distinctness when 
using the instrument as a receiver, that is to say, 
listening at the smaller end while the phone is 
pointed in the direction from which the sounds 
proceed. Especially with the larger sizes, the re- 
sults are wonderful. Sizes given are diameter of 
mouth as they require special boxing. We charge 
extra for it as below : 

12 in. 50c, Boxing 15c. 3T. in. S3.00, Boxing 35c. 
20iu.8S.OO, " 25c. 4Siu.S4.00, " 500. 


This scien- 
tific curiosity 
is of best 
crystal glass, 
an optical 
prism, firmly 
enclosed in 
a handsome 
black papier 
mache box. 
At one end is 
aronnd peephole, with an oblong opening on the 
opposite side of the box. By placing the eye at 
the peephole, and reversing the position of the 
box, back and forth, most extraordinary and 
amusing effects are produced. AU objects can be 
made to look much longer and narrower or broader 
and shorter than they are; in fact, so distorted as 
to create great laughter and fun. This Dis- 
torting Mirror, when held in a certain position, 
will make a person in the same room, with you ap- 
pear 50 rods away and from 15 to 20- feet tall, 
somewhat resembling a bean pole. By reversing 
the mirror, the same individual will appear to be 
about 2 feet in height and as large around as a 
Wash-tub. Send for one and have some fun. 
Price, looti.a.U, 10c. i-a.chi fcl.GO DOZ. 

This Whistle is constructed on entirely original 
ted) lines, viz: A wheel inside of tube pro- 
ne sound as the pressure is applied from 
mouth. The harder you blow, the faster the wheel 
s attaiuing a speed of 5000 to 8000 per 
mmute. As speed increases the pitch raises ; start- 
ins: at a very low toue it may he carried up the 
scale fully four octaves, and controlled accurately 
Thus a tune mav be played byprac- 
aer variations of the greatest novelty may 
be produced. As the tone raises it glows into a 
shriek or wail truly heartrendering. If anything 
can suggest the infernal regions it is this Develine 
Whistle. Perfectly constructed and heavily plated. 
Postage lo. Trice 10c. Each ; 

Drinking Gup. 

Everyouewho travels— much 
or little— will appreciate this. 
The cup, though 
large en o ugh 
\ when drawn out 
much as a tea 
cup. when closed 
which is the size 
of a gentleman's 
watch. The cup 
Is made of Ger- 
man silver and 
Will not corrode 
or rust, while 
the case Is 
equal to the 
most hand- 
60iae silver 
Watch. Postage. 8c. 
Price 22c. Each; S2.00 Dos. 


The cheapest i n t h e 
market, yet perfectly 
made ana beautifully 
finished. Cut exactly 
allows it two-thirds size. 

Holds nearly a teacnp full of water, yet when 
It is packed in outside case takes up no mora 
room than a watch. Cup is heavily plated prevent- 
ing corrosion. Case is highly polished and htm 
screw cover. Postage 2c. , 

Price 10c. Each; Sl.OO Dos. 


Aside from the space it occupies 
this is the best of all pocket enps. 
Fine ground, decora- 
rated crystal glass 2 
in. high, enclosed In 
beautifully p o 1 ished 
turned case, red color, 
with screw top. Post- 
age 4c. Reduced 
Price 9c. Each j 
95c. Dozen. 

Our Sure-Shot Camera is a wonder of per- 

or time exrne.tri>. complete, as shown above. Pos- 
tage 15c. Trice, 81.00. 




■We offer below a line of Shoes specially manufac- 
tured for athletic use, either in or out door, which 
contains as fine an assortment as any on the mar- 
ket. They are all made of selected stock, entirely 
new this season, and represent the highest grade 
Shoes at rock bottom prices. We keep all sizes in 
stock. Don't fail to mention size when ordering. 

■Hi This is one of our world-beating popular produo- 

J ,N! L ^yii tions. When we see a " good thing " which is being 

illffliir^^Si monopolized as a luxury by the rich, we don't sleep 

11 ill lill -K^ - \3* ~>l nights until we get out a popular edition for popular 

;[:■,■ f?C~A r *r-^^ /-*•" ^J\ people. The first to be sold at a popular price : has 

heretofore cost 83.00 to 815.00. Two strong rubber 

cables four feet long; best elastic rubber core with 

fancy insulating covertion. Strong nickeled steel hook 

and fittings for wall at one end and two ebonized 

handles with nickel frames at the other. Gives every 

variety, healthful exercise, strengthens chest, lungs 

and every other part. Postage 10c. Price only 

81.00 Each; 89.60 Doz. 

SPECIAL. The New Home Exerciser has met with such great success that we have had special 

machinery made, allowing us to materially reduce the price. With each exerciser we furnish a 

neat book, illustrating the different motions necessary for uniform development. Exercisers are su- 

plied in 4 strengths, and are adapted for use by every one. 

light, 50c. Each; 85.10 Doz. Heavy, 75c. Each; 87.45 Doz. 

Medium, 60c. Each; 86.00 Doz. Extra Heavy, 90c. Each ; 89.15 Doz. 


Mo. 1. — Canvas Pump. 
canvas sole. Postage 16c. 
Price 40e. Pair. 

No. 2 — Canvas Shoe, 
rubber sole. Postag* 18c. 
Price 69c. Pair. 

i No. 3. — Canvas Pump, 
leather sole. Postage 18c. 
Price 89c. Pair. 
No- 4 —Best grade Canvas Shoe, rubber sole. 
Postage 18c. Price $1.00 Pair. 

No. 5.— Fine Horsehide Shoe, flexible sole. 
Roughened to prevent slipping. Postage 20c. 
Price $1.73 Pair. 

No. 6— Selected leather, very light, Elkskin 
6ole. Postage 30c. Price $1.99 Pair. 


A line of goods on which we defy competition, all 
made from specially selected yarns, full fashioned, 
furnished in all sizes. Colors, Navy, Maroon, White 
and Black and at prices about 50 per cent, less than 
usually asked for similar goods by dealers. Only 
fast colors are used and special combinations made 
to order. 


No. 1.— Cotton, well made, 50c. Ea. Postage 80. 
No. 2.— " extra finish, 75c. " " 8c. 

No. 3.— Light Worsted, 81.00 " " 10c, 

No. 4.— Medium Weight, 1.76 " " 12c, 


No. 5.— Cotton, well made. 
50c. Each. Postage 8c. 

No. 8.— Cotton, extra finish. 
75c. Each. Postage 8c. 

No. 7.— Light Worsted. 
81.00 Each. Postage 10c 

No. 8.— Medium Worsted. 
SI. 75 Each, Postage 12c, 


Having placed immense orders for yarns before 
the great advance in price, we are enabled to offer 
you sweaters in the latest styles at prices that 
astonish all_ _ - 

i Ho. 1.— Boys' aH wool 
sweater, regular collar: col- 
or navy; sizes 2G to 34: light 
weight. Postage 19c. Price 
83c. Each. 

Ho. 2.— Men's all wool 
medium weight-* sweater, 

^ plain colors, navy, maroon 
or black;sizes34to42. Post- 
.o.Ho 83a, Price 81.35 Ea. 
No. 3.— Fancy design, 
all wool, usually sold for 
Colors navy and whiie stripe, maroon and 


white stripe. Postage 3'2c. Price 83.35 Each. 

Mo. 4.— Extra heavy all 
wool Foot Bal' Sweater. 
One of our finest products 
Postage 48c. Price $5.00. 

Full Sleeve Shirts. 

No. O.— Cotton, extra fin- 
ish. Postage 10c. Price 

No. 1 0. — Light worsted. 
Postage 13c. Price 81.50. 

No. 11. —Medium weight 
worsted, used for light weight 
sweater also. Postage 18o. 
Price 83.35. 


No. 1 . — Cotton, well made. 
Postage be- Price 50c. 

No. 2. — Cotton, extra finish. 
Postage 8c. Price 75c. 

No. 3.— Light worsted. Post- 
age 10c. Price 81.00. 

No. 4,— Medium worsted. Post- 
age I2e, Price 81.75, 


No. S— Cotton, extra finish. 
Postage 10c. Price 81.00. 

No. O.— Worsted, lightweight. 
Postage 12c, Price 83.85. 

No. 7,— Worsted, medium 
weight. Postage 15c. Price 

Ho. S.— Sailor collar, all 
wool. Furnished in maroon, 
.n.avy or black. Postage 35o. 
Reduced Price 81.75, jjo. 


No. 1. — Canvas Shoe, well 

stitched and reinforced, rubber sole 

light and durable, something; every 

Gymnast should have. Poslage_20c. 

Price, 98c. Pair. 

No. 2. — Leather Shoe, 
horsehide sole, very soft and 
flexible. A comfortable shoe 
and aiuch superior to the 
hard leather kind sold by 
other dealers as Gymnasium Shoes. Postage 22c. 
Price, $2-69 Pair, 

No. 3.— Fine Kangaroo leather, extra light, hand 
made, specially adapted for sparring and other pur- 
poses where a good foothold, accompanied with 
quick movements, is required. Postage 22c. Price, 
$3 88 Pair. 


No. 1. — No one can appreciate a 
well fitting shoe better than the am- 
bitious young sprinter or distance 
runner. After much careful study 
in this line we are able to offer you 
a shoe that combines the qualities 
of lightness and comfort with 
*?^ durability at a remarkably low 
"^ price. Postage 15c. Price, $1.98 
2- — Kangaroo leather, Norman & Bennett 
Postage 15c. Special Price, $3.25 Pair. 

Ho. 6.— Full Turtle, all 
Wool ; colors, navy and 
white stripe, black and or- 
ange stripe, maroon and 
white stripe. Postage 38c. 
Price 83.50. 

Mo. 7.— Full Turtle, ex- 
tra heavy, all wool, same 
colors as No. 6. Postage 
45o. Price 83.75. shoes 

Any of above furnished in any combination of 
colors at regular price on order in quantities. 


No. 3. — Superior 
quality velvet, fancy 
puffed clastic sides 
and top. Assorted 
colors. When order- 
ing state waist meas- 
ure. Postage 6c. 
Price 96c. Each. 
No 4.— Made of sateen, 
black or white. Postage 5c. 
Price 50c. Each. 


No. I. Manufactured of the best Canton 
Flannel, strongly Btitched and laced front, and is 
fastened to waist with an elastic band, thus assur- 
ing rapidity in putting <>n or taking off More 
comfort found in wearing than any other. Postage 
3c. Price 35c. Each. 

No. 2. Same as above but without elastic 

baud. Postage 3c. Price 35c. Each. 


These Pushers pro- 
Itect the feet from air 
I danger of blistering o 
I becoming hard and 
Jalso help to make 
ithe shoe fit snugly. 
^Dsed with running, 
walking, jumpj 
and all other athletic 
Made of fine Chamois skin and haud 
Postage lc. Price 35c. Pair. 


No. 1. — Plain white sa- 
teen, very light weight, 
strongly sewed. Regular 
price 75c. Postage 5c. Our 
Price 35c. Each. 

No. 2— White sateen, 
fly front, and red or blue 
stripe down the sides. In 
i other respects same as above. 
Postage 5c. Price 60c. Ea. 


A pleas- 
ant tilting 
and effec- 
tive sup- 
very popular. Front 
of Canton Flannel, with 
elastic bands on sides 
and top. Exceptional 
value. Postage 4c. 
Price 35c. Each. 




Our newest and most satisfactory 

pattern, modeled after a famous pro- 
peller, fitted with a powerful little en- 
gine and capable of much greater 
speed than any othertoy launch made. 
(Jtlier manufacturers have been mak- 
ing launches that were gaily painted 
but utterly useless for 
running purposes. Our 
"American is • con- 
structed differently, it is 
built to mo\t through 
the water, quicker than 
[any other boat, for a full 
hour without refilling 

ooiler or lump. In appearance it outshines the best; the hull is of thin metal, nicely painted , measures 
12x4 inches and shows the graceful lines of a fast boat; boiler is entirely of polished brass with ribbed 
rides- engine is very simple and easily understood, and connected to propeller by strong shaft. A good 
safe launch, easy to operate and sold with our guarantee to be as represented. Postage 30c. 
W PRICE $1.75 EACH. 


Great Reduction in Prices! Fun for the Million!— Here you are boys I Just the thing for a 
little harmless masquerading. Those mustaches are made of the best material, genuine hair, nicely 
crimped. They have a wire attachment, allowing them to be fastened to or removed from the faca 
with ease, and when worn cannot be easily told from the real production of razor and soap. Boys 
and young men can have lots of fun by putting them on in a crowd of friends, who will be greatly 
astonished at the sudden transformation. The goatees are attached to the face with wax, and like 
the mustaches can be removed and replaced as often as desired. For private theatricals, amateur 
minstrel shows, charades, tableaux, etc., where different characters are to be represented, these 
hirsute ornaments will be found invaluable, Our three illustrations show one and the same person, 
the difference in appearance being caused entirely by wearing our different styles of hair appendages. 
The first pioture shows a beardless youth of sixteen; the second picture, the same youth wearing 
one of our mustaches; the third with mustache and goatee. Any boy or man can change his 
personal appearance in the same manner as shown in our illustrations. We furnish our mustaches 
and goatees in six colors— gray, red, light brojvn, medium brown, dark brown, and black. In 
ordering state color desired. Black and brown are the colors usually sold. Postage lc. each ; 2c- 
dozen, Price of mustaches, 8c each ; five for 35c; one dozen 60c; goatees 6c each: four for 
25c; One dozen. 40c 

Dawson CUy Can Opener, universal whistle. 

Pronounced by all who have 
used it as the best can opener 
ever devised. As its name im- 
plies it is the can opener exclus- 
ively used in Dawson City, 

Alaska, where noth- 
ing but can goods are 
used, and where the 
finest tool only can 
be used. With it a 
can, no matter how 
thick the tin, can be 
opened as quick as a 
wink, removing the 
cover entirely or 

?artly as desired and leaving a very smooth edge, 
t can be operated from the centre or side as desired 
and works well either way. No more ragged edge 
tins, no more cut fingers, and no more swearing. 
Here's what you're looking for. Grasp it. Postage 
6c. Price 36c, Each; $2.50 Dozen. 

Pocket Bird Warbl&n 

Our latest Improved Bird Call 
or Warbler is the only article of 
the kind offered for sale tbafc 
can be operated by any one, and 
after 5 or 10 minutes* practice 
the notes of any bird can be im- 
itated perfectly. It is not placed 
in the mouth, but is operated 
by simply turning one end, at 
the same time pressing the two 
parts together. Postage lc. 

Price 5 Cents Each; 

fiOc. Dozen. 


The celebrated 
"Rugby" has been the 

most popular seller 
with us lor several fea-. 
owing to its very 
satisfactory q u a li t y 
and extremely low 
price. Made of best 
yellow grain leatheri 
strongly linen stitched 
and furnished with best red rubber bladder. This 13 
the regulation Rugby shape, made by the leai 
maker, whose name we cannot use in this offer Le- 
cause of our cut prices, which are little over one- 
half the established figure. Made in ^ sizes, which 
indicate circumference. 

No. 5 R— Regulation size, 27 inches, tan grain 
leather, cloth lined and strongly stitched. Best rub- 
ber bladder. Postage 13c. Price, $1-00 Each. 

No. 4 R,.— Same as above, but 24 inches. Postage 
\%q. Price, 85c. Each. 


The finestfootbal 
ever produced ;mad« 
according to require* 
men ts 01 college as-* 
sociiitions, and used 
Vbvt'nem in all match 
I games. Regulatioq 
1 size; selected grail 
leather, stretchedj 
welted seams; raw-. 
hide lacing; bladder 
and choker of pure 
gum rubber. Lacing 
needle and large &-in. inflator given with each. 
Packed in strong sealed box. Fully guaranteed thfl 
best outfit made. One of the greatest successes in 
this line because it is a high grade ball in every 
particular, fulfilling every requirement of the most 
fastidious at a popular price. Note our price ana 
judge whether we can save you money. Postage 
25c. Our Price $2.80 Each. 


These ball? are regular 
Association shape, and be- 
in- made by the largest 
ers to popular Bportmg 
customs can be relied on as 
having all the most ap- 
proved qualities. Every 
ball strictly guaranteed. 
This shape made in Iwo 

No. 7 A, Tan Grain Leather: best quality, 
lined throughout with eloth and linen stitched. 
Postage 9c. Price 98c. Each. 

No. 8 A. Same as above tout measures 24 
inches. Postage Se. Price 85c. Each. 


Either Rugby or Association. 
No. 4 for 52 in. Ball 50c. Postage 5c. 

A very popular style; two large tubes with 
metal mouth piece ; chain and hook for attaching 
to buttonhole. Double tone: very clear, full and 
agreeable.! 3 sizes, large, medium and small. Full 
nickel plate. Postage 2c. 

Price 21c. Each ; 82.00 Dos. 

The Wonderful 

An ingenious mu- 
sical novelty about 
the size of a silver 
half dollar. Imi- 
tates birds and ani- 
mals, Punch and 
Judy, etc., and is 
superior to any- 
thing of its kind. 
Postage lc. 

Price 3c. Each 
30c. Doz. 


Complete with battery, fan 
and full outfit. The most com- 
pact, complete and practical 
amateur outfit iu the market. 

Price 82.00. 
Motor Only, Price 81.00. 




Inch. 6 

Postage, t .05 
Price. S .25 

Foot Balls. 

Our line of these 
great sport producers 
is large, and our prices 

away down. Below we 
give sizes, postage and 
prices. The quality we 
guarantee the best in 
the market. 

8 9 10 11 

.13 .15 

.70 .83 




is a gem ; just the 
thing to start your 
boy out with; he will 
learn the art of pho- 
tography, take many 
beautiful pictures 
and get days of en- 
j o y m e n t . Com- 
plete, with outfit, 
for Sil-OO. • 
Postage 15c. extra. 



Our ' ' Good Luck Fisherman'sOutfit' ' and ' 'Acme 
Outfit 1 ' are a guarantee to our many friends and 
customers of their quality and the prices at which we 
I iply them. Dealing as we do direct with ' • first 
'' the Middlemen Lose their Profit. You 
pet their Money. We have added trom manufactur- 
er's Btoi -t values they make and name priecs 
on a selected line of honest goods that cannot be ap- 
proached elsewhere. Send us a trial order, either 
large or small ; it will give us an opportunity of 
pro\ ins our elaims and give you an idea of our perfect 
and safe Mail Order Business, which is the greatest in 
the world. 

Standard Fishing Reels. 


No. 27. A very fine quality Split Bamboo Rod that must be seen to be appreciated. It cannot 
be duplicated elsewhere for double the money. The description, length and weight are the same as our 
No. 25 Split Bamboo Eods, except that it has a genuine a irk handle grasp and is made with the greatest 
care as to material and workmanship. The action cannot be improved as the original elasticity and 
strength are retained by preserving the straightness of the natural grain of the wood in putting strips 
together. An excellent rod which cannot be too highly recommended. State whether for bait or fly 
fishing. Postage 19c. Our Price 81.90 Each. 

No. 25. To start you we offer a Six Strip Hexagonal Split, Bamboo Bait Rod, fi', fret-long, with 
three pieces and extra tip, full nickel plated mountings and celluloid hand grasp. The entire rod is 
mounted at close intervals with silk ana It is put in walnut colored wood form with cover. The illus- 
tration cannot do justice to its beauty, and use only shows the bargain. Postage ISc. Price SI. 15 Ea. 

No. 26. Same as above but for fly use and having reel plate below hand. 10 feet long. Postage 
18c. Price 81.25 Each. 

Our Prices, 

This is a single action reel 
which can be used for Trout, 
Bass, Pike, l'ickeral, Perch or 
Sun fish. Hade of brass, nick- 
el plated; thin plates, 
a n d finished wood 
handles. Has patent 
click which operates as quick 
as a flash. This is the Kind 
sporting goods stores charge 50 
for. Postage So. 

25 60 100 Yards. 
25c. 30c. 40c. Each. 

Multiplying Bass Reels. 


The greatest bargains ever 
Offered. Every reel has 
: i just- 
able back sliding click 
and "front 
sliding drag, 
and is screw- 
ed through- 
out. They 
can be used either 
free running or with 
click only, or drag 
only, or with both 
click and drag to 
in a minute 
no tools, hut your hands. 

Every reel can he taken apart and cleaned if you 
own a screw driver. Postage 8c, 

Capacity of Line in Yards, 
Multiplying Twice, Polished) 

Brass J 

Multiplying Twice. Nickel Plated 
Multiplying Four Times. Nickel! 

Plated with white handle and V 2.30 2.75 - 

fancy milled edges. A beauty. J 

Be particular and state plainly description and 
size of reel wanted. Prices are low, goods excellent. 

60 100 
$ .60 8 .75 Ea. 
.65 80. " 

. A Genuine Cuban Lancewood Rod, beautifully ' finished in the natural color of the 
_ three pieces and extra tip; full nickel plated mountings, solid metal reel seat, celluloid 
hand grasp, and put up in a cloth partition bag, is another special offer. We can furnish this rod 10X 
feet long for fly or bait fishing. State which and order quick, Cuba is in trouble. Postage 20c. 

Price 81.45 Each. 

wood, with 


' From India' s Sunny Clime. 

-- 33. 

protected by nature's covering against heat and moisture. 

A natural Calcutta bamboo with the strong close fibre 
[ moisture. This rod is made in four pieces with reel 
bands and' mounting of polished brass. Not the trash usually offered but of selected material, put to- 
gether right, and can be supplied in any length from 14 to 16 feet. Our price is a world beater. 
Postage 22c. Price 98c. Each. 


No. 34. Howisthis? A three-piece wood rod with stained butt, second joint, and natural col- 
ored tip, about lOJtf feet long for the marvellously low price of 40e. It is a good strong serviceable rod 
that is well varnished, and has reel bands, line guides and metal mountings. 75c. value iu the cheap- 
est stores. Postage 14c. Price 40c. Each. 


Bicycle Rod." Made of fine Calcutta Bamboo, with full nickel plated mountings, Zylonite 
butt beautifully finished, and wrapped with stlk. Entire rod is In five pieces with cxria dp and is BX 
rees long when adjusted. The in length and can be carried on the frame of a 

bicycle or will fit an ordinary valise easily. Rod i- put in a partition bag aud is sold with our guiiran 
see for good quality. Postage 25c. Price 81.95 Each. 


These are the well known i 

! ('ail isle, Kirby and Limerick I 
I Hooks, which are in universal f t 
use. They arc manufactured J 
of the finest English Spring 
Steel, and are the strongest and best hooks 
on the market. Made in assorted sizes : 
Nos. 7 to 10 are minnow sizes ; Nos. 1 to 
6. Trout; Nos. l-O to '2, Black Bass; Nos. 
8-0 to :J-0, Pike and Pickerul ; Nos. 10-0 
to 4-0, Sturgeon and Codfish. 

Prices Quoted are by the 100. 

N09. 10-0, 9-0, fe-0, T-H, 6-0. Ml, 4-0. 3-0. 2-0. 1-0, 1-1*. 

Carlisle 60.47 .38 .33 .-IX .24 . IK .15 .13 

Kirby. .68 .52 .40 .33 .28 .23 .21.17.1- . M .09 
Lime'k .68 .52 .40 .33 .28 .23 .21 .17 .14 .IS ,<>B 


Take your choice Of Carlisle. Aberdeen, Kproat 
or .Sneck Kendall Shapes for hooks tied on best 
gut or gimp at the follov. ing low prices : 

N.>a. 6-0, 0-0, 4-0, 3-0, 2-0. 1-0, 1 to It 

On Single Gut. x x x .27.24.21 .19 Doj, 
On Double Gut. . .23 " 
On Treble Twisted 

. .32 " 

On Wire Gimp. . ..!2 " 

The be6t Suclled Locks ever offered at the price. 


This consisti 
of a little metal 
device, nickel- 
plated «R> resist 
the action of 
waterjabout the 
size of a sinker. 
It Is attached to 
the line a f e 
two above the 
hook, and contains 
powerful spring 
ich is set l y a 

> e of nicety. 
.. bite of the f»h 
pulls the trig: I 

tho hook is sod 
jerked into his jaws. If yon get a bite or even a 
nibble you are sure of Mr. Pish. They are highly 
recommended by customers everywhere both for 
brook and river or sea fishing. Postage 1c. 
Price 32c. Each ; 82.25 Dm. 

Our Aggregation of New, Novel and Staple Goods Has No Equal on Earth. 




Our 189-, Outfit for fishermen is a wonder of completeness, high 
quality and cheapness. By purchasing Immense quantities of its 
various parts at seasons when manufacturers are willing to mak» 

' \ 1 eoods at cost we are al.le to furnish at least doable value in an 

■^V^-ts* outfit of this kind. Its contents would cost much over $100 
- purchased separately. As a crowning feature we have this year 
added a Fisherman's Guide, a neat and handy book, specially 
j gotten up for this outfit by W. C. Harris editor of the American 
Angier, describing every fish and telling how to catch them This 
book alone is worth the price of the outfit. The full CONTEXTS 
arc as follows: 1, GUIDE BOOK. 2, STRONG BRASS REEL, 
perfectly made and finished, retail price 30c., may be attached to 
| any pole. 3, HEAVY LISTEN TROUT LINE, guaranteed to hold 
F the heaviest Trout. 4, LINEN BASS OR SALMON LIXE. best 
' 9?. lty S? d jery strong, o, FURNISHED LIXE complete with 
i ■?!£;?,* Ji°™-™ nker ~2 nd Hook, a complete outfit in itself. 6, 
r LONG COTTON LINE on block with Hook * Sinker suitable for 
surtasRork Bass. Sunfish, Catfish, etc. 7, TWELVE RINGED 
MtfcL ilha HOOKS, best standard made, assorted 6izes, war- 
ranted sharpest points and barbs. Sizes are suitable for every 
rangeof fish from J'jnnow to NVeakfish. 8. TWO IMPROVED 
TROUT FLIES. latest improved, natural brilliant colors. They 
•re effective where all others fail. 9, ONE IMPROVED BASS FLY. finest made 10, ONE IM- 
PROVED SALMON FLY perfect In shape and color. 11, TWO SXELL HOOKS AND CiUTIIooks 
■et on long guts, positive security against fish cutting lines. Packed in. neat box and secureiy'maiied. . 
If convenient ask a dealer the value of these parts. 
Price of complete outfit mailed post-paid only 50 Cents, 


This is the time of the year when the followers of the great Izaak Walton, look up the various 
articles to lure members of the finny trib?: so we have prepared an outfit that eclipses anything yet 
offered, for the low price at which we sell it. Each article is made of the best material, and we can 
truti.fully assert that if yon buy the articles separately, the cost would be double what we ask. 

Following are the contents: 1. Artificial Worm Bait; somethi'ig new and good when live worms 
fail. ». Strong Brass Heel; perfectly made and finished. 3. 3poon Bait; a perfect beauty, warranted 
to allure Bass and other fish. 4. Patent Hook and Sinker attachment; does awav with tying knots in 
fish lines. 5. Bait Box; strong and well made. 6. Heaw Linen Trout Line; will hold the heaviest 
trout. 7. Linen Bass or Salmon Line. 8. Furnished Line, cnmnlete with patent Float Sinker and 
Book. 9. Lo B g Cotton Line on block with hook and sinker, for Rockba«s. Sunfish. Catfish etc 1". 
Twelve Ringed Steel Fish Hooks: best standard make, sharo points and perfect barbs, assorted sizes, 
from Minnows to Weakfish. 11. Two Improved Trout Flies; natural brilliant colors. 12. One Im- 

S roved Bass Fly; finest made. 13. Salmon Fly; perfect shape and color. 14. Two Snell Hooks and 
at; hooks set on long guts, positve security against fish cutting lines. IS. Patent Fish Stringer; 
eomething useful to carry home vour 'catch" on. 16. Guide Book, specially written for us by 
jW. C. Harris. Editor of the American Angler, describing everv fish and how to catch them. The 
^Whole packed in a strong wooden bos, mailed post-paid for only si .00. 


cts. each, 






A wonderful and most ingenious 
device. It is easy to set, suited to any 
bait, can be used anywhere, nothing 

ery fish, muskrat, or squirrel which 

bites at the bait is surely caught. Perfectly safe for children, will not rust. Ono 
bait will catch from 20 to 30 fish. Will spring in any position; in short, it 
is a grand triumph over the unsafe and uncertain common fish-hook. Highly 
recommended by the Tribune, World, Press, and the Turf, Field and Farm. The 
Ohio Farmer says : " The Eagle Claw is a very ingenious article. The best device 
for catching fish and game we ever saw. Safe, sure and convenient.'' No. I is 
for all ordinary fishing, the ladies' favorite. No. 2 is for general use, both large 
and small fish and game. We have sold thousands, and they have all given splen- 
did satisfaction. Price, No. I, by mall, 30 cts. each J No. 2, by mall, 60 
post-paid. Price, per docen, by express, No. I, S2.25 ; No. 2, S3.S0. 


The=e Flies are made by the 
Empire City Tackle Co., and 
are noted fir their fine quality 
and excellent styles. Select 
what you want of these rat- 
terns: Brown, Grav, Red or 
Black Hackle, Abbey, Black 
Gnat, Bee. Brown Ant. Cap- 
tain, Coachman, Grav Drake 
Grizzly King. Red Ibis. King 
of Waters, Montreal. Yellow 
May. Governor, March Brown. Queen of Waters 
White Miller, and order at the following low prices! 
Postage 2c. Dozen. 
Prices on BIned Spring Steel Kirby Hooka. 

No. 4, 6, 8, 10. 8 .SO Dozeii. 

Prices on Fine Spring Steel Sproat Hooka, 

No. 6, 8, 10. 8.50 Dozen. 

Anybody knows the above patterns catch fish 

you run no risk. 

Black Bass and Trolling; Flies. 

t . All are tied on strong dou- 

\ \ ble gut. They hold bfc fill. 

,.. \ I The best patterns are Brown, 

/&*\ \ S**S Black a,ld Gr ev Hackle, 
I B^» , ,V Coachman. Grizzlv King, 
■JgS^Bkklliil Jjj Rcd lbis - Professor. Mont- 
^^■IBH real. Seth Green, \\ hite Mil- 
^^■■■ylcr. Yellow May and Black 
> . ^^^^^E^ tinat. A glance at our 
X; ■ WW prices will be enough to in- 
^^■■^^ lime you to order a sample 
^y dozen. You will not regret it. 

Postage oe. Dozen. 
Prices on Spring Steel Sproat Hooks. 
>"o*. 2-0, l-O, 1, 2, 8 .50 Dozen 
Trice* on I ine Spring Steel Sproat Hooks. 
Xos, 2-0, 1-0, 1. 2, S ,75 Dozen, 

The Celebrated "Fluted Bait." 

One of tho most popular spoon baii^. Ha* the 

lisrht and easy running qualu ssary in 

trolling. Made of Brass, and h-imi.<omely nickel 

Any size blade from X% to 2jjf inches. 

Koto our cut prices, postage 2C. 

Price 12c. Kach; SI. 10 Dozen Assorted. 

The "Kidney" Pickers! Bait. 

Has given the utm ion wherever nsed, 

and no fisherman's outfit is complete without it. 
Strongly made of brass, nickel plated and fitted 
with bright hooks. Particularly adapted for pick- 
era! andaeknowledged the best bait for this ti c h. 
All sized blades from 1 V to 2 s „ inches. Postage 2c. 

Price 10c. Each ; 1 Dozen Assorted 98c. 

Famous " Phantom " Minnow. 

Greatest eeller of them all. It will cateh fi-h 
where live bait fails. Made of Best Ribbon silk 
beautifully painted in either Blue, Brown, or Sil- 
ver colors. Usual prices are double ours for the 
same goods. Posta- 

Price .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .45 .55 .05 .90 81.25 
No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C. -.. S. 9. lO. 
Inches 1% 2 2X 1% 3X3X4X4* -V 


Price. P'tago 
1 Doz. brass swivels to prevent line 

from kinking ISc. 3c. 

A "Seth Green" gang of hooks on 

cut for black bass 20c. lc. 

Cork Float, fancily painted and var- 
nished 6e. lc. 

Split Shot Sinkers for trout fishing. 

3 boxes 8c. 4c. 

Do you want a Minnow Pail. Tackle Box. Bait 

Box, Disgorger, landing Net. Minnow Net. or 

Fi*h Seal's? Anything in Fi-hing taokle will be 

. ut wonderfully low prices. Recollect we 

give more for $1. 00 than any one else on earth. 



A splendid re- 
volver With bard 
rubber handle ; 
finest steel throughout ; I 
shot ; medium size. Accur- 
ately made and elegantly 
finished iu full nickel. Just the right 
size to carry every day. Each in strong 
box. Made in 32 calibre only. A great bargain. 
Sold everywhere at $1.50. Postage 12c. Our 
Price 98c Each, 


A decided hit 1 

Hade to oarry in 

the vest pocket. 

\Vi inch round 



The latest im- 
provement iu pocket 
firearms. Seli-cook- 
ing action; elegantly 
nickel plated; rubber 
handle; has patent 
safety catch, making 
accidental discharge 
impossible. All parts 
are of steel and in- 
terchangeable; bar- 
rel and working 

parts are drop forged; simple, strong and durable. 
The best hammerless revolver made; easily ope- 
rated and the safest and most elegant weapon in 
use. Each iu bos, with a first-class barrel brush. 
With this you can shoot as fast as you please. One 
of the best revolvers made, and at our price a sur- 
prising bargain. 22-cal. is 7 shot; 32 and 38 are 5 
shot. Postage lie, 14c. and 20c. respectively. 

Price Only IBS. 00 Each for 33 and 33: 38-CaL 83.50 Each. 



Hlghlj nick- 
eled ; rubber 

Takes reg- 
ular 32 cal. 
centre fire S. & W 
Weight S Z A ounces. 

Price SI. 75 Each. 




This is the same as our regular 
Automatic but with another type of 
hammer as shown in cut. 

32 Calibre. Postage 21c. Price S3.00 Each. 

38 " " »?0. " S3.35 " 


Retail storekeepers make large mar- 
gins ou goods of this class. They also 
buy of Jobbers who hare a profit. We 
buy of the makers and require but a small mar- 
gin on these as well as all our goods. This is a 
first-class revolver made of best forged s; 
full polished. Workmanship guaranteed perfect ; 
Self cocking ; Patent automatic shell ejector ; 
Hard rubber handle. * T nte our price. 

Price, 32 Cnl. S3.QO Encli ; Postage 21o. 

Price, 3S Cal. S3.35 Each; Postage 27c. 




A scientific novelty 
consisting of a ground 
glass prism set in a 
strong leatherette case, 
with extra glass front. 
It is a high grade edition 
of similar articlec 
at lower prices, and is 
made with the greatest 
care to bri'Jg out the 

greatest effect. What brings 

about the astonishing distortion 

of everything looked at through 
istrument is at once the 

wonder and despair of all— even 

scientists— as the prism is ground 

perfectly flat and true. I 

ration is the same as a concave 

or convex mirror, but why and 

how it is impossible to tell. Its 

construction permits an almost unlimited range of 

vision, making it extremely interesting iu viewing 

distant obiect s. Postage 3c. 

Price 35c. Each; 83.50 Doz. 

Automatic shell ejecting; small 
frame, adapted to 22 cal. short or long 
rim fire or 32 cal. S. & W. central fire 
cartridges. Working parts are dropped forged; 
the frame, eylinder and barrel are steel, highly 
nickeled; hammer rebounding; rubber stocks. 
Weight. Postage. Price. 
22 Cal., 7 Shot, 3-in. Bbl., Wi oz. ICc. 83.25 
32 " 5 " 3-in. " !1J4 oz. 15c. 3.50 


Made of heavy 
tan le a 
highly I 
and stitched 
with linen. Has 
slip for belt. 
1 Two sizes for 
32 and 36 cali- 
bre Revolvers, 

Postage lo. Price 25c. Each; 82.40 Doz. ' 


A goorl revolver 
i* worthy 1 I 
care which they 
don*t get oar 

in a pocket These eases preserve 
rom injury of every nature, 
of heavy kid, strongly sewed, with strong 
nickel metal rims and ball clasp. In ordering, 
state oalibre and length of barrel Postage So. 

Prlco 17c Each ; 5* 4. SO Doz. 



Fully guaranteed. Made of the best 
material, and every part interchange- 
able. The barrel catch will never fail. In carry- 
ing the pistol fully charged there is no danger of 
explosion or accident. Barrel, cylinder and all 
working parts made of drop steel forgiugs. Accur- 
ate, easy action and absolute safety. 


32 Cal. S. & W. 3-in. Barrel, 
38 " " SK-in. " 




Safety Hammer- 
less Automitle. 

The finest, safest and most desirable 
revolver made. Absolutely true; a safe 
'"^f P J a . < ; ed iu t , h0 tri >-'S er ' independent of 
SnL 1,, , " f the r 5 TOl '''"'-. operating against the 
gua d, making a safety trigger, and with a safety 
hammer, makes the most perfect safety hammer- 
less revolver placed on thj market UBmu,or 

„„,,.„. „ . Postage Prlco 

f„ Vp-S ,«• Barrel, nickeled, 25c. 84.0O 


As a bargain in 
• us Shis 

1 earth 
iliull . 
ittern, made 
■ f best material and finished in the 
highest style in heavy nickel It baa 
regular doui>i„-action, requiring but 
one pressure of trigger to cock and ' 
fire. The whole 5 chambers can be discharged In 
two seconds; 5 shooter; Central fire; Hard rubber 
engraved handles. Packed In strong box. 

Price, 32 Cal. 81-73 ICach ; Postage He. 
Priw, 38 Cal. 81.95 ::ach ; Postage >3c 

It is Your Duty to Buy Where You Can the Cheapest. Read Our Prices ! 



PRICE 85c, 

The "Daisy" is made entirely of metal, beautifully nickel plated, with metal shoulder rest. The 
air is compressed by a new patent lever action which, together with its other points of excellence, 
makes it the peer of all other AirUuns. As shown in cut, it is extremely neat in outline and ap- 
pearance. Universal praise is the rule from purchasers of the Daisy, It shoots B B Shot with great 
accuracy. Each rifle is sighted and tested before leaving the shop. No powderl No smoke! No 
noisel It is death to sparrows, rats. etc. 1,000 shots for 10c. For this season we have made an unusually heavy contract, 
enabling us to sell this Gun at a further reduced price, making it the cheapest in the market. Unmailable. 

Reduced Price 85 Cents Each; $8.50 a Dozen. 
1 DAISY REPEATING RIFLE.— This is the latest "Daisy." It has a magazine holding 50 B B Shot and a perfect working 
ejector. Its magazine differs from ail others, the shot lying in a single column in a tube bored to fit; this gives an absolutely certain feed. Price 81.15 Ea. 


PRICE $1.00. 

This I* our 
GUM.— lust re- 
modeled and furnished with many up-to-date features by Its makers, who have had 20 
years of experience building Air Guns. Everything except the stock is made of pressed 
st-el of high quality. A moment's thought will convince you of the advantage of this 
construction in strength, beauty and lightness. It weighs but 39 ounces; yet it has no weak parts and 
18 Absolutely Guaranteed for One Year. Every outward part is highly polished and nickel 
plated. It has a magazine which holds c ^er 500 B. B. Shot, and a perfect spring feeder which eject? 
Into the barrel one shot after each Bhot. Its air compressor and mechanism works so perfectly that very rapid firing 
is possible, and with light exertion: yet its spring being the strongest and most durable found in any gun, it shoots 
with great force and accuracy. An important feature is its Combination Rifle Sight, which not only has an ad- 
justment Of 6 inches up and down on barrel, but can also be changed instantly to open or globe 6ight. It has regular pistol grip and stock of highly finished 
hardwood. Wonderful improvements have been made in Air Rifles, but wesav with confidence that this one is the most striking example of high quality 
Ingenious construction aud low price. Postage 35c. Price S1.00 Each; $10.25 a Dozen, 


These rifles have always had a world wide 
' reputation as being the cheapest ones of 
any practical merit. Though they sell 
chiefly to amateur sportsmen, thev are by no means below 
the standard and are frequently used by those who know 
what a good gun is. We are direct importers and sell hun- 
dreds annually and our prices are less than one-half those 
charged in many gun stores. 

NO. 1. A "hard service," accurate shot, extra heavy, well balanced 24-inch blued barrel; 
t2 Calibre ; has the latest dove-tail breech, which saves the rifle lock from easily getting out of 
order. It is pistol grip, with rubber butt, oiled walnut checkered stock, and has latest improved 
cartridge ejector. A splendid rifle in every respect; good for all game, and sure for a long life, as it 
has all the important features of the most costly guns. Not mailable. Our Price only Si. 25. 

NO. 2. A fine gun at an Insignificant price. fcA good serviceable rifle with 22 inch barrel, S3 
Caliber, varnished stock. Bright Mountings, Shell Extractor, Weight 4'4 lbs. A splendid gun to 
give a youngster whioh will look and work to him like a $75.00 Winchester. In appearance it if 
Almost exactly like No. 1 shown above. Not mailable. Price S2.50. 


Just reduced from $7.50, though quality has been steadily Im- 
proved, not an amateur machine in any respect, but used by fancy 
marksmen, rifle clubs and huntsmen generally. Three calibres, 22, 
25 and 32. It has automatic shell ejector, black walnut stock with 
ease hardened mountings and locks, 24-inch barrel, rifled by the 
most skilled workmen. Made by the Crescent Arms Co. By an 
1 Ingenious device this rifle can be taken apart and put together instantly, without any tool. Weighs 
but 5 pounds, aud can be packed in a trunk for traveling. Unequalled beauty, finish, convenience, 
accuracy and strength. All pans are interchangeable, Our Price S4.90 Each. 



Ton can see 
for yourself 
how this wonder 
ful little Camera is operated. 
Place your finger or a knife 
In the groove in the middle of the camera, and 
look through the eyepiece toward a strong light. 
Hold the box so that the light falls on the arti- 
cle you want to look through, and in a moment 
you will see a glimmer, and after your eye be- 
comes accustomed a watch or other small article 
may be seen distinctly. How's it-tlonef That's 
the question. The most wonderful and mysterious 
novelty of the decade. A scientific and mechani- 
cal success; Look through stone, iron, wood, flesh 
and hone— EVERTTHiKo- Postage paid. 

Price 15c. Each i 2 for 25c.; SI. 25 Doz; 

Complete set for reloading brass and paper shells. 
Contains six best implements, as follows : Loader, 
Closer, Capper, Shell Extractor, Measure, Clean- 
ing Rod with Swab, Wiper and Scratch brush. The 
cheapest complete set ever offered. Enables you 
to reload your own shells at a small fraction of the 
cost of buying. All packed in strong partitioned 
boj. 10 or 12 gnage. Postage 30o. 

Price T5c. per Set. 

- Smoke 



$ .18 






1. 30 

Loaded Cartridges, Rim Fire. 

We are headquarters for these goods and quote 
prices which are far below the market valu 
be sent by express only. 

Loaded Cartridges, Price per 100 
Rim Fire. Bl'k Powder. 

I. B. B. Caps $ .14 

22 ■■ Short 26 

22 '• Long 32 

22 " Long Rifle 32 

Short 56 

32 " Long 60 

Loaded Cartridges, Central Fire 

Loaded Cartridges, 
Central Fire. 

25-20 Marlin 1.18 1.26 

&W 80 .85 

feW 1.00 1.08 

4 1 -, &W 1.25 1.50 

Shot Cartridges. 

Shot Cartridges. 

■21 Long Rim Fire 58 .03 

32 " " 1.15 1.20 

82 S. & W. Central Fire. .88 . 95 

\V. " " . 1.10 1.20 

Blank Cartridges. 

Blank Cartridges. 

22 Short Rim Eire 16 — — 

32 32 — — 

82 8. &W. Central Fire, .60 — — 

38 S. &\V. " " -TO — — 

Loaded Shells for 10-12 and 18 Guage 

Loaded Shells for 10-12 and 1 
Blcck Powder, per box of 25, 45c. : per loo. 11.60. 
Semi-Smokeless I ;lack Powder, perboxof- 

perlno. 11.85. 
Smokeli 112 guage onlv, per box of 25, 

65c. ; per loo, $2. 35. 

Paper Targets. -No. l. 
Heavy white paper 14 x 14; 12 

lings. Postage lc. Reduced 
Price 15c. Doi. ; 81.00 100. 

No. 2. Extra heavy manilla : 
15x21 ; combined Creedmore 
and ring ; 3 large rings and 
and 12 small, for long 
4c. doz. 
New Price 4c. Each; 35c. Dozen. 

Shell Belt, No. I. 

— Best quality tun leath- 
er. Strongly linen stitch- 
ed throughout. Leather | 
->est finished and scored. 
strong sling straps. As- 
lorted sizes band and for 
s os. 10 and 12 guage shells. 
Postage 7c. Price 65c. Each; 
$6.50 Dozen, 

No. 2.— Same style as above, but made of serv- 
iceable Webb with lea ther sling strap. Postage lc. 
Price 45c. Each. 

Cartridge Belt, Plain leather, Nickel Buck- 
le, for 22, 32, 38 or 44 Calibi -; state 
calibre when ordering. 

No. 3, Width 1'. in. Postage 5c. Price 48c. Ea. 
No. 4. " 2 ■a in. " 7c. '• 70c. " 



1,000 SHOT RIFLE. 

893 MODEL $^.00 

Shoots 1,000 Shots Without Reloading. 

Simple, Strong and Durable. 

This model is similar in principle to the celebrated Marlin Repeating Rifles, which are sold for 
$26.00, it is a new feature in Air Guns, it holds a thousand B. B. shot, and is most simple in its work- 
Ins, it is a gun any one would be proud to carry and own, it shoots with precision and throws a shot 
for a long distance. All parts are interchangeable and replaced for a few cents: easily taken apart. 

Walnut stock, enameled frame, nickel barrel, weight 5 1 bs. This rifle haa been thoroughly overhauled , the more valuable features 
retained, and entirely new improvements added, making it more easily operated, more accurate, more substantial, possessing 
more length of stroke of piston, thus securing greater force of the shot. No expense has been spared in securing the highest 
attainable results, as regarding the foregoing qualities, and the makers having had the experience of years in developing and perfecting this 
rifle have no hesitancy in making the claim that the Model of 1898 surpasses all previous models. Furthermore: our immense success last season with 
this rifle enables us to reduce our price materially, In spite of the great improvements. Unmailable. Our 1898 Price $2.00 Each. 



This is a new gun of American make and one of the most important products of 
recent years— both on account of its cheapness and quality. One of its most important 
features is its detachable stock ; by means of a cam button the barrel and stock are 
parted in less than a second. It has a blued octagon, barrel 22 inches long with perfect blue finish and rifle bore 
which is guaranteed accurate, fitted with new patent back sight quickly adjustable to every 100 feet up to ,00. 
Its mountings are perfectly made, fitted and case hardened ; also its lock, which is Remington Action, proviaed 
with shell ejector. It has fine walnut stock with case hardened butt cover. Weight only 4K lhs. Perfection of stability, compact- 
ness and good quality. It shoots No. 22 rim fire cartridges, either short, long or rifle lengths and does such accurate work that its use 
is by no means confined to youths and is frequently preferred by huntsmen, who find no fault with its working qualities. We cnn for 
special reasons make an extra lew price on this rifle and fully recommend it to our patrons both on its quality and price. Our Special Price »4.S0 Ea» 

« "ATLAS" 

This is an American made Rifle which 
-»-, for accuracy is guaranteed equal to any. 
H In repeated tests that have been made 
it has out-shot different expensive Win- 

chesters.' Barrel is drilled from the best special gun barrel steel at the Remington 
Arms Factory; has new quick twist (1 in 16& inches) and blued finish, as fine as any; has auto- 
matic shell extractor. No "key-holing" will be found on targets used with this gun. A special and 
valuable feature is the construction of hammer; it cocks down leaving sight and even bore clear 
._ to end; in its upward and forward action it locks itself so there is no possibility of recoil. Every gun 
besides other tests, has a special one for strength, giving it a strain of six times the amount ever used in practice. 
There is little use in buying cheap imported guns when such as this mav be had at our price. Breech and stock detach instantly 
and pack in a small box 5x20 inches; full length 32 inches; barrel K'A inches; weight 3 lbs. Chambered for 22 short or long 
cartridges; the simplest and cheapest shooting rifle in the world. Unmailable. Regular price $-1.50. Our Price, 83.70 Each. 



The only practical 

*"" — 7 • ■ —? ??r-rand successful head 

JVr-v^j^ -,^ ' - ■ screen that is posi- 

tive proof against all 



attacks from poison- 
ous mosquitoes ami 
other insects. When 
properly adjusted it 
effectually i<<\ era all ' 
parts of the head and 
neck, and is so ar- 
ranged as not to 
touch the face. Be- 
ing especially des- 
igned for use in the 

Klondike regions, where the mosquitoes in sum- 
mer are so numerous and dangerous as to drive 
men to suicide, it will !■' welcomed by the entire 
sporting fraternity and others as a necessary adjunct to their camp equi] ait. A few of its many ad- 
vantages; It can be worn during sleep without discomfort, protects the eyes from snow e,larc in winter, 
weighs but 2 ounces; very fine webbing excludes all dust and dirt; rapid in adjustment. Endorsed 
imd used by the following well known miners in the Klondike district: Geo. A. Bcttis, Gordon Bettels, 
of Glacier Creek; J. R. Naehant, Joseph Ladue, Wm. Miller, of Dawson City; Jack Smith, Eldorado 
Creek, and thousands of others who pronounce it the only satisfactory screen made. Postage 3c. 

Price C5c. Each ; $6.50 Dozen. 

The greatest of all whistles. A regular ear- 
sphtter. capable of cutting a hole through a stone" 
wall. Its tone is shrill, shreiking and truly awfuL 
The rubber bulb at one end regulates the sound 
making a variety of tones. The metal parts are 
well plated and it is altogether a nc: 
Postage 2c Price 18c Each; $1.75 Dozen. 



The latest and positively the best Shot Gun 
Cleaner ever invented, has sharp cutting edges, 
•which cuts out all lead and rust, does not injure 
the finest barrel, easily adjusted to guns from H to 
10 gauge, can be used for cleaning and burnishing. 
Postage 3c. Price 45c. Each. 



One of the handiest arti- 
or travelers, either 
f i ir long or short distances, 
by rail, water, foot or 
bicycle. Folds up and 
takes up no more space in 
ket than a hand- 
kerchief. Will never wear 
out. corrode or become 
uncleanly, a- 

Postage 2c. Price 20c. 
Each ; S3. OO Doz. 

Gun Cleaning Outfit.— Bestoutnt made; 4 joint 
brass rod, wire and bristle brushes til last, joint 
which also has slot for holding rag. Revolving 
snakewood handle permits brush to follow riflo 
bore. Worth $1.50. State calibre. Postage -10c. 
Our Price 80c. Each; $8.70 Dozen. 


This is the best Duck Call, made of Cooobola 
wood, beautifully finished with nickel-plated tip. 
Gives a perfect imitation of a duck and never f sna- 
gs a decoy. It is also a great fun-maker, the 
Counterfeit being so perfect Postage 2o. 

Seduced Price 27c. Each; (S3. 72 Dozen. 

Here is the truest Pocket Compass and the mest 
powerful Whistle ever heard in combination. The 
Compass is firmly insert ni in one side or the top- oi 
the Whistle, and is protected by a heavy glass 
face. Its needle points true North and South; 
and the letters on the card are large and clear. 
8 points are given, and with this Compass any one 
can readily keep his bearings iu the densest fore6t, 
on the vastest prairie, or far at sea. The Whistle 
is a great novelty, designed on a new principle, 
that renders it the most deafening and powerful 
known. It can be heard for miles. Anyone can 
blow it I Such a whistle should be in the pocket 
constantly. It is a better protection to a laily on a 
dark night than a dog or a gun. for its piercing 
shriek will Instantly frighten off a thug or a thief. 
The combination is of solid metal, cast in one' 
piece and beautifully nickel plated; a ring is at- 
tached, so that it ran he hung to a neck cord, or 
belt, or carried in the pocket Postage 10. 

Price 15c. Each. S1.4U Doz. 


have n ever dealt with us ti» have perfect confldi 
in us ; WE know who and what we arc but YOU 
may not— the Commercial Agencies and many 
Bankers, Postmasters and Express Agents through- 
out the Country and especially in our city know ua 
to whom we refer yon. Send us an order about the) 
size of your confidence in us and we shall take care 
that you will " Come again. " 

"Goods Well Bought Are Half Sold"; We Bu» Bisht aid Sell Quickly. 




Out* Fine Cigars 

■^!L— .have an esfcabUshVd] 
reputation ; their- 
good quality and un- 
matchable flavor are 
appreciated by our 
customers, as evin- 
ced by the enormous 
sales ; and in 
view of this fact 
we hare added 
several new 
brands, reduced 
the price of the 
and still claim for our line superiority 

. rs Bold et double our price. The b:g 

contracts we place with the largest factories are 
accountable forthe exceedingly low figures at which 
we sell. We want only box trade, and to the end of 
■ecuring the regular custom of discriminating smok- 
ers, we sell samples at nearly box prices. A good 
dgar cannot be described adequately, it must be 
smoked to be appreciated. If you will try them we 
will have your orders. There is scarcely a line of 
merchandise in which there is so much leakage in 
li middlemen's profits" as in cigars, resulting in a 
price to the consumer from 3 to 4 times the cost of 
manufacture. In buying of us you are assured of 
fcjit one margin added and that a small, one. 


AMERICANOS*— The thousands sold is proof 
enough of the popularity of this brand, and although 
our cheapest cigar it ranks with tlie best 5 centers on 
the market. We guarantee it to be made by hand 
of long filler, not scraps, and rolled into a good 
Havana seed wrapper. Give our ** Americanos" a 
trial, and you will thank us for putting you on to a 
good thing. Postage 18c. on £0. Prices, box of 
60, $1.10; 100, $2.00; Sample package of 6» 15c. „ 

OLD STORTm—Thls is a large cigar 4% inches 
long, popular Rothschild 6hape* we guarantee a 
solid long Havana filler, and fine Sumatra wrapper. 
The best handmade cigar at the price, and fully 
worth double what we charge. Postage 90c. on 50. 
Prices, box of 50, $1.30; 100, $2.40; Sample 
package of 6 (Postage 5c), Price 18c. 

MARCELLA.—A fine Perfecto cigar 4 \ i inches 
lon<r. It is enuiely handmade and of splendid qual- 
ity and appearance. The filler is of best long Hav- 
ana and carefully selected, and only the best of 
stock being used in this brand . Best spotted Sum- 
atra wrapper. These cigars will satisfy the most 
exacting critic. A very large smoke being good 
length Ind very thick. Cannot be duplicated in 
stores for lessYhan $0 00 per 100 Postage 20c. on 
50. Prices, $1.88perboxof50;g3J5Oper 100, 
Sample package of b (postage 5c;, Price 4S>a. 

LA C£W#4.-Made from the finest selected 
Havana long filler and Sumatra wrapper Entirely 
handmade. The filler is imported from <-"ba. Large 
Perfecto size and shape, 4.% inch long. . A good long 
smoke, equal in quality to any cigar; is nev e r sold 
In stores It less than 10c. straight and oftener2tor 
25c. It is free from adulterations of every kind but 
has a delicious aroma because of the very high grade 
and-careful handling of the stock. „„ Burns ,L r "'L a Si 
leaves a fine white ash. Postage 20c. c Perboxof 60. 
Price S5.50 per 100; 50 for $388; Sample box of 
4 for 25c. I Postage 3c.) 

w/cfioscop/e CIGAR HOLDER. 

As a cigar holder 
alone this is extra 
good valufc at price 
uainedhaving good, 
spplewood stem and bowl, swiveled on imitation 
ivory post with holes so arranged that when prop- 
erly set it smokes freely, outting off all nicotine, 
but when swung sideways it will not smoke at all, 
making it a good novelty. Has white bone mouth 
piece and in end of stem is mounted a microscopic 
photograph of a famous painting. Assorted sub- 
jects select cujrom the highest school of art 
. ostage 2c. New Price 9c. Each ; 9 V c. Dozen. 


These are remarkable product*. 
Guaranteed of pure selected to 
bacco without doctoring of any 

a kind ; they are sweet and mild and 
have never failed to please a 
- smoker. Tobacco used is grown, 
prepared and used exclusively for 
our brand of Cigarros ; their 
quality will always remain uni 
form ; our sales are already im- 
mense and we mean to increase 
their popularity as a steady favor- 
ite. Put tip in pouches of three for 
safe handling. Size 4 inches. Try 
— a sample and vou will order 1000. 
Postage 2 packs 3c: 10 packs 12c.; 20 packs 20c. 
».£• «. Pp,re 2 Pnok<9 lOc; lO Pncks 45c; 
SO Pucks 82.10; 30O Packs 812. OO 


Since installing onr cigar depart- 
ment we have contracted for the 
entire output of a large southern 
factory making no other goods than 
Cheroots and Cigarros. We 
found these goods selling as regular 

n cigars in certain markets, at prices 

.... RM about double ours. We have them 
yUHArl : put up in popular packages and give 


rUCDnnTC' tne Public twice as much smoke for 
EuritnUlllujtheir money as they can obtaiu 


warranted pure, good quality ; se- 
lected Virginia tobacco; not adul- 
terated or flavored. . They will 
recommend themselves to smokers 
as. They are better by far than the 
average 5-cent cigar and are being smoked re- 
gularly by thousands of discriminating smokers'. 
Large size 4}& inch put up in packs of 5. Postage 
3c. nark; 4c. 2pks.; 10c. 5 pks., etc. Price lOc, 
pack; 3 packs 25c; 20 packs SI, 75; 200 packs 
815, OO. 


STAMDAflB.—Thase popular goods are smoked 
by everyone, lrom the banker to the day laborer. 
Crudely made and with some eccentricities they are 
still favorites and have a tale of almost countless 
millions annually. Our stock is from the largest 
factory in the world, making these goods exclusively 
and having a reputation of nearly a century's stand- 
ing for the high quality and purity of its product. 
They are medium strong, made of best selected long 
filler tobacco. Strictly handmade; over 5 inches long; 
extra large size; packed only in boxes of 100. Post- 
age 25c. Price $1.75 per 100; $14.76 per 1,000; 
Sample package of 10, 23c; (Postage 5c.) 

VHHUER.— This brand contains the same long 
filler as the Standard, but is a trifle shorter; to suit a 
number of smokers. Postage 25c. per 100. Price 
$1.30 per 100; $12.25 per 1,000; pkg. of 10, 15c. 

BLUE POINT TOBIES.— This is a special 
brand made similar to Pittsburg Stogies, and nearly 
6 inches in length. The filler is of selected stock, 
handmade and affords a delicious smoke. Some 
consider this the equal of the best Stogies, while 
others claim it to be better. Try both and judge 
for yourself. Postage 25c. per 100. Price, $ 1-20 
per 1C0; $11.85 per 1,000; sample box of 25, 400. 
^Postage 6c -1 


The neatest recent invention for 
smokers which if used would save many 
an incurable disease and often „ life; the 
constant contact of the extremely deli- 
cate membrane of the Up3 with the 
tobacco, drawing out constantly the 
nicotine and other impurities from the 
cigar produces irritation, loosening and 
rupture of the membrane, ulceration which fre- 
ouently leads to cancer and blood poisoning. 
The Smoker's Tip is not a rigid cigar holder, but 
an elastic tip of pure rubber which fits snugly 
over the tip of cigar conforming to Its shape and 
not affecting the grip of teeth and lips but giving 
absolute protection. Postage 10. oa i. Price do. 
Each; 48c. Doz. 


spelled thus C'-A-S-H— we pay cash to get low 
prices and must GET cash to PAY— were wo to do 
acredit business as most merchants do. we would 
^o compelled to add 10 to 25 per cent to our prices. 

An exceptionally fine Pittsburg Stogie, over five' 
inches in length, and made by skilled workmen. ' 
Nothing but the best long filler is used, which is 
carefully selected for this particular brand. Our 
Pointer Stogies have a very pleasant flavor, are not' ' 
too strong, draw verv freely, and make an excellent 
Summer smoke. Postage 25c. per 100. 1 
$1.45 per 100; $13.40 per 1,000; Sampk 
25 (see cut) 39c. Postage 5c. 


Beautifully made of 
fancy sheet alumi- 
num. Its shape to ex- 
actly fit lai„'e cigars 
makes it take up little 
more room in pocket 
than the cigars alone, 
while its welpht 
practically n 
M ade for 1, 2, 3 and 4 

Each. Doz. \ 

Price 18c. 81.75, 1 

- " 84c. I S.401 

" 3«c. 3.25, 

« 40c 4-lOj 


This pocket lighting outfit is at once the 
neatest, most condensed, convenient and 
cheapest in the market. It is the exact size 
and shape of an ordinary Is size watch. 
The case is strong 
and elegantly orna- 
mented and 
finished. It 
opens just as a 
watch does 
by pressing 
crown as 
shown in cut 
and a second 
pressure lights the wick. Shutting the case puts 
outthe light. Its mechanism is so perfect that it 
never fails to ignite, and the case is so constructed 
that leakage or other annoyance is impossible. 
Packed in neat box with 1,000 lights. Extra 
lights 10c. per 1,000. Postage 7c Reduced 
Price 44c. Each; 84.50 Dozen. 



1 Clear, 

2 T " 


3 " 


4 " 



An exceedingly small and thin 
self-lightning pocket lamp, con- 
taining a roll of wax coated 
tape, having at intervais 
its surface a series of igniting 
pellets, which are auto- 
matically lighted by de- 
pression of the key or but- 
ton as shown in cut. 

Made of metal, embossed 
and nickel-plated. Extra 
rolls can be inserted when 
exhausted. Postage 2c. 

Reduced Price 15c. 
Each; 81.50 Doz. Extra 
lights 5c. per bos of six 

Tobacco and- Coin 
Pouch— A serviceable 
article at a small price. 
Made of best chamois, 
tan color; strongly 
sewed with best se- 
lesia top and very 
strong gathering 
String. Postage lc. 

Price 9c. Each; 
90c. Doz. 



This pipe we bare made famous by an Immense sale at a wonder- 
fully low price. We trot it up at immense expense for dies for stem 
is an exact reproduction of a fniied States Regulation Gun, 
made in best bard rubber with all the detail of the stock, lock, trigger, 
etc., worked out with such minuteness as to provoke the greatest 
admiration for the pipe; on the butt is stamped the words "Army and 
Kavj ■" in fancy gilt letters. The bowl is of selected rosewood finished 
In best Style It is a strong and durable pipe which cannot bo beaten 
aside from its novel features. It is worth 50c. in auy store a n ^ we are 

the only 


who can 

\ sell such a 

pipo at 

near our 

Postaee 3c. P rioe - 

Our Price 18c. Each; 
81. 68 Doz. 

Pipe & Case No. 

This b a Firvt Quality 
Genuine Briar v. 


i nc, 


5H inches. It has imitation 

amoer mouth piece, perfc 

stem. Fancy silver ferrule of em t work. 

packed in a handsome hingi 
old gold satin and plush lining and olive green 
grain leather cover. A strictly high-class 
bination, selling in stores at, Jl.iio and ev( n 
Postage 4 0. Our Price 55c. Each; S5.50 Dot. 

The New Gent Cigarette Ratter. 

This little article should be in the pocket of every smoker. With It a perfect cigarette can be made 
In tea seconds. To avoid the injurious effect of cigarette smoking get a good brand of tobaoco and 
make your own cigarettes with this little machine. Tou will find them equal in appearance, and far 
■uperior in quality to commercial ones, at less than a quarter of the cost. Opium and Nicotine are 
acknowledged by all to be the deleterious elements In cigarettes. By making your own cigarettes from 
food tobacco you get none of the Former and the Latter is reduced to a minimum. With our Cigarette 
Maker in your possession you can smoke a pipe or cigarette at pleasure, as it's just as easy to roll a 
cigarette as to fill a pipe. Every one can indulge in the luxury of cigarette smoking with impunity 
When the habit is thus rendered harmless. Every Part of the Cigarette Maker is handsomely nickle 
plated. Postage lc. Price 15c. Each; $1.50 Doz. 



For Up-to-Date Smokers. 

No more foul or clogged stems or bowls 
to your pipe; no poisonous nicotine. 
This wonderful little device when placed 
in the bowl of the pipe, keeps the 
stern and bottom of the bowl as free 
from the foul mass after a month's 
smoking as if the pipe had never 
been used, as no wet tobacco or nico- 
tine can ever collect in either. 
The filter is made of specially 
prepared packing, which pre- 
vents the smallest particle of 

bowl, batlnno^SSSJSwtE^lSS^ iSSltC^SI** 

Its use cools the smoke ami saves tobacco enough » ln }P' e ?, ' ^! r , m 7™™}: n ^k?t Mouth closes of 

in a short time to pay its small cost, as there is no fAf^TLnlhtJ?^ to be falmost water Proof 

wet tobacco to clean out of the bowl every few H^ji?** %%& ^asr *§£» ^Prince TSffiSufc 

^^^aWBESjs&ss-. i° rfa\M& r &r- Postag6,c - prlce 

THE MATCHLESS LIGHTER. Automatic Cigarette Case. 

This is the Lighter sports- 
men and others have patiently 
waited for. It is a reliable 
et device forlighting cigars, cig- 
arettesand pipes in the wind and 
storm without the use of match- 
es. It is operated on the same 
principle as the old time flintand 
Steel, only much more conveni- 
ent and quicker to light. A slight 
turn of the wheel on the side 
sends the sparks "flying into the. 
chemically treated fuse, which, 
instantly ignites- It cannot be 
blown out. When through using 
press down top on fuse and it is 
extinguished. Its mechanism is 
not excelled by the finest clock 
work;weighsbut2ounces, and is 
far superior to all other lighters, 
there being no dangling fuse to burn thepockets or 
greasy substance to soil the clothing, when once 
used you will never be without it. Half dozen ta- 
pers and l{ dozen flints, sufficient for % years, go 
with each Lighter. Postage 4c. Price. 72c. 
Each; $7-25 Dozen. 

Do Not Forget Postage. 

i Here is a new and excellent 
]^ smokers' article ; it is a very 
fiunique and practical Cigarette 
' Case, holding 10 Cigarettes, 
which it ejects singly through 
the hole at the end (see cut), and 
just as wanted; a feature which 
Jmakestheua universally popular 
with smokers. Can be refilled as 
often asdesired in a few seconds. 
..To operate after filling, rest the 
(lease in your hand, with the 
']" dog's head "facing you; place 
«^the thumb just above the head 
and draw it open as shown in cut, then reverse the 
movement and the cigarette is " at your service," 
Postage 2c. Price 24c. Each; $2.48 Dozen. 

Pipe &. Case No. 2. 

This is an extra fine 

outfit, which will meet 

requirements of the 

<■ test 


—a Genuine 

Briar Wood Pipe, finished in the height of style. 
It has extra long straight bit of newly patented 
amber-celluloid, so closely imitating real as to defy 
detection, and being far less brittle and more dur- 
able. Highly polished nickel, double beaded fer- 
rule and top band to match. Each in full plush 
lined, extra Quality case. Postage 4c. Our Price 
80c. Each.; SS.10 Dozen. 

French Briar Pipe. -The neat- 
est shape, bent-stem pipe made; 
i. bent and taper- 
I ed. Pipe is of finest quality French 

Briar Root in walnut colors with extra polish. 

Mounted with first quality Kern Horn ' : ' nearly 

white, with delicate si leaks of bro 

fancy scroll ferrule in highly finished 

top band to .match. Your local dealer can' I 

you a pipe like this for less than (1.00, Postage 

3c. Price 48c. Each; (84.75 Dozen. 

PIPE NO. 2«*SO.-Th« 

patented " Olympia " Pipe. 
Straight Stem Genuine French 
Briar Pipe, bull-dog pattern, With 

broad nickel Band, and patented Rubber Bit. as 
shown in cut. The advantairo of tin 
in having a doublo draught, through which the 
tobacco can be much moro easily consumed taau 
In an ordinary Pipe, and it enables the sn. 
use up all of tl ' in the Bowl n 

being made with a hollow Stem and pti 
can bo perfectly i 'rouble, 

and the Pine can bo recommended as giving tho 
bestBatisfaetion of any article of tnis kind ever 
brotifrht out Postage 3c. Fries JJSc. Each j 
$2.25 Dozen. 

No. 24£l. Same pipe a 
except that !> >r I is walnut stained. 

Price 25c. Each ; s>2.55 Do«-u. 


A dainty piece of work 
every smoker will appre- 
ciate. Id the form of a 
f>air of scissors. Thehand- 
cs are gilded, and blades 
nickel plated; all full pel- 
shed in finest style. It work*: perfectly making a 
•lean cut without crushing Ihc cigar. " Postage 1c. 
,*educed Price 20c. Each; $2.10 Per Doz. 

Bull Dog Pipe- Straight 
Stem Boll Dog Pattern, with 1 

teh ;i; 

iit.-l nickel ferrule and fancy open 

work top band. Postage 2d 

New race 20c. Each; 92.10 Dozen.